修真世界 World of Cultivation Chapter Three Hundred and Seventy Six “We Need Real Combat!”

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Chapter Three Hundred and Seventy Six – We Need Real Combat!

Nan Yue and Cang Ze instantly intimidated the crowd of yao.

The purple vine arrows were as quick as lightning. No yao was able to dodge. The purple lights tore apart the air. The grey green streaks were full of transformations. They were like assassins wearing face-skin masks that could not be predicted or defended against. In the blink of an eye, the murderous ambushers all turned to white light and disappeared.

No spectator dared to move.

They may not be like Ming Jue Zi and realized with a glance that what Nan Yue and Cang Ze were using were high-level yao arts but they were able to see that the two yao arts were unique. Nan Yue and Cang Ze had been staying inside the illusory formation. The yao had been focused on Zuo Mo and none of them had noticed them.

Their sudden appearance, and their lightning attacks afterwards extinguished the thoughts of some yao that wanted to benefit from the chaos.

Nan Yue panted lightly as she held the vine bow and stood next to Zuo Mo. She looked warily at the surroundings. Cang Ze’s forehead was covered in sweat. The grey green mist on his body was much fainter than before.

Zuo Mo knew that this was the first time Nan Yue and Cang Ze had cultivated these new yao arts. After their actions, they were, undoubtedly, tired to the bone.

“Go back, have a good rest.” Having recovered, Zuo Mo said warmly. His hands moved together, and dozens of lights of various colors spilled forth like a storm. They entered the empty ground around him and disappeared.

A trap!

The hearts of everyone watching secretly shook.

Nan Yue and Cang Ze were at the end of their rope. They were just hanging on. Seeing the situation, they released a breath. Without dragging it out, they quickly left.

Zuo Mo coldly looked around. Many yao lowered their heads, not daring to look at him. His eyes paused on Ming Yue Zi. This unfamiliar yao smiled slightly at him.

He did not think about the meaning in Ming Jue Zi’s smile and left the Wasteland Beast Chessboard.

The moment he left the Wasteland Beast Chessboard, Zuo Mo finally felt how serious his consciousness had been expended this time. He hurriedly entered meditation to recover.




“This sword formation is good and can help you comprehend sword essence. However, do not rely too much on external things. We are sword xiu. What is sword xiu? Other than the sword, there is nothing else! No matter if you comprehended sword essence or not, when you start cultivating the sword, your heart is like a sword billet. You need to continuously hammer it, grind it, cause it to become purer, and stronger. What can hammer and temper your sword hearts? Combat, continuous combat! Without combat, there are no sword xiu. We sword xiu come into the world with our sharp edges!”

Wei Sheng’s voice was not charismatic, but his determined gaze, and his indomitable voice made every sword xiu’s blood boil.

Previously, they were like a headless snake due to the lack of a teacher. Now, Wei Sheng’ sudden appearance caused every sword xiu to see hope. In other sects, disciples like Wei Sheng were still disciples. But here, Wei Sheng quickly became every sword xiu’s teacher. No one doubted any word that he said.

He was a true sword xiu!

If this was in the past, everyone would feel that Wei Sheng’s cultivation methods were very dumb. Who could think that a jindan xiuzhe would spend four hours each day slicing and thrusting like a beginner? But he quickly used reality to make everyone understand how important the basics were.

He used sword moves from the stage of lianqi, the ling power of a lianqi, and defeated all the experts of Vermillion Bird Camp, including Ma Fan.

After such a fantastical competition, all of Vermillion Bird Camp sank into a deathly silence for multiple days. Wei Sheng’s performance completely overturned the common understandings that had formed over time.

What ling power, what sword moves, in front of Wei Sheng, they were useless. He used reality to teach everyone their cultivation had gone in a wrong direction. Gradually, people started to copy Wei Sheng’s cultivation method, and methodically practiced the basic sword moves they had left behind a long time ago.

Wei Sheng’s Sword Lecture Hall was full of people daily.

In the Sword Lecture Hall, everyone gathered after class and discussed what Wei Sheng had just spoken on.

“Teacher Wei is really great!” Lei Peng did not cultivate a sword scripture, but he never missed any lecture. Wei Sheng’s words today really fit his appetite. The young Wei Sheng was called Teacher Wei by everyone.

“But where is there combat,” someone muttered.

“It’s not that there isn’t combat,” Ma Fan said in a deep voice. After he had been defeated by Wei Sheng last time, he had reflected for a long time. His cultivation of the sword was unorthodox and he only had a half-complete understanding of many things which left behind hidden weaknesses. Now that Wei Sheng had pointed every one of them out, he had benefited greatly. He would reflect and study every word that Wei Sheng said many times.

“That’s right, there are fiend souls outside, and even stronger fiend soul beasts. Aren’t they the best opponents?” Nian Lu inserted.

“Right! Let’s get them!”

“En en, we need to plan, how about this … …”

The pitiful fiend soul beasts. They had been living in relative peace and dominated this fiendish mist for thousands of years, but were facing a calamity due to one of Wei Sheng’s speeches.




Originally, Shu Long, A Wen, and the major fighters of Guard Camp were planning to attend the Sword Lecture Hall. Even though what Wei Sheng discussed was cultivating the sword, but many of the contents were also useful for them.

However, this plan was mercilessly killed by Pu Yao.

