修真世界 World of Cultivation Chapter Four Hundred and Forty Nine “Institute of Ling Plants”

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Chapter Four Hundred and Forty Nine – Institute of Ling Plants

The conversation with Liao Qi Chang progressed under a very relaxed mood. Zuo Mo also requested Liao Qi Chang to help him search for azure aether, expressing he was willing to it buy at a high price. Liao Qi Chang naturally agreed.

After conversing for about two hours, Liao Qi Chang and Xu Zheng Wei stood and bid farewell.

Zuo Mo accompanied them on their way off the island to show them respect.

The two of them flew out a long distance before Xu Zheng Wei opened his mouth, “What do you think?”

Liao Qi Chang’s expression was grave. “They are not simple,” he paused for a beat and then said, “look how long we conversed. Did that Zuo person even give a hint about his origins? This person is secretive, has a group of strong subordinates, and is not a softy.”

“Yes!” Xu Zheng Wei’s face was emotional. “They were really vicious when I saw them destroy the Ren Family that day, they definitely did not come from a peaceful place.”

“I still am not clear where they came from,” Liao Qi Chang said, “but he has many subordinates, does not lack experts, has vicious conduct, but is not arrogant and domineering, and is as sly as a fox. This kind of a person is one we should not become enemies with.”

“I hear that many people are aiming for them,” Xu Zheng Wei said in a low voice. He had lived here for a long time, and naturally had sources to obtain information.

“We won’t enter into it.” Liao Qi Chang shook his head, “There are only a few families that can match this group in power. There probably are people manipulating the situation from the shadows, wanting to use others to do their will!”

Xu Zheng Wei nodded. “We really can’t touch this kind of matter. It’s possible to lose our lives if we aren’t careful.”

“Tian Ye came back?” Liao Qi Chang suddenly asked.

“En, he came back a few days ago. Supposedly, he earned a lot of merits for combat service and got numerous benefits.” Xu Zheng Wei was admiring.

“Ha, just beautiful on the surface,” Liao Qi Chang said dismissively. “This Cloud Sea Jie that none of the Four rule, even if he went to the front lines, no one will think highly of him. He just has what the large sects let slip through their fingers.”

Xu Zheng Wei smiled uncertainly.

“However,” Liao Qi Chang’s tone turned and he said sternly, “Tian Ye Battalion is probably harder to deal with after the combat experience. How many battalions does the Tian Family have?”

“Three, other than Tian Ye Battalion, there is also the Tian Wei Battalion and the Tiao She Battalion,” Xu Zheng Wei said. “In the past, the Tian She Battalion was the most outstanding of the three, and was considered the second best battalion in Xu Ling City.”

“Oh, who is first?”

“Xu Ling Sect’s Xu Ling Battalion.”

“Ah, that’s true. I forgot about Xu Ling Sect.” Liao Qi Chang nodded. He then ordered, “Don’t get too near other people in the short-term, we will observe from the sidelines.”

“That’s reasonable!”




“The young master of the Cloud Pavilion and Xu Zheng Wei went to Turtle Island.” Tian Heng Bo ran in excitedly.

“Oh.” Tian Yong Qing did not stop what he was doing and said without raising his head, “That is very normal, didn’t they say that the Cloud Pavilion stopkeep looked down on those people. Of course Liao Qi Chang would visit to explain, he is a businessman.”

“Should we go find him and ask?” Tian Heng Bo said.

“Ask what?”

“We don’t know anything. If they went onto the island, they definitely have learned a lot,” Tian Heng Bo said certainly.

“They went onto the island but they may not know anything.” Tian Yong Qing stopped what he was doing and his expression was stern. “Also, do not offend Liao Qi Chang!”

“He is just a businessperson, do you need to be this nervous?” Tian Heng Bo’s expression was rebellious.

Tian Yong Qing was not affected. “If you do not want to cause trouble for our Tian Family, do not provoke him!”

Tian Heng Bo finally could not suppress it. “Don’t allow this, don’t allow that, will information just drop down from the sky while we sit here at home?”

Tian Yong Qing thought for a moment and said, “Tell Gu Xiang Tian about this event.”

Tian Heng Bo’s eyes lit up, “Good idea!”




Yi Zheng’s mood was slightly low.

Even though they had left that damned place, he felt the present state was akin to house arrest. He had tried to ask Daren if it was possible to release him back to Great Buddha Temple. As expected, Daren had refused.

He did not think that Daren would really release him. He knew too many things that he should not know, like the destruction of a battalion belonging to Kun Lun. If there was nothing wrong with Daren’s mind, just this one event was enough that he wouldn’t be allowed to leave.

In reality, he already thanked the heavens and earth the other hadn’t killed him yet.

Compared to Kun Lun, Great Buddha Temple wasn’t anything. The other didn’t even blink when they killed thousands of Kun Lun people in one go. It wouldn’t be any hardship, to them, to slice him up.

Yi Zheng had a good estimation of himself and had no unrealistic delusions. Due to this, his mood was increasingly bad.

He had thought about escaping, but this idea only spun once in his mind before it intelligently disappeared. This group of people seemed cheerful and rambunctious while they were not working hard on their cultivation but the entire island was strictly managed behind the scenes. Any change in the wind and grass, these people would definitely kill without any questions asked.

He might be from Great Buddha Temple which could be considered a famed sect, but meeting this group of lawless brutes, he did not presume he would have an advantage relying on his background.

