修真世界 World of Cultivation Chapter Four Hundred and Forty Two “Women Like You”

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Chapter Four Hundred and Forty Two – Women Like You

Shang Wei Ming looked at the formation scripts that were lighting up in succession and paled dramatically. He hurried to remind Zuo Mo’s group. “Run! Careful of the formation!”

Shang Wei Ming felt his death was nearing, since events had escalated to such a degree. But he knew these people intended to help him. However, they did not know the power of the Ren Clan in Xu Ling City.

With Ren Qing’s temper and personality, after such a humiliation, they would not be able to escape death!

“You cannot escape! Release Miss Ren immediately, we will give you a road to life!” a shopkeeper said sternly to Zuo Mo.

Zuo Mo and the others felt an invisible power restrain them as though there were little mountains on their backs. The jade pendants hanging from the waists of the Cloud Pavilion guards and shopkeepers exuded faint lights. Their movements were not affected at all.

The guards and shop-keeper quickly resumed their normal expressions. The store formation had been set up by an expert knowledgeable in formations. Their minimum requirement was that it was able to withstand a blow of jingdan xiuzhe.

Even though these daring people were powerful, but with the big formation activated, they could not fly even if they had wings!

“You cannot escape! I will slice you all thousands of times! And not die in peace!” Ren Qing shrieked as though she was crazy!

Without another word, Zuo Mo sent out another string of blows to the point that Ren Qing was seeing gold stars. Her eyes showing terror, she finally remembered that she was still in the hands of this terrifying person.

Zuo Mo’s anger dissipated slightly after giving the blows. He snorted coldly. “You really asked for this! You can’t behave if you aren’t hit!”

Ren Qing shook, and closed her mouth in terror. The male was young, his appearance was not evil, but the killing intent that he had just exuded made her shiver.

Shang Wei Ming’s face became purple. In front of the big formation, his low cultivation was like paper.

Gongsun Cha had the protection of Zong Ru and didn’t feel it.

Zuo Mo saw Shang Wei Ming’s state out of the corner of his eye and shouted, “Old Xie, the third lamp pillar on your right, destroy it!”

He had noticed these lamp pillars when he entered the store. This kind of store definitely had formations. This was strange. Being alert to the surroundings and not allowing himself to be placed in danger was now Zuo Mo’s instinct.

Hands already itching, a rainbow sword energy left Xie Shan’s hands without a word. Like cutting tofu, he sliced through the third lamp pillar on his right.

Everyone felt their bodies loosen.

“The sixth one behind you!”

“Third row in front of your feet, the fourth tile on the left.”

Zuo Mo’ s calm orders followed each other. Every time Xie Shan’s sword energy landed, the power of the big formation lessened a fraction. Under the terrified gazes of the Cloud Pavilion guards and shopkeepers, the big formation that was impenetrable in their hearts was continuously weakened under the other’s blows until the last thread of formation scripts on the gold starshine tiles dimmed and the big formation was completely destroyed.

With all the pressure relieved, Shang Wei Ming was like a dead fish, fainting away on the ground.

Just as the guards and shopkeepers felt hopeless, a guard coincidentally saw a familiar figure. He seemed to have grabbed hold of a lifeline and shouted, “Elder Xu! Elder Xu! Save us!”




In the shadow, Xu Zheng Wei’s steps paused as he thought, this was bad!

Truthfully, he had arrived long ago, but seeing the other disassemble the formation so easily, thoughts of retreat formed! Even though he would receive a tribute from the Cloud Pavilion each month and he had agreed to help, but he definitely would not do something for the Cloud Pavilion that would result in losing his life!

This crowd of idiots! Were they blind? Why did they have to provoke a crowd of lawless and murderous brutes!

Xu Zheng Wei was not an ignorant person. These people had moved crisply and cleanly. This kind of murderous decisiveness was unable to be achieved by people that had not killed before!

No matter what, he definitely did not want to have this kind of trouble!

Just as he was preparing to flee, a guard had seen him. He instantly landed in a dilemma! If he left, it wouldn’t be good if it spread that he had taken the other’s tribute and didn’t help. If he didn’t go and really faced this group of lawless brutes, then his old bones were not enough.

After fighting internally, Elder Xu still stood out.

“Everyone, please stop! This old man is not the owner of this store but is familiar with this owner. This one will have a thick face and give apologies. Everyone, please give some face, and resolve this peacefully!”

Elder Xu’s words said with a humble attitude caused the guards that had been preparing to shout “Elder Xu, help capture these people” to gape. The store instantly became silent.

Elder Xu was a jindan xiuzhe … …

The same thought flashed through everyone’s minds. They were suspicious that their eyes were working! Elder Xu who was usually proud, calm and ethereal was really the same person as this Elder Xu who was bowing his back humbly with a smile on his face?

This old man was a jindan!

The same thought flashed through the minds of Zuo Mo and his group. This Cloud Pavilion had some power. It had the protection of a jindan!

Even though Wei Sheng and the others were all jindan and Zuo Mo had even killed Song Yuan, a Kun Lun jindan disciple, he was not willing to lightly start a battle with another jindan.

There wasn’t any one simple who could cultivate to jindan.

