修真世界 World of Cultivation Chapter Four Hundred and Forty Three “Collision”

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Chapter Four Hundred and Forty Three – Collision

No one had expected Zuo Mo would take the opportunity to make a sneak attack!

Xu Zheng Wei’s head rang. Looking at Ren Qing’s strangely angled neck, he was stunned. The other’s viciousness and decisiveness was far beyond his predictions. He had never thought that this conflict would directly become a battle to the death!

With the protective personalities of the Three Ren Elders and their affection for Ren Qing, there was only one conclusion of this situation, it would end in a battle to the death!

This group of young people, with unknown origins, had used a crisp and clean sneak attack to show their determination to fight and their fearlessness.

After the amazement was endless panic.

The three jindan of the Ren family were very famous in Xu Ling City. Even Xu Ling Sect gave them some face. Xu Zheng Wei was also a jindan but he knew his strength was not a match for these three unreasonable people

Xu Zheng Wei suddenly been placed in a very awkward position.

It was not good to provoke the three Ren elders, but this young group of unknown origins were not friendly either. The young grouper wasn’t afraid of the three Ren elders at all. Adding on that he could not clearly determine their strength, he didn’t dare to move. If he remained neutral and the Ren family was defeated it would be fine, but if the Ren Family won then his days would not be easy. With the temperment of the three Ren Elders, they would definitely make trouble for him in the future.

In an instant, countless thoughts spun in Xu Zheng Wei’s mind.

Seeing their granddaughter die in front of them, the three old men glared angrily, their eyes instantly turned red. They shouted in anger and, in unison, went all out!

A green color quickly spread over the body of the Elder Ren. His entire face became black green and his old features seemed to have the texture of bark. His skin also became very coarse. A thick wood element power rose! When the green color reached his head, his black green hair grew at astounding speed, becoming thumb-thick green vines. The green vines danced wildly on the head like green snakes furiously twisting their bodies!

Pia pia pia!

The dancing green vines whipped towards Wei Sheng’s sword essence.

These crisp green vines were unusually strong. When they collided with Wei Sheng’s sword essence, it created metallic sounds and sparks flew!

A layer of white water mist shrouded Second Ren’s body. His entire body became transparent, his figure quickly merging into the water. In a brief interval, he had became a transparent person made of water.

Facing Zong Ru’s dense fist essence, the water person’s shape changed. He turned to a thin stream of water, and like a snake, dodging at a strange angle!

Third Ren was completely covered in a ball of fire. The burning flames sprouted from his body. The gold starshine rock under his feet started to melt and his skin started to peel.

When Xie Shan’s sword essence approached near the flames on Third Ren’s body, they burst into sparks!

After his successful attack on Ren Qing, Zuo Mo returned to stand next to Gongsun Cha. He saw the three old men attacking and his heart instantly shook!

These were roaming xiu!

These three old men were roaming xiu!

Roaming xiu was a very broad category. Usually, xiuzhe other than sword xiu, seal xiu, and dhyana xiu all other xiu were categorized as roaming xiu. Among the roaming xiu, the most common were five element roaming xiu. The five elements were easy to learn but were hard to master. But if one reached a stage of mastery, there were many wondrous powers! There were many five element spells on the market, and so roaming xiu that cultivated the five elements were the most common.

The three Ren Family elders all cultivated one element and they had all reached a profound level!

It was extraordinary when they attacked!

The power that the three Ren Family elders showed also caused Xu Zheng Wei’s expression to change! These three’s reputations were not insubstantial as they had dominated Xu Ling City for so long! In the past, Xu Zheng Wei only knew that these three old people were hard to deal with. He hadn’t thought that they were so powerful!

This really was a dilemma! What to do … … Xu Zheng Wei groaned inside.




Zuo Mo was shocked but he was not too nervous. He looked warily at Xu Zheng Wei whose expression was changing. Gongsun Shidi’s skill at command was powerful, but his individual combat abilities were almost nothing. Any average guard could kill him. Having made a successful strike, Zuo Mo had instantly returned to guard Gongsun Shidi to prevent the battle from affecting Shidi.

The anger in Zuo Mo’s heart had been vented through personally ending that despicable woman’s life. He calmly watched the fight.




Xie Shan and the other two reacted differently facing the increasing presences of their opponents.

Seeing his sword essence easily defeated, Xie Shan coldly snorted. The Paired Mirage sword disappeared from his hand. Two light hums sounded in the air, one deep and thick and the other one high pitched, both shot into the sky!

Following them were two rainbow lights that were twisted together. With soul-shaking howls, they shot at Third Ren!




Zong Ru’s expression did not change when his punch missed. His eyes were still half-lidded like before, his expression dignified, but the blood lotus flower on his forehead became brighter as though it was dripping in fresh blood.

Behind him, a faint shadow appeared.

Dragon-Elephant Attainment!

The shadow gradually became one with Zong Ru. Zong Ru’s dhyana robes moved despite there being no wind, they were flapping hard. When the closed eyes slowly opened, they were empty of any emotion, and the blood lotus on his forehead was like a furious flame.

Raising his hand to deliver a punch, a very normal and average punch!




In terms of presence, the most shocking was still Wei Sheng!

Seeing the other’s twisting green vines easily destroy his sword essence, Wei Sheng did not show any timidity. His tiger like eyes suddenly lit up, the desire for battle exploding in his chest! After breaking through to jindan, and occasionally sparring with Zuo Mo, he had never truly fought a hard battle!

