修真世界 World of Cultivation Chapter Four Hundred and Seven “Acceptance of Battle Invitation”

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Chapter Four Hundred and Seven – Acceptance of Battle Invitation

“He dares! He dares!”

“Trash! Trash … …”

“Kill you! Kill you!”

The guard heard the shouts of the corps commander inside the room, and what followed immediately after was the sound of something crashing against the ground. His head shrank back. Thinking about the flesh and gore scattered around the room last time, his heart tightened.

Daren was really frightening when angry!

He was also slightly puzzled. Who had caused Daren to be so furious?

These days, all of the Heavy Earth Corps had been immersed in joy. Who wasn’t speaking positively of the Heavy Earth Corps? Everyone felt there was a shine to their faces. Supposedly, the military high command would visit the corps in a few days.

Which unperceptive person was seeking death?

The guard cursed inside but before he could think it through, a figure came out of the room. It was Daren! He jumped, and hurriedly bowed. However, Daren’s face was dark and did not raise his head.

Whoa, something major probably happened … …




“This guy,” Ji Cheng’s expression was frozen. A moment later, his soul came back and he stammered, “is he crazy? Too … … too domineering! Too arrogant … …”

Ji Li Yu did not seem to hear it. She looked dazedly at the youth inside the yao channel that was pointing at her. The youth on the yao channel had a gaze like a sword that did not retreat. That straight finger was the declaration of war!

“Too crazy!” Ji Cheng shook his head and murmured as though he wanted to make himself believe it. He did not even know what he was saying. “Too … … exhilarating!”

A long while later, the soulless Ji Cheng and the dazedly Ji Li Yu resumed normality. But the two sank into silence. They did not know what to say, and did not know what language to use to describe their mood at the moment.

A youth that was not yet twenty had publicly challenged the commander of a corps!

Such an insane even had never happened before in history, but it really happened in front of them. They had seen the entire process with their own eyes.

“Old Sis, do you think Yu Heng will accept?” Ji Cheng suddenly asked Ji Li Yu.

Ji li Yu unconsciously bit her lips. “Definitely.”

“Yes!” Ji Cheng’s tone was very complex. “Yu Heng will definitely accept! Xiao Mo Ge definitely would have predicted that Yu Heng will accept. It really is … … crazy!”

He repeatedly said “crazy” as though this would be able to truly express his present emotions.

“We all underestimated him.” Ji Li Yu’s gaze became clear again. Her usual intelligence also returned. She was very calm. “Xiao Mo Ge dares to give this sort of challenge means that he has something he can rely on.”

Ji Cheng nodded repeatedly. If he had some underestimation and scorn for Xiao Mo Ge before, then he was an admirer of Xiao Mo Ge now. Such a domineering and arrogant challenge, it was so exciting just thinking about it. He wouldn’t even dare to think about it, much less do it!

No matter if Xiao Mo Ge won or lost, Ji Cheng was completely subdued by the other’s bravery and domineering.

Without realizing it, Xiao Mo Ge had become Ji Cheng’s idol. Even Ji Cheng did not realize this. He asked urgently, “Is Xiao Mo Ge able to defeat Yu Heng?”

“No matter how powerful Xiao Mo Ge is, if it is a duel, he definitely is not Yu Heng’s match. However,” Ji Li Yu’s eyes flashed, “they probably will compete in war chess. What Xiao Mo Ge disparaged was Yu Heng’s skill as a battle general. If Yu Heng wants to wash this shame away, he must respond in this area. The only thing that can realize the two of them fighting is naturally war chess.”

“Is Xiao Mo Ge also a powerful battle general?” Ji Cheng’s mouth was wide, his face disbelieving.

“Most likely!” Ji Li Yu said to herself, “Since he dares to make the challenge, then he definitely would have some chance of victory. Yu Heng is a gold battle general. To have a chance of victory, he can only be … …”

“A gold battle general!” Ji Cheng exclaimed. He felt his brain wasn’t enough to use

Killing twenty six in a row, reconstructing a prison, all of this showed Xiao Mo Ge’s powerful individual strength. With Xiao Mo Ge’s age, it was enough to shock Ji Cheng. Now his Old Sis was telling him that Xiao Mo Ge was also a golden battle general!

It was too crazy … … too crazy … …

“Impossible! Impossible!” Ji Cheng unconsciously murmured. He felt his brain was short-circuiting. How was it possible? It was absurd! A guy of the same age as him that not only possessed great individual power, but was also a golden battle general. Was the world crazy? Had golden battle generals become lettuce selling on the market?

His mind was ringing. But Old Sis’ tone was so confident that he believed it. Every time Old Sis used this tone to give a arrive at a conclusion, then the result of this matter basically would not change too much. From young until now, it had always been so!

How was it possible … …

Ji Cheng suddenly felt a deep blow. His heart felt bitter. Compared to Xiao Mo Ge, he felt he was like a pig. The difference between them was so great that he could not gather the courage to compare the two of them.

Ji Li Yu noticed her younger brother’s expression. She paused slightly and then understood. She lightly said, “I feel that many people were wrong from the start.”

“Wrong about what?” Ji Cheng’s face was puzzled.

