修真世界 World of Cultivation Chapter Three Hundred and Ninety Two “Making A Wish”

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Chapter Three Hundred and Ninety Two – Making A Wish

What deep mo level, go to hell, this was the only thing Zuo Mo thought after hearing Wei speak of his previous master.

If he really followed what Wei suggested, Zuo Mo guessed that the only person among his compatriots that could accomplish this would be Wei Sheng Shixiong. Other people, including him, definitely could not realize it.

Since it was an insurmountable task, then there was no need to trouble himself over it. This was Zuo Mo’s usual style.

Compared to the unreliable deep mo level, it was more important to find news regarding the Battle of Sealed Extinction. Due to his lack of wealth in the past, he had delayed going to the second prison. Now that he had money, this matter had to progress quickly. Thinking about it, Zuo Mo entered the Wasteland Beast Chessboard again.

This time, he did not go to find Nan Yue and Cang Ze, and went alone into the second prison. Cang Lin’s grievous injury had just healed and he needed to recover. Cang Ze and Nan Yue had to go through the test of the prison battlefield before they could enter the second prison. Zuo Mo, due to finishing the prison breaking battle, had already received the qualifications to enter the second prison.

The second prison was called Dance of Falling Maples.

Endless mountain ranges, and large groves of fire red maple trees extended endlessly into the distance. When a gentle wind blew past, the woods would creak, and fire red maple leaves would be caught up in the wind and leave their branches. In that time, the maple leaves would be like red pixies that danced in the wind. Even the clouds in the sky would be slightly tinged with red.

The scenery in front of him was as bright as fire, but Zuo Mo felt an unspeakable feeling of sorrow and desolation in his chest. Zuo Mo looked dazedly at the maple leaves floating in the wind.

Was it that his calm had decreased after his consciousness was wounded?

Zuo Mo focused and mocked himself. He walked forward.




Nan Yue looked with determination at the prison battlefield in front of her. Suddenly, Cang Ze’s laugh came from behind her. “A Yue has also come here.”

Nan Yue turned around and couldn’t help but be surprised. Today, Cang Ze seemed to be completely different than usual. Battle intent exuded faintly from his body, and his steps were determined. She instantly understood. “Cang da ge is also planning on today?”

“Yes, I can’t fall too much behind A Yue,” Cang Ze said with an open laugh.

Nan Yue had slightly mirth on her face, the competitiveness in her eyes rising. “Then let’s see who succeed first!”

“Alright! See you in the second prison!”

“See you in the second prison!”

The two figures charged into the prison battlefield at the same time.




The Maple Leaf Market was the yao city of the second prison and also one of the largest cities of the Ten Finger Prison. Usually, most yao that entered the second prison were yao that had successfully achieved planting of the spirit. Those who were successfully managed to rise above the lowest classes of little yao and ghost attendant yao. The yao of this stage were called night stock yao.

The yao that just ignited their star fire were called little yao, those yao that completed transformation were called ghost attendant yao, and those that successfully planted their spirit were night stock yao.

Night stock yao was the true fundamental level of the yao world. The local corps’s lowest requirement was ghost attendant yao, but the true backbone of these corps were the night stock yao. A corps commanded directly by the Council of Elders were at minimum night stock yao.

Zuo Mo could clearly feel that the yao that passed by were much stronger than the Wasteland Beast Chessboard as he had expected. Night stock yao were equivalent to ningmai xiuzhe. However, due to how cultivating yao arts meant communicating with the world, the presence exuded by night stock yao was stronger than ningmai xiuzhe.

Many night stock yao that successfully planted their spirit were unable to gather and conceal their power. All kinds of flowing rings of light would appear in the surroundings. Along the way, Zuo Mo saw many strange and weird rings of light. Some were bright green, others fire red, some were shaped like a sickle while others had teeth or were crescents. It broadened his visions.

These moving rings of light were related to the yao arts they cultivated. Night stock yao that just entered the spirit planting stage were unable to completely control their consciousness. A portion of the consciousness that leaked out would naturally form the yao art they cultivated and produce stray rings of light. Yao who had good eyes were even able to judge the attribute of the yao art from the rings of light.

Those night stock yao that did not have rings of light were actually stronger.

But no matter if they had a light ring or not, any yao coming that saw Zuo Mo’s face clearly would pale and then hurriedly jumped to the side.

One’s name was like the shadow of a tree. With the name of “Xiao Mo Ge,” Zuo Mo was a young expert that was known through the yao world, especially after he had killed twenty six yao successively, it had given him a reputation of brutality and no one dared to cause  trouble for him.

Anywhere he passed, the crowds of yao avoided him.

But a problem also came along. Zuo Mo was planning to ask for directions. Before he could speak, the other would turn and run as though their butts were on fire. A few ran even faster when they heard Zuo Mo speak, hating that their parents hadn’t given birth to them with two more legs.

Zuo Mo could only grimace.

After a lot of effort, he finally learned the position of the Maple Leaf Market.

After a few rounds at the Maple Leaf Market, he was slightly disappointed. As expected, this place was still quite low-level. The things sold and the contents of those bounties were also low-level. No wonder Cang Lin suggested for him to go to the third prison.

