修真世界 World of Cultivation Chapter Four Hundred and Thirteen “Snowflake Strangulation Kill”

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Chapter Four Hundred and Thirteen – Snowflake Strangulation Kill

Snowflake Strangulation Kill!

This was the name Gongsun Cha gave to this new battle tactic. Today was the first day he showed off its edges. Just as everyone was sighing over the powerful charge it had made, none of them knew that the reason Lil’ Miss had created the Snowflake Strangulation Kill was to compensate for the fact that the three section wave killing charge lacked lasting power.

In other words, the charges and defensive line break throughs that everyone exclaimed over was not the best attribute of this battle tactic.

Its best quality was—Strangulation Kill!

The six large snowflakes suddenly crumbled and turned to many smaller snowflakes. They did not move in a defined formation anymore. These tiny snowflakes were like a flood that streamed into every pore and crack.

Their rate of advance was not quick, but gave people the feeling their advance was unavoidable.

The small snowflakes composed of six Flame Boring yao furiously spun. Fire yao arts were prepared on their hands. Once they encountered an enemy, they would attack. Their attacking method was very unique. As they spun quickly, the six Flame Boring yao would move and while rotating positions to release the fire yao art in their hands

It became a ruler straight stream of fire!

This was a stream of fire composed of fire yao arts. When the last Flame Boring yao finished releasing the fire yao art, the first Flame Boring yao had finished casting a new fire yao art, it was the a continuous cycle of fire yao arts.

The stream of fire was endless.

In front of this endless line of fire, the defensive yao arts of the defensive troops were fragile as paper. They were not even able to delay the advance along enough to buy time for their comrades before dying. The combat soldier types that lacked protection died even quicker.

Even more frightening was that each small snowflake would not fight by themselves. They would always have two to three little teams beside them. The middle team of the trio would fall back, and form a reverse triangle. They would half-surround the enemy and engulf them in their web of fire.

The fire web made from the fire streams of the three teams increased their killing power. If six or seven fire snowflake’s fire streams shot out together, the fire web that formed robbed the enemy of all hope.

The advancement of the Flame Boring yao was not fast. They were moving slowly like molten lava. Everywhere they passed, everything turned to ash, and nothing was able to stop them!

The fire streams criss-crossed like an enormous web!

The enemies within the large web furiously casted yao arts, but they were like insects caught on the spider’s web. Any struggling was useless.




Yu Heng’s face was pale. The criss-crossing fire streams were like threads of death in his eyes! The number of troops under his command decreased at an astounding speed.

He could see that the Flame Boring yao were also continuously falling to his defence as well, but … …

Yu Heng’s mouth was filled with bitterness. The rate that the other’s numbers were lessening was far slower than his. Basically, three of his combat yao would be traded for one of the other’s combat yao. He almost couldn’t believe it, how was this the fragile Flame Boring yao?

The other’s consciousness was truly too strong!

The speed that the Flame Boring yao at the very front perished was very fast, but when one in front perished, another Flame Boring yao from behind quickly took its place. The other’s entire army was flowing smoothly like liquid! Other than that, every small snowflake still maintained its high speed spinning. At the beginning, there had been five thousand combat yao, in more than eight hundred small snowflakes!

Even with the losses they maintained the completeness of their troop formation, this meant that their abilities were only marginally reduced and lead to the staggeringly one sided ratio of damage each force was taking.

But how strong of a consciousness was needed to do this?

Yu Heng’s face was ashen, his eyes began to dim.

He knew he had been defeated, handily defeated. As the number of  combat yao under his commanded lessened, the effectiveness of the base’s defensive weapons had decreased. The other’s Flame Boring yao were even able to pluck them out one structure at a time.

He accepted his defeat.

Even though Xiao Mo Ge’s move was completely different than what was in style now, but the person who could create such a battle tactic was undoubtedly a tactical genius!

He understood that his two incorrect judgments had caused him to land in a defensive position. But what truly caused him to lose was this new battle tactic, was the other’s powerful and un-yao-like consciousness! Even if he was prepared to meet this burst of red snowflakes, he did not know how to defeat it.

Yu Heng liked playing politics, but he had received a traditional battle general’s education. His pride as a battle general was etched deeply into his bones. At this moment, he did not think about the result of losing his reputation. His heart was filled with the frustration of defeat, and his heart was truly akin to being dead!

Because this was a defeat where there was no excuse.




“Yu Heng is finished.” Sang Nan sighed lightly, and his tone was slightly sorrowful. Personally seeing the fall of a golden battle general, faint sorrow came into his mind. His intuition was far more sensitive than the average battle general. Without seeing Yu Heng’s face, he was still able to capture Yu Heng’s loss of spirit and dead presence from some near imperceptible details on the battlefield.

