修真世界 World of Cultivation Chapter Four Hundred and Twenty Two “Tyrant”

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Chapter Four Hundred and Twenty Two – Tyrant

“This guy really knows how to sleep. He still hasn’t woken up!” Nian Lu muttered but a hint of worry flashed past his eyes.

Lei Peng did not speak. Ever since he had woken up, he became much more silent and sat there like a block of wood,but his eyes were so sharp they were frightening. This pair of sharp blade-like eyes also showed worry at this time.

He and Nian Lu had woken up three days ago, but Ma Fan had still not woken up.

Lei Peng and Nian Lu looked at the busy camp. Everyone was furiously cultivating. The two that woke up quickly were told about a string of unbelievable events, like the sand under their feet was all fifth-grade Golden Crystal sand, and the strange corpse was possibly an ancient cultivator from tens of thousands of years ago.

Every event was fantastical. If their comrades hadn’t been so serious and almost swore oaths, Lei Peng and Nian Lu wouldn’t believe it.

Everyone had ran over to give a greeting, and patted their shoulders. Lei Peng felt good. However, this group ran back to furiously cultivate after making short a greeting. They looked as though they wanted to cripple themselves cultivating.

Lei Peng and Nian Lu stared at each other. High intensity cultivation was a great tradition of the camp, but it was the first time they had seen it so recklessly done.

Later, the two had heard that during a sandstorm a few days ago, Daren, Teacher Wei, and a few other top experts didn’t take shelter in the slave transporting boats. These people talked over each other to describe just how frightening that sandstorm had been. But when they spoke of how those top experts had made it through the sandstorm, the two classic battle maniacs felt as though their bodies would ignite.

Afterwards, a certain person had given some “insider information.” Supposedly, this was actually a cultivation method from the ancient era, and was very effective!

Don’t believe it? An had heard the strange corpse say it!

Yes, yes! This effect, you can see it just by looking at Xie Shan’s expression. If it wasn’t effective, why was the corners of this guy’s mouth reaching his ears?

To cultivate this wondrous method, it required at least jindan level cultivation. Don’t you see everyone going crazy?

These people took turns to pat the duo’s shoulders and comforted them to recover and heal. Then they scattered and ran to furiously cultivate.

Suddenly, Lei Peng’s expression on his face. Then he showed joy, and his figure disappeared from his spot.

Nian Lu was at his side with a joyful expression.

Ma Fan had woken up!




“What is Daren doing?” Now awake, Ma Fan had walked out of the tent and saw Zuo Mo alone on a nearby sand dune. Ma Fan had a puzzled expression.

Daren’s movements seemed very strange. He acted as though fragile eggs were hung on his body. Every movement was slow and gentle. He was alone as he slowly spun.

Lei Peng and Nian Lu’s expressions instantly became strange.

“Is it some technique?” Ma Fan’s eyes widened and he almost walked over.

“Cough cough!” Lei Peng was going to remind him when Nian Lu suddenly spoke, “Aren’t you going over to greet Boss?”

Lei Peng glanced at Nian Lu brimming with righteousness. His face twitched a few times. Then he closed his mouth and did not make a sound.

Ma Fan felt Nian Lu was right but he shook his head. “I’m going to wait for Boss to finish practicing.”

“That’s fine, Boss is only relaxing.” Nian Lu had a smirk on his face but his tone was unusually even.

“That’s good.” Not having seen Nain Lu’s expression, Ma Fan felt that while Boss’ actions looked slightly strange but he had no more hesitation now that he knew that Boss was not practicing. In his view, when had Boss been normal?

Ma Fan went into the air and flew towards Zuo Mo.

When he was three zhang away from Boss, his eyes suddenly blurred. Boss disappeared from his spot!

Without any warning, Boss had disappeared!

At the same time, a sense of alarm rose. But before he could react, he felt like he had been hit by a high-speed slave transporting boat.


The pitiful Ma Fan was sent flying like a ball.

Ma Fan flipped in the air. The light of the Golden Crystal sand occasionally swept across his confused face. The impact force was not high, but it was very tyrannical.

What was going on … …

Having just woken up, Ma Fan was confused. Nian Lu and Lei Peng were crouching on the ground as they laughed wildly and slapped the sand. Seeing the scene, cheers and whistling came from the camp.

“As expected from Ma Fan. That twist and turn, the attitude, the level of difficulty is definitely a 3.0 … …”

“Whoa, Daren’s Bute Explosion attack! Wonderful! It is soul-stealing!”

“Oh oh oh, the twentieth!”

Hearing this, Ma Fan instantly understood. He had been tricked by Lei Peng and Nian Lu. Flipping through the air, Ma Fan’s figure suddenly spread like a large bird taking off. He stared in fury at Lei Peng and Nian Lu on the ground.

Lei Peng and Nian Lu exchanged a look and said in unison, “Run!”

The two of them sprinted, one on the right and one on the left.

