修真世界 World of Cultivation Chapter Four Hundred and Sixty Five “Danger”

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Chapter Four Hundred and Sixty Five Danger

“Is the information accurate? Why haven’t we even seen a shadow?” Xie Shan muttered lowly. They were hiding in the cloud sea with formations around them. If one did not come close, they were hard to detect.

“What are you in a rush for!” Zuo Mo glared. He also did not have much confidence. The information all relied on one person,  since there was only Shang Wei Ming in his command who was familiar with Cloud Sea Jie.

Shang Wei Ming had quickly located one of Ning Yi’s residences. Everyone had thought for a long time, according to the jie map Ning Yi had to pass through this route.

Shang Wei Ming who had been in Bai Yue City discovered that Ning Yi was travelling to Xu Ling City from one of Ning Yi’s servants in these few days.

So Zuo Mo and the others went back to waiting.

They had already been laying in wait for three days but still had not seen Ning Yi’s shadow. Luckily, they all had high cultivations. Other than Xie Shan that muttered, everyone was able to keep their composure. Zong Ru would close his eyes to meditate. His Samadhi skill was increasing by the day and was as unmoving as a mountain. Wei Sheng sat with cross legs and closed eyes, the black sword lying across his legs, his presence idle. Shu Long did not come, having been assigned to stay on the island to guard it. If all the experts left, and people took over their nest, then this matter would really be unprofitable.

Suddenly, a few black dots appeared on the horizon.

Zuo Mo’s eyes was keen and instantly saw the person at the front was Ning Yi!

His mind became alert as he said in a low voice, “He’s come!”

Wei Sheng opened his eyes, his hand on his sword hilt. Zong Ru who open his eyes at the same time now held the Crossed Prayer Wheel and was slowly waving it. Xie Shan snickered, the Paired Mirage Sword in his hand.

Zuo Mo carefully looked at the two people next to Ning Yi. They were dressed in servant clothing and should be Ning Yi’s servants.

When the procession flew close, Zuo Mo suddenly shouted, “Move!”

The first to attack was Wei Sheng!

His eyes lighting up, the black sword in his hand silently turned as it gently stabbed into empty space!

At the same time, Zong Ru and Xie Shan also acted! One of Zong Ru’s hands led, and the characters on the Crossed Prayer Wheel on his right hand lit up one by one. The sutra characters automatically fell off the wheel. They did not dissipate in the air but were like golden characters! These sutra characters flew towards Ning Yi. There were seven golden characters in all, each golden character full of dhayan ling power and shrouded sounds of Buddhist chanting!

Xie Shan’s Paired Mirage sword drew out lines of seven colored light energies like the rainbow bridge after rain, beautiful and murderous!

Zuo Mo’s Great Day mo physique was completely activated as he shot lightning fast towards Ning Yi!

The killing moves that the four had prepared did not leave anything remaining once they were activated!

Just as Ning Yi’s head seemed to be going to leave his body, Ning Yi suddenly laughed, “As expected, Ming Gong is the cleverest!”


A ball of light suddenly exploded three zhang in front of Ning Yi!

“This move is not very honest!” A servant next to Ning Yi suddenly shook and revealed his true appearance. He was wearing a bright yellow Buddhist robe, holding a staff as tall as his person!

The rings on his staff clinked, and waves of transparent light were released from those copper rings and shielding the three people within three zhang. Just now, it had been him that had stopped Wei Sheng’s silent blow.

“Ha ha, just little tricks.” The other servant next to Ning Yi also showed his true appearance. Long hair and a while face, dressed as a scholar with a learned presence.

He threw out a ball of Five Color Fog. The Five Color Fog grew with the wind and over the sky! Before Zuo Mo and the others managed to react, they were caught in the fog! The golden characters that lost their target were also taken into the Five Color Fog. Xie Shan’s rainbow sword energies were also swallowed by the Five Element Fog.

Zuo Mo and the others felt the surroundings change, and their expressions changed at the same time!

“Brother Ning, Master Yuan Xin, you can start at your leisure, do not need to hurry. This old man’s Five Element Fog is not specialized for killing and can only drag out the battle.” Gu Ming Gong smiled. His words seemed humble but were proud.

The seven golden characters that lost their target automatically came back to Zong Ru and slowly spun around him.

“Ming Gong ‘s move is powerful!” Ning Yi laughed wildly. “Haha! None of you will escape today! It has been so long since I’ve tasted blood. Now you came to my door, then none of you can escape!”

A Blood Fiend Asura Umbrella suddenly appeared in his hand. The body of the umbrella seemed to be soaked in blood and the thick tang of blood was nauseating! There was the sound of wails coming from inside the umbrella, sobbing and wailing that caused people’s minds to waver and feel fear!

Smelling the blood, an indiscernible thread of dislike flashed through Yuan Xin’s eyes. He did not speak, and only chanted lowly.

The wild laugh of Ning Yi that came from above their heads was like thunder and extremely vicious. Those that did not have enough bravery would have faltered!

Zuo Mo’s expression was grave. The other had prepared beforehand! The plan they had thought was concealed had been predicted by the other’s calculations. In a blink, the initiative had switched sides and they were in a dangerous position!

Ning Yi had not attacked but that Gu Ming Gong and Yuan Xin all showed great power! Yuan Xin wasn’t simple, since he was to be able to easily stop Eldest Shixiong’s strike.

The five colored fog in front of them was everchanging. Zuo Mo could feel a great formation power flowing within the fog!

