修真世界 World of Cultivation Chapter Three Hundred and Eighty Four “New Tenant”

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Chapter Three Hundred and Eight Four – New Tenant

Zuo Mo seemed to have an extremely long dream, a dream of red and gold. A world full of flame, dazzling, golden light filled the entire dream. But he could not remember what happened.

Opening his eyes, pia, a warm and soft bubble-like thing smashed into his embrace.

Zuo Mo lowered his head. He saw a golden yellow body frolicking in his arms.

This was … …

“Lil’ Fire?”

Zuo Mo’s expression instantly became slightly strange. He gripped the little golden guy and raised it up. Lil’ Fire seemed to be recalling a certain painful memory. Its soft body suddenly froze. A moment later, it chirped weakly and looked at Zuo Mo.

It really was Lil’ Fire! Zuo Mo’s gaze relaxed and then he became curious. How did this guy become like this? The body which had originally been red was now golden red, and his figure had shrunk a few fractions.

“How did you become this?” Zuo Mo asked curiously. Lil’ Fire hurriedly chirped but Zuo Mo couldn’t understand one sound at all. Zuo Mo ignored it, and squeezed around as he muttered, “Forgot where the spot is … …”

The chirping suddenly stopped. Pew, a golden red flame shot out of Lil’ Fire’s body.

Lil’ Fire’s expression was full of sorrow.

“Ha, found it! Ooh ooh, it’s good that you are normal, normal.” Zuo Mo relaxed his grip.

When Lil’ Fire left the demonic hands, it shot into A Gui’s embrace and chirped sorrowfully as it rolled in search of comfort.

A Gui was still just as usual. Zuo Mo sighed inside. He didn’t know when they would reach Cloud Sea Jie. He walked next to A Gui, and inspected A Gui’s body again. An uncontrollable expression of joy appeared on his face.

The strange purple light seemed to have grown stronger. Even though he did not know what the purple light was, Zuo Mo knew it was of great benefit to A Gui. The first time he had encountered an unconscious A Gui, he had discovered the attributes of this purple energy.

The purple energy showed signs of growth. This was a good thing. Zuo Mo’s mood instantly became much lighter. Oh, what should he be doing right now? Zuo Mo furrowed his brow. He felt slightly strange. How could he not have anything to do?


That wasn’t right! His gaze focused. He remembered, the battle stage at Wasteland Beast Chessboard! The memories were like a flood that burst through the dam. He thought of more and more matters. That was right! Wasteland Beast Chessboard! Stage!

But … …

Why couldn’t he remember what happened?

What had happened?

His expression became grave. He knew that something had definitely happened, but no matter how hard he tried, he could not recall anything. After thinking for a few moments, he entered the sea of consciousness. Pu Yao definitely would know.

Entering the sea of consciousness, Zuo Mo couldn’t help but make a sound of surprise. The sea of consciousness seemed to have changed. However, he was not in the mood to examine the sea of consciousness at this time. He sprinted directly in the direction of Pu Yao’s location.

Zuo Mo stopped his feet and gaped as he looked at Pu Yao.

There was another person standing beside Pu Yao!

After gaping for a moment, Zuo Mo suddenly became enraged. He shot forward a step, pointed at Pu Yao and started to scold, “You lazy glutton, ge tolerated you even though you don’t pay rent, now you bring another person in? You really think of ge’s sea of consciousness as a free residence? Ah-ha! Didn’t even inform me, you really think this is your home?”

Pu Yao who had been full of pride suddenly froze.

“I- I- I … …”

“I, what I? Do you know whose territory this is? This is ge’s sea of consciousness! You’re great, you don’t even have one piece of jingshi, and you have your nose pointing at the sky all day? Ge found you an eyesore a long time ago, you really think you are a benefit to ge? Ah-humph! Now you even took a subordinate in?”

“He- he- he … …”

“He, what he? Little Pu Pu, you disappoint ge greatly. Thinking back to the past at Wu Kong Mountain, even with that powerful formation from the paper crane woman, ge’s heart was like granite and did not waver at all! You meet just one male beauty, and you surrendered! Do you know why you are an old antique, but ge is the Little Mo ge that dominates the word? Let me tell you, there is a difference between people and yao!”

Pu Yao was completely stunned by Zuo Mo’s barrage of scolding.

After Zuo Mo finished ranting, he felt extremely comfortable, and very satisfied, especially when he saw Pu Yao’s stupefaction. A feeling  of victory rose. A cold snort coming out of his nose, he raised his face and glanced at the male beside Pu Yao. “Who are you?”

“I am Wei, greetings to you.” The other stood and bowed to Zuo Mo.

Wei’s motions were relaxed and his expression serious. It caused people to feel his sincerity.

However, Zuo Mo did not fall for this. He crisply shook his head. “Wei? Never heard of you.” Not waiting for Wei to speak, he continued, “I don’t care where you came from. But let’s talk about the problem of rent.”

“Very rational. Please continue.” Wei did not argue and cleanly nodded.

“Ha! I like brisk people!” Zuo Mo smiled. “Very simple and to the point. Ooh, you can use all kinds of valuable things as rent. Like spells, yao arts, jingshi, rare materials, they all work.”

Wei said, “I have a set of dhyana xiu [Attainment Golden Body], is this acceptable?”

“[Attainment Golden Body]? Dhyana xiu?” Zuo Mo thought and then said, “Don’t use trash to fool me!”

“You can test it out first.” Wei handed over a ball of light with a calm expression.

