修真世界 World of Cultivation Chapter Three Hundred and Seventy Eight “Black Smoke Yao’s Suggestion”

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Chapter Three Hundred and Seventy Eight – Black Smoke Yao’s Suggestion

Feng Xing Zi had reconstructed the third prison to be renamed Wind Song!

This event created more noise than Zuo Mo reconstructing the Wasteland beast Chessboard. The first prison was just the ground of little yao that just entered yao art houses. If it wasn’t that it had been a long time since the first prison’s prison-breaking battle had been won, it wouldn’t have been any news at all. But the third prison was completely different. The yao that cultivated in the third pression were usually in the later stages of spirit planting, and the beginning stages of yin spirit.

The difficulty in reconstructing the third prison was several magnitudes greater than reconstructing the first prison.

Feng Xin Zi was a high level supervisor of the Genius Alliance, and based on the accomplishments from this battle, he had successfully entered the elder council of the Genius Alliance. Those that had discussed Xiao Mo Ge vs. the Genius Alliance were now collectively silent. The Genius Alliance used action to prove how laughable it was to compare Xiao Mo Ge and the Genius Alliance together.

However, Zuo Mo did not feel that his troubles had lessened.

This was due to the bounties from the large yao markets!

The bounty to kill him once in the Ten Finger Prison had grown from five million to eight million. What made him even more speechless was that it did not limit the number of times. The enormous sum made Zuo Mo’s eyes turn red. He turned to Nan Yue and said, “How about you all try to kill me and take the recording yao art to get the bounty, then we can split it?”

Nan Yue and Cang Ze’s expressions were like they had swallowed a fly, and they did not know what to say.

“So much money!” Zuo Mo’s eyes were bright as he furiously rubbed his hands together.

Nan Yue and Cang Ze stalwartly helped him destroy the enemies that came like moths to a flame. They were becoming familiar with their new yao arts. Taking turns and attacking, they were swift and efficient.

A short while later, the orange-haired yao excitedly ran over with the black smoke yao.

“Brother, the Genius Alliance broke the third prison!” The orange-haired yao shouted loudly when he saw Zuo Mo. “We cannot submit. Brother, go break the third prison! Show the Genius Alliance your power!”

Nan Yue and Cang Ze’s faces grew even darker. The black smoke yao behind the orange-haired yao couldn’t help but have an awkward expression and show an apologetic expression to the two yao.

Zuo Mo was unconcerned. “Not going!”

“Why not?” The orange-haired yao gaped, his face disbelieving.

“There’s no money!” Zuo Mo rubbed his hands.

“That is true.” The orange-haired yao stilled, thought and then nodded in agreement.

“Brother, why don’t you kill me, and then we split the money?” Zuo Mo brought up the old topic and looked with desire at the orange-haired yao.

“This idea is good.” The orange-haired yao then said with some bashfulness, “But I am Loyal Yao, how can I kill my brother?”

“That’s fine, just remember to give me a bigger portion.” Zuo Mo waved his hand carelessly.

Cang Ze finally could not resist. “Daren, there are many ways of making money, do not humiliate yourself so!”

Heavens! He could not think of it. If Daren really used this method to make money, everyone would collapse from laughter. Daren’s face was thick enough, and could dismiss all kinds of criticism, but he could not. Behind him was the entire Grey Clan! Daren’s idea made him shiver.

Too scary! No, he had to stop Daren’s insane idea!

Seeing Zuo Mo’s unaffected face, he almost cried. “Daren, if you need money, I’ll give it to you, alright?”

“How much money do you have?” Zuo Mo’s face was full of disdain and caused him to choke.

The black smoke male suddenly spoke, “Actually, I have a method.”

“Say it, say it!” The orange-haired yao was very excited

The black smoke male slowly spoke and caused everyone to become silent.

“Smoky, you are too devious!” The orange-haired yao exclaimed in shock and then his expression became ecstatic. He turned and asked Zuo Mo, “Brother, is this idea great or what!?”

Zuo Mo didn’t think and nodded. “Do it!”




“The most recent news. Just after Feng Xin Zi reconstructed the third prison, Xiao Mo Ge has also made a move.”

“Xiao Mo Ge has put down a stage in the Wasteland Beast Chessboard Prison. He has announced he will accept any challenge. The challenger only needs to pay a fee of fifty thousand, and can receive a preliminary qualification of challenge.

“Those that receive the preliminary qualification will need to go through a preliminary battle. Those that win can directly challenge Xiao Mo Ge. Those that pay two hundred thousand don’t need to go through a preliminary round and can directly challenge Xiao Mo Ge.”

Ji Li Yu’s complexion was black, and she remained silent. On the side, Ji Cheng’s expression was strange but he closed his mouth tightly. He knew his sister was at the point of erupting. He didn’t dare to make a sound at this time. He was full of respect towards Xiao Mo Ge right now. No matter how powerful this guy was, he definitely had a thick face and black heart to dare to do something like this.

The most extreme of extremes! A personage among personages!

He wanted to go and acquaint himself. However, when he saw Old Sis’ eyes that seemed to sprout fire, he forcibly suppressed this impulse.

“Very good.” Ji Li Yu’s voice as it was forced through her teeth was like the cold wind in the deep of winter. “But will he manage to survive?”

Ji Cheng shook.

Old Sis was angry!




“Congratulations, Elder Feng! Congratulations, Elder Feng!” Another supervisor bowed to Feng Xin Zi, unable to disguise the envy on his face and a hint of fawning. Feng Xin Zi had become the newest elder of the Genius Alliance Elder Council. The status of the two were completely different.

