修真世界 World of Cultivation Chapter Three Hundred and Eighty One “Walked Out of the Gravestone … …”

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Chapter Three Hundred and Eighty One – Walked Out of the Gravestone … …

The six transformations of the Great Day mo physique: Light Void Wings, Golden Crow Feet, Day Script Palm, Flame Seal Armor, Midday Blade, and Great Day.

Light Void Wings primarily enhanced speed and were as fast as lightning. The Golden Crow Feet enhanced strength and had the power of thirty thousand catties. When the two were used together, they lead to endless possibilities, and were the two moves that Zuo Mo was most familiar with. He had also practiced the other four moves but never used them in actual combat before.

Zuo Mo’s mind moved again. An even more outrageous thought came out. If … … he used all six transformations simultaneously … … what would it be like?

When this thought came about, it securely took hold over Zuo Mo’s thoughts and was unable to be forgotten.

Why didn’t he try … …

The gold light under his feet seemed to unwind like golden threads and quickly climbed up along his calves.

Qinghua Xue had no other thoughts in her mind. Blue flowers rose in the two hands she held up. The blossoms flew into the sky. These blue flowers that floated in the sky did not blindly chase Zuo Mo, but were spaced apart. There seemed to be invisible lines connecting the blue flowers to one another.

Reproducing and communicating among themselves.

When the golden threads reached Zuo Mo’s waist, his legs were completely enveloped by the golden threads, they were especially thick on his feet. The golden threads continued to climb onto his upper body. Woosh, a pair of transparent wings suddenly shot out of Zuo Mo’s back.

The dense golden threads continued to spread up Zuo Mo’s chest, onto his neck and then covered his face.

In a flash, Zuo Mo was covered completely by the golden threads all over except for his eyes. The bright golden threads quickly dimmed, and a dark golden suit of armor covered Zuo Mo’s body.

The dark gold scales were the size of fingernails and were in layers like fish scales. When Zuo Mo made the slightest move, they would sparkle like a wave of water. The helmet was round and tightly followed the contours of Zuo Mo’s face. There was a black horn protruding from the top of the helmet, and rings of patterns were inlaid on the horn. The horn curved slightly forward and came to a sharp point.

The pauldrons were like two balls of burning flame. On his left arm was a small dark golden round shield. In bright red the image of a flame was inscribed on the round shield. His right hand held a strangely shaped blade. It was broad at the front and narrow at the back. There was no curve on the blade at all. It was a straight as a ruler. The entire blade was enveloped in the flame.

The armour was made of small scales that tightly wrapped around Zuo Mo’s legs, but from the outside, they appeared even thicker. From his feet five sharp claws extended outwards, similar to the sabaton like the claws of the fiendish soul panther. The five claws of the Golden Crow Feet were like hooks that tightly gripped onto the ground.

Zuo Mo curiously examined himself.




“Hm.” In the sea of consciousness, Pu Yao’s expression shifted. He suddenly stopped commanding the Guard Camp. He carefully inspected Zuo Mo. His expression quickly changed, his bloody pupil expanding as he exclaimed in shock. “Great mo physique!”

Shu Long who had been receiving Pu Yao’s instruction was confused. “Daren, what is great mo physique?”

Pu Yao  ignored Shu Long, his bloody pupil tightly locked onto Zuo Mo.

“How is this possible? How is this possible? How can this boy use great mo physique? He clearly is not a true-blooded mo!”

He suddenly turned around his face, his gaze as sharp as a sword. He stared hard at the gravestone. “It’s you!”

A faint figure floated on top of the black gravestone.

What surprised Pu Yao was this blurry figure gradually became distinct.

Clean lines drew out a figure with  feminine curves. Wearing a tight fitting suit of battle armor, she held an extremely strange weapon—an enormous claw that was even taller than her body!

The enormous claw was so life like it seemed alive. It was hard to imagine what being could have such a terrifying enormous claw. It seemed like the entire figure of the female warrior was under the enormous claw.

“You you you … …” Pu Yao seemed to see a ghost. He paled and was speechless.

“Little Pu Pu, long time no see!” A sweet teasing voice filled with laziness suddenly came from the gravestone.

“You you you … …” Pu Yao’s lips shook.

“You miss me this much!” A seductive soft laugh came from the gravestone. The sweetness in the voice seemed to come from the bone. The simple figure drawn by the clean lines on the gravestone continued to come into focus. It was like an invisible pen that was drawing stroke by stroke.

On the blank face, eyes appeared and then eyebrows … …

In a blink, an ambiguously smiling beautiful face appeared on the gravestone.

The eyes on this face suddenly blinked at Pu Yao. Pu Yao was stunned, he seemed to be petrified.

Long legs reached out of the gravestone as their armor rattled. The figure that floated out of the gravestone like this. Complex patterns encircled eyes that were black like the deep of midnight, , eyes filled with a wildness and seductive gaze. The bark-brown skin that was exposed were as glossy as the best silk. The sexy figure was unable to be hidden underneath the battle armor.

She walked lightly in front of a statue-like Pu Yao. Bending down, she wore a dazzling smile, “Little Pu Pu … …”

Pia, without any warning, her right hand grabbed onto Pu Yao’s neck and pulled him up like holding up a little chick. Then with a sudden tug, she jerked him in front of her. There was still an enchanting smile on her face, but something seemed to roil in her black eyes, and her tone became extremely hostile.

