修真世界 World of Cultivation Chapter Four Hundred and Five “Yu Heng”

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Chapter Four Hundred and Five – Yu Heng

“The Heavy Earth Corps draft of Xiao Mo Ge is filled with the stench of scheming and trickery. As everyone knows, Yu Zi Zhou’s uncle Yu Heng is the military commander of Heavy Earth Corps. One does not need an outstanding imagination to easily smell the fishiness here … …”

“Xiao Mo Ge’s strength is undoubted. Even when surrounded by four combat yao, he could easily defeat the other. It is not hard to accept such an accomplished youth giving his aid for this great war. However, we are suspicious. What would such an accomplish youth face if he enters the Heavy Earth Corps? Becoming cannon fodder is the most likely result … …

“The draft notice by the Heavy Earth Corps is completely without precedent. This is a very bad beginning. We do not need to say more of what has occurred between Xiao Mo Gen and Yu Ji Zhou. If a certain youth of great potential appears in the future, and is conscripted by the draft call, how is this different than being bandits? Or is it to say, if one does not have a background, with no protection from a yao art house, then they are unable to even protect their own freedom … …”

Yu Heng felt terrible inside and out. He looked darkly at his vice commander. The sharp gaze of the corps commander made the vice commander feel as though there was a blade at his back. Cold sweat poured down.

“Speak, what happened?” Yu Heng’s voice seemed to come between his teeth with dark coldness.

The vice commander knew that Daren was infuriated. He hadn’t expected that the matter would develop so poorly. He said weakly, “A few … … few days ago, Young Master said he needed a draft notice.”

“So you gave it to him?” Yu Heng’s facial skin shook as his eagle-like eyes stared at the vice commander.

The vice commander finally lost control of his terror. He knew that Daren was truly angry. His face suddenly became pale and he stammered, “This subordinate … … this subordinate … …”

“Trash!” Face black, Yu Heng’s right hand suddenly grabbed at the air.

Like an exploding watermelon, the vice commander was crushed and his limbs were sent flying!

A while later, his anger finally subsided slightly. His dark gaze stared at the floor covered in limbs and flesh. He sank into deep thought. He usually favored his nephew and had high hopes for him. He hadn’t expected his nephew to be so stupid. To do such a thing at such a sensitive time, and for someone to have gotten ahold of it and broadcasted it far and wide. The entire Heavy Earth Corps was now in an extremely reactive situation.

He was deeply disappointed in Yu Zi Zhou. He knew that Yu Zi Zhou had been pursuing Ji Li Yu. He had also supported it but he hadn’t thought that Yu Zi Zhou would be so small-minded. To do such a stupid thing for intangible gains!

Those yao channels were continuously discussing and repeating this matter these days.

Thinking about this, murderous intent rose. Those yao channels should all die! But the one who should die the most was that Xiao Mo Ge! Yu Heng was cunning. The situation was becoming fiercer over time, like oil being poured onto a fire. He could see with a glance that someone was stirring up trouble from the shadows.

But who was it? To make trouble for him at this time?

His gaze flashing, he calmed down. Several names came to mind. These people might not be the mastermind, but they would not refuse the chance to add stones when he was drowning.

Hmph, it is not so easy to see my humiliation!

Yu Heng recovered his calm. The harsh scent of blood in the room caused his to wrinkle his brow in discontent. He shouted towards outside the door, “Come!”

Daren!” A guard came in. When he saw the ground meat on the ground, his expression couldn’t help but change.

Yu Heng said indifferent as though nothing had happened. “Clean this up.”

“Yes!” Swept by the corps commander’s gaze, the guard’s scalp tingled and coldness shot up from his feet.

Yu Heng walked out of the room without turning looking back.




Yu Zi Zhou’s limbs were cold. He had never expected the matter would transform into this. A person that was akin to an ant, no matter how outstanding his talent was, what was the use? In this era, if a person did not have a background or support, wasn’t he a lamb that would be slaughtered?

The gazes that had once been admiring and respectful in the past had all changed. Instead they were gazes of disdain, scorn … …

No one was willing to come close to him. Even the teachers of the yao art house shook their heads when they saw him as though they were pitying him, and sighing.

Why was it like this!

He balled his hands into fists so tightly his fingers went white! He was with furious and seethed with hatred! That one Xiao Mo Ge! Just a Xiao Mo Ge! Just that one was enough to make him an outcast? Were these people all blind?

He suddenly saw his best friend walking towards his direction. He seemed to have found someone to talk to and instinctively walked towards his best friend! But his best friend’s expression changed when he made eye contact. He pretended not to see Yu Zi Zhou and walked towards another direction.

Yu Zi Zhou’s feet were nailed to the ground.

He looked dazedly at the disappearing figure of his best friend.




Yu Heng stood with a warm smile in front of the reporters.

“I had not expected that our drafting of Xiao Mo Ge would be of concern to the public. Truthfully, this was unexpected to me. I have also heard what everyone has speculated about this matter so today, I have come to make some clarifications.”

All the reporters opened their ears.