Pursuit and subsequent howls sounded in the camp. Cheers and laughter came after.




Meanwhile the culprit, Zuo Mo carefully plucked himself out of the sand.

He was already numb to this kind of situation. Events like this had happened many times. It caused no one to dare to come within thirty zhang of him.

It was due to all the damned changes inside his body! His consciousness, ling power, and flesh and had completely merged into one. Even the strange corpse could not predict what effect it would have. Initially it seemed as though Zuo Mo was on the same path as the strange corpse, but in reality, the two were completely different. The three major systems of yao, mo and xiu had developed over tens of thousands of years to become completely different than in ancient times.

After development, what result would come from the three powers merging together again? The strange corpse did not know, Pu Yao and Wei did not know. Of course, Pu Yao’s scorn and laughter could not be avoided.

Zuo Mo tragically found that he could only rely on himself in important times.

Alright, he would just rely on himself. In any case, it wasn’t the first time he had to do this. But the dream of being taken care off and being allowed to eat soft rice, when would that be realized … …

Zuo Mo cried inside.

The direct problem he was facing now was that his movements were just a thread faster than his thoughts. That was what caused the situation with Ma Fan. Once someone came within three zhang of him, his body was unconsciously moved. This reflex was faster than his mind. He usually would have hit someone flying before he would have reacted.

Everyone called it the Brute Explosion attack. The meaning was that no matter if one was willing or not, there was only one result. Of course, there was another layer of meaning. No matter if Boss was willing or not, he had explosively struck someone else.

Therefore, Zuo Mo had a new nickname—“Tyrant.” This caused him to feel very helpless.

The situation inside his body was filled with power and dominance that he did not understand. He did not lack for power inside. Every chord of muscle, every drop of ling power, and every thread of consciousness was filled with power.

But when a great power was uncontrollable, it brought a calamity.

However, Zuo Mo now displayed his open mind and strong persistence. Even if he was as weak as a child in front of this power, and did not have any strength to resist

He was not demotivated, did not give up.

Maybe, he could modify and adapt an existing a method? Sitting down again, Zuo Mo thought furiously what method could help him.

At this time, someone suddenly shouted. “A sandstorm is coming!”

Far in the horizon, a black line was becoming thicker at astounding speed. With their previous experience  everyone was much calmer than compared to previous sandstorm. The camp was completely protected by formations that the Golden Crow Camp had made using Golden Crystal sand.

Ji Wei and Sun Bao were very experienced. After designing the plans for the large ship, they did not start work immediately, but first set up defensive formations. They knew that forging the large Golden Crystal sand ship would not be an easy matter, and they would spend a considerable amount of time on it. Protecting everyone and ensuring their  safety was the most pressing issue. Even though they had the help of the strange corpse last time, but Daren had said it was always most reliable to rely on oneself.

The scholarly aura of Golden Crow Camp had increased. The jade scroll that Zuo Mo had delivered to them in the past was like a seed that had been planted, germinated, and started to grow. It could be seen from how they set up formations this time. Even though they did not work as quickly as Zuo Mo did alone, but they worked together methodically. They also found a solution for the hard to process Golden Crystal sand.

Influenced by Zuo Mo, the Golden Crow Camp liked to use large formations. The formation belt that Zuo Mo had designed in the past was greatly favored by them.

The defensive formation became an intermediate scale formation belt in their design.

Everyone tried all kinds of methods and could not break through it. Even Pu Yao praised it, and said this group truly comprehended the essence of Zuo Mo’s turtle style.

However, there were some that did not take shelter in the defensive formation. Other than the elites, Wei Sheng and the other jindan, others that were close to jindan, like A Wen and Ma Fan, also stayed out and wouldn’t go in.

Grinding in the sandstorm could quickly increase their power. This information was quickly passed around in the camp. Due to people like Ma Fan that were just a step away from jindan, this experience was even more important. It was even possible that they would comprehend and enter jindan. A Wen had realized that his power was not sufficient during the battle with the sand puppet and decided to also endure the sandstorm.

This also caused there to be many more people outside this time. There were not many ningmai third stratum xiuzhe outside but there was a small batch.

In consideration for their safety, Zuo Mo found a bunch of immortal tying chains and got them to tie them around their waists. The other end was tied inside the formation. He knew how powerful the sandstorm was. Even Wei Sheng and the others were only able to protect themselves. If a problem occurred, the only one that had the power to save them was the strange corpse. Zuo Mo didn’t dare to guarantee that the strange corpse would act, so he had to use these safety measures.

Ma Fan and the others knew how important this life saving measure was, and all tied them on.

The sandstorm came rapidly and instantly swallowed them.

The defensive formation lit up, and firmly stopped the sandstorm. The people inside the formation nervously stared at the tense immortal tying chains. If the team members on the outside seemed to have a problem, they would work together to pull the other into the formation.

But more people were staring at Zuo Mo. All of them were gaping with wide eyes as though they were seeing a ghost.

Translator Ramblings: Safety first.


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