修真世界 World of Cultivation Chapter Four Hundred and Thirty Three “Grapple”

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Chapter Four Hundred and Thirty Three – Grapple

Under Liang Wei’s shocked gaze, Ming Lie’s troop was like a sharp great sword that pierced straight into the threads of sword lights that came at them and twisted with the flow!

Their presence was concentrated and sharp. The black ship sword xiu’s sword energies scattered like fireworks. In front of Ming Lie’s forces, the threads of sword energies seemed to break with a touch. The sword xiu from the black ship that came hurriedly dodged to the side.

The presence of Ming Lie’s troop had become such that no one dared to stand up to them!

The terror in Ming Lie’s heart had also dissipated long ago. The confidence of a gold battle general filled every corner of his body! Layers of sword xiu were protecting him. The Pine Script Sword was in the hands of Song Yuan Shidi, and he was looking about warily.

The other five jindan sword xiu steadily controlled their position. These jindan were not from Kun Lun but they were the best from their respective sects. Ming Lie’s master had carefully chosen these people to ensure his safety.

Just this composition was enough to fill him with confidence. The Kun Lun realm was the largest realm of the Four Realm Heaven. The borders were vast and near endless. Due to having abundant battalions, the composition of their armies could not help but become complex, so there were divisions of far, near, outer, and inner.

While they were all jindan, the jindan sword xiu of normal sects had the lowest benefits in a battalion. The jindan sword xiu from Kun Lun’s numerous subordinate sects had much better benefits, and Kun Lun disciples benefits were a step above that. Inner sect disciples were mostly the leaders of the battalions.

Ming Lie Battalion’s jindan were all from subordinate sects who were completely loyal from top to bottom. The relationships between these subordinate sects to Kun Lun were very close, and the sects functioned as Kun Lun’s protective perimeter.

Even more, there was Song Yuan Shidi to help secure the flank.

Thinking about his prior shock just now, Ming Lie couldn’t help but feel a thread of shame.

He focused and decided that he must win this battle!

While the identity of a Kun Lun inner sect disciple was honored wherever they went, but in reality, the competition between inner sect disciples far surpassed the imaginations of everyone. How many Kun Lun inner sect disciples were there? Even Ming Lie did not know. But it was not strange that he could command one battalion since he was a gold battle general and an inner sect disciple.

But to get assigned his mission this time, it had taken great effort. Before leaving, Master had kept on telling him to work hard. The sect leader of this generation was extremely fair, and would reward meritorious service. If he could get a good victory on the front line, the fruit would be enough to benefit all of their sect line.

Of course, he would get the biggest slice!

Thinking about this, his gaze unconsciously heated up. Sweeping across the entire battlefield, his right hand started to count, all the ling power inside his body moving as he channeled[Celestial Balance][i] to the maximum!

In his eyes, there seemed to be dots of light spinning.

As these star-like dots of light continued to spin, the battlefield gradually became clear in his mind.

He suddenly opened his eyes, and coldness flashed past them.

As expected, the other was not ordinary!

His battalion was thrust straight in the middle of the other’s troops like a dagger. The sword xiu along the way that seemed to flee like alarmed birds, furiously sprinting away, but once out of harm’s way they simply rejoined their own formation.

He had inserted himself into the other’s troops, and the other had completely surrounded him.

Ming Lie smirked inside. If normal battle generals were surrounded, they would definitely panic; but for Ming Lie who was skilled in tactics, this was a great opportunity!

In his eyes, the other’s enclosure was like a cloth bag that only looked strong but would break with a mere poke of his finger. His battalion was gathered together, united. Wasn’t this just the kind of sharp object that he needed right now?


An excited blush floated onto Ming Lie’s face as though he had seen his prey!

“ Wood’s Horn Formation!”

The Horn was the first of the seven mansions that belonged to the Eastern Azure Dragon, who represented the Wood element, and similar to the horn of the dragon it was best used for killing! [ii]

Wood’s Horn Formation was a classic assault battle formation!

The sword xiu, who were familiar with Ming Lie Daren for quite a while now, instantly understood that they were going to make a move!

Without any hesitation or keeping anything back, the ling power in their bodies circulated at full power. The flying swords in their hands started to vibrate and hum like starving and blood-thirsty wild beasts. Slight tingling numbness spread over their entire bodies as the battle presence erupted from the deepest part of their souls!

“Kun Lun!”

The flying swords rose up just like these thunder-like roars with that deep pride and zealotry!

In an instantly, the sword energies were like a tsunami that came surging forth!




A smear of slight red unconsciously blushed from Gongsun Cha’s face. This caused him to look like a shy and bashful neighbor’s boy.

But landing in the eyes of Zong Ru and the others standing close to him, they instantly understood—Gongsun Daren was excited!

Yes, Gongsun Cha really was excited!

In this short instant, the skill the other had displayed surpassed his expectations.

In suddenly occurring battles like this, the room for a battle general to act was not large. Other than the first response abilities of a battle general, what it tested was the power of the troops!