Each golden battle general had experienced countless tests, fights, and struggles. Maybe they had different backgrounds, and skill levels but each of them were truly the best.

Once the heart of a battle general was dead, that meant they had fallen.

Feeling that Yu Heng was probably dead at heart, sighs sounded out in many places, not just from Sang Nan. Many of them had anticipated this battle, but no one had expected this battle would directly cause the fall of a golden battle general.




For the great majority of people, this spectacular and dramatic battle satisfied their desires. The cause of this battle had long been forgotten. What people discussed the most was, of course, Xiao Mo Ge. In their view, Xiao Mo Ge had to be a gold battle general to have defeated Yu Heng.

The prison-breaking battle and killing twenty six yao had given him the title of genius. Now they found this guy was actually a gold battle general! Xiao Mo Ge who stepped on the corpse of another battle general, this “gold battle general” was very substantial.

It was no wonder that many yao exclaimed, was this guy still yao?

Such a freak of a yao, how many years would it take for one to appear?

Freak! Too freaky!

If everyone’s discussion was limited to low-level yao, then he was a hot topic, his name truly spread to every corner of the yao world. In wartime, everyone knew very well what a gold battle general meant. Even more, he was also so young! Adding on that his own strength was very outstanding, he had great potential, and even the possibility of achieving the position of a Sky yao.

Such a youth, could you demand him to be even more freakishly talented?

Even the Genius Alliance that was said to have countless geniuses only had a handful of comparable geniuses.

But the discussion of this battle had just begun. The amateurs watched the spectacle, the insiders discussed the technique. In the eyes of the battle generals, this battle had risen to the level of a classic. Xiao Mo Ge’s use of the Flame Boring yao broke the norm. Before this, no one had ever thought that Flame Boring yao could be used like this.

The meaning of this battle was not just on the Flame Boring yao. To these combat yao, Xiao Mo Ge’s creativity had opened a new window for them. The power of an unrelenting attack had attracted the attention of all battle generals. How to maintain the firepower of a troop became the hot topic of study for battle generals.

When the battle generals came back to studly, they found that the requirements of the consciousness in order to complete Xiao Mo Ge’s snowflake tactic were very high. They suddenly realized just how terrifying Xiao Mo Ge’s consciousness was!

As the battle generals were studying, and the normal people were discussing interestedly, a piece of news struck like lightning. Yu Heng, whose heart had collapsed, had handed in his resignation and quit as the Commander of the Heavy Earth Corps.

Many of Yu Heng’s good friends came to visit in hopes of comforting him. But when they saw Yu Heng, all of them paled! Yu Heng had shut himself into a small room, his expression dazed and he did not react to anyone that spoke to him.

Yu Heng was finished! The Jade Family was finished!

This news added a thick sense of tragedy to this battle!

But soon no one paid attention to Yu Heng’s news. Everyone’s eyes would forever be on the victor.

But Xiao Mo Ge seemed to have disappeared.




This battle made Zuo Mo marvel, but more importantly, it allowed him to feel satisfaction. But only just that. It was just a war chess match. What was there to be excited about?

Lil’ Miss was completely unaffected. Because he knew the opponent was not the usual mysterious person. Even though he had won, he didn’t feel any joy. It would probably take defeating Pu Yao to made him feel true joy.

This battle had also caused him to think more on his newly created snowflake tactic. Once the battle ended, he burrowed into the camp, all his thoughts on the new tactic.

As to Pu Yao and Wei, this small victory held no value in their eyes.

The victory that caused great waves in the yao world didn’t create a single ripple on Zuo Mo’s side.

This matter was perfectly resolved, and Zuo Mo could finally put his complete attention on how to leave this ghastly place. Form the information he got from Ming Jue Zi, they needed to find the center of the battlefield. If they found the center, they could be able to find the damaged jie river. That way, they could be able to leave the ancient battlefield.

So Zuo Mo instantly sent out the mobilization order. The entire group departed for the deepest part of the fiendish mist.

Everyone’s morale rose. They had set up camp at this place for a long time. They had put the majority of their attention on their cultivation, but they couldn’t help but feel desperate inside. They were like hungry beasts that had been trapped for a long time and all of them howled!

So when the order came down, everyone became excited.

They had become increasingly familiar with the surrounding environment after hunting fiend soul beasts in the recent while. The feeling of terror that they had when they first entered this ancient battlefield had disappeared long ago. These people that were daring to start with were eager and wanted to charge at the very front.

But Zuo Mo and the others that knew all of the information were not so optimistic.

In an ancient battlefield that was tens of thousands years old, were the vicious beasts it created only at this skill level?


Translator Ramblings: And it is finally over! Gongsun Cha doesn’t care because it is not Pu Yao and Zuo Mo doesn’t care because there is no jingshi.

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