“Xiao Mo Ge’s identity is still a riddle. Many people assume that he is from a poor background and has no foundation.” Ji Li Yu shook her head and said, “Looking at it now, this speculation is absurdly incorrect. Xiao Mo Ge isn’t from a poor background and his origins are definitely not simple. He may even have a very important background!”

“Why?” Ji Cheng had not refused from his shock.

“It is possible to be from a poor background and still have powerful yao arts, but if he is a powerful battle general, how can he of humble birth? Xiao Mo Ge either is from a prestigious family background, or he has a famed teacher!” Ji Li Yu explained.

“Right.” Ji Cheng realized.

“The other’s birth might be even higher than our Ji Family, and have a deeper history!” Ji Li Yu said.

Ji Cheng’s grey face finally recovered some blood. Thinking about it this way, he felt much better.

“I really anticipate this!”




“How was it? Was my performance not bad?” Zuo Mo smugly asked Wei.

Wei smiled slightly. “Very good!”

Zuo Mo wouldn’t be fooled by Wei’s humble and gentle appearance any more. In front of the cunning and sly Pu Yao, Wei was definitely playing Mister Good. Wei was one that was persistence in his beliefs. However, Zuo Mo discovered through this matter that of the three of them, this guy had the highest skill at fooling people.

Full of righteousness, a good appearance … …

Even if he was making a great lie, Wei’s eyes would still be filled with sincerity. Zuo Mo was suspicious that this guy was practiced in doing things in the shadows, while showing a pious face.

This guy was a charlatan!

But it had to be said that after Wei’s teachings, Zuo Mo’s performance could be said to be perfect.

“What should we do now?” Zuo Mo asked Pu Yao curiously. “Do I really have to fight him?”

“No need, no need.” Pu Yao showed a very proud smile, and then smiled mysteriously. “You will know soon!”




The matter of Xiao Mo Ge publicly challenging Yu Heng became an even hotter topic.

The recording yao art of his one against four battle was spread far. After seeing the entire battle, many people couldn’t help but agree with Xiao Mo Ge’s words. It was true. From the recording yao art, the performances of the four combat yao were not worthy of praise.

Yu Heng’s impassioned performance changed meaning in front of this recording yao art.

The rumours about the Heavy Earth Corps in the cities became even more rampant: the Heavy Earth Corps were rotten from the core, there were secrets about the identity of Commander Yu Heng’s gold battle general status.

Yu Heng deeply experienced what it felt like to fall from the heavens into the pits of hell.

The military command that had been praising him previously changed their attitudes and their tone became stern. This time, they had come out and scolded him. They were all straightforward and old generals. These old general did not care about showing off. However, the level of the military decreasing and the loss of combat capabilities were subjects of their deep hatred.

Even more, the front lines had just experienced losses. Some people even speculated the reason that Fierce Fire Corps and Ice Frost Corpse were exterminated were because they were like the Heavy Earth Corps, rotten, in decline, and unable to stand up in a fight.

The pressure on Yu Heng shot up.

His face was dark every day. He threw his nephew Yu Zi Zhou far away. The mood in Heavy Earth Corps was very low. The experienced Yu Heng knew that if the other dared to challenge him like this then they had tricks to follow up with. He could see it clearly. No matter if he won or lost, there was no benefit to him.

If he won, the opponent was a youth and the victory was not honourable, it was expected and nothing to boast about.

But if he lost … …

He didn’t dare think of this result!

Such poisonous schemes!

Yu Heng’s face was black.

A while later, he raised his head. His eyes were murderous. He squeezed the words through his teeth, “Accept the battle!”

The second day, an enormous war chess was being set up on the Wasteland Beast Chessboard.

All of the topography of this war chess was personally designed by famed war chess master He Yong. To set up this match, the famed Water Caltrop Yao Art House, had sent large numbers of teachers that spent three whole days constructing it.

This was a war chess match that was unprecedented.


Gongsun Cha swallowed a fiend soul beast bead and channelled his core scripture. He continuously absorbed soul base source from the fiend soul beast bead.

By now, his core scripture was in its beginning form and its power had started to show, especially when he was giving commands. He didn’t need to rely on even one talisman to be able to pass his orders to every soldier.

His core scripture flowed. His mind was able to maintain clarity from beginning to end. For a battle general, that was more important than anything.

His sudden increase in skill did not cause any joy to appear on his face. Thinking about his defeat last time, there seemed to be a fire burning inside.

He planned on challenge that old guy today!

This time, he had to defeat the other!

Entering war chess like usual, he sent a challenge to the other without fear. Previously, whenever he sent out the challenge, the other would unhesitatingly start a match.

But the chess match did not start today. Gongsun Cha frowned. The Lil’ Miss in times of battle was a completely different person than usual. At this moment, a dark voice sounded next to his ear, “There’s a new match, do you dare to come?”

New chess match? Who cares if it is a new chess match opponent or an old one! I will defeat all of them!

Full of motivation, Gongsun Cha was ignited by these light words.



Translator Ramblings: Nyasmus, it is “the Materialist(Zuo Mo), narcissist(Pu), fake gentleman chivalry (Wei).” Wei’s not chivalrous at all.


If Yu Heng hadn’t wanted so much publicity, glory and was willing to apologize, none of this would have happened. It could have been just a “my nephew is young and rash, please forgive him.”

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