修真世界 World of Cultivation Chapter Three Hundred and Ninety Eight “The New Mood of Golden Crow Camp”

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Chapter Three Hundred and Ninety Eight – The New Mood of Golden Crow Camp

Speaking of forging, Zuo Mo had not done it for a very long time. In the past, he had needed to rely on the power of talismans. He had an unorthodox background in forging, but he did have a powerful weapon in Golden Crow Fire. Adding on that he had practiced arduously, his handiwork was relatively good. When his cultivation path had leaned towards emphasizing Great Day mo physique later on, the time spent practicing forging and dan-making had naturally been reduced.

Rawness was one factor, and the other was the lack of high level forging techniques. This caused him to not know what talisman to forge with the totem fragments on hand even though he had a sixth-grade flame, the Great Day Striped Flame.

Also, these totem fragments were great materials, but he wasn’t familiar with them at all.

After wavering for a while, Zuo Mo still decided to go to Golden Crow Camp.




The campsite of Golden Crow Camp was completely different than others. Only they had set up camp on a slave transporting boat. The entire interior of the slave transporting boat had been completely remodelled. It wasn’t just the layout that was completely different, almost all the formations had been changed. Every board of the ship had been carved with large and small formations. Right now, the structural integrity of this slave transporting boat was frightening.

This group of people were extremely bored yet also scared of death. So they used everything they could think of to insure this boat as their life-saver.

At the very center of the boat was the most important talisman of this slave transporting boat, the Crimson Fiend Cauldron.

The present Crimson Fiend Cauldron had shrunk to the height of a person. The cauldron had also turned from crimson-red to jet black. Its design had been simple to start with, and now it seemed even denser and dignified. The Crimson Fiend Cauldron had continuously tempered itself and now showed signs that it was going to level up.

At the present, the Crimson Fiend Cauldron had become the heart of this slave transporting boat. Every day, it turned large amounts of fiendish energy into ling power, and passed the ling power through the dense spider-web formations to every corner of the slave transporting boat.

Some ling plant farmers decided to just stay in the rooms and plant ling grains together. The beast speakers, led by Chun Yu Cheng, raised all kinds of ling beasts in the boat. It was possible to hear the calls of all kinds of ling beasts and very busy workers.

Everyone loved this boat. The density of ling energy inside the slave transporting boat could compare to some secret paradises.

What satisfied everyone the most was the atmosphere inside the boat, especially after Zuo Mo had assigned the study of mo matrixes to Golden Crow Camp. The seal xiu that had originally been in Vermillion Bird Camp had been moved here to study mo matrixes together. These production xiuzhe were not as fearless as combat xiuzhe but they had more skills. Additionally, the mood of the Golden Crow Camp was very liberal, the two masters, Ji Wei and Sun Bao, encouraged everyone to play around, so the youthfulness and liveliness of this group of young people were expressed to the maximum.

In this place, every person could do what interested them. There was nothing that was forced upon them, but it was not easy if they just wanted to get by through slacking. One factor was that the mood was so, and everyone looked down upon those that slacked off. The other factor was, beyond their basic needs, every person’s income and access to resources was based on their efforts. If one wanted more materials? Wanted more spells? Then work hard!

So when Zuo Mo visited Golden Crow Camp again, the completely new Golden Crow Camp stunned him.

Fortunately, every still recognized Boss. The two masters quickly hurried over.

Daren!” The two respectfully bowed. Their cultivations had improved greatly and reached the later stages of ningmai.

Zuo Mo looked at the two people and found that their complexions were much better than they had been in the past. Thinking about their cautious and timid conduct of the past, and looking at the steady presence of these two people, it was a completely different world.

Zuo Mo said with a smile, “It seems everyone is living pretty well.”

“This place isn’t actually bad,” Sun Bao said with a smile. “Everyone has something to do, the ling power is abundant, and there is materials to waste. It’s natural for us to live well.”

The two of them were very content with the present life. They were all people that were intoxicated with forging and very experienced. The spells and formations that Zuo Mo had given them could be said to be invaluable. Adding on the abundant ling power inside the slave transporting boat, the two of them even felt indications of having a breakthrough.

However, what made the two of them feel the most proud about was not their individual breakthroughs, but the growth of the entire Golden Crow Camp. The good atmosphere, the abundant supplies, large amounts of spells as reference, and all kinds of novel problems had caused the youthful xiuzhe of Golden Crow Camp to grow at astounding speed. These young xiuzhe of meager backgrounds did not waste such a valuable opportunity. Their efforts and hard work caused both masters to feel very comforted.

“Has Daren come for the Golden-Winged Great Roc?” Ji Wei asked.

Master Jie Wei’s question reminded Zuo Mo. He hurriedly asked, “How’s the progress on the Golden-Winged Great Roc?”

“We’ve only solved half.” Ji Wei said embarrassedly, “The Golden-Winged Great Roc matrix is extremely complex. Our cultivation is not enough. Thankfully, with the addition of Li Zhuo, the rate of advancement quickened. Up until now, we have found three formations and they are wondrous!”

The two people’s faces were bright. The wonders of the three formations had broadened their visions. The reason that the two of them showed signs of core formation was a benefit from comprehending these three formations.