When he thought about the jindan on the island and a dhayana xiu who had wish power beside him … …

He obediently did not move.

But when could he get all the ling dan for Eldest Shixiong?

He suddenly stopped. Yes, why had he left the mountain? Wasn’t it so he could make ling dan for Eldest Shixiong?

Was he unable to make medicine right now?

No, Daren would not stop him from making medicine. He had been with this group for a while and his understanding of Daren had formed. Truthfully, Daren was very easygoing and emphasized emotions. If he told Daren he wanted to make medicine for his Eldest Shixiong, Daren definitely would not forbid him.

And those medicine?

That wasn’t hard to make!

He thought about the point system of the camp. With enough points, he could trade for the things he wanted with Bao Yi. If Bao Yi did not have them, the other would think of ways to buy them. The prerequisite was that you had enough points.

Then he could start earning points!

Yi Zheng’s eyes became brighter.

He came from Great Buddha Temple. Even though his cultivation was not as deep as Zong Ru, but the dhyana methods he knew might not be any less valued, like how he had recently helped heal Xie Shan.

If he could make ling dan, even if he could not leave, he could ask someone to deliver the pills to Eldest Shixiong so Eldest Shixiong could still be healed!

Yi Zheng’s mind was suddenly opened!




The island affairs gradually progressed, but Zuo Mo was concerned about the fifteen thousand mu of ling fields.

It would really be a pity if they could not use such a large area of ling fields, and Zuo Mo noticed that much of the ling fields were degrading due to being left unused and uncared for. Even though the degradation was not significant yet, the situation was not good.

Zuo Mo had examined all the ling plant farmers on the island, and had not found any outstanding people.

What was needed most urgently were ling plant farmers. Only by recruiting more ling plant farmers would make it so that the ling fields on the island would not be wasted.

Thinking about the wasted ling fields on the island, Zuo Mo seemed to see countless jingshi slip through his fingers. He felt great pain and hurriedly called Shang Wei Ming, taking the group together to fly towards Xu Ling City.




As the biggest city in this area, Xu Ling City possessed all the necessary licensing offices, the Institute of Ling Plants among them.

Under Shang Wei Ming’s guidance, he quickly reached the Institute of Ling Plants in the city.

The Institute of Ling Plants was not large, and the most unique attribute of the institute was the ling flowers and grasses that could be seen everywhere. Compared to other institutes, the Institute of Ling Plants was like a flower bouquet.

Walking into the Institute of Ling Plants, Zuo Mo couldn’t help but think about the first time he walked into an Institute of Ling Plants, His joy at receiving the ling plant farmer jade medal. Those normal and average days seemed like they were just yesterday.

The green carpet under their feet suddenly moved, and spread out like a hand, it lifted everyone up.

It was the first time Ma Fan and Lei Peng came to an Institute of Ling Plants. They instantly jumped in fright as though they were facing a great enemy. Zuo Mo hurriedly explained what this carpet vine was. At the side, Nian Lu fell back in laughter, pointing at the two and calling them country bumpkins. Ma Fan and Lei Peng were very embarrassed.

Shang Wei Ming felt it was hard to believe. There were people that had never been to an Institute of Ling Plants?

Just as he was thinking, the carpet vine under their feet suddenly floated up and flew into the building.

“This is pretty interesting!” Lei Peng bent down and brushed the leaves of the carpet vine with curiosity.

Ma Fan did not have as thick of a face as Lei Peng. He once again resumed his usual calmness, and pretended to be scanning the surroundings. Today, Zong Ru was in meditation, and Xie Shan was wounded from the previous battle. Even though he had gone through Yi Zheng’s healing, he still needed rest. Wei Sheng was teaching the sword xiu of Vermillion Bird Camp. Zuo Mo hadn’t wanted to disturb him so he had called Ma Fan’s trio to accompany them.

The trio was only a step away from jindan and their combat capabilities were significant. With the three at his side, Zuo Mo felt very safe.

Compared to the people that were sight-seeing, Zuo Mo looked much more closely at the surroundings. There were many ling plants and grasses that he had never seen before. It seemed that this Institute of Ling Plant was strong.

There were differences in the strength of different institutes. Of course, the exams for jade medals would generally be standardized. This was one of the reasons that all kinds of jade medals were used widely. But the licensing offices would also have other businesses other than the exams. For example, the Institute of Ling Plants would sell seeds of ling grasses and flowers, and would sometimes buy the mature ling grasses and flowers that other ling plant farmers grew.

Of course, the opportunities to find a job was a free service.

Zuo Mo had come this time to see if he could recruit ling plant farmers.

Thinking about those ling fields that were being wasted, Zuo Mo felt his heart was burning. Even if he could not get enough to utilize it all, recruiting one more person would mean a bit less of the ling fields were wasted.

The carpet vine’s speed was not fast but very steady. What was ahead of them was a wall that was covered in all kinds of creepers.

When everyone flew close, the flower vines on the wall retreated like the tide towards the side.

In front of them stood a middle-aged person.

“You are Zuo Mo?” the middle-aged person asked coldly.

“Who are you?” Zuo Mo instantly became wary, and the faces of the people beside him also changed.

“That’s good!” The middle-aged person was expressionless. At this time, a clear shout came from Zuo Mo’s head, “Fall!”

There was an ambush!

Zuo Mo was shocked. Before he could reach out, a seven-colored rainbow light fell from the sky and covered them!


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