修真世界 World of Cultivation Chapter Four Hundred and Forty One “Rules?”

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Chapter Four Hundred and Forty One – Rules?

Xu Ling City did not have the sense of dread and nervousness pervading it like the front lines but seemed chaotic due to the influx of outside xiuzhe. However, this caused the market to seem even busier and more prosperous.

“This is the Cloud Pavilion, the biggest treasure shop in Xu Ling City.” Shang Wei Ming took Zuo Mo and the others to the doorway of a very grand shop. The walls of this shop were completely made from crystal bricks and hanging under the curved eaves were crystal palace lamps. These clear crystal lamps slowly spun and released lights of all colors. Reflecting on the crystal walls, the images were of rainbows and they changed in all ways.

Looking at this grand Cloud Pavilion, Zuo Mo and the others gaped, their expressions amazed.

The formation scripts on each crystal light was faintly discernible and each crystal palace lamp would contain twenty eight of them. The entire shop was under the protection of formations. Where had Zuo Mo seen such a grandiose shop before? To say of nothing else, just these glowing crystal bricks would be worth large amounts of jingshi.

A complex look flashed through Shang Wei Ming’s eyes but they quickly returned to normal. “Cloud Pavilion has shop fronts on almost all major cities on Dong Sheng Cloud Island. The owner of the Cloud Pavilion rarely show themselves but in terms of previous treasures and high level materials, it is much better than other shops.”

A moment later, Zuo Mo refocused. Shocked, he couldn’t help but feel anticipation. To say of nothing else, just this grandly-decorated shopfront was enough to prove that this shop possessed a powerful background.

Entering the Cloud Pavilion with Shang Wei Ming, he found that the inside was multiple times more luxurious than the outside. The ground was lined with black third-grade gold starshine rock. Each piece was sanded until it was as smooth as glass. The dots of gold in the rock were like stars in the night sky. Each shelf only held one treasure. Around it, the mirage illusions constantly changed presenting a detailed explanation of each treasure.

A shop-keeper came over, his attitude enthusiastic yet courteous. “Welcome to the Cloud Pavilion, it is my honor to provide you service. Please browse freely, you may inspect and touch any item.”

The shop-keeper glanced at Shang Wei Ming at the side, and a thread of disdain flashed through his eyes.

Any rare and precious treasure of high grade would release light. This was a treasure light. Looking over, the entire store was illuminated with treasure light!

Filling their fields of vision with talismans and high grade materials, even someone like Zuo Mo that was used to seeing such good things couldn’t help but show slight shock. This Cloud Pavilion really lived up to rumors. None of the talismans and materials on display were below fourth-grade. Other than Zuo Mo, Wei Sheng, and Gongsun Cha, the other people were amazed by the room filled with treasure light.

Wei Sheng’s heart was for the sword and was unaffected by outside objects. Gongsun Cha’s mind was also not attuned to such things.

Shang Wei Ming’s expression was complex. In the depths of his eyes, they showed slight pain.

Zuo Mo did not detect Shang Wei Ming’s change. He asked the shopkeeper, “Does your store have Water Cloud Embryo?”

“Water Cloud Embryo?” the shopkeeper shook his head and said, “My sincere apologies, our store’s Water Cloud Embryos have all been sold. A person has bought all the Water Cloud Embryo in our store three months ago.”

Seeing Zuo Mo’s disappointment, the shopkeeper explained, “While Water Cloud Embryo is not a high-grade item, it is only produced in the deepest part of the Cloud Sea. There is still half a year until the cloud tide recedes. Unless the cloud tide recedes, we cannot enter the cloud sea. Sir probably will have to wait for a half year. If Sir needs it, you may want to leave behind an address. If there is merchandise, our store will inform you as soon as possible.”

Zuo Mo couldn’t help but show disappointment. His brow furrowed, “Cloud tide?”

Shang Wei Ming did not forget his duties as a guide and hurriedly explained, “The Cloud Sea will have a cloud tide every two years. During the cloud tide, the cloud sea will become extremely unstable. It is very dangerous to enter the cloud sea in this time so there usually aren’t any that enter the cloud sea.”

“Let’s go to some place else to search,” Zuo Mo was disappointed but did not show it on his face and said faintly.

The shopkeeper smiled and said with slight pride. “Customer, please do not waste your efforts. This one will say something which is not a boast, if you cannot buy it at this store, you definitely cannot buy it at any other store in Cloud Sea Jie. You may ask Mister Shang about this, he should know it well.”

A painful look flashed through Shang Wei Ming’s eyes. He suppressed it and gritted, “Yes!”

The shopkeeper smiled and did not speak any further.

Zuo Mo noticed Shang Wei Ming’s abnormal change but he could also see that Shang Wei Ming did not lie. He was disappointed. However, he quickly sorted out his emotions. It seemed they would have to stay awhile in Cloud Sea Jie. They could look around. If that didn’t work, they might have to make a trip into the cloud sea.

But his original plan had been to settle down in Cloud Sea Jie. This place was poor and remote, hard to travel to, and was far from the front lines. Kun Lun’s attention would not be focused on this place. He also found that sword xiu were not at an advantage in Cloud Sea Jie. It was clear that this did not belong to Kun Lun’s influence.

Cloud Sea Jie was a pretty good place to rest.

At this time, he suddenly heard a female voice behind him. “Hey, isn’t this Shang Wei Ming? Tsk tsk, coming here again to sell something? Wait, this miss remembers that you sold all your assets. Did you dig out something good from your home? Let this miss take a look. If this miss likes it, this miss will bestow you some food!”

