修真世界 World of Cultivation Chapter Three Hundred and Ninety Six “News”

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Chapter Three Hundred and Ninety Six News

The high temperatures produced by the white hot Samadhi Truth Fire twisted everything in his field of vision.

Staring at the remnants of the defensive line burning, Liang Wei’s vision darkened. He viciously bit down and stopped himself from collapsing. He forcibly steadied himself as he tasted blood, but tears uncontrollably left his eyes.

Liang Wei and the soldiers beside him were covered in wounds, their blood covered clothing was torn everywhere. He could not remember how many attackers he had killed on the way here but he had been resilient and managed to block them from attacking the larger troop. In the end, to prevent the enemy attacks from their rear, he had resolutely led the troops as the rear guard.

They had travelled twelve hours behind the rest of the troop.

Liang Wei’s face was covered in tears and was like a wooden puppet. Looking at the flames that rose into the sky and rampaged, his body became increasingly cold. A long while later, the wails and cries of his compatriots became clear in his ears. He looked blankly at the grieving comrades around him.

His scattered gaze gradually became bright. He bit down hard on his lips and wiped away the tears. He turned around, his hoarse voice full of resolve as he said, “Let’s go!”

“Go? Go where?” The combat yao under his command raised their grieving and empty eyes.

“To get revenge!” Liang Wei said without turning his head.




Zuo Mo had been in the Ten Finger Prison in the past few days, not the third prison, but the Wasteland Beast Chessboard. The bounty for information had been posted, and what remained was to patiently wait.

At the same time, he was waiting for the results of another matter.

Gongsun Shidi’s speculation was stuck in his heart like a thorn. Everyone in the camp was waiting for the result.

According to Gongsun Shidi’s speculation, it would be quickly proven.

It may have been caused by this matter that Zuo Mo was disinterested in everything, even lacking interest in studying new yao arts.

Suddenly, Zuo Mo noticed Cang Ze arrive with an ugly expression.

Daren, the newest information, the front lines were defeated again! Ice Frost Corps were almost completely destroyed, less than six hundred people remain.” Cang Ze’s voice was trembling. His heart was filled with terror. When Daren had told him to pay attention to news from the frontline, he had found it puzzling. But when he heard this news, he was frightened!

He suddenly found that Daren was standing in a daze.




“How does Daren find out news about the outside?” Nian Lu pressed his voice low and asked.

Daren is like a ghost, an doesn’t know!” Lei Peng said in what was not a good tone. “It’s not like you don’t know how much of a monster Daren is!’

Nian Lu nodded repeated. “Yes! However, I get angry just thinking about it! Those great sects are not good! We need to cultivate and get even. As a handsome person, I cannot swallow this breath!”

Lei Peng showed an understanding and devious smile. “Don’t worry! Daren has said that he will take us and settle the odds! Hee hee, I’m telling you in secret, Lil’ Miss Daren privately said that it probably is people from Kun Lun that did this!”

“Kun Lun!” Nian Lu was shocked and then furious, “It is actually Kun Lun!”

“Don’t worry, don’t worry! There’s no need to worry even if it is Kun Lun,” Lei Peng’s expression was twisted as he smiled and said, “Daren said, if you have something of ours, spit it out. If you dug a trap for us, we’ll dig one for you! Little Nian Nian, go cultivate! Even Old Ru is a jindan, it’s not easy to live if we aren’t jindan in the future … …”

“Everyone wants to have a core formation, is the core that easy to form … …” Nian Lu murmured. “Shouldn’t core formations be achieved according to the degree of handsomeness … …”




Coming out of the Ten Finger Prison, Zuo Mo walked out of the camp with a fire in his chest.

The xiuzhe in the camp criss-crossed around busily, but looking at this busy scene, Zuo Mo’s heart did not calm down but became even more irritated.

He walked aimlessly out of the camp.

Walking out of the campsite, and losing the barrier provided by the campsite formations, the fiendish mist rushed towards him. The thick fiendish energy inside the fiendish mist made his raging fire grow even greater.

Nearby, there were xiuzhe from Vermillion Bird Camp that were cultivating. The [Fiend Ling] that they cultivated needed to use the power of the fiendish energy.

Zuo Mo did not disturb them and walked forward. At this moment, his heart was full of the impulse to destroy. Without thinking, he charged into the depths of the fiendish mist.

The presence of danger increased but he did not seem to detect it, and his steps did not slow.

Several fiend soul beasts silently stalked him. In the black-red fiendish mist, several dark red pairs of eerie eyes tightly locked onto Zuo Mo.

Without noticing, Zuo Mo had walked at least three hundred li from the camp. This distance far surpassed the camp’s usual cultivation and living area. Even Guard Camp would not go outside one hundred li of the camp.

A fiend soul beast could not resist any longer. With a roar, he charged at Zuo Mo!

The accumulated rage and savagery inside Zuo Mo were ignited at this moment!

“Go die!”

His eyes suddenly became red. He did not dodge. Facing the charge of the fiend soul beast, he punched out!

The fiend soul beast had not expected Zuo Mo to be so courageous and did not have the time to dodge.


The two figures were like two arrows that flew apart. The fiend soul beast’s enormous body flew back with even faster speed, and Zuo Mo was like a ball hit by a stick that smashed heavily into the ground.

