修真世界 World of Cultivation Chapter Three Hundred and Eighty Five “The Fame of a Brute”

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Chapter Three Hundred and Eighty Five – The Fame of a Brute

“Yes, Daren.” Cang Ze’s respectful voice carried great passion. Before when Zuo Mo had decided to set up the battle stage, he had felt it was absurd. But now, in his mind, Daren was like a deity, undefeated and with immeasurable power.

He had a feeling that Daren, even being so young, would definitely leave his name in the annals of yao history. This feeling was so strong that he had even spoke of it to the clan elders in the hopes that they could provide more aid to Daren.

In the beginning the clan elders did not believe him, but after the yao art recordings started appearing, they subdued the doubts of the elders. These yao art recordings were made by those that had challenged Xiao Mo Ge and had recorded the entire process of their battles with Xiao Mo Ge.

Twenty six challengers, and there were nine yao art recordings that had been publicized.

Of the twenty six challengers, the most famous was Yu Zi Zhou. The most accomplished genius of the Jade Clan’s new generation, he once had the chance to enter the Elder’s Council of the Genius Alliance. However, in order to concentrate on cultivation, he had refused Ming Yue Ye’s invitation. The Jade Clan was not a large one, but it had a long history that stretched back into the prehistoric era.

When Yu Zi Zhou appeared on the Wasteland Beast Chessboard prison battlefield, everyone had thought that the battle had lost meaning. No yao in the yao world did not know that Yu Zi Zhou was pursuing Ji Li Yu. He was also publicly recognized as the one most likely to receive Ji Li Yu’s favor.

But no one had thought that Xiao Mo Ge was so powerful he defeated Yu Zi Zhou in an instant.

What happened after that seemed to challenge the limits of the spectator’s imaginations.

Xiao Mo Ge was like a terrifying monster that did not know exhaustion. Any enemy standing in front of him would be crushed in an instant.

One person, then another, and another … …

Other than the first mysterious challenger no challenger was able to resist for five breaths, not even Yu Zi Zhou. Among them were genius youths, like Yu Zi Zhou, those that were experienced in death, and there were even two combat yao from the military. There were also five supervisors from the Genius Alliance.

Such a grand line up, it was possible to make a powerful offensive yao troop at the front lines!

However, in front of Xiao Mo Ge, they were cut up and diced like vegetables! In the third prison and above, there was a rumor that was going around: all the yao that failed in their challenge, including Yu Zi Zhou, had serious consciousness wounds and they had to seek healing. There were a few that had even more terrible situations. Other than wounds, this battle had left a great shadow in their hearts. It was possible that they would not progress anymore in their life.

Xiao Mo Ge became famed after this battle!

His fame as a brute was unparalleled at this time!




“Have you found what yao art this is?” Su Wei crowded over and asked curiously.

Ming Jue Zi shook his head. “No.”

His gaze once again landed on Xiao Mo Ge inside the yao recording art, and he was extremely puzzled. The body was covered in flame, the golden yellow light, the full suit of armor, a shield on the left and a blade on the right, the transparent golden wings, the golden claws, this extremely strange attire was recorded in all nine yao recording arts. What caused the greatest fear were  those golden eyes made of crimson flame, they were so cold like there was no emotion. This indifference was the antithesis to his savageness and bloodthirstiness in combat. He was like a wild beast that only knew how to kill.

All of the enemies were like weak prey and were torn into pieces under his sharp claws.

“Even you were not able to find anything?” Su Wei really was surprised this time. Ming Jue Zi’s power was not enough to bring him fame, but in terms of breadth of knowledge, few could trump over him. He was familiar with all kinds of secret histories and information that were not widely known. He even was well-studied in the yao history before the thousand year war.

“En.” Ming Jue Zi did not move his gaze away. He stared at the yao art recording. A moment later, he spoke, “I have a feeling this may not be a yao art.”

“Not a yao art?” Su Wei paused. He then shook his head like a rattle drum. “Impossible? If it is not a yao art, what is it?”

Ming Jue Zi was silent for a moment. “It looks a bit like a mo skill.”

Mo skill?” Su Wei’s gaze instantly became strange. “Brother, you have a fever! Mo skill? Mo skill appearing in the Ten Finger Prison? Other than yao arts, there is nothing else that can appear in the Ten Finger Prison.”

“I don’t know either.” Ming Jue Zi spread his hands. “But I really feel it does not look like a yao art.”

Su Wei said in a deep voice, “Don’t be impatient. We can slowly search, there is definitely someone who will recognize it.”

“We can only do this.” Ming Jue Zi could only nod. He suddenly thought of something, and said seriously, “Don’t involve yourself in this mess. This Xiao Mo Ge is very savage.”

“No no!” Su Wei said without hesitation. “I don’t want to find death! This guy can be seen to be one that treats yao lives like grass. In his hands, if it is not death, it is serious injury! A bloodthirsty murderer! This guy really is a bloodthirsty murderer! Look at the two people from the military, didn’t they get end up killed with a stroke?”

