修真世界 World of Cultivation Chapter Four Hundred and Thirty Eight “Victory”

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Chapter Four Hundred and Thirty Eight – Victory

Zuo Mo’s raised arm was like a lighthouse’s guiding light, showing the way in the dark of the night. His loud shout was a horn that lit the deepest desires of these fierce men.

Heavenly thunder and earthly fire!

Spines straightened; the fierce men breathed heavily through their nose, dragging along their door-sized axes and cleavers as they threw their shoulders back and started a paced sprint!

The little scales on the heavy armor rattled as they ran, but as these fierce men’s charge gained speed, the sound changed.

Cl-ang … … cl-ang … …

Each sound was like a steel rhinoceros’s heavy stomp on the ground and caused people’s hearts to shake. When the sound of the armor impacts became packed together, the thunderous sounds quickly gathered into a metallic flood. When it spread out, the presence was unable to be resisted!


The ground under their feet trembled fiercely. Little pebbles were thrown into the air as though there was an earthquake!

Having just charged five zhang, Ming Lie forcibly stopped his body. His face was ashen as he looked in terror at the wave of heavy armor that was charging at him as his lips trembled!

Heavy armor … …

It was motherf***ing heavy armor!

Ming Lie’s limbs were cold, his legs weak as he had an expression like he was both crying and smiling at the same time.

Heavy armor! This kind of antique, that was so old and had disappeared for so many years, actually appeared in front of him! And he was actually ambushed by such washed out and ancient soldier types!

In the legends, weren’t those heavy armor who wore dhyana xiu, true brave souls that did not fear death? Didn’t those same legends also say that those were forever the strongest power to meet face to face? Didn’t they say that those were the ones that only attacked head-on to destroy the resolve of the enemy? Didn’t they say that those were people who disdained  using any scheme or trickery and the use of battle formations?

But then why were these large men that had hunched their backs, while tip-toeing around in wearing heavy armor and had glowing blood thirsty eyes?

Ming Lie was dazed.

In this instant, Zuo Mo led the fierce men and suddenly charged in front of them!

From the beginning, Zuo Mo’s gaze had not left the other’s leader. That was his prey! Without another word, following the flow of the charge, the Light Void Wings burst in his wake, and he charged at Ming Lie!

At Ming Lie’s side, Song Yuan paled. He drew the Pine Script Sword out of its sheath. A round sword energy appeared in front of them!

Zuo Mo’s momentum was so powerful he was like a meteor!

The round sword energy was shattered. Among the scattered shards of energy, a rapid figure leapt at the two people!

Song Yuan really did have skills. He already knew his round sword energy could not stop Zuo Mo. The seemingly normal Pine Script Sword in his hand seemed to come alive, drawing out a nimble mark. The sword essence swirled and coiled into a snake!


The snow-white snake spat out its tongue!

Zuo Mo saw this snow-white snake, and his pupils suddenly contracted. Sword essence manifestation! This seemingly alive and nimble snow-white snake caused Zuo Mo to think about Xin Yan Shishu’s ice dragon!

Compared to Xin Yan Shishu’s ice dragon, this snow snake was much smaller. It was just three or four zhang long and the thickness of his wrist. But its attitude and presence was the same as Shisu’s ice dragon!


Almost unconsciously, the Midday Blade appeared in Zuo Mo’s hands, his arm reversed course swinging downwards and dealt it a blow!


The sharp sound of impact caused Zuo Mo’s eardrums to hurt. Enormous force came from his hand, and his entire arm heated up.

Without even thinking, Zuo Mo stabbed the Midday Blade into the ground using it as a fulcrum point to stabilize himself, his body spinning around it like a top, his right leg like a whipped out as he kicked the chin of the snow snake!

The snow snake froze. The strongest power from the Golden Crow Feet, the heaviness of this kick was almost unimaginable!

The merging of the three powers inside Zuo Mo’s body had given him many troubles, but also many benefits. After the three powers merged into one, when he used the Great Day mo physique, his advanced body cultivation would pull along his consciousness and ling power, enhancing the both of them. In this instant, his perceptual abilities were multiple times what it was in the past.

Zuo Mo instantly realized the benefit of this change. He unconsciously made adjustments to his Golden Crow Feet.

A golden foot shadow flashed on his right leg and disappeared!

This kick hit the snow snake directly! Song Yuan’s expression changed. The Pine Script Sword in his hand drew another circle and a blinding light swam from the handle of the sword to the tip!

The snow snake’s eyes suddenly became bright, two dots of red light pointing at Zuo Mo!

Zuo Mo had sunk into unspeakable pleasure with the success of that Golden Crow Feet blow. Every part of his body seemed to instantly come to life. A feeling of having control over everything formed!

This intoxicating feeling caused Zuo Mo to want to roar into the sky!

A feeling of danger suddenly formed!

Zuo Mo body reacted with lightning speed. The Light Void Wings lightly flapped and he disappeared into the air. Two dashes of red light flashed past his former position while, like a ghost, he appeared above and behind the snow snake’s head!

Something seemed to flash and almost spill out of his right palm.

The right hand made an empty palm strike towards the head of the snake!

A golden-yellow Great Day Script left his hand and imprinted on the head of the snow snake!

The snow snake instantly showed a painful expression!

