修真世界 World of Cultivation Chapter Four Hundred and Fifty “Black Gold Seal Soldier”

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Chapter Four Hundred and Fifty – Black Gold Seal Soldier

Zuo Mo felt the surroundings suddenly change.

The middle-aged person in front of him was still coldly staring at him, but Ma Fan and the others who were beside him had disappeared.

What was going on?

Zuo Mo’s eyes instinctively narrowed.

“You don’t need to search.” The middle-aged person’s tone was icy. “Sixth-grade Thousand Gem Illusory Disk, if you are not in yuanying there’s no way you can escape! Do not make meaningless efforts.”

Idiot! Zuo Mo thought inside. His body suddenly disappeared from its current location and appeared behind the middle-aged person. His right hand inserted into the other’s back like a poison snake darting out of its nest!

Instantly it penetrated through!

The same moment as when he struck, Zuo Mo’s expression changed slightly.

Not good!

The figure in front of him rippled, and with a pop, had disappeared.


“Haha!” The middle-aged person’s smug smile sounded from all directions and echoed. “Just as vicious as expected! However, aren’t you first going to ask why I am attacking you?”

Zuo Mo’s thoughts flashed, and he followed the other’s lead to ask, “Who are you? Why are you attacking me?”

“Hmph! Even if you did not ask, I would have said it! Letting you you understand why you are dying! This one is Gu Xiang Tian. I owe much to the Ren Family, and they died by your hands. I do not want to ask what happened between you, but I repay what I owe. They died, so I cannot repay them normally. Instead, I will take your head in sacrifice to them and finish this cycle of karma between me and them!”

“Really?” Zuo Mo was not affected. He furiously searched for a trace of the other using his perception yet there was a strange power filling the surroundings. When Zuo Mo’s perception extended three zhang away from him, it would become chaotic.

This Thousand Gem Illusory Disk was as strange as expected! The formations within it could confuse the consciousness, and it was the first time Zuo Mo had ever encountered such a thing. Zuo Mo became alert. It seemed that he wouldn’t be able to easily escape today.

However, he was not afraid. He had come through so many bloody battles and wouldn’t be afraid such a battle.

At this time, a voice  rumbled as though it was coming out of the ground.

“Born to Battle!”

The sound echoed in his ears!

“Born to battle … … born to battle … …”

Zuo Mo’s expression suddenly changed!

A seal soldier!

A figure slowly appeared at a place about ten zhang from him.

Zuo Mo inhaled sharply!

As expected, a seal soldier!

Compared to the seal soldier that Zuo Mo had used before, the seal soldier in front of him was much smaller. It was about the same size as a real person and appeared extremely realistic. He had a cold expression, his body seemed to be made from steel, and its muscles were clearly defined and had a metallic sheen. There was no armor and the balanced figure was beautiful.

His feet were bare, the empty eyes had no emotion as though he was dead.

He looked coldly at Zuo Mo.

Zuo Mo’s hairs suddenly stood on end. The seal soldier in front of him gave him unprecedented pressure. He felt as though he was being targeted by a vicious beast and didn’t dare to move at all!

“Haha! To die by a sixth-grade black gold seal soldier, to die inside the sixth-grade Thousand Gem Illusory Disk, your death is worthy!”


Zuo Mo jumped in fright and his pupils suddenly contracted!

The black gold seal soldier in front of him disappeared!

Not good!

The blurry outline of a leg suddenly appeared in front of him!

The arm Zuo Mo hurriedly held up in defense was like a fragile wooden shelf that instantly collapsed!


Zuo Mo felt as if he was just hit head-on by a charging rhinoceros mo. He could not control his body. Like a sandbag, he flew backwards into the air!

Such terrifying power!

Zuo Mo was shocked. He was at a disadvantage in physical strength!

How was this possible?

Even since he had cultivated the mo physique, his physical strength had grown, and when he cultivated into the Great Day mo physique, he had never met an opponent that could rival him in physical force!

Now he had been defeated based on his strongest area, physical strength. Zuo Mo found it hard to digest!

At this time, a feeling of danger formed. Zuo Mo could not attend to anything else and suddenly curled into a ball. Enormous pain passed over him him from his flank. Zuo Mo made a muffled grunt. The other’s kick was enough to make him feel as though his skeleton was going to come loose.

The ground magnified in his eyes. Zuo Mo knew that the seal soldier’s attacks would not end so easily. Just as he was going to hit the ground, Zuo Mo gritted his teeth, his hands pushed out, with lightning speed, against the ground. His entire body suddenly changed direction, while in such a strange posture!


Zuo Mo could clearly feel the blade-like air flow right against his back.

Escaping, Zuo Mo’s posture changed again. His body furiously flashed about, on tip-toes, and distanced himself from the enemy!

The black gold seal soldier did not pursue but stopped at the previous position.

Zuo Mo panted heavily as his gaze tightly followed the black gold seal soldier. Waves of pain came from his back and caused the corners of his mouth to twitch uncontrollably. If this was any other normal jindan xiuzhe, if they were not dhyana xiu, they would have lost half of their life after being hit twice like this.

How long had it been since he was this disheveled?

There seemed to be two fires burning in Zuo Mo’s eyes.

“Oh, your life is pretty hardy!” Gu Xiang Tian was slightly shocked. “To be able to stop my black gold seal soldier twice and not die, are you a dhyana xiu?”

The faint gold and transparent Light Void Wings appeared on his back, Zuo Mo’s presence also increased.