Congratulatory greetings came from the surroundings.

Feng Xin Zi had a humble smile on his face. “Thanks.”

He had come to bid farewell to everyone. After he reconstructed the third prison, the discussions about the Genius Alliance had abruptly stopped. All the major yao channels had stopped their scorn and praised the power of the Genius Alliance.

The enormous potential he displayed was very well favored by the higher levels. Even the leader of the Genius Alliance, Ming Yue Ye, had on multiple occasions, expressed her admiration.

Feng Xin Zi patiently bid farewell with every supervisor and member before leaving.

Daren, I heard that the main division has countless yao arts, including sky and earth levels, is it true?” Xiao Jin blinked her adorable eyes and was full of anticipation. She was Feng Xin Zi’s follower, growing up with Feng Xin Zi like a sibling.

“Supposedly.” Feng Xin Zi was looking into the distance. He turned and replied with a smile.

“That’s wonderful! In the future, Daren will have sky level yao arts!” Xiao Jin was extremely happy.

Feng Xin Zi gave another slight smile but did not speak.

Daren Daren, there is a very fun matter. That Xiao Mo Ge actually put up a stage, and is taking fees. How can there be such a greedy yao in the world!” Xiao Jin’s round face was filled with shock.

Feng Xin Zi saw Xiao Jin’s adorable appearance and couldn’t help but rub her head.

Xiao Jin’s face wrinkled and she said discontently, “Daren, you messed up Xiao Jin’s hair again!”

“Haha!” Feng Xin Zi laughed freely. “Let’s go!”

Daren, wait for me!”




“Do you think we are going to get money?” Nan Yue asked Cang Ze uncertainly.

“I don’t know.” Cang’s mood was low and he almost seemed to cry. The Grey Clan had been in decline for a long time, and resorted to staying in an out of the way place, but it was an ancient clan that had guarded the Golden Tree. When had they done such embarrassing things? He was the junior clan leader, and he was going to be clan leader in the future!

But he did not display any temper at all. His objections in front of Daren’s decisiveness was as weak as the breath of an ant.

Daren had a decisive presence, his eyes filled with domination, a great hero. Cang Ze admired him inside, but that quality of greediness … …

Nan Yue did not notice Cang Ze’s low mood and was eager. “I hadn’t expected that black ghost with such an ordinary appearance to have such evil ideas. So black. But this idea is really good! I hope we can earn a lot this time!”

The Wisteria Clan of the South Sky had declined far more than the Grey Clan. After struggling at the lowest level of society for such a long time, they had long ago forgotten their past glory and the pride of a great clan. Such a taxing life had taught Nan Yue the difficulty of survival and the importance of money. Due to this, she was in strong agreement with the black smoke yao’s idea.

To be able to get money honestly, and to resolve trouble at the same time, the black smoke male’s idea fit Zuo Mo’s intentions very well.

“Nan Yue, pay attention to taking in the money. Only those that have paid have the qualifications.” Zuo Mo was like an experienced battle general calmly directing, “It would be best to hire a yao for the accounts. Oh, the first round, Cang Ze is up first.”

“I’m up first!” The orange-haired yao impatiently jumped out. He put his hands on his waist and laughed. “Haha, today is the day I become famous. You need to keep your eyes open and watch how I beat down all of them!”

Zuo Mo did not object. The orange-haired yao’s strange physique which could not be killed made him the best choice for the first round.

However, since they were paying, he naturally had to provide the best service. Ooh, the prison battlefield should be changed. Compared to other places, the intimate presence of the battlefield was greater. What reassured Zuo Mo the most was that barely discernable presence of the wasteland beast.

The strength of the wasteland beast was branded into his heart. He had asked Pu Yao about the wasteland beast but Pu Yao had been silent each time. Zuo Mo was used to Pu Yao’s secretiveness. This guy had too many secrets.

Okay, let all those secrets and old anitques go to hell, what ge loves is jingshi!

Zuo Mo was full of motivation.

The prison battlefield was completely transformed. This place had become Zuo Mo’s home territory. Compared to the peace outside, the prison battlefield was full of danger with each step. Lots of yao arts in the style of “Little Mo Ge” were swimming about. If it touched anything the slightest bit, then the successive attacks were like debtors being chased by creditors.

To guarantee that only yao that had paid the fee could enter, Zuo Mo had used the prison battlefield to its limits. The densely packed yao arts made even his scalp prickle. Zuo Mo even put down large amounts of illusory formations in the pathway that he left behind. This weren’t the low level things like ice blade illusory formations. This was a big illusory formation he had spent four hours to finish.

The yao arts inside the prison battlefield were obedient in his hands. He could merge them into the illusory formation as he wished. After the illusory formation was complete, he was well satisfied.

If they planned on forcing their way in, ha, wait to feel the pain.

Zuo Mo’s confidence in formations was much stronger than his confidence in his half-learned yao arts. Zuo Mo’s beautiful illusory formation shocked Nan Yue and the other yao. The admiration in their eyes was like a flood. Even the black smoke yao that had a black face and a black heart was very astonished.

In the yao world, the path of formations was famed for its difficulty in comprehension. There were very few yao that were skilled in formations.

Xiao Mo Ge was skilled in formations!

A thread of strangeness flashed across the eyes of the black smoke yao.


Translator Ramblings: The back and forth between Zuo Mo and the Genius Alliance continues! Zuo Mo needs money. Isn’t the black smoke yao clever? A yao after Zuo Mo’s own heart!

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