修真世界 World of Cultivation Chapter Four Hundred and Fifty One “Post-Epiphany Lei Peng”

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Chapter Four Hundred and Fifty One – Post-Epiphany Lei Peng

Midday Blade Strike!

The vast power was vented through this strike, turning into an enormous golden blade of energy that shot towards the black gold seal soldier!

There seemed to be a shadow howling from inside the blade energy, the golden blade energy changed while it and roiled relentlessly!

This was not the first time he had used the Midday Blade Strike, but this strike was clearly different!

The raging and vast power, in the moment it appeared, had caused the other powers in him to vibrate and collide like a spectacular drawing painted with rough, burning, thickly strokes! In an instant, a glimpse of understanding rose in Zuo Mo’s heart, as though something was within his reach! But when he thought about it, he seemed to not seem to have understood anything at all.

Time seemed to slow down.

Following along the pull of the howling power, Zuo Mo was like a devout believer.

The wavering golden light energy reflected on the face of the black gold seal soldier. Its expression was normal and did not change, as it shielded its body by bending inward and it raising its two crossed arms in front of it!

The howling blade energy was like a furious beast that smashed onto the crossed arms of the black gold seal soldier!

The golden light exploded!


It was as if an enormous bell rang out in a mountain valley. The sound wave reverberated past Zuo Mo and his body uncontrollably trembled!

This was power! Power that would cause people to shake!

Having just seen its appearance, Zuo Mo almost instantly became enchanted by it.

Such strong power!

Excited, Zuo Mo felt very satisfied with his above-normal display of power. Because the black gold seal soldier was a significant threat to him, he had had a momentary break through and released such a powerful Midday Blade Strike!

The blinding and burning golden light filled his vision. A surprise exclamation came from Gu Xiang Tian and Zuo Mo snickered soundlessly.

The golden light disappeared!

When he saw the black gold seal soldier was still standing in the center of the golden light, Zuo Mo’s pupils suddenly contracted. He almost shouted in disbelief!


With its body completely red, the black gold seal soldier seemed to have been just taken out of a furnace. Countless seal scripts floated on its body. On the two arms that protected its face was a wound several cun long, and a cut almost went through its entire arm!

But it had stopped the attack!

It had managed to stop the attack!

Zuo Mo’s eyes was full of disbelief. He could not imagine. How could such a great power could be stopped?

Was this the strength of a sixth-grade seal soldier?

Zuo Mo murmured to himself.

He quickly recovered from his daze, and his expression uncontrollably changed dramatically! This strike had produced a certain amount of damage to the black gold seal soldier. The red light on its body had gradually dissipated but the marks on its arms had not healed completely like previously.

The Midday Blade Strike had destroyed the seal scripts on its arms.

But Zuo Mo’s expression did not show any good signs due to this. The Midday Blade Strike just now had been a far above his normal skill level. Even if he used the move again, he lacked  the confidence in replicating power the power it had.

That Midday Blade Strike had almost used all the power in his body. The feeling of weakness flooded in.

The situation was not good!

For Zuo Mo, the situation was was terrible.




“We are ambushed.” Nian Lu swept the surroundings.

Ma Fan did not make a sound while Lei Peng scanned the surroundings in curiosity and rumbled, “Who is so brave? Daring to ambush us? Are they tired of living?”

Shang Wei Ming’s face was ashen as he said in a trembling voice, “Thousand Gem Illusory Disk, this is the Thousand Gem Illusory Disk!”

Hearing this, Ma Fan raised his face. “What is the Thousand Gem Illusory Disk?”

“Thousand Gem … … Thousand Gem Illusory Disk is the talisman that Qing Xu Sanren became famed for.” Shang Wei Ming’s mood stabilized slightly and he hurriedly explained, “It can trap people in it. There are countless illusions inside, and it is endless in space. If one cannot break through the formation, they can be trapped for their entire life!”

“It is this powerful?” Lei Peng was surprised and exploded.

Shang Wei Ming weakly added, “It is a sixth-grade talisman.”

Now everyone did not speak. Sixth-grade talisman was not something they could defeat. If Wei Sheng was here, there might be a chance

Suddenly, a loud bang sounded in everyone’s ears.

The faces of Ma Fan and the others changed. Other than the four of them, only Zuo Mo was in here. The other’s target was Daren! That was such a fierce collision, Daren must have encountered great danger.

“Three section wave killing change!” Ma Fan’s gaze focused as he said simply.

Lei Peng and Nian Lu’s eyes lit up. How could they have forgotten that move? If they encountered a dense enemy formation, they must use sword energies of even greater power, and this was also the most powerful quality of the three section wave killing change. At the beginning, they had to train together on this technique until the three of them were in sync, before it was considered complete. Later, they had been moved to the Sky Peak Platoon, and their chances of charging at the very front had gotten smaller.

“Old Fan, your brains are really good, no wonder you were once the core!” Lei Peng rumbled out.

He moved forward proactively, the three of them forming a triangle with Lei Peng at the very front. After Lei Peng had had epiphany on the battlefield, he had been laughed at by his fellows for a long time. What caused him to feel even more embarrassed was that the epiphany that was said to be a one-in-a-thousand chance had not helped him enter jindan!