A mature troop usually did not need the direction of the battle general when it first encountered an attack and would instinctively respond correctly.

Even Gongsun Cha’s consciousness needed a brief amount of time to make a response.

In this instant, the Vermillion Bird Camp sword xiu that were closest to Ming Lie Battalion made their response.

The flying swords in their hands turned to streams of light that stabbed towards the other’s troops. Their bodies moved at the same time as their enemies, pulling them to a position parallel to the other, which tightly followed Ming Lie Battalion.

These dozens of sword lights did not stop Ming Lie Battalion from attacking but caused a few sword xiu at the flanks of the troops to pause for a brief moment.

This seemed as though it was an insignificant effect. It had to be said that even in everyday training, it was not possible for the battle formation to be perfect every time.

No one paid attention. Even those dozens of sword xiu that were affected did not pay attention. In their eyes, these people were like flies and could only disgust them. And if they placed too much of their attention on these flies, then the power of the Wood’s Horn Formation would weaken.

But they did not know the person who they were facing was a person who had hardily survived a great and immeasurable amount of abuse!

After facing Pu Yao’s horrific and perverse pressure, Gongsun Cha was extremely sensitive to slight changes on the battlefield.

He instantly caught this slight change.

His consciousness unhesitatingly moved.

The sword energies that were scattered like threads suddenly gathered towards the flanks of Ming Lie Battalion. Looking from afar, it seemed as though threads were tangling themselves onto Ming Lie Battalion.

They roamed parallel to the flanks of the other’s troops. If they found a chance, they would go and tear off a piece.

The amount of threads that were catching on increased and were becoming thicker.

The Kun Lun sword xiu that were on the flanks instantly had a headache. If the previous duos and trios of sword xiu were just flies that could only disgust them, they were now akin to packs of wild wolves as their numbers increased. If they were the tiniest bit careless, the other would tear off a piece of their force.

Their attention unconsciously moved to the Vermillion Bird Camp sword xiu that were occasionally roaming beside them.

It was without their detection that the presence of the entire assault troop slowly weakened.

Ming Lie detected the danger!




The Great Day mo physique was the power that Zuo Mo trusted the most. After his body reached equilibrium again, his Great Day mo physique followed his will again.

But the feeling of using the Great Day mo physique now was completely different than it had been in the past.

The change in every piece of muscle in his body would also pull along changes in the other two powers.

The ling power that stuck like oil and the consciousness that wrapped the muscles and tendons like vines had caused Zuo Mo to truly experience what it was like to have his whole body move by pulling a hair.

Under the effect of the Great Day Banded Flame, they were always in balance. This also meant that any new change required a new equilibrium.

Zuo Mo was currently trying to find the fulcrum.

A point that he could detect the power of his fellows!

This kind of search was like searching in the darkness without his eyes, slowly searching with just his hands.

Not far away from him, the dejected A Wen felt as though he was a candle that was continuously giving off light. He felt so stupid … …

Suddenly, his eyes widened and he stared in shock at Daren whose eyes were closed.

Had it just been his imagination?

He was puzzled. After staring at Daren for a long time, there wasn’t any response.

It was his imagination!

A Wei twisted his mouth and pulled a face at Daren.

Suddenly, his expression froze on his face as though he was struck by lightning.

Nearby, Daren’s body shook. He was like an old monk in meditation, but an indescribable presence spread out from Daren’s body.

After a while, A Wen understood. This was the presence of power!

It was the presence of the Great Day mo physique!

A Wen was uncertain. The presence of Daren’s Great Day mo physique was intimidating normally, but it was completely different compared to now. Everyone was familiar with the presence of the Great Day mo physique as all of the Hardship Guards were cultivating the [Great Day Hardship Guard] that Pu Yao had modified. That was why A Wen had immediately detected this familiar presence.

Outer release of presence?

A Wen did not understand what Zuo Mo was doing and was confused.

Mo skills cultivated the power of the flesh. This physical power was contained in their flesh and blood, and could not be released on the outside like ling power and consciousness.

He tilted his head and thought about how Daren was able to accomplish this.

Just at this time, his body suddenly shook without warning!

What was this?

A Wen was shocked. He hadn’t moved just now. At this time, his body shook again!

His eyes widened and his gaze landed on Zuo Mo’s body.

In his eyes, Daren’s body shook. Before he could muster a response, he began to shake uncontrollably, as if his body was possessed!

What … … what … … what was going on?

Frightened, A Wen found that his body was shaking like dice. No matter how much he wanted to stop, his body did not respond at all and still uncontrollably shook.

In his eyes, Zuo Mo’s body was shaking at the same frequency, but the magnitude was much smaller.

This strange situation almost caused A Wen to go crazy, his mind was nowcompletely blank.


[i] Celestial Balance is the fourth star of the Northern Dipper.

[ii] The Eastern Azure Dragon in Chinese mythology represents spring and the wood element.The Eastern Azure Dragon is made up of seven constellations each called a mansion. These are the Horn, Neck, Root, Room, Heart, Tail and Winnowing Basket.


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