修真世界 World of Cultivation Chapter Four Hundred and Fifteen “Crowd of Monsters”

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Chapter Four Hundred and Fifteen – Crowd of Monsters

This was the first time A Wen was leading the formation. This position had previously been Shu Long’s.

The inky black mist was moving towards him like slender snakes. They gathered from all corners of the formation onto A Wen’s body. In an instant, A Wen was covered in the snake-like mist. His body was shrouded in mist, and his figure became indistinct.

It was the first time that A Wen had felt as though his body was going to explode. The power was restlessly stirring inside his body, and was trying to escape! The surge pf pure killing essence was like waves that battered at his mind.

Along with the cold and dark killing essence came a darkness, the world within his view had became dark. A strong feeling of murderousness rose. He had the impulse to destroy everything!

But that lasted for just an instant and A Wen recovered clarity.

In that one instant, the world became a blur in his eyes. A Wen couldn’t help but feel afraid. The situation just now had been extremely dangerous. In their daily cultivation, Shu Long had repeatedly warned them not to lose themselves in killing essence. Once they were lost in killing essence, they would become monsters that only knew to kill.

Having climbed out of the dueling stadium, A Wen’s talents were not just outstanding, he was also mentally stronger than the great majority of people. He had never encountered such a dangerous loss of control in his daily cultivation. This was one reason that his progression was far faster than his fellows.

But the killing essence that had flooded in had been too great and almost drowned him.

Feeling afraid from this experience, A Wen became even more careful. However, he had never lead the formation before today so he could only think back to how Shu Long usually acted.

He quickly found that mimicking Shu Long was not as simple as he had imagined. It required special methods to control such a vast amount of killing essence.

Damn it!




“When will the three of them regain consciousness?” a member of the Sky Peak Platoon sighed. “These three are battlemaniacs; they will definitely regret missing out on such a spectacular battle.”

“They’re seriously wounded, it’s good that they are even alive! If it wasn’t for Teacher Wei and the others arriving in time, they might not even be alive,” a member beside him followed up.

“It’s useless even if they are awake,” another member inserted. “Why are we just watching right now? We still can’t join in? Damn it! Seems we need to try hard to get to jindan. Us Sky Peak Platoon can only stand aside and stare as the others battle. This is embarrassing!”

The other members felt great empathy with his words. In the past, the Sky Peak Platoon had been the elite of Vermillion Bird Camp. Comprised of sword xiu that comprehended sword essence, peerless in offensive power. But as more members comprehended sword essence, their advantage was not as evident as it was in the past. In reality, their improvement was not minor. This could be seen from their cultivation. All of them had reached the third stratum of ningmai.

They looked to be one step away from jindan, but it was not so easy to cross that step.

While third stratum xiuzhe were stronger than second stratum, the difference was not so definite. This placed them in an extremely awkward position.

“Isn’t it so! When we were glorious, those brats were still drinking milk!”

“Don’t mention the past, nothing to see there! If I say so, the way things are going, Sky Peak Platoon is going to be dissolved sooner or later!”

“My ass! You crow mouth!”

“It’s the truth. Look at the Shield Guard Platoon. Zong Ru is jindan. Our platoon doesn’t have even one jindan.”

“No way. We need to think of something!”

“Think of what? Jindan isn’t lettuce, buying some when we want them! It’s not that everyone isn’t working hard, no one is slacking off, but our improvement is too slow!”

Now everyone was speechless.

That was right. If jindan was that easy to reach, it wouldn’t be so valuable. These members hadn’t forgotten, they were all wringing their minds thinking of ways to reach jindan a little faster. But in the past who among them had even dared to think they could become jindan?

“Alright, stay alert! Guard your position! Anything can wait until we are safe!”

Due to having three wounded members in Sky Peak Platoon, so Gongsun Cha had positioned them as the last line of defense to protect the Golden Crow Camp that had little to no combat ability.

This made them feel very terrible.




Gongsun Cha’s expression was very ugly, and filled with self-blame. He had been immersed in thoughts about that war chess match these days which caused his response today to be slightly slow.

If Zuo Mo had not reacted quickly, they would have fallen for the diversionary tactic of these monsters.

If the yao beasts had successfully ambushed them, then … …

Without needing to think, Gongsun Cha knew that the result definitely would have been terrible. He would be unpardonable! This serious mistake deeply stimulated the usually proud and victory-desiring Lil’ miss. At the same time, fury erupted from his heart!

Hunting, what the yao beasts were using was a classic method used for hunting!

They were being hunted by a group of yao beasts!

Lil’ Miss’ handsome face was furious.




There were six monsters  in total.

Other than the fiend corpse facing off against Wei Sheng and the sand puppet that was heading for A Wen, the other people had also landed in hard battles. Fighting against Shu Long was an iron rhino, Xie Shan was facing a monster that had six bone spikes that jutted out of its back. Zong Ru was facing a black ball of mist.

