修真世界 World of Cultivation Chapter Four Hundred and Sixty “Experts”

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Chapter Four Hundred and Sixty – Experts

“They dare to be so arrogant!” Tian Yong Qing’s gaze was dark. He definitely had not expected this group to be so reckless and heedless. Were they unafraid of offending the other powers in Xu Ling City? They did not fear they would earn the displeasure of Xu Ling Sect?

Where they showing off their martial power?

Yes! They were showing off their martial power!

Two thousand sword xiu entering the city to sell jade scrolls, what was that if not showing off?

Tian Heng Bo was so angry his face was almost twisted together. Tian Yong Qing felt as though he had swallowed a fly. He found to his shock that he didn’t have any good solutions!

Turtle Island dared to send two thousand sword xiu but he did not dare! He believed with Tian Ye Battalion’s power, they could take care of these two thousand sword xiu blink of an eye. But he did not dare to do so. If this kind of large-scale conflict happened in Xu Ling City, that was a challenge to Xu Ling Sect! The Tian Family might be the second most powerful faction in Xu Ling City but if they had to fight against Xu Ling Sect, Tian Yong Qing did not have any confidence in their chances.

If it was not a life or death situation, the Tian Family definitely would not dare to provoke Xu Ling Sect.

But if he allowed the other to keep going, wasn’t that another way of admitting that his side was not as good as the other? This caused Tian Yong Qing and the others to feel uncomfortable, even the business that were in alliance with the Tian Family felt uncomfortable!

The common saying was that the strong dragon could not suppress the local snakehead but they, the local “snakeheads”, had no way of dealing with this group. This was an embarrassment! Everyone had to stay and live in Xu Ling City in the future, where could they show their faces?

“Brother Tian, you have to think of a solution! These outsiders are so arrogant, they do not even acknowledge us! How dare they! How dare they! We definitely cannot accept this!” the owner of a shop couldn’t resist but say furiously.

His words instantly caused a chorus of agreement.

“Yes! How can we let these outsides step over our heads? If word spread, we would be ashamed to see other people!”

“Too arrogant! If we don’t teach them a lesson, they don’t know how high the sky is, how thick the earth is!”

“Ha, if I had a say, this kind of people just need a beating!”

Listening to everyone talk, a hint of darkness flashed through Tian Yong Qing’s eyes before his expression quickly became normal. He scanned the room with a smile, looking at the people and slowly said, “Bosses, you are right. Then what good ideas do you have so everyone can plan together!”

“Plan what!” A fiery-tempered owner opened, “Didn’t they want to have a cultivation class? We go find some experts to sort them out, and I want to see if they still have the face to open a cultivation class!”

“This idea is good … …”

“Good my ass!” another boss said unconcernedly, “Last time, Gu Xiang Tian, Qing Xu Daoren, and other people worked together, what was the result? Gu Xiang Tian’s dead, and Qing Xu Daoren’s Thousand Gem Illusory Disk was defeated. We don’t even know where he fled to!”

“Yes!” a boss agreed. “That high-end sword essence cultivation class, you know that one? The sword xiu there is very powerful. The sword essence he released that day was frightening! I know a jindan sword xiu who told to me to never provoke this person under any circumstance … …”

These words caused everyone to start hesitating.

Tian Yong Qing’s face gradually darkened, especially when he heard the matter of Gu Xiang Tian being killed and Qing Xu Daoren running away. The fire in his chest shot up. At the side, Tian Heng Bo was going to react but he shook his head, a signal to the other not to act.

Just as everyone was clueless about what to do, Tian Yong Qing smiled slightly and said slowly, “This matter, it is difficult but easy.”

Everyone’s attention was instantly attracted.

“What solution does Brother Tian have?” a boss asked.

Tian Yong Qing did not hide it. “Actually, in terms of power, Turtle Island is not worth so many of us working together. To say of nothing else, just my Tian Family is enough to destroy it.”

Tian Yong Qing’s tone was faint but the domineering presence showed.

Every person’s hearts shook simultaneously.

Their expressions landed in Tian Yong Qing’s eyes. Tian Yong Qing smiled coldly on the inside but did not show it. “However, this Xu Ling City is the place everyone does business, fighting and killing is not good. It is a pity that the other does not accept our good will. Turtle Island probably thinks that they are strong and we are afraid of them.”

When he spoke of this, everyone’s expressions ease and they nodded.

“Yes! Aren’t they in need of a beating?” a boss inserted.

Tian Yong Qing ignored the person who interrupted and continued, “This group does have several experts, jindan, that sword xiu called Wei that Boss Xu just mentioned isn’t low in skill.” Speaking to this point, Tian Yong Qing suddenly raised his volume, “But.”

Everyone became alert. They knew that the meat had come!

“We’re just going to watch as they rampage on our territory? Behave without regard? Expert?” Tian Yong Qing said in a disinterested tone, “So what if they are experts? I’ve never heard of an expert this arrogant! Also, they have experts, do we not have any? Which of the bosses here do not have one or two experts? When did it become that our Xu Ling City is ruled by a few jindan?”