Because there were no suitable opponents!

The battle desire that had accumulated for so long erupted like a volcano, and caused Wei Sheng’s blood to boil.

Without even drawing the black sword, his right foot suddenly stepped forward, his figure bending slightly forward as though he was a sword leaving the sheath!

Void sword essence shot into the sky!

The presence of void and emptiness came like the darkness of night. With Wei Sheng as the center, it noiselessly spread into the surroundings and swallowed everything!

Everyone felt their vision blur and it appeared as though they were situated in an void realm.

There was no sound, no light, only endless void, an empty void of death!

Wei Sheng’s sword essence had enveloped everyone into it!

Zuo Mo also jumped in fright. Eldest Shixiong had lost himself in battle! He hurriedly grabbed Gongsun Cha and Shang Wei Ming, and his figure retreated rapidly. He had moved more than ten zhang before everything in his vision became normal again.

Woah! When Eldest Shixiong went crazy, it really was scary!

Zuo Mo couldn’t help but feel sympathy for the old man that was facing Eldest Shixiong. Sighing, he could not form any jealousy. No one knew better than him how Eldest Shixiong’s terrifying strength had been achieved. That was truly accumulation  in dots and rips, gradually progressing from nothing to some to many, there was no short-cuts in this!

Zuo Mo knew that he could not do what Eldest Shixiong could!




Xie Shan’s eyelids twitched rapidly as he was amazed inside!

Wei Sheng and he were both jindan, the other was also younger than him, but he was still respectful to Teacher Wei. Teacher Wei’s skill on the path of the sword was unfathomable, enough to make him feel respect, but he had never seen Teacher Wei attack with his full power!

Due to Wei Sheng’s sword, Zong Ru’s cold and indifferent eyes suddenly was rippled indiscernibly!

Since they reacted so, the three Ren Family elder’s reactions could be imagined. All of them paled! Their heads rang out. They knew they had kicked a metal board this time!

“To take revenge for Qing’er!” Eldest Ren took a deep breath and roared angrily.

To be able to cultivate to jindan and lead the Ren Family for decades, he was not a weak person. It was just that he had spoiled Ren Qing far too much that this calamity had landed on their heads. But facing such an astounding sword essence, he finally recovered his calmness.

They were pressed to a situation of life and death. The Ren Family was pressed to a situation of life and death. If they were pushed another step, it would mean they would be crushed! This was for the three of them, and also for the Ren Family!

His angry shout was perfectly timed. Second Ren and Third Ren whose presences were stopped thought of their beloved granddaughter dying right in front of them. The two old men’s anger exploded again, and so did their presences!

All in!

The three elders attacked together rather than retreat!

The green of Eldest Ren’s body grew a fraction. His entire person was like an ancient tree, countless green branches sprouting out of his body into the ground. In front of these green vines, the hard gold starshine rock was like tofu and easily pierced.

Earth energy flowed along the green vines rooted in the deep ground and continuously entered Eldest Ren’s body.

Hiss hiss hiss!

As though numerous snakes were spitting, those furiously dancing green vines left behind green marks of light in the air!

The green marks criss-crossed, and a formation instantly formed!

Green sprouts came out of the ground. At an amazing rate, they grew, produced leaves, flowers bloomed and bore fruit!

In a blink, the ground was carpeted in a layer of flora. It was like a forest floor bed, bursting with endless vitality, teeming with life. The flowers gradually withered, the petals danced in the air, the leaves falling off their branches and flying everywhere! The fruits on the trees cracked open, seeds shooting everywhere to burrow into the ground and start a new cycle of furious growth.

Life without rest!

Flower petals and leaves continuously flew through the air. In a short while, the air was filled with leaves and flower petals. They danced and spun, spreading everywhere and continuously migrated towards the deepest parts of the void!

But at the same time, countless plants, flowers, and leaves were withering at an astounding rate and turning to nothingness!

This was a struggle between death and vitality!

Zuo Mo’s expression became serious. This dislikable old man had such deep skill in the wood element!

Wood was the primary element for life!

This was the strongest attribute of the wood element, but was also the hardest attribute to comprehend! Zuo Mo suddenly recalled back when he was at the end of the prison-breaking battle of Vast Water Clear Skies and was facing that vast vitality. He couldn’t help but shudder.

Death and life were like twins, and were one of the most basic powers.

Eldest Shixiong’s void sword essence was the sword of death and nothingness. The other’s wood element spell was the category of spell where it was easiest to comprehend the attribute of life. Wood element spells were not famed for their power but was the perfect for subduing Eldest Shixiong’s void sword essence!

Zuo Mo did not go forward to give aid.

He believed in Eldest Shixiong!

From the time he had first read Eldest Shixiong’s reflections on cultivation, he began to believe in Eldest Shixiong, trusting in this hardy, strong, and unusually persistent Eldest Shixiong. An individual who was willing to be a servant to search for the path of the sword, to hunt monkey swarms alone to comprehend sword essence!

In Zuo Mo’s view, the worldly apparition that Eldest Shixiong had caused at his zhuji was not the proof of Eldest Shixiong’s shocking talent, but the reward the heavens had given him, the reward for persisting and searching through hardship but remaining as determined as when he hard first started! A reward for forgetting himself and accumulating wounds! A reward for his days and nights of toiling labour!

How could an Eldest Shixiong like this be defeated?

He was a man that was like iron!


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