Were they joking? A branch of the honored Sky Yao, even if only in name, when was it ever someone else’s turn to lecture them?

To Pu Yao, this was a humiliation. That’s right, it was a humiliation!

Pu Yao, who was becoming more discontent the more he thought about it, instantly ordered Guard Camp into lockdown. What was good about the Sword Lecture Hall? Speaking of cultivation, hmph, who can compare to ge?

Pu Yao smirked coldly inside.

With a wave of his hand, the Mo Cultivating Hall was opened.

Even though Pu was a yao, he was familiar with the cultivation set that the mo used. Lazily and smugly, he freely spoke. What he taught was long and not limited to [Hardship Guard]. If those mo colonels of the mo world sat hear and listened, their hearts would have beat out of their chests. The hardship guards only listened docilely. Many parts caused them to have suddenly understandings. As to anything else, they didn’t feel anything.

Even if the camp door was tightly closed, but the actions of Vermillion Bird Camp caught the attention of Shu Long and the others.

“Combat? Oh, it is essential.” Pu Yao propped up his chin and blinked his bloody pupil.

Compared to the sword xiu of Vermillion Bird Camp, the hardship guards of Guard Camp had an even more pitiful amount of combat experience. They were born xiu slaves, and were truly unorthodox. It could be said that innately, the hardship guards were greatly lacking compared to the sword xiu of Vermillion Bird Camp.

If Guard Camp was suppressed by Vermillion Bird Camp, would there be any face for him?

Even if it was Wei Sheng!

Hmph! Just a jindan … …

How could the proud Pu Yao tolerate this result?

Even more, there was the Golden Souls! After absorbing one Golden Soul, his soul had greatly stabilized. Other than releasing a breath, he desired the remaining Golden Souls even more. At this point, he had to prove his value.

There was no way around it. This student of his was the utmost pragmatic!

Pu Yao aimed at those fiend soul beasts. He did not have any intentions of discussion. He waved his hand and sent out the order.

Guard Camp started to move.




Gongsun Cha did not know anything of what was happening at the campsite. Wei Sheng’s arrival did not affect him greatly. When he had left Wu Kong Mountain, he had just entered the sect for a few months, and he did not have many attachments to Wu Kong Sword Sect. He had only ever heard the name of the Eldest Shixiong Wei Sheng and it was the first time he had seen the real person.

At this time, his entire body was red like a boiled shrimp. His appearance was handsome to start with, and he had the shyness and bashfulness unique to youths. With his entire body red at this time, he seemed even more adorable.

His soul was trembling ferociously. When the bead had entered his mouth, the flooding soul base source was like a tide and almost swallowed him. His soul was like a leaf struggling on a great wave.

If it was a normal person, their first thought in this situation would be to protect themselves.

But Gongsun Cha was vicious and decisive. At the very first moment, he started a suicidal method of absorbing. As he struggled, he continuously swallowed soul base source to strength his own body. The level of danger in this was the most dangerous of Gongsun Cha’s entire cultivation.

Gongsun Cha’s cultivation was the lowest of everyone. But in terms of mental resolve, even Zuo Mo underestimated how strong Gongsun Cha’s resolve was. From the moment he met the concept of battle, he had stubbornly stood against Pu Yao’s repeated abuse. In that period, Pu Yao did not teach him at all. Gongsun Cha needed to find the patterns from his continuous failures. There was no motivation, no support, only failure.

The cruelest nurturing method had formed Gongsun Cha.

This had formed Lil’ Miss’ vicious and cruel battle style but there were only a few that knew he was even crueler to himself.

He was a weirdo with a weak body, a low cultivation but a strong and vicious inner heart.

To him, this was just another battle. The dangerous situation did not make him waver. His resolve that had been tempered by Pu Yao’s countless abuse was as steady as rock. What he was most skilled at was finding that one sliver of opportunity in a hopeless situation.

The tsunami like blow to his soul caused him to waver and almost fall but he was extremely calm as he swallowed threads of soul base source.

His consciousness quickly grew and it became even easier.

He seemed to direct his consciousness like he directed Vermillion Bird Camp.

Flank, deep thrust, circle, and annihilate … …

This was the method he was most familiar with, and he easily used it. He was like a cunning wolf wandering. When he saw the chance, he would leapt and tear a bite off.

The soul base source was so vast, and he was so weak. He did not panic. It was the opposite. He was very excited because he found the exhilaration of battle. This exhilaration was like an addictive poison, and intoxicated him.

He gradually took control of the situation.

His consciousness became increasingly stronger. Due to this, his calculations became even more precise, and his consciousness easier to control. They were like the fresh greenhorns that quickly turned to elite soldiers.

Gradually, a thread of understanding came.

This understanding became clearer, so clear it seemed to be held behind a paper window. If he could poke through, he could see its true appearance.

His consciousness was like a twister pulling the wind that swallowed the last thread of the soul base source.

Pia, it was like something had broken, and also something had erupted.

He stood on the battlefield that held no person, his mind abnormally clear.

Ha, so this was what it meant to be a battle general!


Translator Ramblings: Teacher Wei takes his students back to the basics and Pu Yao shows more signs of how he has fallen. What happened to the person that said he was a honoured Sky Yao?

Major step for Gongsun Cha, crazy person who doesn’t die and gets stronger.

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