修真世界 World of Cultivation Chapter Three Hundred and Ninety “Working Together”

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Chapter Three Hundred and Ninety – Working Together

Wei Sheng sat cross-legged with the black sword upright by his side. For some unknown reason, the corrosive  fiendish mist would not come within three zhang of him. He opened his inky black eyes that shone with a determined light.

His daily life was extremely routine, so routine it was frightening.

Practicing the sword, meditation, and teaching others became the essential and only parts of his daily life. He would repeat the dull and monotonous cultivation over and over. He did not use ling power, relying on just his physical body, to slice and chop until all of his strength was exhausted and his entire body trembled.

A jindan expert cultivating to the point that his body would not stop trembling! Both Zong Ru and Yi Zheng whose cultivation emphasized hard work felt ashamed when they saw this kind of self-abusive and sadistic cultivation method, much less the sword xiu and Guard Camp. When everyone mentioned Wei Sheng Daren, they would feel admiration from the depths of their hearts. Every person knew hard work and persistence could lead to improvement, but how many could do it? The only one that could reach Wei Sheng’s level was only Wei Sheng Daren!

Also a jindan, Xie Shan had essentially become Wei Sheng’s manservant and followed him like a shadow.

Wei Sheng breathed out. Hiss, the fiendish mist three zhang away tore apart as though an invisible sword essence had cut through it. He had a satisfied expression. It may have been due to teaching others that he had recently comprehended much and improved greatly.

Suddenly, a wail came from Zuo Mo’s tent. It was Shidi!

Wei Sheng’s figure suddenly disappeared from his spot.

“Pain pain! Ow ow, so painful!”

Inside the tent, Zuo Mo was jumping about as though a fire was lit on his butt. His mouth was open and his nose and brow was almost squeezed together.

“It hurts … … hiss … … so much!”

Zuo Mo ran around in the tent like a headless chicken as though it could relieve his pain. Lil’ Fire seemed to have found a new toy and instantly became excited. It hung on to Zuo Mo’s behind and swung around as it chirped cheerfully.

Seeing the chaotic scene, Wei Sheng had a wry smile on his face. His heart relaxed. “Shidi, what is it? You alright?”

“Hisss … … hiss … …”

The sound of Zuo Mo inhaling could be clearly heard. As he ran around, he waved his hand. “Nothing … … hiss … … nothing!”

Lil’ Fire found it fun and seemed to mimic his speech. “Chirp chirp … … chirp … … chirp chirp!” Zuo Mo glared angrily. Lil’ Fire was frightened and its body froze in the air.

“… … hiss … …” Zuo Mo inhaled again. His expression of fury instantly dissipated. His expression was very strange as he started to jumped around in a hurry. Lil’ Fire recovered from fright and thought that Zuo Mo was playing with it. It chirped happily as it leapt over and hung on behind Zuo Mo.

Wei Sheng was helpless against Shidi’s weirdness. He shook his head and left.

Zuo Mo knew that if he was thrown out of the Wasteland Beast Chessboard, his consciousness would probably be injured, but he had not expected his consciousness injury to be so painful! If he had known, he definitely would not have done this “dumb thing.” It had been too long since he was last injured. Zuo Mo had almost forgotten the pain of consciousness injuries. This time, it really was so painful he wanted to die!

The damned Little Red!

Wait for ge, ge will return!

As he breathed in jerks, Zuo Mo gritted his teeth and swore an oath.




Several black figures passed by like lightning, and several sharp edges criss-crossed in the air before suddenly appearing on the fiend soul beast. The fiend soul beast was instantly dismembered, and leaving behind only a black fang and a bead.

The fang and the bead were put away. The hardship guards had joyful expressions.

At this time, the expression of one of the people shifted. “Gathering orders! Back to the camp, immediately!” The other people quickly disappeared in the fiendish mist without another word.

In the Guard campgrounds, Shu Long looked at everyone who had finished gathering and was very comforted. Everyone’s improvement in this time had been great and unexpected to him. All of the Hardship Guards that cultivated [Hardship Guard] had formed their weapons. He had originally predicted they would need one or two years and had not expected it to be complete in less than a month.

He was filled with respect and awe towards the mystery daren inside the necklace. In his view, that daren could do anything! It was the guidance of this daren in this recent while that caused everyone to all finish forming their weapons. All of the cultivation regimes had been personally prescribed by the mystery daren. In this short month, the power of the entire Guard Camp had multiplied!

His thoughts were interrupted by the gazes of those below him. He focused and said in a deep voice, “In this recent while, everyone has cultivated successfully and finished forming the weapons! Good! Very good!”

Shu Long’s praise caused the hardship guards below to raised their heads and puff up their chests, their faces bright. Shu Long had a warm personality, but he was extremely stern when he supervised their cultivation. Everyone felt honored to receive his praise and were very proud.

