修真世界 World of Cultivation Chapter Four Hundred and Three “Collision!”

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Chapter Four Hundred and Three – Collision!

“Do you think Xiao Mo Ge would accept the draft?” Yu Zi Zhou said with bemusement. His gaze was poisonous and hateful.

“Probably,” his best friend said without confidence, “at this time, refusing the draft is punishable by military law! No matter how powerful his is, he won’t dare to oppose a military corp.”

“Haha!” Yu Zi Zhou laughed smugly. “No matter if he accepts or not, it won’t be easy for him. Haha! This is an unwinnable situation! I will let him know how death is written!”

“Your move is too poisonous!”

“Haha! Your praise makes my heart bloom! Haha!”




“The Heavy Earth Corps sent a draft notice for Xiao Mo Ge?” Ji Li Yu was slightly astonished.

“En.” Ji Cheng nodded repeatedly. “Yu Zi Zhou did it. The commander of Heavy Earth Corps is his uncle. A lot of people know this.”

“Yu Zi Zhou is not a good person, as expected,” Ji Li Yu said with a cold smile. “But this move is vicious!”

“What do we do?” Ji Cheng was slightly excited. “Xiao Mo Ge’s good days have reached an end!”

“Us? What does this have to do with us?” Ji Li Yu’s eyes flashed. “Yu Zi Zhou has lost his reason to his hatred. Making moves like this at this time, what would the people above think?”

“You mean … …” Ji Cheng made a sound. He was not dumb and understood she meant.

“They will fight their battles, while we just sit and watch,” Ji Li Yu said decisively. “At such a sensitive time when we are losing at the front lines, there are no disadvantages to being passive.” She changed the topic, “I heard that Mu Xi has come back?”

“En, she’s been back for a while now.” Ji Cheng nodded. He then reacted and said with astonishment, “You think well of her?”

“Find a time for us to visit Mu Xi.” Ji Li Yu’s eyes flashed with a different kind of light. “I have a feeling that Palace Lake Wood Clan is going end up with her as the main leader.”

“That’s not possible.” Ji Cheng’s expression was disbelieving and he said unconcernedly. “She’s so young! Also, she didn’t have any great battle achievements on her trip this time.”

“Let’s wait and see.” Ji Li Yu giggled.




Mu Xi narrated her entire journey in detail without missing any detail. The old person in front of her was the person she respected the most, and was also the leader of Palace Lake Wood Clan. In her eyes, he was also the wisest person.

“You say that the xiuzhe are also investigating this matter?” the clan leader said in a deep voice.

“Yes,” Mu Xi respectfully replied. “We did not detect that they were hiding near us at all. If an accident had not occurred to them, their scheme might have worked.”

“Stars in Daytime … …” the clan leader murmured to himself, “which daren would it be?”

Mu Xi sat respectfully and did not disturb the clan leader from thinking. Truthfully, even now, she did not fully understand the significance of Stars in Daytime.

A while later, the clan leader shook his head and refocused.

Mu Xi really could not contain her curiosity any more. “Clan Leader, what is Stars in Daytime?”

The clan leader explained, “The so-called Stars in Daytime is when one uses the power of the stars to heal the wounds of the body. If it is during the day, stars would appear on the entire sky, this is Stars in Daytime. Only the strongest of yaomo possess this kind of unnatural power.” He then grimaced and said, “This kind of skill only exists in the legends. I have not heard of anyone in the present that possesses it. Also, because the manifestation indicates he is injured, a daren would only cast such a secret technique in the most dangerous of times.”

Mu Xi finally understood. “No wonder!”

“Now you know why the Council of Elders is so panicked and reacted so urgently,” the clan leader said with a smile, “It shows great favor that the Elder Council gave such a mission to you, they are nurturing you. Now that the front lines are successively losing, it is a rare opportunity for you young people.”

Mi Xi calmly nodded, “Xi’er will definitely work hard.”

A flash of satisfaction flashed through the eyes of the clan leader. His expression then became stern as he said, “This man, Lin Qian, you speak of is probably a Kun Lun disciple, since he is able to pinpoint your origins immediately. The disciples of Kun Lun are always outstanding. If you fight against them in the future, you cannot take them lightly!”

“Yes!” Mu Xi obediently replied. That calm and handsome figure appeared in her mind’s eyes, and her fighting spirit rose. After returning, she had repeatedly thought back to the battle exchanges she had with Lin Qian. But even now, she could not find his weakness.

She had to admit that the other’s skills as a commander were higher than hers! She had the advantage of greater strength but still could not do anything to the other. If this was a mock battle in a battle general class, it would be judged as her defeat.

As expected from a Kun Lun disciple!

No matter if it was skill or conduct, it made others respect them.

She was not demotivated,but it was the opposite. The other’s appearance had caused her to understand how stupid and narrow it was for her compare herself with only those inside the yao art house. This was her starting point, she truly understood that a vast world had appeared in front of her.