“Many people think that this matter was caused by my nephew, Zi Zhou, scheming  in the shadows in order to take revenge on Xiao Mo Ge. Keke, Zi Zhou is my nephew, I have great affection for him, I do not refute any of this. There is one point about this matter that everyone has correctly guessed. I learned about Xiao Mo Ge from my nephew.”

Whoosh, the reporters all rumbled. They hadn’t thought that Yu Heng would not refuse to admit it!

He really was too arrogant!

Many people showed furious expressions.

Yu Heng’s hands made a motion to calm the press down. His presence as the military commander of a corps instinctively came out. The reporters that had become restless started to calm down.

“In contrast to everyone’s malicious speculations, my nephew admires Xiao Mo Ge very much. Due to this, he had done his best to recommend Xiao Mo Ge to me, it definitely was not done out of maliciousness.”

The people below all had disbelieving looks. There were even those that laughed.

Yu Heng seemed to not have heard it. His expression became grave as he said, “Truthfully, as a soldier, no matter if it is me or our Heavy Earth Corps, we have prepared to sacrifice ourselves at such a dangerous time. I will say this now. I hope the Council of Elders will consider our Heavy Earth Corps first. We have already finished preparing to go to the front lines!”

All of the reporters were stunned by Corps Commander Yu Heng’s request.

The losses at the front lines had greatly impacted morale. Some corps even started to fear combat. Now, Corps Commander Yu Heng was publicly requesting to go to war. The impassioned words instantly ignited everyone. The clapping was like thunder.

Yu Heng did not show joy and said in a heavy voice, “Life and death is not the most important in my eyes, but if defeat is caused due to the lack of strength, then we have to bear the blame! Everyone might feel we are domineering, that we have other intentions, but you do not know how desperate and desirous we are of talent! Why are we so desperate? Why so desirous? Because we know how heavy the responsibilities placed on our shoulders are! Because we know we cannot disappoint everyone’s hopes!”

Clap clap clap! The reporters below were excited, their faces completely red.

A dignified expression came onto Corps Commander Yu Heng’s face as he slowly said, “Mister Xiao Mo Ge! We will wait for you with the position of an officer! Please give your strength to help my Heavy Earth Corps!”

The entire room was silent. All the reports were shocked by these words.




“Such skill!” Ming Jue Zi’s face was pale as he murmured. All of his scheming and moves turned to dust in front of Yu Heng’s performance.

In front of Corps Commander Yu Heng’s experience, Ming Jue Zi felt just how poor his performance had been.

What made him feel even more hopeless was that his plan had actually set the stage to help Corps Commander Yu Heng.

Nan Yue and the others also had white faces.

In one night, public opinion had turned against them. Everyone praised Corps Commander Yu Heng and started to support this drafting of Xiao Mo Ge. There were people that continuously came out to call Xiao Mo Ge in hopes he would accept the draft notice.

He was offered an officer position, suggesting how sincere Corps Commander Yu Heng was Those people that assumed that Corps Commander Yu Heng was planning on making Xiao Mo Ge cannon fodder, but open your eyes and look!

The position of officer’s lowest requirement was to be a silver battle general. It was definitely an important position in the corps.

If Xiao Mo Ge still refused the draft call in this situation, that would be unacceptable.

Zuo Mo was also full of admiration. It had to be said that Yu Heng’s move was beautiful! Ming Jue Zi had not expected it, he had not expected it, and the cunning Pu Yao had also not expected it.

Looking at the pale Ming Jue Zi and others, he smiled.

He knew what Nan Yue and the others were worried about. The present situation for Xiao Mo Ge was akin to riding a tiger and being unable to get off. If he still refused the draft notice, Xiao Mo Ge’s popularity would plummet and his reputation would be stained.

But that was for Xiao Mo Ge. To Zuo Mo who was only able to appear in the Ten Finger Prison, was there a real consequence?

His reputation in the yao world? What was that?

Previously, he had been worried about the safety of Nan Yue and the others. Now, this had been solved. With the matter the subject of so much attention, the Heavy Earth Corps would not dare to seek revenge against Nan Yue and the others. Regardless of whether Zuo Mo accepted the draft notice or not, they had no reason to make trouble for Nan Yue and the others. This also caused the crazy plan that Zuo Mo had originally prepared to not have a place to be used.

In the sea of consciousness, Pu Yao’s face was dark. His narrow bloody pupil was like a blade flashing with an alarming light. He said coldly, “Good move! Such a good move! Tsk tsk, there is someone this interesting!

The usually warm and humble Wei also showed dislike. “We cannot let him off so easily!”

Putting down his worries about Nan Yue and the others, Zuo Mo’s gaze turned towards the impassioned Yu Heng in the yao channel. He felt like he had swallowed a fly.

“Of course we can’t let this guy go.” Zuo Mo narrowed his eyes that flashed viciously.

The three miraculously had a consensus of opinion!

“Let’s get him!”


Translator Ramblings: Ming Jue Zi is still too young, now the antiques have to step up.

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