修真世界 World of Cultivation Chapter Four Hundred and Thirty “Black Horn Rhinoceros Mo”

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Chapter Four Hundred and Thirty – Black Horn Rhinoceros Mo

Unlike Zuo Mo, Gongsun Cha noticed the combat behind them at once. He only glanced over before moving his gaze away. He couldn’t help but shake his head at the performance of this group of xiuzhe, but his eyes lit up at the performance of the yao.

The xiuzhe’s collective strength was a level higher than the yao but they were being suppressed by the yao. Even if it was due to being ambushed, in Gongsun Cha’s eyes, the performance of this group of sword xiu was really not outstanding.

Of course, he only glanced at them. The three factions were not very different in his eyes. If they landed in the hands of yaomo, it would naturally be hard to keep their bodies intact, but if they landed in the hands of the sword xiu, they definitely would not survive either. In such a sensitive place as the front lines, being a group of people with unclear origins, they would naturally be labeled as “dangerous.” To make it even worse was that they had too many valuable things on them that would breed envy in others and making them a target.

If it was Gongsun Cha on the other side, he would definitely slaughter this kind of fat sheep if he ever he encountered one.

Taking only a glance, Lil’ Miss put his attention back on the mo soldiers in front of him. Even though he had fought more than  once against mo battle generals in war chess, there would always be a difference between reality and war chess. Especially a war chess design from a few thousand years ago.

Lil’ Miss’ focus was a calamity for the mo soldiers.

The two sides had the same general amount of manpower. Full of confidence, Lil’ Miss did not take the advantage based on numbers, but even so, the three groups of mo soldiers were falling at an alarming rate in front of Lil’ Miss’s most developed move, the three section wave killing charge.




The one-sided battle shocked everyone, especially Liang Wei and Ming Lie. The two were exceptional battle generals and deciphering battle was their basic technique.

Battle general was the profession that the three major factions had which was the most similar between the races and that each faction was the most familiar with. It had always been the case that the yaomo and xiuzhe thought of each other as enemies and were most sensitive to this kind of information.

Shocked, the two simultaneously made the same choice—ask for reinforcements from the main army!

After doing this, the two who had cold sweats could finally relax enough to closely examine the battle which was reaching its end.

After watching for a while, the two almost exclaimed at the exact same time in disbelief.

“Three section wave killing charge!”

“Three section stab!”

The disbelief on the two’s faces quickly became strange.

Shixiong, what is three section stab?” Song Yuan couldn’t help but ask.

“Three section stab is three section wave killing charge.” Ming Lie stared at the battlefield with a strange expression on his handsome face. As if he was taking in his sleep, he said, “How is this possible … … how is this possible?”

Shixiong!” Song Yuan saw the situation was not right. Channeling ling power, he shouted like thunder.

Ming Lie shook and his unfocused eyes became clear again. He looked gratefully at Song Yuan and explained. “I hadn’t expected that the thing this person would use would be the three section stab! Shidi may not know, but the three section stab is a very ancient yao battle tactic. This battle tactic was most popular three thousand years ago, but as it heavily favored offense over defense, the yao battle generals decreased their use of it so now almost no one uses it.”

Yao?” Song Yuan had a puzzled expression. “But these people are clearly sword xiu!”

“The three section wave killing charge is what the yao call it, we usually call it the three section stab. Actually, this kind of tactic is more suited for us sword xiu. People have used it in the past, but it has a fatal flaw!”

Song Yuan became interested. “What flaw?”

“It cannot sustain itself!” Ming Lie became relaxed again. He said in a deep voice, “The strongest part of the three section stab is that it gathers short-term explosiveness together, and cannot be stopped. But this kind of explosiveness cannot keep going. Three section stab, it is most powerful in this charge. If the other can stop these three waves of attack, the situations of the two sides would instantly reverse.”

Song Yuan looked at the battlefield and then said with a shake of his head, “They cannot hold against the three waves!”

“Of course they will not hold up!” Ming Lie said firmly. “However, the defense line of the mo is not so easy to penetrate. Mo defense lines are usually thick. The distance between each defense line is not far, and it is easy to get reinforcements. Creating such a large ruckus, there’s no way the defensive lines behind will ignore it.”

Before his words landed, a group of approximately two thousand mo soldiers appeared in everyone’s view like a black cloud.




“Not right, this isn’t right.” Zuo Mo shook his head.

In front of him, A Wen who was acting as his experimental subject was crying inside. But he didn’t dare to show any discontent on the outside. A Wen admired his fellows that were preparing to fight. The Guard Camp had finished preparing and were waiting to depart. Head Shu Long was personally leading. Every time he thought about the upcoming battle, he was excited.

But … …

Looking at the eager Boss, and then thinking about his situation, he began to wither like a tomato in frost.

Heavens! Why did Boss suddenly want to experiment? Why did Boss have to use him as the subject?

Boss told him to release his presence in a steady flow. He could not understand at all what the use was in doing this. But he didn’t dare to say that to Boss and docilely allowed Boss to move him around.

