修真世界 World of Cultivation Chapter Four Hundred and Sixty Two “Cave Fight”

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Chapter Four Hundred and Sixty Two – Cave Fright

Xu Ling Sect

Lu Zhen’s expression was serious. “Ning Yi, Gu Ming Gong, and Yuan Xin, is this information up to date?”

Lu Zhen was the present sect leader of Xu Ling Sect, his cultivation was in the third stratum jindan and he was deeply trusted by the elders of the sect. Under his management, Xu Ling Sect had become more prosperous than before.

“Not up to date but their goal is definitely these three. Supposedly, Yuan Xin has already agreed.” The one who spoke was Lu Zheng’s shidi Huang Jie. He looked questioningly at Lu Zhen. “Should we stop them?”

Lu Zhen asked instead, “Have we determined the origins of the people from Turtle Island?”

“No,” Huang Jie shook his head, “they are very wary. We are afraid of drawing their attention and do not dare to question deeper. We thought about asking  Shang Wei Ming but there were no results. That guy’s mouth is unusually tight.”

“En, they saved his life. It seems Shang Wei Ming is determined to help this group of people.” Lu Zhen continued, “You also saw the sword xiu in the city that day, what do you think?”

“Their cultivation is average, all ningmai, but their killing energies are dense and should be a group of well-trained lawless brutes. Among them, the ratio of those who comprehend sword essence is very high.” Huang Jie recalled. He thought of the troop of sword xiu that had flew by him, the threads of killing essence coiling around them that had caused his heart to shake.

He refocused and continued, “I heard they have a cultivation class that says it guarantees comprehension of sword essence. Since they dare to give such a boast, they must have some technique that others do not know. They also have a sword xiu expert that is not weak. It is also rare that he is willing to teach and accept disciples.”

“Who do you favor?” Lu Zhen said with a smile.

Huang Jie said after a moment, “If Tian Yong Qing and them can really invite Ning Yi and the others, seven to three. Tian Yong Qing seven, Turtle Island three. When experts fight, it is not the killing of battalions, it depends on individual power. Ning Yi’s personality isn’t good, but his strength is hard to deal with. In our sect, other than Sect Leader who can fight him, the others cannot do it. Unless the top … …”

Lu Zhen raised a hand and stopped Huang Jie from continuing. He said, “Do not worry, I have invited Huang Long Zhenren to come visit for a while. With Huang Long Zhenren and I, they would not dare to mess about.”

Huang Jie said with a smile, “I had guessed that Sect Leader would be prepared but didn’t think you would have invited Huang Long Zhenren!”

“I also do not have any other solutions.” Lu Zhen smiled and then his expression became stern again. “The Tian Family has been very lively recently. It seems that the Tian Ye Battalion’s rise in rankings has caused their confidence to inflate!”

“Sect Leader means?”

“Wait for this matter to end. We will strike at the Tian Family so they will don’t lose sight of themselves.”

“Sect Leader is right.”




In a dark cave, a trail of black shadows marched for the deep reaches of the cave.

The one walking at the very front was Lil’ Black, followed by Tenth Grade. Lil’ Pagoda and Lil’ Fire were circling around A Gui. A Gui’s eyes exuded faint purple light that seemed eerie. Silly Bird was last as she held her head high as she slowly walked her bird walk, unaffected by the darkness, she was as proud and at ease as always.

A Gui’s situation was growing better by the day, her expressions gradually becoming nimble. Lil’ Pagoda and the others always accompanied A Gui. The caves on the island were overgrown with grasses and plants, and became the playground of A Gui and the others who played happily.

Suddenly, Lil’ Black that walked at the very front stopped, its two antennae furiously waving.

The battle maniac Tenth Grade was like a cat that had smelt fish, his little face instantly showing excitement. Holding the little black sword, he flew into the darkness.

Many flames erupted on Lil’ Fire’s body, the bright fire chasing away the darkness and revealed the Lil’ Gang.

The Lil’ Ones were around A Gui as the purple energy in her eyes wavered.

Tenth Grade’s body suddenly flashed and disappeared.


A spark suddenly shot out of the air and the sharp sound of collision came into the Lil’ Ones’ ears.

The flames on Lil’ Fire’s body wavered and it timidly leaned towards A Gui. Lil’ Fire’s little feet grabbed onto A Gui’s leg and it climbed up into A Gui’s head to hide inside her hair.

Lil’ Pagoda was daring and unafraid, moving closer in curiousity.

Silly Bird had an idle expression.

Clink clink clink!

Sparks lit up the air and the sharp sounds beat down on the airs.

Using the light of the fire, the Lil’ Ones finally saw clearly. So this was a group of black insects!

These black insects were about the same size as Tenth Grade, their bodies shaped like shuttles and they were extremely fast! Their shells were extremely hard, and created sparks when colliding with the black sword in Tenth Grade’s hand but were not damaged!

Having found an opponent, Tenth Grade quickly descended into excitement, his stern face was murderous.

Tenth Grade with his black clothing and black sword was like a black bolt of lightning. In a turn, he had sealed off the advance of these little black insects.

Chirp chirp!

Sounds of the insects sounded.

Clink clink clink!

The sparks from the battle made it seem like a crescent barrier of fire had formed!