Zuo Mo had formed some impression of Li Zhuo. At ningmai stage and he was able to forge second-grade seal soldiers, he was very talented.

“This is not urgent, we advance go slowly.” Zuo Mo knew how complex the Golden-Winged Great Roc matrix was. In the past, he had studied it for a long time. He was already shocked at Ji Wei and the other’s advancement speed.

He then stated the goal of his trip. “I’ve come this time for another matter.”

The two hurriedly piqued their ears.

Zuo Mo took out the totem fragments and handed them to the two. “These are fragments of ancient totems that have remained over tens of thousands of years. They have formed ling kernels.”

“Ancient totem fragments!”

Ling kernels!”

The two paled. Zuo Mo’s words instantly destroyed their mental barriers.

“En. These are good, but even the best stuff, if they cannot be used, are useless.” Zuo Mo continued, “I’ve come to find you to see what ways you guys have to forge them into talismans.”

Sun Bao and Ji Wei stared at each other. After a while, Sun Bao hesitantly opened. “Why doesn’t Daren forge them? Such a precious treasure, it would be too much of a pity if it was ruined.”

Zuo Mo naturally would be ashamed to say that his skills had been lain to waste. However, facing the duo’s worries, he said with a smile, “Don’t worry about ruining them!” After speaking, he took out two more pieces.

The two instantly became dumbstruck.

“These might be valuable, but everyone should not be timid due to this,” Zuo Mo said smugly. “These have come from the bodies of the fiend soul beasts. We probably can get more in the future.”

Sun Bao and Ji Wei’s eyes instantly lit up. No forging xiuzhe would not be moved when they heard this!

“You guys take it and study it!”

Zuo Mo gave each of them a totem fragment and kept one for himself. He didn’t want to lose a skill like forging that could earn jingshi. If he became poor one day, he might have to rely on this to eat. Also, he had the sixth-grade flame, Great Day Striped Flame, it would be too much of a pity if his forging skills were left to rust.

He asked Sun Bao to find an empty room and started to ponder it himself.




“Hm, Xiao Mo Ge!”

Ming Yue Zi who was sweeping around the yao city saw this name and his gaze couldn’t help but still as he stopped walking. He had a surprised expression. To be able to see Xiao Mo Ge’s bounty on the yao city of the third presion, that meant that Xiao Mo Ge had already entered the third prison. With Xiao Mo Ge’s strength, it did not surprise him that Xiao Mo Ge had entered the third prison.

What surprised him was that Xiao Mo Ge had put up a bounty of his own.

Ming Jue Zi’s first response was, “Is this guy wanted to retaliate against the Ji Family?”

His fingertip swiped across this bounty. The contents that opened up caused his to still. Battle of Seal Extinction? This extremely unfamiliar phrase caused Ming Jue Zi to not remember anything about it in a moment. A while later, he finally recalled some blurry impression about the Battle of Sealed Extinction.

The curiosity in Ming Jue Zi’s heart instantly rose. He hurriedly read on. Xiao Mo Ge’s bounty desired information on the Battle of Sealed Extinction. The more specific, the better, and they could even talk face-to-face. He then looked at the reward. His heart instantly jumped: It was a very high number!

This was an extremely strange bounty.

The requirements of the bounty was very indistinct, just that the more specific the better. And the goal of the bounty was unusually obscure. A battle that happened in ancient times?

Xiao Mo Ge was a historical enthusiast?

This speculation was too funny!

Did he have some treasure map of the Battle of Sealed Extinction? That was possible! If it was like that, then it was very probably that Xiao Mo Ge would put up such a bounty.

Thinking about the results of his past investigation, Ming Jue Zi’s heart suddenly started to burn.

He had expended great energy to finally pin down what high-level yao arts were used by Nan Yue and Cang Ze!

[South Sky Arrow Art] and [Grey Scar Art]!

These two yao arts that had been lost for a long time once again appeared in front of the word, and the crux of this entire matter all pointed to one yao—Xiao Mo Ge!

Maybe … …

Thinking about this, Ming Jue Zi decided to take this quest.




Bao Yi felt today was an unfortunate day.

Just after Boss had left, Gongsun Daren had arrived. It was fine to interact with Boss, but he couldn’t help but tremble whenever he interacted with Gongsun Daren. Whenever he saw Gongsun Daren’s peerlessly bashful smile, he couldn’t help but shiver.

Daren, do you have any orders?” Bao Yi was very respectful.

“I’ve come to find fiend soul beast beads.” Gongsun Cha was slightly embarrassed.

For some unknown reason, when he saw Gongsun Cha’s shy expression like that of a seventeen year old, Bao Yi’s legs started to tremble slightly.

“How-how many do you need?”

“Give me all of them.” Gongsun Cha seemed to be even more embarrassed.

If it was any other person that came to Bao Yi and said this, he would definitely kick them in the face. Opening their mouths and demanding all of a certain material? Go dream! But facing Gongsun Daren, he said with the utmost respect, “Yes!”

Immediately, he used the fastest speed he was able to achieve to take out all the fiend soul beast beads and gave them to Gongsun Cha.

Gongsun Cha contentedly left.

Bao Yi’s legs softened and he sat down on the ground with lingering fear on his face. He finally sent off this killing god!

However, he was slightly puzzled. What did Gongsun Daren want so many fiend soul beast beads for?


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