Zuo Mo showed a satisfied expression. This guy really knew how to get with the program. Taking in the ball of light, a set of spells flowed like water across his mind. After musing over it, he couldn’t help but show an abnormal expression.

A sixth-grade spell!

What was the origin of this guy? A sixth-grade spell just to start?

Zuo Mo refocused and raised his eyebrows. “Oh, not bad! This can be your yearly rent!” He then twisted his mouth at Pu Yao. “Pu, learn from this, look how proactive this person is.”

“Your praise is Wei’s honor!” Wei bowed towards Zuo Mo.

Zuo Mo did not even look at Pu Yao’s pot black face and left with bravado.

Pu Yao’s expression was unfriendly. The shadowed bloody pupil stared with coldness at Wei.

Wei calmly met Pu Yao’s gaze. “As per our agreement, I did not pass him a mo skill.”

“Remember your situation. Do not try to infuriate me.” Pu Yao’s bloody pupil narrowed as he coldly spoke, “I’ve sealed your wretched stele. I cannot destroy it, hee hee, but if you anger me, you can think of the consequences.”

“You do not need to threaten me.” Wei was not afraid, “I’ve never betrayed my oath.”

“Tsk tsk, so honourable! So honourable that you had to pretend to be Daren?”

“The oath is will. Actions that do not betray the will are weapons; there is no right or wrong.”


“My will!”

Zuo Mo’s mood was even better now that he received a sixth-grade spell. He had guessed Wei’s identity at the start because he noticed the light of the seal on the gravestone. Even though Pu Yao was usually very arrogant, he could not casually bring other souls into  Zuo Mo’s sea of consciousness. In the past, even Pu Yao had caused a great disturbance when he had entered the sea of consciousness. How could another person arrive in the sea of consciousness without Zuo Mo detecting it?

Even more, he noticed that Pu Yao’s attitude towards Wei was unfriendly, but there were no further actions. Thinking about the ancient voice back when Pu Yao had entered his sea of consciousness, the answer was obvious.

He had originally planned on squeezing out a small sum, but Wei’s offering was much more than he had imagined. A sixth-grade spell to start with, ha, this was very profitable!

Zuo Mo was filled with smugness.

Even though [Attainment Golden Body] was a dhyana xiu spell, but it still held great value as a reference for him. Also, he had a dhyana xiu subordinate. Wasn’t Zong Ru just lacking a good dhyana xiu spell? Zong Ru was from an unorthodox background but he was still able to form an abnhinna. If this sixth-grade dhyana xiu spell was added, he could definitely go up another level.

In a good mood, Zuo Mo did not forget what was most urgent at this moment. There wasn’t enough time to carefully inspect the good thing in his hand, he hurried towards the Wasteland Beast Chessboard.

What had happened with the stage in the prison battlefield? He was very curious and bewildered. What had happened? Why could he not remember anything at all? He had been too worked up just now and forgotten to ask Pu Yao. However, since he was going to the Wasteland Beast Chessboard, it would be the same if he asked Nan Yue and Cang Ze. They would definitely know.

When Zuo Mo came to the prison battlefield, he couldn’t help but pause.

The prison battlefield was extremely unpopulated with only a few figures about. Even though he did not remember what happened, but he clearly remembered the crowds of yao that had surrounded the prison battlefield that day.

His heart suddenly jumped. Had he gone out of business?

When the figures that were wandering around the prison battlefield saw Zuo Mo, all of their expressions changed. They looked as though they were seeing a ghost. Their gazes were filled with terror and fear.

Zuo Mo was puzzled. What was with this group of people? Did he have something frightening on his body?

It shouldn’t be so!

He remembered that these people in the past had looked at him as though they were drooling dogs seeing meat buns. Why was it that now they looked as though they were mice that had seen a cat?

Was it … … something had happened that day? The bewilderment inside grew. He wanted to call a yao and ask for clarification. But when this yao saw Zuo Mo reach out, his face suddenly paled, his gaze unfocused, and he disappeared in a flash of white light.

This this this … …

Zuo Mo was stunned where he stood. He had never thought there would be a day that he could frighten a yao straight out of the Ten Finger Prison.

A moment later, he refocused. Moving his feet, he walked into the prison battlefield.

The formations on the outside had not changed compared to the past day. It was only when he went into the stage area that he saw Cang Ze. In the enormous stage age, Cang Ze sat alone.

Daren!” Cang Ze saw Zuo Mo and joyfully ran over.

“Oh,” he made a sound in response. He then looked at the surroundings, and asked with a frown, “What happened here? Where’s Nan Yue?”

“Nan Yue went to cultivate. We’ve been taking turns waiting for Daren.” Cang Ze saw Zuo Mo’s expression was unfriendly and hurriedly said, “This place … … this place … …” At this moment, he could not find the words to describe and was stuck.

“We lost?” Zuo Mo asked.

Cang Ze swallowed and shook his head. “No.”

“Then why haven’t people come?” Zuo Mo asked curiously.

Daren, you do not remember?” Cang Ze carefully asked.

“Don’t remember.” Zuo Mo shook his head. “I was just going to ask you what happened that day?”

The sound of Cang Ze swallowing became louder. His gaze was full of respect, and his expression even had threads of terror. “That day … … that day, Daren successively killed twenty six yao! As a result … … result … … all … … all the yao that registered ran away in fear!”

Thinking about the scene that day, Cang Ze’s body uncontrollably shook.

“Successively killed twenty six yao … …”

Zuo Mo was stunned.

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Zuo Mo’s now a landlord of two old and knowledgeable spirits.



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