The black gold seal soldier disappeared from his position again. At the same time, Zuo Mo also disappeared!


The two figures crossed, and two fists smashed together without finesse!

A twisted and transparent air ripple suddenly spread.

Bam bam bam!

The air seemed to ignite as these air ripples exploded everywhere.

Just like the two had disappeared at the same time, the two reappeared together on their original spots as though they had not stepped away.

A blood stream flowed down Zuo Mo’s arm, but Zuo Mo did not detect it. His eyes that were like of a wild beast as he stared at the black gold seal soldier opposite him!

Thirteen punches!

Thirteen punches with all his power!

Even Zuo Mo’s Great Day mo physique could not avoid being wounded after thirteen fierce collisions. A gap three cun long had cracked open on his arm. This gap had formed due to the vibrations!

However, he had not been wounded for nothing!

Zuo Mo stared at the fists of the black gold seal soldier. Each of its fists had a golden Great Day script imprinted on it!

Day Script Palm!

Interlaced among the thirteen blows, Zuo Mo had used the Day Script Palm!

“Hm, that’s strange!” Gu Xiang Tian could not maintain his calmness. “What is this?”

The Great Day Script on the fists of the black gold seal soldier suddenly lit up, and the fists quickly melted at a visible rate into two irregularly shaped metal balls!

The black gold seal soldier’s expression was indifferent as though he did not feel any pain at all.

Suddenly, the two metal balls that were the hands of the black gold seal soldier once again became two new hands that were as perfect as in the beginning!

Zuo Mo’s expression became ugly. This guy was not made from flesh and blood. When it had been him using the seal soldier to hit other people, that had been pleasurable; but now that it was him facing against seal soldier, the feeling was terrible.

“Haha! Do not waste your efforts, stand for your death! Why struggle needlessly?” Gu Xiang Tian’s smug laughter sounded in the surroundings.

Gu Xiang Tian’s voice was ethereal and his position was unable to be found.

Without a doubt, it was the Thousand Gem Illusory Disk at work!

It was the first time Zuo Mo had encountered a talisman that could take other people into it, it really was powerful! Did Ma Fan and the others know he was stuck in here? Did they too encounter danger?

These thoughts flashed through his mind. He quickly put his attention on the black gold seal soldier in front of him.

He found this very problematic!

What he found problematic was not the black gold seal soldier’s power and speed. He had both of these, even though he was slightly weaker, they were on the same level. What he found problematic was the black gold seal soldier’s resilient body! To a person like him that only had ever used a third-grade seal soldier, an understanding of the sixth-grade seal soldier was something undoubtedly very distant to him.

Its formations? Its forging methods? He did not know anything about these, much less its weaknesses.

In this short interaction, he clearly learned just how strong the body of the black gold seal soldier was Zuo Mo did not know if it was possible to destroy it with brute force, but he knew it was something he definitely was unable to do.

The Day Script Palm was useless. It had turned the soldier’s hands had turned to metal balls and still did not affect it. Zuo Mo had a feeling that even if its entire body was melted, it could transform back into its present state.

Zuo Mo stared viciously at the black gold seal soldier. He felt that this could make him appear strong, and his mind spun quickly.

Maybe he could think of a way to find Gu Xiang Tian and kill him?

Zuo Mo felt that this idea was plausible. Gu Xiang Tian’s position was changing, and probably was the effect of the formations of the Thousand Gem Illusion Disk, because the seal xiu could not be too far from the seal soldier. If the seal xiu was too far away, the seal soldier’s strength would lessen.

But where was this guy?

Yet the black gold seal soldier did not give Zuo Mo the time to think and leapt again.

Helplessly, Zuo Mo could only throw the thoughts into the back of him mind. If he wasn’t careful, he could easily lose his life to this powerful guy!

Ge has many moves, ge doesn’t believe ge can’t stop you!

The murderous Zuo Mo moved forward, his legs covered in a thin layer of gold as he stepped heavily on the ground! Golden Crow Feet! A large force came from under his feet. His figure that was already lightning fast suddenly doubled in speed!

He appeared behind the black gold seal soldier out of thin air!

For the first time, Zuo Mo’s speed was faster than the black gold seal soldier!

Without another word, Zuo Mo’s right leg was like a light gold whip that struck the black gold seal soldier!


A sound brighter than any before it!

The black gold seal soldier’s body was whipped into the air yet somersaulted away!

Of the six transformations of the Great Day mo physique, the Golden Crow Feet was the one with the most physical strength! Even as powerful as the black gold seal soldier was, it could not stabilize its figure. It was possible to see how strong the move was!

While you’re weak, take your life!

Zuo Mo’s feet pushed again. He once again appeared next to the black gold seal soldier with a strange blade shrouded in fire!

The ling power and consciousness in his body was unprecedentedly lively. Zuo Mo felt every piece of muscle, every bone, every tendon in his Great Day mo physique was vibrating together!

Countless tiny bits of power continued to merge in an extremely short amount of time, and like the streams entering the sea, they formed a great and vast power. This astounding flood rampaged through his body to his arm!

The muscles in his arm seemed to be pluck like chord and suddenly gave a clear hum as they vibrated!

Zuo Mo’s mind seemed to enter a wondrous state. Almost unconsciously, he followed this flood of power, and the flaming strange blade in his hand sliced with the flow.

Midday Blade Strike!


Translator Ramblings: Yeah, brute force is not going to cut it. Zuo Mo’s been having too much of a smooth time recently.

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