修真世界 World of Cultivation Chapter Four Hundred and Sixty Nine “Abrupt Turnaround”

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Chapter Four Hundred and Sixty Nine – Abrupt Turnaround

The bloody light released by the Blood Fiend Asura Umbrella was pulled by the black sword.

In an instant, the black sword, which looked like a horse-chopping sabre, had turned completely red as though it was fresh from the forge!

Countless fine sword essences simultaneously exploded from the hilt of the sword. Unprepared for the change, Wei Sheng’s hands were cut up by the large numbers of sword essences. The numerous small wounds had turned his hands into a mess of blood and flesh. Wei Sheng made a muffled grunt. He knew that he definitely could not let go of the sword hilt right now. He didn’t let go, and gathered his remaining power to tightly grip the sword hilt!

Large amounts of blood flowed from Wei Sheng’s cutup palms. The entire sword hilt was quickly seeped in blood. The scene that followed looked extremely eerie. The sword hilt covered in fresh blood sudden soaked up the blood like a sponge.

Pangs of heart-boring pain burrowed starting at his hands into Wei Sheng’s body.

Wei Sheng felt his mind go blank!




With Ning Yi’s battle experience he detected something was wrong the moment the black sword changed colours! However, he was only shocked for a moment before recovering his calm. Who didn’t have one or two life-saving moves? The difference in power between the Wei Sheng and himself was so great that one or two ultimate moves could not change the outcome.

He did not hesitate in channeling ling power into the Blood Fiend Asura Umbrella. The bloody light grew and the tang of blood in the air became even more nauseating. The bloody light that the Blood Fiend Asura Umbrella released was yin and corrupt. It was a great toxin for talismans and flying swords, an unknown number of talismans had been ruined by the umbrella.

One breath, two breaths, three breaths … …

Time quickly slipped away, ten whole breaths passed but nothing changed at all! Ning Yi’s expression became slightly ugly. Under his ling power, the bloody light had become so thick it was appeared to be a bloody waterfall! Yet no matter how intense the bloody light became, that black sword did not react at all. Even Wei Sheng who had been wavering on the brink of collapse was still standing!

A bad feeling rose in Ning Yi’s mind. He decided to attack at full power to prevent something unexpected from happening. If the cooked duck managed to flew away, then he would really regret it.

Just at this time, he suddenly looked and saw Wei Sheng’s eyes. He couldn’t help but freeze.

Wei Sheng’s eyes were empty and had no focus or vitality.

Being stared at by such a pair of eyes, even a person as vicious as Ning Yi couldn’t help but feel his hairs rise!

Suddenly, Wei Sheng took on an extremely strange posture, his body arched and arm raised like a scorpion that had raised its tail.

Ning Yi’s heart suddenly jumped, his expression changing. Not good!

Before he could react, he saw Wei Sheng stab lightly at the empty space between them.

There was no wind, no light, it seemed like a very gentle and weak stab.


The blood light that was as thick as a waterfall was effortlessly cut in two by this gentle and weak stab!

The sword presence penetrated the bloody light, striking one of the umbrella ribs!

Pia, the rib that was struck snapped in two!

Ning Yi was both shocked and furious!

Each umbrella rib of the Blood Fiend Asura Umbrella was forged from the whale bone, from the yin ling whale that he had delved deep into the cloud sea to hunt. Each bone was as hard as metal and was difficult to damage with flying swords. After being immersed in the Hundred Grievance Blood Fiend for hundreds of days, each of them was strengthened and was unable to be damaged with flying swords!

If his Blood Fiend Asura Umbrella was cultivated into its complete form and formed its own world, then these thirteen umbrella ribs would become the pillars that held up this world!

How could such hard umbrella ribs be broken so easily? And by a little youth that was in jindan first stratum with a single sword strike? What Ning Yi found even hard to accept was that youth had just been his prey!

The black sword!

It was the fault of the black sword!

Ning Yi stared hard at the black sword in Wei Sheng’s hands, green and white mixing on his face. His eyes carried deep hatred and viciousness but also a deep terror!

The Blood Fiend Asura Umbrella was his life. When this umbrella rib was broken, its power was greatly reduced. Repair was an extremely difficult matter. In the past, he had used all thirteen whale bones of the yin ling whale that had obtained on this umbrella and had not kept even one in reserve! It had been good fortune that he was able to kill the yin ling whale. Where was he going to find the yin ling whale now?

What made his heart bleed even more blood was Wei Sheng’s soul. Such a perfect soul was even more valuable than the umbrella rib!

What was the origin of that black sword?

That strike just now had been silent but the black sword strike still gave Ning Yi, a ruthless and vicious individual, a sense of foreboding from the viciousness and fiendishness essence released in that silence.

Wei Sheng’s empty pupils stared at Ning Yi.

For some unknown reason, Ning Yi felt unnameable terror.

Suddenly, the black sword in Wei Sheng’s hand shook lightly. Ning Yi’s pupil suddenly shrank and the fear in him rose. He turned to a ball of bloody light and, without hesitating, disappeared into the horizon!