The cruel and harsh words caused Shang Wei Ming’s face to flush instantly with blood, his hands unconsciously balling together.

Zuo Mo turned around. A startling beautiful female entered his view. She had high brows, thin lips and a high nose. Her face was filled with disdain as she looked down at Shang Wei Ming with a faintly discernable smile on her mouth.

The female raised her head high as she strode light. The rings and pendants she wore chimed gently. When those shopkeepers saw her, their attitudes were respectful as they bowed. “Miss Ren!”

Miss Ren did not seem to hear them. Her attitude did not change at all. Walking in front of Shang Wei Ming, she examined him and said with a slight smile, “This Miss has just been wondering why you couldn’t be found. So you found a job as a guide. Tsk tsk, The Old Shang Family that was so high-flying in the past has fallen so. Really causes this Miss to feel heartsore. Seeing you today, how can this Miss not do anything?”

“Ren Qing, do not go overboard!” Shang Wei Ming’s face was entirely red as his knuckles cracked.

“Go overboard? Haha! These two words are so appropriate! I like to go overboard” She turned to face Zuo Mo. “Please, sir, be generous and let him go. Sir can pick any fourth-grade talisman.”

She then turned to face the shopkeeper, “Put it on this Miss’ tab.”

“Yes!” the shopkeeper said respectfully.

Zuo Mo raised his hand and said coldly, “Wait!”

“Is sir not even going to give some face to Ren Qing?” Ren Qing’s face as frosty.

Zuo Mo’s expression did not waver. “I have hired Brother Shang, he is not a slave. This one does not have the right to trade him.”

Ren Qing’s expression lessened slightly. “Then what does Sir mean?”

Zuo Mo faintly said, “This has to be Brother Shang’s own wishes. If Brother Shang nods his head, this one has nothing to say. There’s no need for the fourth-grade talisman, just return my guide fee to me.”

Ren Qing smiled brightly. “So that’s how it is, easy.”

Finishing, she turned and walked in front of Shang Wei Ming, smiling like a flower, “Shang Wei Ming, make a sound.”

Shang Wei Ming felt the anger burning inside his chest as he gritted. “Ren, don’t even think about it!”


A loud slap landed on his face!

Shang Wei Ming’s mind blanked. In this instant, unprecedented humiliation washed over him. His eyes instantly turned around, tendons bulging on his fists as he prepared to fight for his life!

Ren Qing still had a smile that was full of disdain. “Your son is much more talented than you, almost at ningmai. This miss heard that he is at the Clear Mountain Sword Sect. Do you want to ruin his future? Do you need me to go make a visit?”

Shang Wei Ming forcibly stopped his motion. He felt as though he was in a glacier, his eyes shooting out anger and hatred. He seemed to squeeze through his teeth, “What do you really want to do?”


Ren Qing reversed her hand for another slap!

“To do? Haha! This Miss just wants to find amusement out of you! How powerful was the Old Shang Family back in the day, almost suffocating my Ren Family. Now that this Miss can find amusement from Shang Wei Ming, this Miss is happy!”

“You … …”


Another slap!

“Don’t dodge, stand still! Don’t forget about your son!”

Shang Wei Ming seemed to be struck by lightning. Like a wooden puppet, he stayed motionless.

Zuo Mo finally couldn’t stand aside. A thread of dislike appeared between his brows. He stepped forward. “Enough! Killing someone is just causing their head to drop to the floor, no matter how great the grievances were in the past, there is no need for such humiliation!”

Ren Qing’s hand stopped in the air. She turned around and said with a cold smirk. “You really did not take my good will! When I, Ren Qing, does something, when is it someone else’s turn to order me about, don’t you know the rules?”

Zuo Mo grinned and showed his clean teeth. He smiled darkly. “You’re right, we’re newcomers!”

His figure flashed and he appeared next to Ren Qing, grabbing her. She hadn’t reacted at all. He smiled viciously. “Little girl you are really evil at heart! Rules? Let ye teach you rules!”

Finishing, he started to strike at her face from right to left without any mercy.

The shopkeepers of the Cloud Pavilion instantly paled and exploded.


“Stop now!”

“You will all die!”

The guards of the Cloud Pavilion charged in upon seeing this.

A cold snort suddenly exploded next to their years like a clap of thunder. Their ears rang. Some guards of weaker cultivation instantly bled from their mouth, their faces terrified.

Beside Xie Shan, Zong Ru’s palms were pressed together, his eyes closed. He disliked Ren Qing’s maliciousness, and he did not give mercy when using this Attainment Thunder.

There was shock on everyone’s faces, and they became even more panicked.

“Formation! Activate the formation!”

“Ask for aid from Elder Xu!”

“My heavens!”

Zuo Mo didn’t even look at the panicking guards. He did not use ling power or the mo physique as he sent out a string of slaps. Looking at the completely transformed Ren Qing, he felt he had vented his anger, and felt unspeakably good.

The pitiful Ren Qing’s pretty face was now swollen, green and purple, her hair disheveled.  From when Zuo Mo started to act, she didn’t even have the time to shout.

Her eyes showed deep hatred and maliciousness as though she wanted to swallow Zuo Mo!

But what kind of vicious people hadn’t Zuo Mo encountered? He wouldn’t place any importance on a little character like this. He held Ren Qing’s neck as though he was holding a fowl waiting for slaughter. He smiled viciously and said, “In the future, don’t let ye see you. Ye’ll hit you each time ye sees you!”

At this time, the smooth gold starshine stone below everyone’s feet started to light up with formation scripts!

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