修真世界 World of Cultivation Chapter Three Hundred and Eighty Seven “Mo Ru Huo”

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Chapter Three Hundred and Eighty Seven – Mo Ru Huo

The Desolate Flat Slope was an extremely barren place. Weeds were growing everywhere and withered, graveley earth covered the land. No faction had any interest in such a poor and barren place. However, the South Sky Wisteria Clan lived here.

Just like the many times before, Nan Yue’s figure flashed past. Because there were no plentiful water sources nearby, and the air was dry. This kind of environment was not suited to their survival. The Wisteria Clan liked to live in places with dense forests, shade, and plenty of water. But places like those, even if they had no valuable resources, were everyone’s targets.

The Wisteria Clan which only had the old, the children, and the crippled, what offensive power did they have?

Looking at the piles of pebbles that flashed by below, Nan Yue’s mood was dour. She resolved inside that she had to made a breakthrough as early as possible to increase her yao designation. If she could increase her yao designation, she could take her clansmen into the city to live. The environment inside the cities was much better than in the wilderness.

Thinking of the [South Sky Arrow Art] she was cultivating, she was full of confidence in the future!

With her present improvement speed, it would not be long before she could receive a satisfactory yao designation level.

“A Yue has come back! A Yue has come back!”

The clanspeople saw Nan Yue and were very excited. Nan Yue was the most outstanding young yao of the Wisteria Clan and the hope of the clan. If it was not for the fact that she was so young, the clan leader would have passed the position onto her. In the younger generation, she was the undoubted big sister. When she arrived, everyone crowded over.

Nan Yue showed a smile, “Is everyone fine?”

“Great! A Yue, don’t worry about us!”

“Yes, Big Sister A Yue, we’ve been working hard on our cultivation!”

Everyone talked over each other. Listening to the clanspeople speak of what had happened in this past while, Nan Yue’s heart was filled with warmth. She took out a large pile of daily essentials from her date seed bracelet. This was bought using the money she earned outside of her time spent cultivating.

“We really troubled A Yue!”

The elders of the clan sigh. Their turbid eyes were filled with deep guilt. The entire clan was almost supported entirely by A Yue right now.

“It is my duty.” Nan Yue smiled, and comforted, “It is a kind of cultivation! If Uncles need something, tell me.”

When she had been little, her parents had died. It was these elders that had raised her. This situation was very common in the clan. Right now, the entire clan was eleven people. Other than the two elders, the rest were all children. They had survived only due to the toil and farming of these elders. It was this kind of hardship and poverty that caused the entire clan to become unusually united.

The elders of the clan had low cultivation. They did not have any other skill to earn money. They could only plant some basic grains in this patch of pebbly land and barely satisfy their hunger.

After talking about daily life with the elders, she stood, patted her hands and gathered all the children.

“How has everyone cultivated?”

The children squealed and talked. Nan Yue patiently inspected them one by one. She quickly had a happy expression. Three children were not far from igniting their star fire and entering the stage of star fire where they would be able to form vine arrows, giving them basic offensive abilities. All of this was due to the [South Sky Arrow Art]. [South Sky Arrow Art] was really the inherited yao art of the South Sky Wisteria Clan. It seemed to be custom-made for them and was the best suited for them to cultivate.

She praised the children that had improved the quickest, and patiently explained the problems that they encountered in their cultivation. However, she did not teach them the attacking yao arts of [South Sky Arrow Art] but taught them little yao arts.

She took Zuo Mo’s entire set of teachings and transferred it to them it over directly.

What Daren said was definitely correct!

Looking at the focused little faces, Nan Yue was full of anticipation towards the future.




Mo Ru Huo’s expression was dark. Just now, he had felt the yao art imprint that he had put in Cang Lin had been destroyed!

Who was this person who had no eyes! Who dared to meddle in matters not of his concern!

Looking for death!

He showed a bloodthirsty smile. Hee hee, it had been very long since he met someone worth fighting. It was good to have something to do today! He had also recently had a breakthrough and was at the time where his confidence was at its peak. A person who did not have eyes coming up to him, was there anything better than this?

My axe is hungering, and wants to drink fresh blood!

It was a pity that this was the Ten Finger Prison and there was no way to taste blood. He regretfully smacked his lips. He had a full and bristly beard. His eyes were deep set and a strange deep red. The slightly hooked nose made him seem sly.

When he flew, it was like a blazing thread of fire, he had no intention of concealment. His attitude was extremely arrogant and proud. The yao he encountered along the way all changed expression when they saw this thread of fire and moved aside in panic. Mo Ru Huo’s infamy was known by everyone in this area.

A free and smug laugh came from inside the fire thread. With the sound of the fire crackling as it burned, it spread into the surroundings!

Inside the fierce fire, Mo Ru Huo narrowed his eyes. He wondered, what would the other’s face look like when they saw him? He had seen too many guys who thought they were experts get ashen expressions when they saw him. That was way too amusing! Every time it happened, he would find it amusing. He was like a cat playing with the mice under his claw!