Song Yuan’s round face was covered with sweat. He didn’t know when it had occurred, but the Pine Script Sword in his hand was now filled with a spider-web of cracks! His bean-sized eyes were filled with shock!

Mo physique!

This was a mo physique!

Ranking second among colonel mo physiques, the Great Day mo physique!

How was this possible?

How could humans cultivate mo physiques? Song Yuan seemed to have seen a ghost.

In Kun Lun, yaomo were a topic that every Kun Lun disciple had to study in depth. All of Kun Lun understood that the conflict between xiuzhe and yaomo would never end unless one side disappeared. As the top sect of xiuzhe, Kun Lun was leading the charge! Due to this, Kun Lun disciples understood much more about yaomo than other sects.

At first, Song Yuan had not even considered mo physiques. The people in front of him were dislikable, but they were undoubtedly human. Humans were unable to cultivate mo skills, this was common knowledge! But Zuo Mo’s fierce series of attacks, and especially the appearance of the Great Day Script had caused him to realize what he had encountered.

Ranking second among colonel mo physiques, the Great Day mo physique! Only the Great Day mo physique could be so fierce, so domineering!

And the other hadn’t just successfully cultivated into a mo physique, it wasn’t a mo physique in first maturation! But in second maturation!

This judgment almost completely uprooted everything he knew!

Up until now the division between the three camps of yao, mo and xiuzhe were clear. He had never heard of any human that had succeeded in getting a normal mo physique much less the Great Day mo physique which was rare and top even in the mo world.

This shocking discovery caused him to unconsciously glance at the large, heavily armored men behind Zuo Mo!

His pupils suddenly shrank!


They weren’t heavy armor dhyana xiu at all! They were heavy armor mo kill guards!

His face was suddenly robbed of all color.

The difference between the heavy armor dhyana xiu and the heavy armor mo kill guards was the armor that they wore. The heavy armor of the dhyana xiu was a type of ling armor while the heavy armor of the heavy armor mo kill guards were condensed from killing energy!

Heavy armor mo kill guards … …

A distant and obscure mo soldier type, they were the cruelest machines of slaughter, the most vicious blades, the strongest heavy hammer in the hand of the Mo King!

The heavy armor mo kill guards in front of him were slightly green, but they were still true heavy armor mo kill guards!

Thinking about these heavy armor mo kill guards maturing and using their enormous weapons to create storms of blood, Song Yuan trembled!

However, he did not have the time to divide his attention. Zuo Mo’s attacks were like a tide, one wave striking after the other. His faintly golden figure flickered around the snowy white snake!

Song Yuan’s mouth tasted bitter. The Great Day Script on the forehead of the snow snake continuously corroded it! But he didn’t have a solution. The reason that the Great Day mo physique could rank second among colonel mo physique was because of its extreme hardness and yang affinity. There was no yin or corruption. This was very rare among mo physiques!

There were methods to subdue the Great Day mo physique. The utmost yin and cold spells could do it. As the holy ground of sword xiu, of course Kun Lun had these kinds of spells, and there were at least three sword scriptures and spells that fit these requirements.

However, Song Yuan had not cultivated any one of those before.

Unable to subdue it, he could only meet it directly to see if it was his sword that was sharpest, or the other’s mo physique that was more powerful.




Ming Lie looked dazedly at his troops as they were quickly losing.

This group of shameless people rampaged like lions that rushed into a herd of sheep! Their enormous weapons were truly fierce. The sword energies of his subordinates were as fragile as chopsticks in front of them.

They furiously charged around in the battle formation. They were not fast, but when an enormous man one zhang tall and completely covered in heavy armor charged over, people could not muster up the courage to stand their ground.

What made Ming Lie feel even more hopeless was that these blockheads never acted alone. They were acted three to five in a group. Even if they encountered a single sword xiu, they would all charge up together!

Five or six axes and cleavers chopped and sliced together for a while.

Ming Lie looked woodenly at all this.

He knew it, he had lost.

But why had he lost?

He was still filled with confusion.




Song Yuan tried to withstand Zuo Mo’s storm of attacks. But the last bit of hope inside slowly extinguished.

The other’s figure was covered in a layer of light gold so it was impossible to see his features. The other became even more brave the more he fought. Song Yuan could clearly feel the pressure he was receiving increase.

From a young age until now, he had never been suppressed like this by someone from start to finish!

Was he going to die here today?

A strong thread of terror rose up inside. He had never felt death was this close to him.

Pia pia pia!

Among a rapid string of collisions, the snow snake that had persisted finally reached its limits and crumbled into thousands of sword essence fragments that fluttered away!


A spray of blood carrying the fragments of ling armor suddenly flew forward.

A palm covered in Great Day Script passed through Song Yuan’s chest.

Song Yuan’s pupils froze, the light slowly dissipating until all life had disappeared!

With Song Yuan taken care of, Zuo Mo did not hesitate and appeared next to the soulless Ming Lie. With a crisp blow, the other’s life was ended!

No one knew that this sudden battle directly messed up the rhythm and set up of the three sides.

The “Meat Grinder” that would astound future generations debuted just like this without any warning.


Translator Ramblings: Okay, finally done! The “Meat Grinder” isn’t referring to Zuo Mo. This battle has serious consequences, one dead Kun Lun gold battle general is definitely important.

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