修真世界 World of Cultivation Chapter Four Hundred and Thirty Seven “Zuo Mo’s Sneak Attack” Part Two

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Chapter Four Hundred and Thirty Seven – Zuo Mo’s Sneak Attack Part Two

When the figures of Ma Fan and his platoon disappeared behind the troop, every Vermillion Bird Camp sword xiu’s expressions became stern!


Gongsun Cha’s order came into everyone’s minds through his consciousness.

The Gold Crystal swords in the hands of the sword xiu at the very front of each snowflake created a sword energy. At the same time, they moved towards the side. His teammate that was on his right rotated into position and also released a sword energy at the same time!

The stream of sword energies gathered into a ruler-straight line!

On this line of light, each sword energy hit the same position!

Pia pia pia!

The ruler-straight sword energy line instantly ploughed deep bloody marks on the other’s battle formation.

Hundreds of sword energy lines lit up!

In a breath, hundreds of bloody pits appeared on the Twinkling Brilliance Battle Formation!

With this one attack, the Twinkling Brilliance Battle Formation had been turned into a sieve!




Liang Wei looked at the battlefield with a confused gaze.

He had originally thought this would be a fierce battle, and had not expected the battle to be so one-sided. His time in Bloody Sky Metropolis Jie was not short. This battalion from Kun Lun was not weak in its composition and could be said to be above average.

If it was him, he would not be afraid, but he did not dare to guarantee he could heavily wound the other. Even though he had caused many fatalities in the previous ambush but that kind of chance wouldn’t frequently occur.

But this black ship of mysterious origins did not seem to be using much effort.

He had speculated that this was a battle general from unorthodox origins. The astounding level of control he showed was like the corps commanders of those large corps! When he saw the sword energy lines, he suddenly realized that this was a completely new battle formation!

The other showed the style of a yao battle general everywhere in his actions but he commanded a group of sword xiu!

He could not comprehend this!

And the individual strength of these sword xiu were also a great surprise to him. He had not seen any of the other’s jindan sword xiu but just this group of ningmai sword xiu beat the other so thoroughly that the enemy couldn’t even raise their head.

Other than the battle formation, there was another crucial factor, sword essence!

Almost every one of the black ship sword xiu had comprehended sword essence!

When Liang Wei discovered this, he almost went insane. There hadn’t been any major battles in the time he had returned to Blood Sky Metropolis Jie but he had more than thirty scattered conflicts. He had encountered many sword xiu that comprehended sword essence!

But it was the first time he had encountered a troop that was completely composed of sword xiu that comprehended sword essence!

This wasn’t a dozen, or a few hundred, but a few thousand!

Liang Wei suddenly felt it was absurd. Maybe, this black ship was actually the people from Kun Lun?

His surroundings were entirely silent. Everyone was shocked by the combat capabilities the black ship showed.

Looking from a distance at this troop, Liang Wei found to his shock that he could not muster up any thought of making an ambush. In this moment, he was very emotional. When the difference in strength between two sides was too great, one would lose the bravery to ambush the enemy.

When could he also possess a troop like this, that would be wonderful … …

At this time, his eye jumped and his attention couldn’t help but land on the black ship at the back of the battlefield.

A troop of one hundred silently flew out of the black ship.

Something was going on!




“Careful, don’t let the enemy find us,” Zuo Mo whispered. The procession behind him that was sneaking nodded to show their understanding.

Like robbers, they tip-toed.

Zuo Mo’s plan of going out to fight had been met with strong resistance from Shu Long. The stern Shu Long stubbornly thought that it would be unpardonable if Daren went and met danger. Naturally, Zuo Mo did not agree. He raised an eyebrow and asked Shu Long, which of you is stronger than ge?

Everyone was left speechless.

In terms of individual power, everyone’s first choice would be Wei Sheng but second would be Zuo Mo. His Great Day mo physique that had went through its second maturation, so Zuo Mo’s combat capabilities far surpassed normal jindan! He was also skilled in a variety of tricks. Even if he was facing Wei Sheng, Wei Sheng wouldn’t dare to easily say he could win.

Helplessly, Shu Long could only pick the one hundred of the most elite Hardship Guards from Guard Camp. He had his responsibilities and could not mess around with Zuo Mo.

To these one hundred Hardship Guards, it was the first time they were directly under Daren’s command and fighting together with Daren! The morale was very high!