“Little Pu Pu, your attitude right now is not very good!”

The stunned Pu Yao looked dazedly at this pair of eyes. Countless memories came like the tide. His eye suddenly became moist.

“Sniveling again, so boring.” Pia, the female warrior relaxed her hand. The vicious expression on her face turned to nothing and she muttered as she walked to the side.

After a moment, Pu Yao finally focused. He stammered out a question, “Da-Daren, you are still alive?”

“You want me dead?” the female warrior lazily replied. She threw the enormous claw onto the ground, laid on it, and yawned. She said indistinctly, “Why am I so sleepy again … …”

Pu Yao was unable to restrain himself from showing joy. His lips trembled. After a moment, for some unknown reason, his nose became stuffy and tears welled up in his eyes. He said, “Daren, they all died, Everyone is dead!”

The female warrior’s body froze. A long while later, she sighed lightly, “Yes, everyone is dead, we are the only ones left.”

The long sigh carried deep loneliness, grief and guilt.




The fully armored Zuo Mo felt as though he was a burning ball of fire. There seemed to be thousands of burning streams colliding, bursting and splashing inside his body. They released a destructive presence that made even Zuo Mo’s mind waver.

This was the first time Zuo Mo used all six transformations of the Great Day mo physique at the same time.

What entered the Ten Finger Prison was only the consciousness. There was no fleshly body nor ling power here, so how was he able to use the six transformations of the Great Day mo physique? Was it that his consciousness what was burning now?

When this thought came about, Zuo Mo felt an explosion inside his mind.

Countless golden flames suddenly shot out of the armor and burned.

Zuo Mo turned to a person made up of fire.




“What is happening?” Pu Yao gaped with wide eyes. He felt everything happening today was challenging the limits of his imagination. Everything was so fantastical, and unbelievable.

There was an astonishing change happening right now in Zuo Mo’s consciousness that he could not understand at all.

“His Great Day mo physique is about to advance,” the female warrior had her laziness back and said unconcernedly.

“How can he use the Great Day mo physique inside the Ten Finger Prison?” Pu Yao asked a question that had long been in his mind.

“The Great Day mo physique has some substance,” the female warrior casually said. “This boy has pretty good luck. You taught him to cultivate the consciousness and he accidentally found a correct path to practicing the Great Day mo physique.

Pu Yao’s expression suddenly became strange. What Great Day mo physique, who wanted to cultivate that thing? After struggling inside, he gritted his teeth and opened, “Daren, I took him as my student.”

“Oh, that’s your freedom, you don’t have to report it,” the female warrior waved her hand and said unconcernedly.

Thinking about his Teacher, Pu Yao forced himself to say, “Please, Daren, do not pass mo skills to him.”

“Little Pu Pu, this is not good!” The female warrior had a smiling face.

Pu Yao’s heart shook and he knew it was not good. However, he still decided to fight. “Daren, please respect the order of arrival!”

“Tsk tsk tsk, Little Pu Pu, weren’t you the one that taught him the Great Day mo physique? Yao arts, so feminine, such a good little man, how can he be wasted by you?” The female warrior still had a smiling face.

Pu Yao’s face was as dark as the bottom of a pot, the tendons in his forehead jumping.

“Little Pu Pu, change to cultivating mo skills too. I like men who are very masculine the most … …” The female warrior’s eyes became intoxicated.

Pu Yao finally could not suppress it. He jumped up and swore, “Damned woman, you dare call me feminine. Come on, let’s have a good fight … …”

The female warrior instantly had an excited expression. With one move, she raised the enormous claw that was multiple times larger than her body. “Great great, after sleeping for three thousand years, it’s been so suffocating. I want a fight!”

The two figures fought fiercely in Zuo Mo’s consciousness.

“Stupid woman, don’t think I’m afraid of you. You were only the commander because I let you .,. …”

“Little Pu Pu, my dear vice commander, you’ve never beat me!”

“I was having mercy. In front of everyone, giving you face!”

“Little Pu Pu, you still like to boast as you ever did! Looking at the fact you guarded Older Sister for three thousand years, Sister will let you attack three times first!”

“Guard you? My honored Commander that thinks so highly about yourself! What I protected was the reputation of the Corps! If the corpse of the Corps Commander landed in the hands of the enemy, it would be the shame of our corps!”

“Little Pu Pu, your mouth is still as sharp as before!”

“Corps Commander, you are still this shameless!”




Qinghua Xue looked in shock at Xiao Mo Ge who was swallowed in flame. Her hand couldn’t help but shake once.

Was this a backlash from the yao art?

The invisible power released by the flame spread in ripples of heat.

Her heart shook and her expression changed slightly.

Inside the flame, the strange blade seemed to lift slightly.


Translator Ramblings: When the chapter about Zuo Mo trying to find a way out of the battlefield meant he had to go through the Ten Finger Prison, WanderingGummiOfDoom talked to me and it almost appears Fang Xiang might have invented the battlefield just so Zuo Mo could avoid Lin Qian. So Ten Finger Prison is the solution to his solution of avoiding Zuo Mo’s pursuers.

In any case, Ten Finger Prison is serving up a lot of functions: getting him out of the battlefield, making sure Zuo Mo’s yao arts are up to par, getting him more “followers” and now, igniting something that he had no idea he could do.

Pu Yao is sad in this chapter but take it with a grain of salt. Speculate away~

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