修真世界 World of Cultivation Chapter Four Hundred and Twelve “Collide”

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Chapter Four Hundred and Twelve – Collide

Unlike Sang Nan and the others who wanted to spit blood, Zuo Mo’s eyes lit up as he watched, his blood was boiling. He wanted to charge straight at the other’s main base with them. How exhilarating it would be! It would be so pleasurable!

Those dazzling tactics were nice to look at, but this kind of straightforward charge suited Zuo Mo’s temper.

Gongsun Cha did not think so much. These strange actions and choices in other people’s eyes were actually made out of his helplessness. He didn’t understand anything about strategic things like yao trees.

If it was any other person, they definitely would not accept this unfair match. But Gongsun Cha never thought about fairness. When had battle ever been fair?

The seemingly crazy Gongsun Cha was icy cold inside. He knew the longer the battle took, the more disadvantageous it was for him. So when he had finished organizing his troops, he charged towards the other’s camp without a moment’s pause.

Right now was the moment the difference between the two forces was the smallest. As time went on, the gap in strength between the two forces would grow.

He also knew that against the mysterious person, charging like this definitely wouldn’t end well. But with no other choice, he could only harden himself and charge.




Gongsun Cha had almost frightened Yu Heng. He actually didn’t manage to react.

What strategy was this?

His face was bewildered.

Having served many years in the military, Yu Heng was skilled in all kinds of tactics, and had fought against many experts. Naturally, he had fought against those who were unconventional. But even those abnormally acting experts had just used unconventional gambits. It was possible to determine the intentions behind their maneuvers. War chess had developed over so many years, and the large amounts of tactics had all been studied.

Which opening moves to use in a match was an issue that had been studied the most. There were all kinds of strategies. Many of them were popular for a time, but as time went on and these strategies were fully studied, their weaknesses were exposed, each became less useful. Then they were gradually replaced by new strategies.

Yu Heng’s opening method was a variation on the classic Three Division Opening Method. It put a third of his forces into development, one third into defense, and one third to act as needed.

The three division setup was equalized, had outstanding defense, and great developmental potential over time. It was a very popular and classic opening method. Yu Heng’s three divisions had a few changes focused on the combinations of soldier types, combinations that had made people’s eyes light up in awe. The troops he used to defend and those he reserved to act freely could freely interact and support each other. This unique adjustment caused the Yu Style’s Three Division Opening Method to become even stronger. All the spectators changed expressions upon seeing this, and it was possible to see how skilled Yu Heng was.

But Yu Heng who was skilled in all kinds of strategies never thought the other would charge straight to his door like a brute.

Was he suicidal?

Pausing, Yu Heng instantly reacted.

The offensive power of the Three Division Opening Method was not extremely strong, but the defensive power was not weak. So Yu Heng felt disbelief but he did not panic. His main base had been finished, and the defensive capabilities had been increased. Even if the other’s entire army came to attack, he had enough confidence that he could hold against the other.

However, he still was cautious. Using just the power the other had, it was an impossible mission to attack a completed main camp. Yu Heng believed that Xiao Mo Ge also understood this. Even more, he kept on feeling that Xiao Mo Ge’s purely Flame Boring yao army was a scheme.

Xiao Mo Ge definitely had something else planned, and that would be the true killing move!

He believed his judgment. He did not believe that Xiao Mo Ge had only picked Flame Boring yao. Yu Heng was careful as he directed the troops to advance as he prepared to counter against any move that would appear.




On the other side, Gongsun Cha’s mind was unprecedentedly focused.

Other people only saw him pursuing Yu Heng’s scouts. They did not know that inside the seemingly smooth flow of troops, Gongsun Cha was continuously familiarizing himself with this new troop formation. Every bit of familiarity he gained could add a small chance of success.

Fortunately, he had pondered the snowflake formation for a long time and was not completely unfamiliar with it. As he raced all this way, it became easier to move everything according to his will. This pursuit was like warmup. When he reached Yu Heng’s main base, just having finished his warmup, Gongsun Cha’s presence and attention was at its peak!

The snowflake flood that just reached the outskirts of the main base suddenly accelerated!

They were like a bundle of saw blades that suddenly tore at the main base.

At the same time, Gongsun Cha’s eyes suddenly lit up. His spread out consciousness shook. This vibration seemed to create ripples and rapidly transferred to every corner of the consciousness web.


The red snowflake’s center suddenly lit up and gave off a blinding red light. The red light spread at astounding speed. It seemed to be like flowing metal liquid that flowed along the pathways of the snowflake originating from its center, and quickly reached the tip of each snowflake branch.

When more than eight hundred Flame Boring yao cast fire yao arts at the same time, the heat produced twisted the air. This caused the shape of the snowflake to look somewhat warped.

What was even more stunning was that each Flame Boring yao was situated among the high-speed spinning snowflake!

Each was like a burning hot blade that was furiously humming!

Everyone was shocked at the presence given off by the Flame Boring yao. Everyone had used Flame Boring yao before, but they had never seen such an intimidating presence.




