修真世界 World of Cultivation Chapter Four Hundred and Sixty Six “Five Element Fog Shield”

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Chapter Four Hundred and Sixty Six – Five Element Fog Shield

Such a powerful talisman!

Zuo Mo felt the fog chains on his body tighten, his breathing became difficult and he could hear the bone-aching creaks coming from his bones.

If the Great Day mo physique was not so strong, this grinding pressure would have ground his flesh and blood into powder!

But the twisting still caused Zuo Mo enormous pain!

He unhesitatingly activated the Flame Seal Armor. The fire red Flame Seal Armor suddenly appeared. It was like igniting oil when the Great Day Banded Flame touched the fog chains. The Great Day Banded Flame grew and covered Zuo Mo’s body. He was like a burning ball of fire!

At the same time, a vast sword essence shot out into the sky among the roiling fog!

A burst of Buddhist chants could be heard. Threads of golden light streamed out of the five colored fog that covered the sky, the warm and calm dhanya essence filled the space!

Xie Shan was inside a seven colored round shield. This round shield was extremely beautiful and glittered. When the five colored fog neared, it was possible to hear the pops as the shield was being corroded.

Gu Ming Gong’s expression changed slightly. The Five Element Fog Shield was connected to his mind and everything that happened within it was known to him.

These four people were not easy to deal with!

His Five Element Fog Chains had trapped many heroes before yet these four had so easily broken free. He couldn’t help but feel wary. Even though the fog chains were the talismans simplest killing move, but he still felt insecure that the four did it so easily.

Ning Yi was also shocked but he was not afraid. He laughed madly and said, “Haha! Not bad, not bad! They have some power! My Blood Fiend Asura Umbrella lacks powerful souls. The asura is hard to form, and you have come knocking on the door! None of you will escape today!”

The Blood Fiend Asura Umbrella in Ning Yi’s hands was made by collecting extremely yin and corrupt blood fiends. The numerous blood fiends in the umbrella were as vast as the sea, countless innocent souls floating within it as though it was hell. If he could capture powerful souls in the umbrella, he could cultivate the soul into an asura and the power of the umbrella would grow exponentially!

If this umbrella was forged to its limits, it could become its own world!

But powerful souls were hard to find, that was until today, when Ning Yi found that these four all had powerful souls that fit the requirements! The was especially true for that sword xiu with the black sword, a soul that strong was extremely rare! The stronger the souls, the more powerful the asura that was forged! If he used this person’s soul to forge the blood fiend asura, he didn’t know how strong it would be!

Ning Yi was overjoyed. If he knew there was such a powerful soul, he would think of ways to kill and capture it, even if he hadn’t been asked to! This was a temptation he could not resist!

He was really lucky today!

Without another word, he leapt at Wei Sheng!




Yuan Xin’s eyes were lightly locked onto that bright golden light. The vast dhyana essence exuded through that light caused shock in him, and also his eyes to become red!

He came from a small sect, and the [Skanda Staff Scripture] was something he had accidentally stumbled on in a cave. He was endowed with great talent, and the [Skanda Staff Scripture] was like adding wings to a tiger. His cultivation increased by the day and he gradually entered the ranks of experts. He had used great effort after becoming jindan to gather all types of materials to forge this Skanda Staff in his hand.

Yet when he saw the other’s pure dhyana essence, he still could not stop his eyes from turning red!

What the other cultivated was definitely an extremely profound dhyana scripture, one even more profound than his [Skanda Staff Scripture]! He had completely studied the [Skanda Staff Scripture] and it was unable to help him improve any longer! It could help him become jindan but could not help him cultivate into yuanying!

His fingers tightly gripped the Skanda staff. Because he was gripping with too much force, his fingers were white!

No matter what, he had to take this dhyana scripture!

Only better dhyana scriptures could help him become yuanying!

The Skanda Staff in his hand suddenly paused and the copper rings hummed in unison. Among the Buddhist chanting was murderous intent!

A divine light was discernible on Yuan Xin’s face as he strode directly at Zong Ru!




As the Flame Seal Armor appeared, Zuo Mo felt the pressure instantly decrease. The Great Day Banded Flame was as powerful as expected and he released a breath.

But he still had no idea how to defeat this Five Element Fog Shield! This Five Element Fog Shield had all five elements, was full of variations, and the other’s forging abilities were clearly high so there were likely many hidden abilities that he had not anticipated.

[Bone-Crushing Obscuring Flash] was proven to be ineffective which meant that the fog in front of him was not an illusion.

Then what was it?

Suddenly recalling the formation power he had just detected, Zuo Mo shook. Did this Five Element Fog Shield contain formation-like changes?

The more he thought, the more likely it seemed.

The five elements enhanced and subdued each other. In formation, there were countless methods that used the five elements. The fog was also intangible and could change shape as one willed. In terms of formations, it could add many variations.

If that was the case, then this was really a big headache!

With a slight investigation using his consciousness, Zuo Mo’s expression instantly became even uglier. The five types of fog seemed to be mixed together casually but  it hid an undecipherable pattern. And the other had used a secret method that caused these five types of fog to remain separate at times, or to merge together in unpredictable changes.