Compared to the seriousness of Zuo Mo and the others, Elder Xu who had a smile on his face felt his heart beat wildly and was astounded! Other than one person whose cultivation was very weak, and the other was definitely not a jindan, he could not see the depth of cultivation of the other three!

This was a very dangerous sign!

Either the other’s power was higher than his, or the other was cultivating an unusual spell! No matter which one it was, it was dangerous for him! He couldn’t help but celebrate that he had kept his attitude extremely humble.

The common saying was that one did not slap a smiling face. He, Xu Zheng Wei, was also a jindan. Placing his own self-pride so low, the other would be embarrassed to attack.

As expected, the enmity of the group decreased but at this time, a familiar voice interrupted the easing situation!

“Grandpa Xu! Save me! Save Qing’er”

He saw a female with a swollen face and loose hair struggling on the hand of the leader! Back then in the shadow, Xu Zheng Wei had seen it clearly. This young person was the decision-maker of the group, and one of those he could not perceive the power of!

Elder Xu stilled and looked in disbelief at the completely changed Ren Qing. “Qing’er? You are Qing’er?”

“Wuu-wuu-wuu! Grandpa Xu, save Qing’er!”

Mentally strained, Ren Qing started to cry.

Learning that Zuo Mo was holding Ren Qing, Elder Xu instantly understood. How couldn’t he know Ren Qing’s arrogance? It definitely was that Ren Qing had provoked the other and resulted in her being disciplined!

He could see that the other had had mercy. Ren Qing’s hair was loose, her face bruised but she was not heavily injured. The other definitely had not used ling power. Otherwise, Ren Qing wouldn’t be alive.

Elder Xu felt a great headache. He didn’t hold any good feelings for Ren Qing’s difficult personality. However, he still had to consider Ren Qing’s elders. The reason that Ren Qing could be so arrogant in Xu Ling City had a direct connection with her overprotective elders, who had strange personalities!

If he stood aside today, those old people would definitely make trouble for him tomorrow!

This was terrible!

Elder Xu felt bitter inside. He raised his folded hands and said sincerely, “Little brothers, this old man is acquainted with the elders of this girl. Little girl doesn’t understand worldly matters. Today’s events are a lesson for her. Please, raise your hands and let her go.”

Zuo Mo hadn’t planned on taking Ren Qing’s little life. Seeing Xu Zheng Wei’s sincere attitude, he nodded and said easily, “Okay!”

As he spoke, he waved his hand and Ren Qing flew towards Elder Xu.

Elder Xu hurriedly raised a hand and received Ren Qing!

When Ren Qing landed, her eyes became red. Pointing at Zuo Mo’s group, she shrieked, “Grandpa Xu! Kill them! Kill them all!”

Elder Xu’s expression changed. He hadn’t expected Ren Qing to be so idiotic that  she could not understand the situation. The other group’s expressions became unfriendly and showed hints of killing intent.

He smiled awkwardly and said, “So sorry! Little child is still shocked, sorry! The lesson today is good for her!”

Xu Zheng Wei’s words caused the expressions of Zuo Mo’s group to ease again.

But at this time, a dark voice suddenly sounded at this time, “When was it someone else’s turn to lecture a child of our Ren Family?”

Xu Zheng Wei’s expression changed!

Three old people walked in through the door. All of them had white hair and beards, their expressions dark. The moment that Zuo Mo had grabbed Ren Qing, she had secretly torn apart the Lifesaving Seal. The three had received Ren Qing’s request for aid, paled and hurried over.

When Ren Qing saw the three old people, she cried as she fell into the embrace of the leader.

“Grandpa! Grandpa!”

The leading old person warmly comforted her, “Qing’er, don’t cry, Grandpa will settle the score for you!”

Ren Qing raised her head, a poisonous light flashing in her eyes as she ground her teeth. “I want them all dead! All of them dead!”

“Qing’er, rest your heart,” another old person spoke, “Second Grandpa promises none of them will live past today.”

“Dare to bully our Ren Family, you have guts!” The Third Ren was brimming with killing intent.

Ren Qing’s eyes were vicious. She pointed at Shang Wei Ming and said, “That is Shang Wei Ming from the Old Shang Family! Don’t kill him, I want to slowly sort him out!”

Shang Wei Ming’s face was ashen. He knew it would be hard to escape this calamity!

“Yes, as long as you are happy, anything for you!” Eldest Grandpa was peerlessly benevolent.

“And his son that’s at Clear Mountain Sword Sect!” Ren Qing said poisonously.

“Yes, we’ll definitely capture him for Qing’er!”

Shang Wei Ming felt a thunder clap over his head, his thoughts ended!

Ren Qing showed a cruel smile. “I want … …”

At this moment, Zuo Mo and the others suddenly disappeared.

The faces of the three Ren Family elders changed. Eldest Grampa’s reaction was not slow. He pushed and Ren Qing was shielded behind his back.

A void sword essence, a rainbow sword essence, and a dense fist essence appeared!

Each instantly locked onto one of the three people!

The three felt their hairs stand up!

At the same time, a faint gold figure flashed behind the three people.

Ren Qing’s voice suddenly stopped, her cruel smile freezing on her face. She heard the crack of a bone in her neck, and then she found the angle of her vision become extremely strange. Before she was swallowed by the tide of darkness, she managed to make out words.

“For women like you, it’s better for you to die.”


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