The two yao did not have good expressions. They repeated watched the nine yao art recordings. That brute that was like a demonic god was deeply imprinted in their minds.




“How can the Great Day mo physique appear in the Ten Finger Prison?” Pu Yao stared at Wei and asked. This was a question that had lingered in his mind.

Wei sat with his legs crossed, arms against his legs, his hands dangling off his knees. His gaze was like the sea. “The Great Day mo physique is an extremely rare mo physique. Only a few know its origins.”

“Origins?” Pu Yao raised his eyelid. “I have never heard that mo physiques had origins.”

Wei smiled and did not refute. He only said, “In prehistoric times, there were no divisions between xiuzhe, yao, and mo. The cultivation at that time was not as complex as it was now. Actually, the cultivators of that time cultivated everything. The cultivation method of that time was very heterogeneous, varied. Mo physiques existed very early on but not many would know that the creator of the mo physique cultivation method, according to today’s categories, was more like yao.”

“Ha! You say that mo physiques are actually created by a yao?” Pu Yao seemed to have heard the best joke.

“Yes.” Wei did not argue and said, “When he found at that time the technique he was cultivating was unsupportable without a powerful body, he had to spend large amounts of time on body cultivation. He scorned the mainstream body cultivation methods of that time for being too slow so he created the mo physique cultivation method.”

Pu Yao did not speak. He realized this fake gentleman was not speaking nonsense. The mo physique cultivation method was really efficient, but the process of cultivation was truly dangerous. Pu Yao had great breadth of knowledge. He knew very well that there were all kinds of divisions in history. It looked as though it was due to chance, but under the surface, one would find that there were all kinds of inevitable occurrences. There were historical requirements to the developments.”

“At the time, he was not the only one developing a mo physique cultivation method but his results were the most obvious. The Great Day mo physique was his greatest work. The mo physiques did not have such great variety as they do now, and the Great Day mo physique was the peak of all mo physiques at that time. What this elder was most skilled in was still yao arts, so in developing the cultivation method of the Great Day mo physique, he drew inspiration from yao arts. The Great Day mo physique is the mo physique that most closely resembles yao arts. In today’s terms, the Great Day mo physique emphasizes the use of spiritual power.”

Wei continued on, his presence forming naturally.

Pu Yao did not answer. He pondered with his head down and then said with realization, “So that’s why.” He was a genius to start with, a weirdo with the name of the Encyclopedia of Yao Arts. After continuous battle, the number of spells and mo skills that he had won and collected could not be counted. He was very knowledgeable. There were parts he did not understand before but now that Wei spoke a bit about it, it was enough for him to clearly see the crux of the matter.

“The guy that thought of this method is really a genius!” Pu Yao praised. He seemed to have a new idea and said to himself, “Maybe this can be tried out?”

Wei’s expression was calm, but a shiver flashed through his mind. Being enemies with Pu Yao, he directly felt the immeasurable nature of this guy. Pu Yao’s mind was sharp, sensitive, reacted extremely quickly, vicious and decisive, especially the insanity that came from his bones, that insanity that would destroy everything to reach his goal!

Such a terrifying enemy!

A wave rippled in Wei’s heart but he quickly resumed calmness. He looked openly at Pu Yao without any trembling in his gaze.

The two had their own thoughts and it became silent.




Zuo Mo dazedly looked at Cang Ze, and gaped for a long moment. Successively killed twenty six yao? He was joking! How could he be so ferocious? He was clear how much he was worth. Even though he didn’t know names of the people that fell under his blade, but military combat yao, high level supervisors of the Genius Alliance, and guys that could enter the Elder Council of the Genius Alliance. Hearing Cang Ze heatedly narrate his results with awe, Zuo Mo felt like he was being told a story.

What yao world joke?

That was the words that were echoing inside his mind the most, but when he saw Cang Ze’s face which was so excited his lips were trembling, he felt that it was not pretense.

Had he really done it? Zuo Mo was full of suspicion and it was like he was listening to a fairytale.

Okay, maybe it really was he that did it … …

Zuo Mo said to himself. Oh, let’s focus on something more practical. He raised his head and asked, “How much did we make?”

Cang Ze that had been going on heatedly suddenly choked. His expression froze. In an instant, the giant figure of Daren in his mind wavered. He seemed to feel his breath was being choked at his throat.

Seeing Cang Ze’s expression, Zuo Mo instantly panicked, “Did we lose money?”

Cang Ze almost collapsed. Why … … why … …

In the legends, shouldn’t those great heroes treat gold like dirt?

The great battle god statue in Cang Ze’s mind collapsed.

Da … … Daren, we earned … … earned thirty million … …” Cang Ze felt like he was a server reporting to the manager of the store.

“This much?” Zuo Mo’s eyes suddenly widened and lit up. All the suspicions in his heart instantly dissipated in front of true income.

How could the number of yao he defeated be as tangible as how much he made? Zuo Mo wanted to roar with laughter!

Translator Ramblings: Belated reaction chapter. Pu Yao is back to his schemes again … …



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