And Zuo Mo’s target was a person!

Using person to describe it was not accurate, because there was no vitality in half of his body. This person’s clothing was torn, and his body seemed to be divided in two. The right half had a five colored pattern that looked as though poisonous insects were climbing all over him, and was startling to see!

There was no light in the grey white eyes that stared indifferently as Zuo Mo neared.

Zuo Mo’s speed was very quick. Under the full force of the Light Void Wings, he was like lightning!

The strange person reached out with a finger.

Zuo Mo felt his vision light up and fill with rainbow coloured light. A strong feeling of danger made every inch of his body uncontrollably shake!


The beast service card on Zuo Mo’s waist flashed with light. A black butterfly appeared, out of thin air, in front of Zuo Mo.

Black Butterfly!

Ever since it had entered the fourth-grade, Zuo Mo felt the name of the Rainbow Mark Butterfly was not suited for it, and changed its name to Black Butterfly. The Black Butterfly had always stayed in the beast service card. This was the first time it had proactively came out of the beast service card.

The Black Butterfly lightly flapped its wings.


The rainbow energy was drawn in by an enormous suctioning force, gathering together and headed towards the Black Butterfly.

The rainbow energy continuously entered the Black Butterfly. Zuo Mo was astounded. The tiny body of the Black Butterfly seemed to be a bottomless hole. All of the rainbow energy was sucked in. What made him feel this was even more fantastical was the clear joy the Black Butterfly was communicating to him.

Was this light a poison?

When Zuo Mo’s thought formed, the Black Butterfly in front of him danced as though it was agreeing with his speculation.




“Why are there so many fiend corpses?” In the sea of consciousness, Pu Yao frowned.

Wei said lightly, “This is the Battle of Sealed Extinction.”

Pu Yao instantly stopped speaking. Right! This was the Sealed Extinction battlefield. It was not strange for such a rare occurrence to appear here.




Zuo Mo did not think too much. Letting your mind be distracted by stray thoughts in battle was the same as seeking death. Judging that the strange person was using poison, Zuo Mo’s heart calmed down. The Black Butterfly was a fourth-grade poison butterfly. For it, poisons were like nutrients.

Facing the strange person, no, maybe it was more appropriate to call it a strange corpse. It had the strongest power of this crowd of monsters, and should be upper fifth-level. If the Black Butterfly was not here, Zuo Mo would be in trouble today. The poison released by the fourth-grade Black Butterfly could already corrode ling power. The poison that this strange corpse released should be even more powerful!


The beautiful five colored energy spread from the feet of the strange corpse. The hard ground was quickly rotted, and a noxious smell spread.

Zuo Mo accidentally breathed in a thread. He instantly felt dizzy and was shocked inside.

The Black Butterfly seemed to smell something delicious and furiously flapped its wings!

The five colored energy spreading on the ground floated up from the ground and continuously absorbed into the Black Butterfly.

There wasn’t any emotion in the strange corpse’s grey eyes. It silently stared at the Black Butterfly as though it did not see that the Black Butterfly was continuously absorbing the poison it released.

A thread of grey silently mixed into the rainbow energy. Along with the rainbow energy, it entered the body of the Black Butterfly.

The Black Butterfly suddenly froze!

A dot of grey suddenly appeared on its wings.

A rotten presence of death spread out from the Black Butterfly.




The flood waves  killing essence continuously battered A Wen’s mind. Even more terrifying was that this power was still increasing.

A Wen had a strong sense of danger. If this kept going, before the sand puppet had arrived, he would have lost control and exploded.

Able to survive hundreds of battles, A Wen definitely was not a person without intelligence. It was the opposite. He had astounding battle intuition. Since he could not use Shu Long’s method, then he would use his own!

He carefully controlled the rushing killing essence, but the effect was minuscule. This burst of killing essence was truly too large. It was like a rushing river, and in front of it, he was tiny.

This made him realize just how small his own strength was.

If he wanted to get this strong killing essence to move as he wanted, then he could only use the power it already had. This idea illuminated him.

Gritting his teeth, he opened his mind.


Endless killing essence howled and wailed as it swallowed him. His mind became blank for a short instant, but the last remaining thread of clarity allowed him to do one thing—raise the black spear in his hands!

The vast killing essence seemed to find a vent, and furiously rushed towards the black spear in his hand.

In other people’s eyes, they only saw the black snakes wrapped around A Wen’s body furiously head towards the black spear as though there was something there attracting them.

The black mist on A Wen’s body quickly lessened and revealed his armor. The black mist all gathered quickly on A Wen’s black spear without leaving a drop behind.


The black mist shrouding the black spear seemed to be ignited. In a blink, the black mist on the entire spear started to burn.

A Wen’s face twisted. He felt as though he was not holding the black spear, but a ball of fire!

Almost unconsciously, he used all the power in his body and threw the burning black spear at the sand puppet!


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