修真世界 World of Cultivation Chapter Three Hundred and Eighty “The Blue Flowers of Qinghua Xue”

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Chapter Three Hundred and Eighty – The Blue Flowers of Qinghua Xue

Zuo Mo was waiting for the first person to directly challenge him.

Even though he did not know how much two hundred thousand in the yao world was in terms of jingshi, but from the responses of Nan Yue and the others, he could see it wasn’t a small sum.

He really could not understand it. If it was him, would he spend such a considerable sum of jingshi to have a fight with someone else? Didn’t they have anything else they could do? But there were so many registrants. For the bounty? Or for One Mole?

Zuo Mo was very surprised by the reach of One Mole’s influence. He thought back to the interaction that day. Other than using an illusory art the moment they met, he did not feel there was anything special about One Mole.

When Zuo Mo saw the challenger clearly, he paused and then asked Pu Yao, “Pu, how can there be masks in the Ten Finger Prison?”

“What is strange about that?” Pu Yao was discontent at being interrupted while teaching the Guard Camp. He said impatiently, “Golden Souls can be brought in, it’s natural other things can also be brought in. Right, I’m very busy, don’t bother me!”

Burning the bridge after crossing the river … … Zuo Mo muttered inside. Before he got the Golden Soul, this guy’s attitude was great. The moment he got it, he instantly made a one hundred and eighty degree turn. Zuo Mo expressed deep disdain at Pu Yao’s horrid conduct.

His gaze landed on the blue mask of the other person, and felt this object was very useful. He hadn’t come to the Ten Finger Prison to make money. He needed to think of a way to find information on the Battle of Sealed Extinction.

Thinking about his present situation, the joy in Zuo Mo’s heart at making money faded greatly.

“Start.” Zuo Mo focused. It was not fun to divide one’s attention during a fight.

Qinghua Xue carefully examined Xiao Mo Ge in front of her. The other’s eyes were peaceful and was not arrogant like the Xiao Mo Ge of the rumors.

She remained silent and threw this question to the back of her mind. Since she had already entered the battlefield, why think of all these details?

She stepped forward, and the silent pupils suddenly lit up with a pressuring light.

The female yao that had been peaceful and serene like a lady was like a longsword that was unsheathed from its scabbard. The cold icy presence was like an visible wave that rushed towards Zuo Mo.

Zuo Mo’s heart wavered. His eyes became serious and he also stepped forward with his right foot.

The presence around him also changed. It was like the wind that blew from the desert, carrying a heart-shaking viciousness that rushed up without fear.

Pia pia pia!

Countless sparks formed like popcorn between the two.

The light in Qinghua Xue’s eyes grew, so bright that one could not stare directly at it. From since she was very little, she had started to practice [Blue Flower]. This had become a routine of her life and she had never stopped. She didn’t even know what level she had reached with her [Blue Flower]. Was it high or low?

This was the first time she fought, and it was the first time she channeled [Blue Flower] without holding back.

An unprecedented feeling flooded out of her body. The familiar power of [Blue Flower] seemed slightly strange to her. Under the stimulation of this domineering yet unfamiliar power, a strong yet unfamiliar feeling formed as though something was moving inside her heart.

She had a strong sense she could do it! Under the stimulation of this emotion, she was filled with anticipation towards the upcoming battle. She felt like there was a monster hiding in her heart that revealed its great horns at this time.

Anticipation, terror, and wonder all mixed together causing her to be briefly dazed. When she refocused, she found a familiar light in her hand.

[Blue Flower]!

When Zuo Mo saw that blue flower, his pupils suddenly shrunk! Damn it, a yao from the Blue Flower Family!

He had almost tripped up on the [Blue Flower] that Qinghua Zang Shui had released. If it wasn’t that the orange-haired yao could naturally suppress the blue flower, it was uncertain what the outcome would have been.

Zuo Mo’s figure suddenly retreated. Usual yao arts were of no use against the blue flower.

As he retreated, his eyes were tightly locked onto this blue flower. A strong feeling of danger formed. The hairs on his body stood up on end.

This blue flower was even more beautiful and complete than the one Qinghua Zang Shui had released, and even more dangerous!

The mask wearing female yao was more powerful than Qinghua Zang Shui!

When Zuo Mo noticed a second blue flower forming on Qinghua Xue’s hand, his eyelids couldn’t help but jump. If he kept on retreating, as the number of blue flowers increased, his situation would become increasingly dangerous!

Thinking about this, Zuo Mo gritted his teeth. A gold light flashed at his feet and he suddenly charged forward.

With such urgency, he did not hold anything back. The gold light flashed on his feet and his figure moved like lightning!

To capture the group, capture the leader first!

Experienced in combat, Zuo Mo instantly made a decision. Since the blue flower was hard to defeat, then he would directly attack the true body!

Zuo Mo’s figure disappeared from where he stood and appeared like a ghost in front of Qinghua Xue.

The hard lightning covering his hand crackled and long arcing streaks of electricity danced as his fist chopped towards Qinghua Xue’s head like an axe of lightning!

The domineering presence of the hard lightning caused terror to form in Qinghua Xue’s heart. But this bit of terror was washed away by the excitement that came after. She elegantly let go of the blue flower in her hand.

The blue flower floated in front of her and suddenly gave a dazzling light.