Boss seemed to be trying something and would occasionally mutter.

“No good … … this is not it!”

“Not right, there’s a problem!”

A Wen felt as though he was an idiot, and Boss was a madman.

But even if Boss was a madman, he was still Boss!




When this group of two thousand mo soldiers saw the remaining of their one hundred soldiers left, the eyes of the battle general that was leading instantly turned red. With a furious bellow, he charged like a rampaging bull!

Many bellows sounded in unison. The sky changed color and killing energy filled the air!

They came extremely quickly, the two thousand mo soldiers were like an enormous fist of metal that was burning as it smashed towards the battlefield!

Vermillion Bird Camp sword xiu that were destroying the remaining soldiers couldn’t help but simultaneously pause, and their strong hearts showed a slight crack.

“Black Horn Rhinoceros Mo!” Ming Lie’s pupils contracted.

Song Yuan heard the great shock in Ming Lie’s tone of voice and hurriedly looked over. These mo soldiers were even more elite than the three previous groups of mo soldiers. Most of them were wrapped completely in black green armor. The surface of the armor was covered in beautiful patterns. Just from the sheen of this black green armor, Song Yuan knew the quality of the material was extraordinarily hard.

The presence of the mo battle general at the very front was even more intimidating. His entire body seemed to be wrapped in the armor shell. The armor seemed to be of one body, but seemed to not restrain movement as though it was alive. He had a black green horn at the top of his head, interlocking fangs that reached out from the armor and shrouded his face like a mask. This caused him to look extremely ferocious.

The patterns on his armor were the most beautiful as they glimmered.

Song Yuan murmured, “These are mo?”

“It is Black Horn Rhinoceros Mo!” Ming Lie’s tone was heavy. “It isn’t cannon fodder like the ones before, this is a regular corps! Their frontal charge is very strong. See their black armor? It is hard to damage with normal flying swords! Not easy to defeat!”

He suddenly was curious. He wanted to know how these sword xiu of unknown origins would deal with these troublesome Black Horn Rhinoceros Mo?

He could not guess.




Ming Lie was not the only one that recognized the Black Horn Rhinoceros Mo. Gongsun Cha also recognized them at first glance.

But compared to the seriousness of Ming Lie, Lil’ Miss’ display could be considered calm. There was not a ripple in his gaze. His spread out consciousness passed his orders to every sword xiu in a flash.

The members of Vermillion Bird Camp instantly disengaged with the enemies in front of them, and the formation shape quickly shrank. In a blink, they compacted into a ball, and at the center, waves of light rose. In a blink, a group of people appeared.

Compared to the murderousness of the sword xiu, this group of people looked calm on the surface. They wore normal cloth, were barefooted and empty-handed. Only some details on their bodies, like a yellow flower at their waist, a purple creeper wove through lock of hair, caused some of the detail-oriented spectators start to wonder who they were.

These continuous lights also attracted the attention of the mo battle general. Gravity flashed through his eyes, and was then replaced by strong confidence and battle desire!

The other did not spread out their formation, did not roam around, but formed a circle of defense. This would perfectly allow them to express their full strength in a frontal charge!

He didn’t know who these people were. He didn’t hesitate. He firmly believed that under this kind of powerful charge, nothing could stop them!

He suddenly opened his mouth and gave a warbling yell!

Instantly, all the Black Horn Rhinoceros Mo underneath him also gave warbling yells. Their speed suddenly increased, and the tyrannical presence rose again!

They were like a steely flood. Everything in front of their charge was crushed to pieces!

The patterns on the black armor of the mo battle general brightened. As he sprinted, he suddenly raised his right fist.

“Kill!” all the mo soldiers shouted in unison!

An invisible power furiously flooded towards the upright fist of the battle general. A black green light covered the right fist. The light increased at alarming speed. In the time it took to run a short one hundred zhang, it became a ball of flowing green sap.

There was a circle of black light around the energy.

The distance between the two sides was less than two hundred zhang. The domineering and savage presence of the battle general’s right fist covered in light reached a peak.

The mo battle general glared angrily and shouted, “Kill!”

The right fist was thrown out!


The deep bellow that seemed to come from the deepest part of the ground caused everyone’s hearts to shudder.

When the green light left the hand, it grew in the air and was the size of a mountain in a blink. With a rush of air, it charged towards the Vermillion Bird Camp that had formed a circle.

Behind the green light, the two thousand Black Horn Rhinoceros Mo’s presence reached a peak. With an unstoppable presence, it forcibly charged in front of Vermillion Bird Camp.

The peerless charge of the Black horn Rhinoceros Mo!

Shrunk into a circle, Vermillion Bird Camp seemed as weak as an egg in front of this savage charge, as though it would be destroyed by this flood in the next moment.

And at the same time.


A thread of harshness flashed through Ming Lie’s eyes. Without any hesitation, he bit down and shouted with all his power, “Charge!”


Translator Rambling: Four sides that are watching this battle, the mo, Kun Lun, Liang Wei and Gongsun Cha.

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