These words struck the hearts of the bosses. Yes, so what if they had experts? If it was a dragon, you still had to coil up for us! So many experts, but all of them had been docile when they came to Xu Ling City.

Tian Yong Qing suddenly turned his face, “Boss Xu, I heard you have a good relationship with Ning Yi?”

That Boss Xu seemed to wake up. Seeing everyone’s gaze land on him, he couldn’t help but feel smug. “It can’t be said to be good, I can just exchange a few words.”

Hearing the name Ning Yi, the expressions of many people changed as a rumble of discussion started.

Ning Yi’s name in Cloud Sea Jie was famous and he was thirty second on the expert rankings of Cloud Sea Jie. This person was battle-hungry, and had a vicious and murderous personality. Of those that fought against him, if they did not die then they were wounded.

Just as everyone was wondering why Tian Yong Qing would mention such a vicious and infamous person, Tian Yong Qing said with a slight smile, “Good, Boss Xu, please pass a few words on for me. The Tian Family is willing to gift thirty pieces of fifth-grade jingshi to invite Mister Ning to battle the sword xiu named Wei.”

Hire Ning Yi?

The boss’s first paled. The Tian Family was very daring!

But then they found this idea was clever. Who was Ning Yi? That was a killing god that did not need a reason to kill! If this kind of person killed someone, no one would suspect them!

Ning Yi had a nickname called “Killing God Yi.”

They were not greenhorns and knew that acting in the open or leaving people to speculate would cause different results. What they were worried about the most was attracting the displeasure of Xu Ling City. But if they used Tian Yong Qing’s idea, Xu Ling City could not catch them or do anything.

Excited, everyone sighed in shock. The Tian Family was really rich. Thirty pieces of fifth-grade jingshi! It was shocking to hear such a great sum!

Even that Ning Yi would be unable to resist such a prize. Thirty pieces of fifth-grade jingshi was thirty thousand pieces of fourth-grade jingshi and would be enough to buy a good fifth-grade talisman.

This idea was an inspiration to the other bosses. Yes, with jingshi, how would they lack experts? The two sides would have to fight to get a sense of the other’s strength, but in terms of wealth, how could Turtle Island compare to them? Each person seated here had a thousand jingshi in their pockets. If it was competing on jingshi, they would not falter.

“I know a disciple of Gu Ming Gong. Why don’t we gather a gift and invite Gu Ming Gong?”

“Is it Gu Ming Gong who has the name of “Seal Immortal Gu?” That’s great! Add me in! Mister Gu is fifty six on the expert ranking!”

“Add me as well!”

“Haha, this group of outsiders, if we don’t kill them, ye won’t feel good. I will give five pieces of fifth-grade jingshi!”

Hearing everyone open their wallets, Tian Yong Qing’s smile grew and even Tian Heng Bo’s brow relaxed. The two exchanged a look and then smiled.

Everyone used their strength and quickly finalized the experts they could find.

“Killing God Yi” Ning Yi, thirty second on the expert ranking of Cloud Sea Jie; “Seal Immortal Gu” Gu Ming Gong, fifty six on the expert ranking of Cloud Sea Jie; “Eastern Cloud Budha” Yuan Xin, sixty on the expert ranking of Cloud Sea JIe!

When they saw this list, everyone became excited.

With such a team, not just a little Turtle Island, even Tian Yong Qing couldn’t help but feel wary. Unless the Old Master could successfully break through, otherwise, the Tian Family could not gather enough experts to rival this team! The only thing they could do was use the battalion to drag them down.

“Haha!  I don’t believe we can’t kill them this time!”

“This team is too strong! Are we overdoing it?”

“A bit, but they are unlucky to have encountered us! Haha!”

“We need to show them some power. Fighting against us, isn’t that seeking death?”

The bosses roared with laughter and felt good about their plan. Their depressed mood of the past few days was swept away! Thinking about the scene in the future, they felt extremely excited!

Seeing the scene in front of him, Tian Yong Qing’s heart suddenly moved. He said, “No one has seen such a grand modis operandi before!”

“Never! Never!” “Other than us, who can be so grand!” the people said to each other.

“If this matter succeeds, our Xu Ling City is going to be famous! Everyone is going to be famous! Who is more charismatic than us? Who has more skill than us? Who is more powerful than us? Which one in the top one hundred of the expert ranking doesn’t have their eyes in the sky and is revered by many people? But so what? We need to smash them down, smash them down with jingshi!” Tian Yong Qing’s voice was provocative as he waved his arms with an excited expression.

The other people also became excited!

Yes! Who would make such a grand move? So what if they were experts on the expert ranking? They could be smashed down with jingshi!

In this instantly, a feeling of grandness rose in every person seated here!

They did not think highly of the people from Turtle Island. In front of such a team, Turtle Island was like a little insect. Just one little finger was enough to crush it!

Turtle Island, what was that?


Translator Ramblings: If they just gave the jingshi to Zuo Mo, Zuo Mo might actually stop doing all this because he just needs jingshi.

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