The sabre scripture that Lei Peng used to cultivate was called the [Abyss Beast Soul Consuming Sabre]. The name was ostentatious but it really wasn’t a powerful sabre scripture. Sabre scriptures were hard to find, and good sabre scriptures were even rarer. So instead he wanted to cultivate sword scriptures like the [Clear Sky Sword Scripture]. This guy had a thick skin and came with a begging face to see Zuo Mo. Zuo Mo saw that such a big person like him coming to beg wasn’t an easy thing to do, and naturally allowed it. The result was that he had read every one of Zuo Mo’s sword scriptures, no matter if it was good or bad!

But after he read, he had even more questions, and even practicing the familiar sabre scripture became awkward.

That was until the epiphany on the battlefield last time that seemed to create a light among the mist. He actually comprehended three slightly unusual sword moves.

When he had just comprehended them, they were only in their beginning stages. He had skipped over to ask for guidance from others. Who knew that after Wei Sheng watched him them, Wei Sheng had praised the moves.  On the road from Bloody Sky Metropolis Jie to Cloud Sea Jie, he had helped Lei Peng gradually refine them. After being refined and carved like rough jade, these three sword moves released their blinding light.

Lei Peng called the three moves [Abyssal Chop].

Spending everyday together, Ma Fan and Lie Peng naturally knew the power of Lei Peng’s three moves. They were very powerful, and most suited to heavy assault, so he became the primary attacker.

The three stood still.

Nian Lu’s hands were like blooming lotus flowers. With a snap, a handful of small lotus flowers burst from his fingertips. Each of these little lotus flowers were the size of a thumb, small and adorable. When the little lotus flowers came out, they spread into the surroundings.

The surroundings instantly started to waver, and Nian Lu’s expression became grave.

Even though his move of his could defeat illusory formations and usually worked, but what they were facing right now was a sixth-grade talisman. He didn’t know if this would be effective.

However … …

An indiscernible light flashed through Nian Lu’s eyes.

Pia pia pia!

The little lotus flowers popped like bubbles. The changes in light around them became even more violent. However, Nian Lu stared tightly at a space not far from them—that place was only several chi big but under the his attack, from beginning to end, it had not changed a bit.


Nian Lu’s voice was full of confidence.

He had not planned to defeat the illusory formation in front of them with his move. He knew he was not a match for an illusory formation produced by a sixth-grade talisman. He was trying to find the leverage point! Any illusory formation would have some areas that never changed, these were leverage points. They were the structure to the illusory formation and would not change as the illusory formation changed.

And these leverage points were their target!

When attacking an illusory formation, the worst thing to do was to attack aimlessly. The great majority of targets in an illusory formation were illusions, no matter how realistic they appeared, they were still illusions. If they attacked illusions, they would only miss! Only by attacking the structure of the formation could they truly damage the formation.

Lei Peng’s legs bent as he crouched slightly forward, his hands holding the golden crystal broadsword. Ling power burst from his body like a fire. In a blink, his body was covered in a thin layer of ling power fire. This was a sign that ling power was being channeled to its limits.

Without needing a signal, Ma Fan and Nian Lu channeled ling power simultaneously, and ling power flames also appeared on their bodies in a thin layer.

The ling power flames on their bodies were all different. Lei Peng’s flames were red with a tinge of black, giving people an intimidating feeling. Ma Fan’s ling power fire was grey and flickering, hard to catch. Nian Lu’s ling power fire was green with pink, extremely beautiful.

Like a metal tower, Lei Peng glared angrily, all the muscles in his body expanding as he raised the gold crystal broadsword in his hand.


Countless fine air flows around him seemed to be plucked by an invisible hand. Sharp fine sword energies were like sharp shards of ice that hissed and flew.

Ma Fan’s eyes were half-lidded, the tip of the flying sword in his hand slightly raised, and Nian Lu’s expression was grave, faint lotus flowers discernable on his long and slender flying sword.

Having finished preparing, Lei Peng felt the blood vessels in his body expand, but his heart was like the eye of the storm, calm and peaceful.

His mind moved, and he acted with his thought. All the gathered sword essence was like the flood rushing through the dam and venting out!

The upraised golden crystal broadsword suddenly chopped down!

“Deep Abyssal Chop!”


The sound was like an enormous block of wood being thrown up, and caused fear in people’s hearts! The surrounding space seemed to twist. This enormous sword that was like a horse-chopping sabre seemed to come from the abyss of hell and did not have any light at all!

Black and deep!

The places where the sword edges passed appeared a bottomless deep abyss!

Ma Fan and Nian Lu also attacked at the same time!

A grey sword energy and a blue sword essence were like baby sparrows returning to the nest, combined with Lei Peng’s bottomless and black sword energy!

The sword energy suddenly grew, and that black abyss expanded slightly!

That was a power that seemed to be able to swallow anything and instilled fear in people!

A shocked shout came from the air. The owner of the Thousand Gem Illusory Disk also detected danger. The scenery next to the trio changed dramatically as the other tried to distract and confuse them.

Lei Peng did not seem to see it. The growing sword energy in his hand accurately struck the place that Nian Lu had pointed at!

The moment it struck, time seemed to slightly pause.


Everyone felt their vision darken, the blackness that was endless seemed to swallow all of them. The ground under their feel trembled and shook fiercely!

An angry voice came from the air.

“You dare to damage my talisman! All of you, wait for your death!”


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