The killing energy on Tenth Grade’s face grew. He felt the pressure was increasing! The number of little black insects was increasing!

Silly Bird showed a wary expression. It detected danger!

Pia pia pia!

The sparks were bright in the darkness. The Lil’ Ones quickly changed expressions. The spark barrier was slowly being pushed towards them!

Tenth Grade’s figure moved quicker and quicker, his little face was vicious but the insects were increasing in number and he could not stop their advance!

Lil’ Pagoda did not dare to just look on from the side. It released a five colored light that swept towards the insects.

The insects that were swept by Lil’ Pagoda’s five colored light suddenly froze!

Tenth Grade who felt even more frustrated due to being pressured suddenly exploded and the sword presence grew!

The barrier of sparks suddenly expanded outwards!

Yet what no one had expected was that the spark barrier that just expanded seemed to have encountered an invisible hand that suddenly pushed it back!

Insects, even more insects!

In the depths of the cave, insects furiously came out like the tide!

The purple light in A Gui’s eyes rose. Her right hand waved and a wave of insects that were attacking seemed to encounter a fatal attack, falling down silently! When they landed, their bodies were motionless. They were dead!

A Gui’s attack caused the tide of insects to stall.


The Lil’ Ones had followed Zuo Mo for a long time, and their skills at fleeing were even better! Without needing to communicate, their figures retreated in unison, they were so in sync it was as though they were tied together by the same rope.

The insect tide that had paused momentarily lost all restraint and furiously leapt at the Lil’ Ones!

The chirping was endless and caused pain in the eardrums!

The Lil’ Ones were in sync. Frightened, they ran with all their power. Silly Bird did not have any of the composure of an expert now as she furiously waved her wings and occasionally sneaked a look back, actions which did not affect her speed at all.

The insect wave was following tightly on their behinds. Just as they were going to catch up, the Lil’ Ones suddenly sensed everything lit up.

They were out of the cave!

What caused their eyes to widen was that the insects all stopped when they got to the cave entrance. In a flash, the shadow of the cave entrance was crowded with insects. These insects packed together in layer and on top of each other. It was frightening to see.

Using the sunlight, they finally saw the true appearance of these insect. These insects were not black, but a brown color, their bodies flat and shuttle-shaped. There was a pair of thin gossamer wings on their backs. It may have been because they lived in the dark, that they had extremely tiny eyes that were almost invisible. What was most shocking was their mouth that was filled with sharp fang that caused coldness in those who saw it.

The Lil’ Ones were frightened.

They quickly found that these insects did not come out of the cave no matter what. Then they rested their hearts.

The mischievous Lil’ Pagoda saw the insects were not willing to come out of the cave and its fear disappeared. It floated to a place only three zhang from the mouth of the cave and twisted its five layered waist at the insects in the cave, making all kinds of funny faces.

The insects at the cave shifted and furiously climbed towards the cave mouth but no matter how they climbed, they would not come out of the cave.

Seeing Lil’ Pagoda was fine, Lil’ Fire and Lil’ Black also came out to taunt the insects before contentedly leaving.

Tenth Grade looked back at the cave entrance crawling with insects before leaving, his always stern face suddenly had a dark smile.

Full of murderousness!




“No problem! We will transport a batch of brown spotted rock and water soul crystal as soon as possible. Because you require a large number, it will probably be around ten days.” The shopkeeper of Cloud Pavilion said warmly to Bao Yi.

The shopkeepers from the previous incident had been punished or fired by Liao Qi Chang. This shopkeeper had been moved over from another store. He was very clear on how he had become the storekeeper of Xu Ling City Cloud Pavilion, and the young master had ranked Mister Zuo as third  on the list of people to pay special attention to.

Even though this person was not Mister Zuo himself, he was still cautious. While the King of Hell was easy to see, the little ghosts were difficult to spot, so he did not dare to slight him!

Other than using the fastest possible speed to get the merchandise, he had also given the best discount.

Bao Yi showed a satisfied expression. He knew the market and understood that the delivery speed and prices of the other provided were very satisfactory.

“Thanks, Shopkeeper!” Bao Yi raised his folded hands in thanks. Daren placed great importance on this batch of brown spotted rock and water soul crystal, telling him to order them as fast as possible. Having completed what Daren had given him to do, a rock landed in Bao Yi’s heart.

Before leaving Cloud Pavilion, Bao Yi cast a disguise over his face.

He quickly walked into another shop.

After the businesses in Xu Ling City teamed up against Turtle Island, Bao Yi’s business had entered a stagnant state. He would even have trouble buying things. Other than Cloud Pavilion that continued to work with them, the other shops did not sell them anything, much less buy.

Bao Yi quickly thought of a solution and used disguise arts.

No one would suspect him if he did not use his true appearance as he went shops to make purchases. Many xiuzhe were not willing to use their true appearances and there were many that used disguise arts.

Just like normal, he paid attention to the price of all the merchandise and the discussion in the corner quickly entered his ears.

“Ha, this time, Turtle Island cannot escape!”

Bao Yi’s heart shook and his ears instantly rose up!


Translator Ramblings: Don’t people have other things to do than watching what your neighbours are doing? For some reason, I feel 10% of every organization’s membership are actually members of other organizations as spies. Otherwise, I’m not sure how they get the information so quickly.

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