This kind of life was so wonderful!

He greedily sighed. How would he torment that unfortunate person later? Oh, use the yao art he had just comprehended? This idea wasn’t bad!

A ball of fierce fire crackled as it flashed past at astounding speed.

Entering the first prison, he quickly found the traces of the other. If ever his yao art imprint was destroyed, it would release an extremely weak imprint. This imprint would not do any damage, but it could guide him to find the other.

No one had ever escape untouched if they met him! Never!

Without needing much effort, he found the other. Looking from the distance, it was a lone figure. Mo Ru Huo suddenly became excited. Thinking how the other would desire death in front of his yao art, he felt the blood inside heat up.

It would be such a wonderful feeling!

He unhesitatingly sped up. This figure became closer and clearer. The other showed no intentions of fleeing. Wait, he seemed to be waiting! Suddenly, the figure raised its head and looked over. Mo Ru Huo sensed something unusual.

The distance between them decreased. The other’s appearance became clearer. Hm, why did he find this guy somewhat familiar?

Had they interacted before? Mo Ru Huo was slightly puzzled. He frowned, and thought back where he had seen this guy before. He did not decrease his speed. Surrounded by fire, Mo Ru Huo charged straight towards Zuo Mo.

When he was about three zhang from the other, a name suddenly jumped into Mo Ru Huo’s mind. His face instantly became white. That pair of bloody red eyes filled with viciousness and killing intent turned instantly into terror that reached his bones!

Xiao Mo Ge!

He was Xiao Mo Ge!

Mo Ru Huo’s heart seemed to be gripped tightly by an invisible hand without any warning. The sudden feeling of suffocation made his entire body soften. In a moment, his mind was blank and his eyes lost focus. The blow caused by this name almost destroyed his mental defenses!

Brute! This was a true brute! A heartless brute that killed twenty six yao successively! A truly lawless brute that caused even the military combat yao to lose their halo! Thinking about that undefeatable figure wrapped in fire, Mo Ru Huo felt his entire body tremble!

Compared to Xiao Mo Ge, he was just a sheep wrapped in wolfskin, so weak and gentle, so innocent and harmless!~

Those that fell under the butchering knife of Xiao Mo Ge included geniuses that Mo Ru Huo heard of like Yu Zi Zhou,  battle hardened combat yao, and a few that he was very familiar with. Those yao channels had just mentioned them, but Mo Ru Huo knew them. He even had good relations with one of them.

Those people were truly lawless people that worked in the shadows. They did not blink when they killed, vicious and emotionless. They were all people that Mo Ru Huo was very wary about. But all of them, without exception, had fallen under the blade of Xiao Mo Ge, even though the battles were in the Ten Finger Prison.

But this was not what caused him to feel terror.

Just yesterday, the one he had the closest relationship with had died in front of him. Speaking of him, Mo Ru Huo was not close to the guy, they had just interacted a few times. But that guy had no friends and had found him in the end. Mo Ru Huo could only go. In the end, he had taken care of the corpse. On the surface, it seemed the death was caused by old wounds like injuries to the consciousness, but the true fatal blow was the powerful blow that person’s mind had received.

That was the true cause of his death.

That blow of Xiao Mo Ge had not just wounded his consciousness, it had completely destroyed his will!

What the person had said to him at that time, Mo Ru Huo almost didn’t believe his ears!

The guy that died definitely had taken more than thirty lives , his will was definitely as sturdy as rock. Normal illusory arts could not affect him. He was so vicious and cruel that even Mo Ru Huo felt some fear of him. But a guy as powerful as him had met his end by one blow from Xiao Mo Ge.

And that was in the Ten Finger Prison.

This guy was terrifying to an extreme degree!

After that incident, in Mo Ru Huo’s heart, Xiao Mo Ge was a terrifying existence like a demonic god, and ranked first among those that he would not dare provoke.

What were Ming Yue Ye, Ji Li Yu? They can all go to hell!

Mo Ru Huo usually did not place any importance on those geniuses. In his eyes, those so-called geniuses were garden flowers that lived in the greenhouse. No matter how attractive they looked, they were only able to be admired but not used.

Those that did not experience blood and fire, they were just greenhorns. But Xiao Mo Ge was a vicious beast that climbed out of hell.

He had actually ran over to make trouble for Xiao Mo Ge … … a phrase jumped out of his mind … … he didn’t want to live … …

Did he not want to live? … …

His mind was completely blank. He lost the ability to speak, and to think. He could only look at Xiao Mo Ge dumbly. Every bone in his body, every piece of muscle was frozen midair.

Was today the apocalypse?

When he refocused, he was less than one zhang from Xiao Mo Ge.

Translator Ramblings: Mo Ru Huo’s about-face … … This is also more of a reaction chapter on what happened in certain parts of yao society after Zuo Mo’s “killing” spree. I think the use of “killing” in that previous chapter might have ended up more of a spoiler since I was affected by what I knew.

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