Yu Heng’s expression changed dramatically as his troops were struck. The presence suddenly exuded by the enemy surpassed his imagination.

Why was it like this?

He had always assumed that the enemy’s first wave of attack was definitely a feint. The true threat to him was the ambush that was to come later, so he had only sent a small portion of his army to face the enemy. The majority of his troops were waiting for the hidden enemy.

The suddenly fierce attack was like a storm that came without warning!

Six large snowflakes with burning and sharp howls furiously charged his base.

The moment the two sides collided, countless blinding lights shot up! Like six burning red saws, in the midst of ear-piercing shrieking, sparks shot out like a rain!

The sky seemed to be illuminated by the rising fire yao arts.

Not good!

Yu Heng’s heart skipped a beat. His body wavered. In his wide pupils, a thread of disbelief flashed.

The other really was using only Flame Boring yao! The other truly was attacking with all of his forces!

All of his predictions, all of the judgments, they were all wrong!

Two successive basic assumptions had been incorrect. From any angle, these were likely fatal!

In order to reserve more to face the later attacks of the enemy, he had preserved the majority of his power. This meant that the number of combat yao on the front lines that were facing the Flame Boring yao was too few. The difference in power was too large. Famed for its attacking power, the Flame Boring yao pressed their advantage to their limit.

The six troops were like six snowflake shaped heated saws that penetrated his troops like butter, cutting through them without any effort!

Forced to the precipice, Yu Heng displayed his outstanding tactical training. Facing this situation with his troops on the verge of collapse, he rapidly calmed down. Even though he had not expected that the other would use all his power on the first wave of attack, but he also did not hesitate to engage with all of his forces.

His expression resumed normality as he quickly adjusted the troops.

The troops under his command seemed to explode. They turned to several hundred little troops that quickly spread out into every corner of the base.

Relying on the defensive capabilities of the base, these little teams were very nimble. Like packs of wolves, they continuously harassed the enemy troops.

The situation quickly stabilized. The snowflake formation that encountered resistance had slowed down its advance.





Sang Nan couldn’t help but clap and praise. Xiao Mo Ge’s intimidating attack had almost got him to stop breathing. Yu Heng’s following reaction was based on the principle of using to softness to subdue hardness. To be able to stabilize the situation in such a chaotic state, Yu Heng really lived up to his reputation!

This collision was short, but extremely fierce!

After the short exchange, Yu Heng only had two thousand and six hundred combat yao remaining. His losses could be called immense. Xiao Mo Ge had four thousand combat yao left. He seemed to have the advantage of numbers, but their speed had been halted by Yu Heng. Adding on that they were deep in enemy territory, they now had to face the defensive weapons of the enemy camp. Flame Boring yao were very weak defensively, and it was undoubtedly very dangerous to be caught in such a situation.

Looking at it that way, the two sides had once again reached a certain equilibrium

All the battle generals were staring unblinkingly. Such a fierce collision usually only happened in the final stages of a match. Many of them even forgot to breathe. None of them had expected that seemingly pretty but useless snowflake formation would be so sharp!

All of the battle generals were stunned!

No one doubted Xiao Mo Ge’s battle general skills any longer. Such an extreme break through, if it appeared on the battlefield, was the nightmare of the enemy!

However, battle generals with some skill could see the danger that Xiao Mo Ge was now facing.

Yu Heng had relied on his experience as a commander to transform his main base into a quagmire. Even the sharpest saw was bogged down while facing this swamp.

What would Xiao Mo Ge do?

This question appeared in the observer’s minds at the same time.




But no one knew that Gongsun Cha who appeared to be in a dangerous situation did not feel he was in danger. Once the two sides had engaged, Gongsun Cha perceptively realized that his opponent was not the mystery expert he usually faced.

The two’s styles were too far apart!

Most importantly, Gongsun Cha could not feel the overbearing pressure that was usually present, did not feel like there was a rope constantly strangling his neck!

Being used to Pu Yao’s suffocating pressure, Gongsun Cha felt he was a fish in the water when he faced Yu Heng and was able to breathe freely.

Everyone thought that Yu Heng had stabilized the situation, and Xiao Mo Ge had landed in danger.

What they did not understand was that for a battle general like Gongsun Cha that struggled constantly under Pu Yao’s abuse, what would it mean when there wasn’t enough pressure put on him?

It meant that Gongsun Cha’s hands were unbound!

Having such freedom, how terrifying could Gongsun Cha be?

Before today, no one knew!

Lacking this pressure, Gongsun Cha felt it was very unfamiliar. This unfamiliar feeling deeply stimulated Gongsun Cha. His eyes became brighter. As his messy hair brushed across his face, a light bashful smile came to the corner of his mouth.

An imperceptible vibration passed to every Flame Boring yao along the invisible consciousness web.

The strangulation had started!


Translator Ramblings: The last time we had such a major battle with Lil’ Miss, it was way back in Little Mountain Jie when he was starting out. He’s a bit overdue in terms of exposition since Fang Xiang spent so long dropping hints.


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