The expressions of everyone landing in his eyes, the corners of Shu Long’s mouth imperceptibly smiled. He then said in a serious tone, “In order to commend everyone’s recent efforts, Daren has passed down new cultivation techniques.”

Everyone below instantly had joy and anticipation on their faces.

“Everyone has to work hard on this [Great Day Hardship Guard]. Its power is even greater! I won’t say much but only when our strength becomes strong can we give our service to Daren, to be able to protect Daren! Does everyone still remember the oath we took in the past?”

Woosh, everyone simultaneously bowed, and said together, “Do not dare to forget!”

Every hardship guard had excitement on their faces!




“You are too daring.” Wei’s expression was at ease as though he was narrating a small non-descript matter. “It is not so easy to modify a mo skill.”

“You feel guilty,” Pu Yao said coldly. There was no warmth in his bloody pupil.

“What do I feel guilty for?” Wei’s voice did not ripple at all.

Pu Yao smirked, his expression filled with scorn. “You definitely regret saying so much that day. You did not expect that I would deduce so much from your scattered rambling.”

“Yes, this point is unexpected to me.” Wei openly nodded. “Your skill in yao arts surpasses my imagination. A yao who is able to change mo skills using yao arts. I cannot accomplish this.”

“Of course you cannot do it.” Pu Yao was not modest at all.

Wei smiled slightly, and his star like eyes were bright. “Your theoretical level is definitely the most outstanding that I have ever seen but you lack experience. Spells, yao arts, mo skills, they do come from a common root, but after so many years of development, the divisions are clear. No matter if it is yao arts or mo skills, they have developed far on their own paths.”

Pu Yao lowered his head to think for a moment. When he raised his head, the scorn on his face had disappeared. He said seriously, “Your words are not wrong. My yao art theory and knowledge are based on the experience of those before me. These are my fundamentals, but I lack the fundamentals of mo skills.”

“A very clear awareness,” Wei calmly praised.

“Your conditions,” Pu Yao glanced at Wei and said coldly.

“A complete Golden Soul.” Wei raised a finger.

“Half.” Pu Yao shook his head.

“Agreed.” Wei unhesitantly nodded.

He knew that even if he did not tell Pu Yao, with Pu Yao’s talents, it would not be difficult to study and come to understand. He only needed to find some experimental subjects and make comparisons to come to the conclusion. Righteous Yao might not use these kinds of extreme methods, but for someone who was insane like Pu Yao, there was nothing that he would not do.

Also, Wei’s original intention was not to gain something from this transaction. He hoped that this was a good beginning.

No matter if it was against Pu Yao or Zuo Mo, this was extremely important as those that cultivated [Great Day Hardship Guard] were Zuo Mo’s subordinates.

Wei was clear to the contents of the [Great Day Hardship Guard] that Pu Yao had modified using the Great Day mo physique. Pu Yao had not concealed any part of the process from him. He was also clear about the problems of the [Great Day Hardship Guard]. Truthfully, Pu Yao had shocked him greatly.

A yao that modified a mo skill. He had never heard of such a thing in his past. More crucially, the [Great Day Hardship Guard] that Pu Yao had modified had an extremely high level skill. If this mo skill was thrown into the mo world, it definitely would become a mo skill that would be passed down in a clan.

Wei was also clear that if he wanted to do anything, he needed to first prove his value. Because he had a practical “landlord.”

He did not conceal anything, and proactively discussed with Pu Yao to make this mo skill even more complete. Pu Yao also saw Wei in a different light. Existences such as armor spirits might accumulate large amounts of knowledge because they had long lifespans but they were not necessarily outstanding in terms of intelligence.

But Wei showed how he was different compared to normal armor spirits. He did not just have a wealth of knowledge, he also had outstanding intelligence. This completely upended Pu Yao’s understanding of armor spirits. He was slightly curious. The origins of this false gentleman didn’t seem to be small.

No matter how much of a biased opinion Pu Yao had towards Wei, the discussion went extremely smooth. These two geniuses quickly found synergy.

A completely new [Great Day Hardship Guard] came out of the stove.

When the skill was completed, Pu Yao and Wei exchanged a look and found the anticipations in each other’s eyes.

This completely new mo art, with the [Hardship Guard] as the foundation and merging the Great Day mo physique as well as Pu Yao’s yao arts, what heights would this reach?

This was really worthy of anticipating!




The next morning when Zuo Mo work up, he found that the wounded consciousness that had caused him so much pain, had healed.

Hm, what happened?

Zuo Mo jumped up. He touched around and found that there was no pain. He hurriedly inspected his body. Had something new occurred inside his body?

Calming down, he entered his inner perspective.

He was completely shocked by the scene in front of him!


Translator Ramblings: Does Wei come off as a nice person? Remember how nice Pu Yao was the first time he and Zuo Mo met? Pu Yao is right in saying he is a fake gentleman but Zuo Mo can keep his illusions up for a while … ….


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