Thinking about how the Great Day Banded Flame had just burned the fog, Zuo Mo’s eyes lit up. Maybe he could use the Great Day Banded Flame!

The flame on his body burst out again. He charged towards the thickest part of the fog and heard hissing!

“The flame isn’t bad! Pity that you are lacking! It is delusion to think you can defeat my Five Element Fog Shield with just this kind of move!” Gu Ming Gong’s cold voice came. He clearly was angry now! He had relaxed his guard momentarily and his Five Element Fog Shield had been slightly damaged. He treasured this talismans and would feel great pain at any bit of damage.

Zuo Mo felt the scenery change and the five color fog around him became red fog! This kind of fog was red like fire and moved like sharks, that smelt blood, furiously rushing at Zuo Mo!

Before he could react, a suction force came and the Great Day Banded Flame began to leave his body!

Zuo Mo was astounded!

The red fog around the Great Day Banded Flame was so thick it was almost tangible. The attractive force had come from the red fog!

Fire Element Fog!

A formation!

Zuo Mo suddenly reacted and took back the Great Day Banded Flame. It had just been a moment, and half of his Great Day Banded Flame was gone! The fire element fog that absorbed the Great Day Banded Flame!

Zuo Mo was both shocked and felt pain in his heart!

Such a powerful fog! Such a powerful formation!

The other was so skilled it surpassed Zuo Mo’s imagination. The other was able to set up a fire-absorbing formation with the fog. Otherwise, no matter how powerful the fire element fog was, it could not absorb so much Great Day Banded Flame in such a short amount of time!

He finally tasted the power of the other. As expected of the [Seal Immortal]! Before, Zuo Mo had put all his thoughts on Ning Yi and did not pay any attention on the other two. Now he understood that those with great fame were never insubstantial!

Having rampaged in Blood Sky Metropolis Jie, Zuo Mo had never expected that he would be continuously set back when he entered Cloud Sea jie. This time, he found that he was once again put in a state of life and death, and he found he actually had no solutions. Last time, when he had been caught in the Thousand Gem Illusory Disk, the black gold seal soldier of Gu Xiang Tian had been great trouble for him and he almost died.


Black gold seal soldier!

A light flashed through Zuo Mo’s eyes. But thinking about that guy’s wretched and lazy appearance, he felt this idea was unreliable!

But he really had no other solutions that he could think of at this time. The Great Day mo physique was powerful and few were a match, but the opponent’s moves were countered and  subdued the Great Day mo physique.

Other than this, he still had a killing move, [Archaic Wasteland Sacrificial Art]. While this move was extremely powerful, it expended a great amount of ling power. If it was not at death’s door, he definitely did not dare to use it!

Without another words, he took out the black gold seal paper and channeled ling power.

No response!

Thinking about the scene last time, the corners of Zuo Mo’s eyes jerked. Did this guy have to be hit to come out!


He suddenly hit the paper seal on his hand.

“Born to battle.”

The lazy and drowsy voice sounded again. The black gold seal soldier appeared in front of Zuo Mo. Looking at the dark golden features that were the same as his, even in such a dangerous situation, Zuo Mo felt his mind turn to a mess!

Heavens, why did he put his hopes on such an unreliable person?

Alright, since called one out, then he would let them all come out!

Without another word, he took out all the beast service cards in his ring, and released them one after one. Cheng Shidi had given them to him but he had never used them before.

Fire-tailed fox, White Lite Butterfly, Black and White Forked-Tailed Sparrow … …

“You have a lot of knick-knacks.” Gu Ming Gong’s snort of laughter came from above his head. “Just this trash and you want them to save your life? Haha! Listen to this old man, let me capture you. Do not waste your effort on ineffective struggles, and this old man will keep you alive!”

Gu Ming Gong’s voice was friendly and sincere.

Zuo Mo pretended not to hear it, and continuously let out the ling beasts.

After fighting for so long, Zuo Mo had generally gotten the scope of the situation. The other’s Five Element Fog Shield was powerful, but only in the area of formation variations. There was no problem in trapping him, but it would be not be so simple if the other wanted to kill him.

Understanding the situation, he calmed down.

It was pity. If Lil’ Pagoda was here, that would be good. These five element fog would be great nutrients for it. He could only think of other ways now.

He hoped that these ling beasts would be enough to have an effect, at least they had numbers … …

A Ling Beast Army, this idea was pretty good!

Zuo Mo was slightly proud.

His surroundings quickly filled with all kinds of ling beasts that numbered more than two hundred! He had used all the beast service cards that Chun Yu Cheng had given him regardless of the grade!

No one would be like him and release so many ling beasts in one go. The more ling beasts one released, the harder they were the control. Even a beast breeder like Chun Yu Cheng could not control several hundred ling beasts in one go.

But Zuo Mo did not care that much right now. It was possible to see what a level he had been pressured into!

What Zuo Mo did not detect was a gleaming pair of eyes not far from him that was staring at the ling beast army he put such high hopes on!

And there was the sound of gurgling as this one swallowed!


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