He was doubtful if he could find information on the Battle of Sealed Extinction at the third prison.

A short while later, there were many yao surrounding him. They looked at Zuo Mo with respect and awe and occasionally discuss. However, no one came over, clearly wary of Xiao Mo Ge’s reputation as a butcher.

Zuo Mo shook his head. After asking for directions to the prison battlefield, he left.

Everything Zuo Mo passed was extremely novel and unfamiliar, but Zuo Mo wasn’t in the mood at this time. The Sealed Extinction battlefield was like a heavy rock weighing on his heart. Right now, they seemed to have it easier, but Zuo Mo knew if it dragged on, their situation would become even more precarious.

The prison battlefield of the Dance of Falling Maples was a stand of beautiful and enchanting maple tries.

Zuo Mo did not stop and unhesitatingly stepped into it.




Zong Ru’s complexion was red gold, his lips slightly curved upward as though in a smile, his right hand seemed to be holding a flower as he sat with his legs crossed. His entire body seemed to be made from copper, a dignified and grave presence filling the entire room.

A long while later, he slowly opened his eyes. Gold light flashed through his eyes, and the spell on his fingers disappeared. The dignified and grave presence around him instantly disappeared. An uncontrollable look of joy floated in Zong Ru’s pupils. He finally saw a great path towards jindan!

When he had received [Attainment Golden Body] from Daren, even a person as composed as him was stunned where he stood! Sixth-grade spell! Daren had given him a sixth-grade spell! And it was also a sixth-grade dhyana xiu spell! For some reason, his nose had become sore, and he had almost cried.

No one knew the greatest reason he had chosen the path of the dhyana xiu was that he lacked spells. His talent was not outstanding, and sects would not accept him based on merit. His family was also extremely poor and could not pay the tribute. No sect was willing to accept disciples like him. A dhyana xiu that had wandered by had felt pity at his situation and given him [Sky Wave Fist Scripture].

This fist scripture was very simple and could even be called rough, but Zong Ru was still very grateful to that dhyana xiu.

He knew this fist scripture was extremely rudimentary. If he wanted to progress, other than obtaining higher-level spells, he could only work on his Samadhi to achieve ningmai. He used his outstanding persistence and finally reached ningmai, even forming an abhinna.

Only he knew the hardship of this entire journey.

However, Samadhi meditation was not the solution to all. He furiously worked on his Samadhi but he quickly found that relying on just the practice of Samadhi was unable to allow him to progress further. Zong Ru had been disappointed but he had not felt sad. He was not an ambitious person, and only worked hard on cultivation each day.

But when Zuo Mo handed [Attainment Golden Body] to him, everything changed.

His cultivation that had remained still for so long actually grew a little sliver. Such a wondrous effect, as expected of a sixth-grade spell.

What he had never expected was that, other than the [Attainment Golden Body] Daren also gave him the Nine Turn Sky Soil Disk!

A sixth-grade spell, and a sixth-grade talisman!

Things the he didn’t even dare to dream about were now in his hands.

Daren had also said, using the Vajra Gada as the spindle, the Nine Turn Sky Soil Disk as the wheel, he would reforge the two into a prayer wheel that would definitely be powerful.

Threads of warmth rose in Zong Ru’s heart, and a smile floated at the corner of his mouth.

Daren never did unprofitable business. He wanted him to sell his life for his entire life.

Then … … he will sell himself to Daren!

His hands suddenly came together, he lowered his eyes, his features dignified.

His dhyana heart was calm like an old well, a determined and grave voice echoing in his mind.

“Zong Ru wishes, forsaking the path to Buddhahood, to use this body as a vajra to protect Daren.”

His dhyana heart that was calm suddenly became covered with black clouds. Wind and rain came, lightning flashed, thunder roared, and created waves that reached the sky.

Zong Ru gave a muffled grunt and his expression changed slightly. But he seemed to not detect it. He closed his eyes, his voice as determined as usual.

“Zong Ru wishes, forsaking the path to Buddhahood, to use this body as a vajra to protect Daren!”

His body trembled fiercely, his dhyana heart cracking all over and on the edge of collapsing.

Zong Ru gritted his teeth and closed his eyes, reciting his wish over and over. He seemed to be situated in a terrible storm, lightning snakes flashing above him and illuminating his determined face. He piously recited again and again the wish he gave!


A strange power suddenly formed from his nearly destroyed dhyana heart and quickly burrowed into his limbs and organs. Even more wondrous was that it permeated Zong Ru’s ling power, and every bit of blood and flesh of his body.

At the same time, the ling power inside his body seemed to be awakened, and started to flow according to [Attainment Golden Body].

A thread of strange power burrowed into his forehead.




In the camp, everyone suddenly stopped their actions and turned to look at a corner of the camp.

Everyone had shock on their faces.

Core formation!

Someone was entering jindan!

Yi Zheng who was not far away from Zong Ru suddenly paled. His lips trembled and he exclaimed, “Wish power! Buddhahood Abandonment Death Wish!”

How was it possible?

Someone had given a death wish!

Did he not know that if one gave a death wish, they could not become a Buddha anymore?

Was he crazy?


Translator Ramblings: The problem with having a fearsome reputation is that everyone is scared and reluctant to help you … …

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