修真世界 World of Cultivation Chapter Four Hundred and Eight “The Choices of a Beginner?”

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Chapter Four Hundred and Eight – The Choices of a Beginner?

“Gongsun Shidi?” Zuo Mo had an expression of realization. So it was not Pu Yao that was going to battle. Then he felt puzzled. “What trick did you use to pull Gongsun Shidi in?”

“Hee hee.” Pu Yao was very proud. “It took a lot of effort. But luckily, his consciousness is stronger than yours, so there are ways.”

Zuo Mo became slightly embarrassed and was shocked at the revelation. “Gongsun Shidi’s consciousness is stronger than mine?”

“Hmph! Now you know the difference. You learn everything, know a little of everything, but have mastered none.” Pu Yao had been unsatisfied with Zuo Mo for this for a long time. He naturally would not let go of the chance to attack him.

“This way is good as long as I can survive. If I can survive and can earn jingshi!” Zuo Mo’s expression was unconcerned and this infuriated Pu Yao, causing him to roll his eyes. Wei, on the other hand, sat in a dignified manner on the side, with the trademark righteous and dignified smirk on his face.

Zuo Mo found they were looking down on the battlefield from a very strange angle. It was clear Gongsun Shidi had not noticed their presence. Zuo Mo looked around and was very curious. He asked, “Will  Yu Heng be able to see Gongsun Shidi?”

Pu Yao ignored him. Wei explained, “They can’t see him. Other than the three of us, no one can see him.”

“So it’s like that!” Zuo Mo had an expression of comprehension. He then rubbed his hands eagerly. “Gongsun Shidi will definitely make that stupid jade cry and crawl away. Pu, you’re vicious!”

“The other is not that weak.” Pu shook his head, his expression serious. “Yu Heng is a gold battle general. His strength cannot be underestimated!”

“Gold battle general?” Zuo Mo stilled and said disbelievingly. “No way. That guy looks like he’s a con man, he’s a gold battle general?”

Pu Yao snorted and said, “You look down at him? He’s a true gold battle general! For people like you, he can just reach out with his fingertip and destroy your whole lot.”

Zuo Mo’s face was thick and immune to attacks of this degree. He said cheerfully, “Destroy me? He must first defeat Gongsun Shidi! Right, what is Gongsun Shidi’s skill level now? He probably won’t have any problems defeating this old guy, right?”

“Hard to say.” The smile on Pu Yao’s face disappeared. His expression was stern. “I’ve never fought against Yu Heng before, and do not know what his skills are like.”

“In any case, I believe in Gongsun Shidi!” Zuo Mo had a confident expression.

Pu Yao was slightly astonished. “You are this confident hin him?”

Shidi is a genius!” Zuo Mo said without hesitation.




The usual Gongsun Cha was shy and bashful. Even when speaking, his tone and presence were soft. But when he fought, he seemed to become a whole other person. It might have been due to the influence of Pu Yao, or that his innate personality possessed this kind of insanity, but the Gongsun Cha during battle was daring and heated, vicious and merciless, striking without hesitation.

But there were few that knew under this layer of insanity was a glacier like iciness.

With one sweep, he detected the difference of the environment compared to usual. The complex environment, flora he had never seen before, and strange energy flows that seemed real … …

Such an enormous chess board!

Gongsun Cha stood on the top of a mountain peak and looked down at the vast and borderless stretches of land. The wind blew across his handsome face. The mountain wind was very strong and the hairs in front of his forehead swung in the wind and danced in his vision. They quickly became ruffled and tangled. He did not seem to detect it. There was a trace of a smile on the corner of his mouth. His gaze looked into the distance. In the eyes that swept around occasionally, a dot of fire grew, igniting when it met the wind and began to burn!

The scale of this chessboard far surpassed any he had fought on before.

He closed his eyes and spread his arms.




In the darkness, Yu Heng opened his eyes which flashed.

A moment later, he showed a satisfied expression. This period of quiet meditation these past few days had not been wasted. He could feel that his mental state had been attuned to its peak. The franticness and the fury of the past days had all disappeared. At this moment, he was like a wolf in the darkness, filled with desire to battle, but also possessing an icy and clear mind.

Xiao Mo Ge’s challenge had forced him into a situation of life and death. He only had one choice, to fight.

He had never before been made to look like such a fool and forced into a reactive position. The initial fury had come mostly from this.

Xiao Mo Ge’s move truly surpassed his expectation.

But Yu Heng had experienced countless schemes and plans during his rise to be able to become the commander of a corps. There were many situations that had been more dangerous than this. Experienced, he quickly calmed down and found the possibility of survival that remained.

This war chess match, he didn’t just have to win, but had to win beautifully!

Only by doing so could he preserve his glory in the public’s eyes. Having realized this, he threw away all hesitation and started to prepare his mental state. From this, it was possible to see his experience and decisiveness. His reputation was not insubstantial.

It was crucial for a battle general to have the ability to adjust their mentality and required to become a mature battle general.

Yu Heng unhesitatingly walked into the Wasteland Beast Chessboard.




“Yu Heng has come,” Ji Heng said. His gaze did not move away for a moment.

Ji Li Yu did not make a sound. Her gaze was tightly locked on the yao channel’s broadcast in front of her.