The other fiend soul beasts saw the chance and unhesitatingly leapt over.

Pia pia pia!

With sounds like that of a whip, the fiend soul beasts that leapt over all flew backwards.

Zuo Mo’s body floated up. A suit of dark golden armor stood proudly. The bright red eyes were filled with murderousness, his entire body exuding viciousness and savagery like a demon that walked out of hell.

The fiend soul beasts showed wariness. They crouched down and continued to growl. Their dark red eyes stared at Zuo Mo but they did not dare to move forward.

Zuo Mo raised his murderous eyes, and his figure disappeared from his spot.

The fiend soul beasts were alarmed and scattered.

Suddenly, an armoured hand appeared on the forehead of a fiend soul beast. This hand pressed it down. The fiend soul beast felt an enormous power pass over. It was unable to move! Now it became panicked. It growled urgently, its four limbs furiously tearing at the ground to try to resist this terrifying hand!

Zuo Mo’s left hand did not move a sliver. He raised his right hand and formed a fist.

“Go die!”

Zuo Mo bellowed. Brutality increased in his completely red eyes. The right hand heavily smashed onto the head of the fiend soul beast.


The fiend soul beast’s body froze.

“Go die!”


“Go die!”


The berserk Zuo Mo bellowed as his fist rained down on the head of the fiend soul beast. Gradually, the body of this fiend soul beast became blurry.


Zuo Mo’s fist penetrated the head of the fiend soul beast and struck the ground. It instantly smashed a large hole in the ground! The body of the fiend soul beast completely disappeared, leaving behind a black fang and a fiend soul beast bead.

The seemingly insane Zuo Mo made the other fiend soul beasts feel a thread of terror. While this fiend soul beast was smashed to nothingness by Zuo Mo, they did not dare to go forward.

Zuo Mo did not look at his spoils of victory. He raised his head and slowly stood. His gaze swept towards the other fiend soul beasts.

The fiend soul beasts that encountered his gaze all retreated without exception.

“You should all die!”

The dark and icy voice came out of Zuo Mo’s chest. Before his words landed, his figure disappeared again!

The fiend soul beasts were alarmed and scattered, fleeing in all directions.

Zuo Mo’s figure seemed to appear out of thin air beside a fiend soul beast. Just like the previous one, his hand grabbed the head of this fiend soul beast.

He hadn’t expected this fiend soul beast to be unusually clever. Its figure changed, and it escaped Zuo Mo’s grip.

A red light suddenly flashed across the dark red pupils of the fiend soul beast.

Zuo Mo suddenly felt a burst of dizziness. It was like he had entered the crevasse of a glacier. All the ling power inside his body seemed to be frozen and he was unable to move at all!

The eyes of this fiend soul beast showed smugness and cruelty. Midair, its body twisted as though it had no bones and it turned to face Zuo Mo. Its body crouched and jumped without needing to gather power, and like an arrow leaving the bowstring, it leapt at Zuo Mo!

The cold and sharp fangs and claws swiped out cold lights in the air.

The lights flashed towards Zuo Mo’s throat.

Suddenly, a fist appeared without warning in its field of vision and dramatically enlarged!


Like a large drum being struck but also with a metallic clang!

This fist firmly punched the fiend soul beast without any finesse. The moment the fist and its body touched, threads of mist roiled on the surface of its body.

With speed even faster than just before, it flew backwards!


Midair, a golden figure flashed, and the fiendish soul beast that was retreating immediately changed directions and smashed heavily into the ground! The ground trembled and dust flew up.

When the dust dissipated, there were only a few spoils of victory left in the large hole.

The other fiend soul beasts showed terror. They whined a few times before turning and fleeing.

They did not lack intelligence to have survived and grown up in such a cruel and harsh place.

Zuo Mo’s surroundings instantly became silent.

Gradually, the blood slowly faded from Zuo Mo’s eyes. The angry and savagery inside was vented, and his mind became clear. With clarity came a strong feeling of exhaustion. His legs softened and he sat down on the ground.

The sweat permeated his entire body. Weakness and softness came. He panted hard.

Ha-ah … … ha-ah… …

His rushed breathing in his ears were like bellows.

His heart gradually calmed down.

Zuo Mo had a grimace on his lips. It seemed that his resolve was not strong enough. Full of self-disdain, he couldn’t help but think back to his journey. Without realizing it, he felt his heart was warmed.

No matter how terrible the situation was, he would always have a crowd of people beside him, following him, fighting with him, risking their lives together with him … …

No matter how dangerous the future was, everyone was still supporting him, trusting him, following him, and protecting him.

A slight smile on the corners of his mouth, his heart gradually became warm and calm.

The sky full of fiendish mist in his eyes seemed to become an endless bright blue sky.

A strong will silently birthed and spread inside.

He balled his fists.

When he raised his head again, the confusion had cleared and was replaced by strong will!

After resting for a moment, Zuo Mo found a terrible problem and his face instantly fell.

Damn it, how was he to return?

At this time, a proud bird figure slowly stalked its bird walk and appeared in his vision.


Translator Ramblings: Physical exhaustion and a mental release are good for growth. Silly Bird is a good bird … … with a terrible attitude.

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