But with Zuo Mo’s deviousness, he definitely wouldn’t do something like a frontal charge.

Even if Vermillion Bird Camp had the advantage, even if he had the elite of Guard Camp with him, he still decided to make an sneak attack!

Most of Guard Camp were heavy armor Hardship Guards because the armor they formed were heavily weighted armor. Each of them were very strong, and each of their weapons was a door-sized cleaver one zhang long. After cultivating [Hardship Guard] their figures had grown crazily. Each of them was very brawny and tall, one zhang being the average height.

Lei Peng who looked down on Vermillion Bird Camp in terms of physical power was only a bean sprout when he was put among this group of fierce men.

So when this group of brawny fierce men clumsily hunched their backs and tip-toed behind Zuo Mo, it looked very humorous. The only one that looked normal was A Wen. He had cultivated to become a Mo Shadow Guard skilled in speed, and was the definite abnormality of Guard Camp.

However, these fierce men that were immersed in the nervousness of sneaking about clearly did not detect how strange their actions were.

Even though they tried to copy Zuo Mo’s movements, their physiques were truly too big, especially when one hundred brawny men gathered together. It wasn’t possible to avoid attention like this anywhere.

They were quickly discovered.

The first one that found them was Song Yuan. He was slightly nervous and had been looking around. He instantly found Zuo Mo and the others.

“What is that?” He hurriedly pulled Ming Lie beside him and pointed to another direction of the battle formation.

His face turned black and red, the fire in Ming Lie reached the point of eruption!

This was his most frustrating battle ever. Up until now, his results were pitiful! The other’s weird battle formation was very powerful, and his tactics were unreasonable. They were like a mill that continuously pressed forward! No matter what response he gave, the other would disregard it, pressing forward, forward and forward again!

The Twinkling Brilliance Battle Formation that he had relied on, to get to achieve his current status, and any tactic that he could think of could not stop the other for even an instant.

There was no thrusting, no outflanking, no other tactics.

These sword xiu seemed to be insane, releasing sword energies without exhaustion. Those ruler-straight sword energy lines almost caused him to go insane!

Twinkling Brilliance Revolution, countered with two sword energy lines! Twinkling Brilliance Sword, countered with five sword energy lines! Twinkling Brilliance Qilin Sword, countered with ten sword energy lines… …

It was like a great swordsman that flourished his sword to tempt the enemy, the other didn’t pay any heed and responded by slamming down a brick; a feinting maneuver, the other didn’t look, another brick; a killing move! The other didn’t even look, and threw over a whole pile of bricks … …

But he couldn’t do anything against such a crude way of fighting!

He really had no solutions. He tried everything he could think of, but no matter what changes he made, they collapsed against the other’s crude and brutal sword energy lines.

Looking as his battalion was slowly swallowed up and being unable to do anything, the blow to his confidence was fatal!

He was confused like a gambler that had lost all he had.

Weakness, anger, hopelessness … …

Mixed together, it pushed him to the precipice of collapse.

At this moment, he saw Zuo Mo’s group!

Something in his mind seemed to explode. The last thread of intelligence was turned to dust by the erupting rage!

At this time, you still make a sneak attack!

You forced me to such a state, you still use a sneak attack!

You do a sneak attack, and use this crowd of big blockheads in the sneak attack!

You you you!

The pitiful Ming Lie’s eyes were completely red, his expression fierce! His pride that accumulated over twenty years was stepped on repeatedly by hundreds of pairs of muddy feet!

All the fury, all the hopelessness erupted and formed one word!





Zuo Mo hadn’t thought that they would be discovered. He was slightly disappointed by the failure of his plan.

But his eyes quickly lit up. The excited person in the middle of the enemy that was charging over seemed to be the leader of this group!

The leader of the other group!


Zuo Mo’s eyes shot out light. He seemed to have found the fattest lamb among a crowd of lambs!

The temptation of lambs caused him to become excited. The “Xiao Mo Ge Battle Method” was thrown away.

He waved his arm and shouted at the top of his lungs, “Brothers, there’s fat sheep!”

The fierce men all straightened their spines, their eyes alight. Green lights lit up in the eye-sockets of the heavy armor helmets.

Those gazes were so ravenous… … so greedy … …


Translator Ramblings: For all this talk of fat sheep, I haven’t actually seen a real sheep herd in this book.

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