Zuo Mo felt as though his blow was stopped by a flexible yet soft invisible wall. The domineering and savage yang fiend hard lightning was forcibly stopped. Zuo Mo knew the situation was not good and he quickly reacted. His open palm shifting to a crane strike  and the rampaging yang fiend hard lightning steamed out of Zuo Mo’s fingertips.


The blinding silver and blue lights exploded between the two people. The flooding power suddenly lost control and swept in all directions.

The two figures were separated.

The blue flower in front of Qinghua Xue had disappeared, and Zuo Mo looked to be in a sorry state with many dots of blue on his body. His hanging right arm was continuously trembling. He looked at the other. The yang fiend hard lightning he had just used was the strongest he could create but it still was unable to harm the other. In this short round, he was able to judge that the female yao was much stronger than Qinghua Zang Shui. The two were not on the same level.

Such a powerful yao art!

However, he had not been defeated!

Seeing another blue flower flying at him out of the corner of his eye, Zuo Mo’s figure flashed and he disappeared from where he stood again.

The Blue Flower was powerful, but it was not without its weak spots.

Zuo Mo’s mind was clear, he did not rest as he moved at high speeds, and released twelve yang fiend hard lightning blows in succession! The twelve yang fiend hard lightning charged at Qinghua Xue from all directions. It was a pity that he could not cultivate [South Sky Arrow Art]. The vine arrows that Nan Yue shot were faster than yang fiend hard lightning.

It was the first time Qinghua Xue had ever fought but she displayed extraordinary talent at combat. In a moment she was surrounded, but Qinghua Xue did not panic at all. She took a deep breath and a clear shout came from under the mask, “Blue Flower Clothes!”

Before her shout was complete, tendrils of blue vines of light appeared on her body. The blue vines of light spread and wrapped around her legs, then her waist, and then her arms. In a blink, the blue vines covered her entire body like a blue flower closing its bud.

Under the blows of the yang fiend hard lightning, Qinghua Xue covered in the blue flower was like a weak flower in a storm, swaying and appeared ready to  break at any moment.

The twelve yang fiend hard lightning smashed on Qinghua Xue’s body like explosive raindrops!

Hiss hiss hiss!

It was like a net of lightning had been spread over Qinghua Xue who was barely discernable inside the blue flower. Countless silver snakes moved about. The silver electricity lit up Qinghua Xue’s amber eyes and they were full of the desire to fight!

Qinghua Xue was untouched. The hard lightning arcing on her body quickly weakened and the vines of light tightly wrapped around her body brightened like they were being fed nutrients and water. The vines had actually absorbed the hard lightning completely!

Zuo Mo inhaled sharply. His scalp prickled!

Such a weird yao art!

The situation was becoming worse. The speed of the blue flower was not fast, but its defensive power was also unable to be defeated. There were no weaknesses! He could almost predict what was waiting for him. The other only needed to continue releasing blue flowers. That day, Qinghua Zang Shui had released dozens of blue flowers in one go. With the power of this mask-wearing female yao, it probably was not difficult for her to release hundreds. If the number of blue flowers increased, the space that he could utilize to dodge would decrease. Then he would be in danger!

Damn it!

Zuo Mo’s mind moved quickly as he thought furiously. What move would be effective?

Did he have to use the Archaic Wasteland Sacrificial Art?

Zuo Mo was confident in the power of the Archaic Wasteland Sacrificial Art but in his mind, that was his ultimate move. If he used his ultimate move on the first challenger, what could he do for the rest?

He could use the Archaic Wasteland Sacrificial Art on every one of them.

The power of the Archaic Wasteland Sacrificial Art was powerful, but the expenditure was also astounding. If Zuo Mo used it once, he probably would have to leave the Wasteland Beast Chessboard.

Then there would be no challenge he could accept! Definitely unprofitable!

An extra challenger was an extra sum of money. The longer he persisted, the more he would make. Zuo Mo knew this very well. His goal in coming to the Ten Finger Prison was to find a clue to the Battle of Sealed Extinction. But this required money, lots of money!


He could not use the Archaic Wasteland Sacrificial Art!

The gold light under his feet flashed. He continuously disappeared and then appeared as though he was teleporting and roamed around Qinghua Xue to search for an opportunity.

As Zuo Mo expected, blossoms of blue flowers continuously formed and floated up from Qinghua Xue’s upheld hands. She was still elegant and relaxed like a girl putting out flower lanterns at the river’s edge. But when she raised her head, it was possible to see the burning battle desire occasionally from her amber eyes.

The gold light flashed under his feet. He seemed to pass through the void, suddenly appearing and then disappearing.

The gold light entered Zuo Mo’s vision. Not knowing what to do, Zuo Mo’s heart suddenly shifted.

Since [Golden Crow Feet] was able to be used in the Wasteland Beast Chessboard, then what about the other transformations?

There were six transformations of the Great Day mo physique. Other than the [Golden Crow Feet], there were five more. Were they also able to be used?

Zuo Mo’s eyes suddenly burned. He had never used some of the transformations of the Great Day mo physique. He finally had the chance to use the ultimate moves he had worked so long on. It was like a sword that had been sharpened for a long time. It was being unsheathed to drink the fresh blood of the enemy!

In a moment, a strong desire for battle came from the deepest part of his body like a burning lava flow that spread throughout his entire body!

Translator Ramblings: Zuo Mo is not off to a good start. Additionally, Pu Yao isn’t going to hand out lost arts nilly-willy. He has his own rationale for doing things and he isn’t a generous person.

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