Noticing the fighting spirit that rose in Mu Xi’s eyes, the experienced clan leader instantly understood what Mu Xi was thinking and couldn’t help but smile slightly.

“This matter will not end like this. Gaining the aid of a daren that can cause the Stars in Daytime is worth any price. This, we understand, the daren of the Council of Elders understand, but the xiuzhe also understand.” The clan elder was very clam. “Since all clues now point to Wu Kong Sword Sect, then we have a direction.”

Mu Xi was slightly puzzled. In her view, they should not enter into the conflict over the matter.

Almost as though he saw Mu Xi’s puzzlement, the clan leader said with a smile, “Our Palace Lake Wood Clan has some power, including influence in the territory of xiuzhe. However, the Council of Elders is probably also investigating in secret.”

“Then aren’t we wasting our efforts?” Mu Xi asked.

“Ha ha. It seems that we are wasting our efforts,” the clan leader chucked, and a sharp light flashed through his eyes, “but what if this daren is an elder that survived from the Thousand Year Battle?”

Mu Xi first froze and then she unhesitatingly shook her head. “That is impossible!”

“Why is it impossible?” The clan leader’s eyes narrowed. “I feel this is the most likely possibility! Otherwise, why did this daren appear in the territory of xiuzhe? A daren that could cause Stars of Daytime, it wouldn’t be strange for them to have some life-saving secret technique. Also, this relates to a secret that not many people know.”

“What secret?” Mu Xi unconsciously asked. But when the words came out, she regretted it. It was almost not appropriate for her to ask this.

Just as she was feeling insecure, the clan leader did not conceal and said, “In that great war, everyone knows that we yaomo lost but there are only a few that know some elders were captured! They were imprisoned in the Yao Subduing Tower. If I haven’t guessed wrong, this unknown daren most likely escaped from the Yao Subduing Tower.”

Mu Xi gaped and stared with wide eyes as she listened to the story.

Seeing Mu Xi’s expression, the clan leader smiled warmly. “Don’t find it strange. If this daren really escaped from the Yao Subduing Tower, then they are definitely worth our Palace Lake Wood Clan investing all our power.”

He did not explain more. There were some things that Mu Xi would understand only when she reached a certain age.




“Heavy Earth Corps?” Zuo Mo felt puzzled. However, when he saw the attitudes of the surrounding four people, his face instantly darkened.

“The draft notice has already been delivered to Sir’s follower, Nan Yue. Please report to the base of Heavy Earth Corps within ten days,” one of the people stared at Zuo Mo and said in a deep voice. He did not know who he had offended, but for him, this order held no influence.

“I have not heard of any Heavy Earth Corps and don’t have any interest!” Zuo Mo’s expression was icy.

Even though he did not understand why the other had come to find him, but in his view, the other’s attitude was enough to indicate a problem. Surrounded by four people, he was not afraid.

“You wish to resist a military order?” This person’s expression darkened and his gaze became vicious.

The other three people also had vicious glares as their bodies moved forward. A murderous energy instantly locked onto Zuo Mo. Even though they had heard that Zuo Mo had reconstructed the Wasteland Beast Chessboard, but in the eyes of this military combat yao, that wasn’t anything. Those genius that boasted so much were like bubbles that popped on impact, once they were placed on the battlefield.

The leading combat yao smirked. His gaze when he looked at Zuo Mo was like he was looking at a lamb waiting for slaughter. He did not object to giving the other a lesson in the Ten Finger Prison. Which one of those proud young masters didn’t obey under his hands?

Zuo Mo’s eyes narrowed and a cold light flashed through them. His upper body waved lightly like that of a clock pendulum.

The pupils of the leading combat yao suddenly shrank. In his field of vision, the Zuo Mo seemed to disappear! What shocked him even more was the other’s decisiveness. Attacking proactively without a word!

He was both shocked and angry. He bellowed, “You dare … …”

The movement of his hands were even faster than his angry shout. After long years of  training, it was instinct to react once encountering danger. A ball of dirt yellow light lit up in his hand and a shell of dirt yellow light appeared around him.

This was one of the most widely used military intermediate yao arts of the Heavy Earth Corps—[Earth Defence Art]. Proven through combat, it had outstanding defensive capabilities.

Being able to enter the third prison, his power was not weak. As one of the top combat yao in the military corp, he had absolute confidence in his power. Even more, he also had three powerful fellows with him.

Four against one, it made him feel as though he was using a sword to kill a chicken.


A clear shattering sound caused his bellow to suddenly stop. A golden fist rapidly grew larger in his eyes!

How was this possible!

His expression froze. The earth defense art that he had always relied on was so easily broken by the other?

A military intermediate yao art at his full power … …

Was … …was … … smashed to bits by one punch … …

Time seemed to suddenly slow at this moment. The other’s fist grew larger and large in his eyes. Everything was so clear. He was even able to see the complex patterns that densely covered the golden armor on the other’s fist.

The terror was like a ferocious beast that escaped and rampaged in his body.


Translator Ramblings: Zuo Mo is being underestimated … …


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