This fog was strange!

Zuo Mo had just heard Gu Ming Gong call this the Five Element Fog Shield. Was this five colored fog the one that belonged to the five elements?

If it really was like that, then it really was not good! Zuo Mo’s heart continuously sank!

Those that used fog to forge talismans were mostly roaming xiu, because fog was not just divided into many kinds, each fog type had clear five element attributes. It was not easy to gather five kinds of fog of different elements, and it was even harder to forge this five element fog into one!

The fog of different elements was clearly divided and would not easily merge into each other. Two fogs of different elements were not easy to merge together and with the addition of each extra fog, the level of difficulty multiplied! The difficulty of merging fog of five different elements into one talisman was as hard as reaching the heavens!

When Zuo Mo heard what the other called this talisman, he recognized the danger!

He did not have the time to determine where they had slipped up. If they were the least bit careless, they would die here!

Being battle-experienced, Zuo Mo quickly judged the situation. Four against three, they originally had the advantage of numbers but the existence of the Five Element Fog Shield completely took away their advantage of numbers.

Once their advantage disappeared, then they were facing danger! In terms of talismans, they definitely could not compare to Ning Yi’s group. In terms of cultivation, it was the same. Ning Yi’s trio had become famous long ago, and were at least of the second stratum cultivation while Ning Yi was the peak of third-stratum.

Their side had all been separated and what would follow would be each person’s attack on them!

Damn it!

Zuo Mo’s mind spun quickly and his hands were not idle. He silently made a seal, and an invisible wind rippled!

It was the [Bone-Crushing Obscuring Flash]!

Gu Ming Gong’s sound of surprise came from above. “This spell is slightly interesting! But this old man will urge you to not waste your efforts. This old man’s Five Element Fog Shield has five elements cycling endlessly and is not some illusion! Be obedient and let me capture you, this old man will let you keep your life!”

The flash wind spread, but the Five Element Fog in the surroundings were not affected!

As expected, it was not an illusion!

Zuo Mo’s expression became even uglier!

But he was not demotivated. The Light Void Wing’s on his back lightly shook and he suddenly charged!

Yet no matter how he flew, he could not see the end of the five element fog.

“Haha! This old man has already said to not waste effort! The Five Element Fog will create and subdue each other, cycling endlessly and creating its own world! Even if you have heaven-tearing moves, you cannot leave this old man’s Five Element Fog Shield!” Gu Ming Gon’s smug laughter entered Zuo Mo’s ears.

“Hee, Ming Gong, why waste words on them!” Ming Yi’s cold voice inserted, “So boring, these little insects caused the three of us to have to make a trip! Ming Gong, end them. We can finish early, find a place to drink tea, isn’t that pleasurable?”

Master Yuan Xin said, “Excellent, excellent!”

Gu Ming Gong laughed brightly, “Both of you have elegant leanings! This old man will show his paltry moves!”

Zuo Mo and the others felt  the space tighten around them and the five element fog squeeze them from all directions. At the same time, tendrils of five element fog coiled around them like multi-colored poisonous snakes!

The light fog was like iron chains that were extremely strong and they were unable to move a hair no matter how they struggled!

Even with the Great Day mo physique, Zuo Mo’s struggle was ineffective. The more he struggled, the greater the power the five element smoke on his body passed over.

Was today the end?




Tian Heng Bo licked his lips, his eyes narrowed as he showed a cruel smile. He had a fire repressed in his heart at this time. The prey was in front of him, and his heart was filled with the desire to kill.

Behind him were five xiuzhe. They either had cold or idle expressions but without an exception, all of them had murderous presences! These five looked to be experienced people that spent long times on the battlefield. Only old-timers could behave so relaxed before a battle!

All the jindan battle xiu of the Tian Family were here!

Just these six jindan battle xiu were enough to deal with a battalion!

Behind the six were the battle xiu packed in tightly.

Tian Ye Battalion!

It was the first battalion of the Tian Family that had just returned from the battlefield, Tian Ye Battalion!

The Tian Family really invested greatly this time!

Other than the Tian Ye Battalion, the other two elite battalions of the Tian Family had also been called here!

Tian Yong Qing decided to use the chance to capture the Turtle Island!

Tian Yong Qing had not thought so much to start with yet Gu Ming Gong was outstandingly clever, deducing that Zuo Mo and the others would attempt an ambush on Ning Yi. Tian Yong Qing was also a smart person. His mind spun and instantly understood.

Right now, all the experts of Turtle Island had left, and the island was at its weakest, and had the least number of experts!

How could they miss this one in a thousand chance?

Once they captured the Turtle Island with its abundant ling fields, the Tian Family could instantly multiply its output and have revenue rolling in! If they took the chance of their increased reputation to recruit talents, no one could stop the rise of the Tian Family!

Even Xu Ling Sect could not stop them!

The Turtle Island in front of them was like a beautiful cut of meat that every member of the Tian Family drooled after!

From today, this piece of meat belonged to the Tian Family!

The murderousness in Tian Heng Bo’s eyes grew as he shouted, “Kill!”

The black battalion was like a black cloud that pressed towards Turtle Island!


Translator Ramblings: It is the first time Zuo Mo and the others have really tried to plan an ambush. They are not very good at this because of how limited their information is.

So the consensus is that Lil’ Fire is Zuo Mo’s playfulness/innocence/… … I can see how that works.

On a different note, I see the typos you guys point out and thank you for doing so. I just haven’t gotten around to doing minor edits.

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