This battle had caused a ruckus in every yao jie. All the yao channels, regardless of their size, were only broadcasting this battle today. It was the same in every yao jie, every city, tens of thousands of yao in the air watching the broadcast. No one would miss this battle. Compared to Xiao Mo Ge’s previous battles, today’s battle was on a completely different level.

His opponent was a gold battle general and the over-scaled, high difficulty war chess caused this battle to become hugely popular. The result of this battle would directly affect both the future of Heavy Earth Corps and  the gold battle general Yu Heng.

In the history of yao, there had never been an event where the fate of a corps was entirely determined by the power of a single person.

Other than attracting the public’s attention, this event also attracted the gaze of the upper levels. It was not just the military high command, even the Council of Elders had noticed it. Compared to this fight, the conflict against the Genius Alliance was like playing house.

Yu Heng had been the commander of Heavy Earth Corps for ten whole years, and had a great reputation. His reputation as a gold battle general was even longer than that.

It had to be said that in all of the yao jie, there were one hundred and seventy thousand silver battle generals, but the number of gold battle generals did not surpass eight hundred. Receiving the title of a gold battle general meant that they had squeezed into the ranks of the top battle generals.

Ji Li Yu stared at the war chess field on the yao channel even though the battle had not started, the entire landscape was empty. Xiao Mo Ge and Yu Heng had both entered the field and everyone became alert.

The spectators could not see the two, but the entire chess field had lit up. This meant that both participants had arrived.

The same thought flashed through every yao’s mind.

It was starting!




This battle also attracted the attention of many battle generals. Among battle generals, gold battle generals were undoubtedly experts. A gold battle general that received the position of corps commander was also an expert among experts. There were few chances to watch top experts directly fighting.

Daren, who do you favor?” a young battle general asked respectfully.

Everyone surrounded a female like the stars surrounded the moon. A full head of golden long hair cascaded off her shoulders like a waterfall, pure snowy white skin, and a face without an imperfection. She was extraordinarily beautiful, especially that pair of light blue eyes that were as vast as the sea and able to see through everything. No yao in the surroundings dared to look straight at them.

The yao around her were also handsome or beautiful. She silently stood among them without a word, but no one could cover her light.

She was Ming Yue Ye, the bright moon in the night, the present leader of the Genius Alliance.

Ming Yue Ye smiled slightly and her lips parted, “Who do you favor?”

The voice was airy, and the yao that were close by had varying degrees of intoxicated expressions on their faces. A thread of adoration imperceptibly flashed across the young battle general’s face. He quickly gathered his thoughts and said cautiously, “We do not know Xiao Mo Ge’s skill level. However, Corps Commander Yu Heng’s style is experienced, and he is a hard bone to bite.”

At this time, a beautiful female yao in the surroundings said prettily, “Even the hardest bone is nothing in front of A Nan.” He Mei was one of Ming Yue Ye’s closest confidants. She wasn’t just beautiful and alluring, her conduct was extremely fiery and she was a rose with thorns.

Sang Nan hurriedly said humbly, “Sister He is joking. Compared to Commander Yu Heng, I’m very lacking.”

“Who does A Nan think will win?” He Mei couldn’t help but ask curiously. The yao around were also curious about this question. Many of them looked at Sang Nan. The Genius Alliance was full of geniuses. Other than the geniuses that had limitless futures in cultivation and yao arts, there were also many who were battle generals.

The Genius Alliance had sixteen gold battle generals, and Sang Nan was one of them. He was also the first seat battle general of the Genius Alliance. His strength had already attracted the attention of the Council of Elders, but such a skilled genius faithfully followed Ming Yue Ye. If he did not follow Ming Yue Ye, then it was very possible that he would have become the youngest corps commander of all of the yao world.

After thinking, Sang Nan said, “Both sides have a chance, especially since there are too many unknown factors. But I feel Yu Heng has a slight advantage. Yu Heng six, Xiao Mo Ge four.”

“So A Nan favors Yu Heng.” He Mei realized.

Ming Yue Ye was thoughtful. That pair of light blue eyes were as deep as the sea.

Sang Nan still wanted to ask. At this time, the two sides started to pick their troops. In war chess, this step was crucial. The strategies that each person was skilled in were different, so their pick of troops would be completely different. The scale of war chess this time was very large, and there was a complete set of soldier types to pick from. Experienced battle generals were able to judge the style and tactics of others from the composition of the troops.

He suddenly exclaimed lightly, “Hm!”

“A Nan, what is it?” He Mei asked curiously.

Sang Nan stared tightly at the yao channel with a strange expression. “As expected, this Xiao Mo Ge is an extremely arrogant person!”

“Why do you say so?” He Mei did not understand.

Sang Nan had a serious expression and his gaze did not leave the yao channel. He explained, “What he picked is all offensive troops! No support troops! No defensive troops!”

There was something that Sang Nan did not say:

—Usually only beginners would choose such a combination.


[i] Gigantic oopsie on Fang Xiang’s part. 夜明月 (Ye Ming Yue) is the name used here, but this is also the same person that has been mentioned before as (Ming Yue Ye).  He probably forgot the order. I’m going with Ming Yue Ye as this is the name used more frequently in the story and the one that was used first.

夜明月: Night Bright Moon vs明月夜: Bright Moon Night


Translator Ramblings: Gongsun Cha is being thrown off the deep end!

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