Turtle Island!

Just you wait!

If I do not avenge myself, I, Ning Yi,will not be able to look at myself!

A moment later, Wei Sheng fell face first like a block of wood and fell unconscious.

The black sword flipped through the air and silently floated next to Wei Sheng.

Even while unconsciousness, Wei Sheng seemed to be supported by an invisible power and did not fall into the cloud sea.





The last arm of the Attainment Buddha and a ring of golden light collided together and exploded. The shadow behind Zong Ru was finally unable to withstand the barrage, and after a burst of violent trembling, it disappeared.

Zong Ru’s body shook and his face was slightly white.

Yuan Xin laughed viciously. He suddenly breathed, the Skanda Staff in his hand shining as he threw it out!

The Skanda Staff suddenly grew exponentially and like a black shadow, it howled intimidatingly as it smashed towards Zong Ru!

Just as Zong Ru was going to be struck to death, a rainbow sword energy suddenly flew out. The rainbow sword energy was like a soft rainbow coloured ribbon and wrapped around the Skanda Staff in the air!

Xie Shan!

Pew pew pew!

The light released by the Skanda Staff seemed to be slowly  corroded and weakened. The size of the Skanda Staff also decreased slowly.

Yuan Xin’s expression did not change and still smiled viciously! His Skanda Staff was forged from the yellow copper essence extracted from deep underground. Even though it was lacking compared to that prayer wheel, it was unusually heavy! His throw seemed casual but it was actually extremely famed skill and called the [Skanda Throw]. The presence was heavy, like a mountain pressing down and the other would be unable to escape!

The other wanted to dissipate the power of this staff with that little bit of sword essence? That was a delusion!

Yuan Xin did not look at the Skanda Staff, just stared at Zong Ru and waited for him to be killed. He could then take the jade scroll and the prayer wheel before he would escape the battlefield! With the jade scroll and prayer wheel, that little bit of jingshi he was offered was insignificant!

Once he had these two items, he would immediately find a remote and secret place, go into seclusion to cultivate and break through into yuanying!

Xie Shan saw his sword essence was unable to stop the Skanda Staff. His expression changed. The situation was dangerous he could not attend to anything else. All the ling power in his body was channeled towards the Paired Mirage Swords in his hands!

Xie Shan’s cultivation was the highest of the four on their side!

This explosion of ling energy, that did not keep anything back, was extraordinarily powerful!

A handful of multi-colored sword energies appeared in Xie Shan’s hands each as thin as silk threads. These sword energies that were in the thousands as they flew at the Skanda Staff. The moment they came into contact with the staff, they suddenly turned soft and wrapped around the staff!

Xie Shan glared angrily and breathed out, “Go away!”

His hand made a grab motion and pulled back!

The sword energies that were in the thousands grew in intensity. In this instant, the seven colored light enshrouded the golden light released by the Skanda Staff!

The Skanda Staff was pulled askew by a thread to the side, brushing by Zong Ru’s body and falling into the deep cloud sea underneath.

A thread of shock flashed through Yuan Xin’s eyes. He hadn’t expected the other was able to save Zong Ru. However, a cold smile came onto his mouth. That sword xiu’s figure was wavering and unable to stand steady. He clearly had used up all his ling power to avert that attack. Zong Ru’s expression was also pale white, and was also at the end of his strength.

Without a word, with a great step he appeared in front of Zong Ru and reached out a hand to grab Zong Ru.


The Blue Soul Cold Light Armor instantly shattered.

Zong Ru struggled to raise an arm and met Yuan Xin’s blow.


Zong Ru’s arm broke. Yuan Xin showed a disdainful expression. In his eyes, Zong Ru was just making his last struggle before death. He prepared the killing move when his expression suddenly changed.

“Wish power!”

Like he was bitten by a poisonous snake, his eyes instantly filled with terror, his voice was hoarse and trembling.

Grey white color was like an enchanting vine that spread to his neck

Zong Ru managed a smile, the blood lotus on his head beautiful and glistening.




Compared to Zong Ru, Wei Sheng and Xie Shan, Zuo Mo’s battle was the extreme opposite and had gone smoothly.

The black gold seal soldier’s strange suction had defeated the Five Element Fog Shield that Zuo Mo was helpless against. The balance of victory had started to tilt towards Zuo Mo.

A seal xiu that lost their most powerful talisman was left to a tragic fate when facing the Great Day mo physique, which had shocking speed and power. Especially with Zuo Mo’s physical way of fighting. The rapid speed caused Gu Ming Gong to be in a disheveled state. If it wasn’t that he had several good talismans on him, he would have been beaten swollen by Zuo Mo.

However, he wasn’t much better off right now.

When his last talisman was split in half by Zuo Mo’s Midday Blade, his face as ashen

He didn’t even have a way to escape. His speed was far slower than Zuo Mo and what made him even more hopeless was that Zuo Mo was in a frenzy, the barrage of attacks didn’t give him a chance to breath at all. He didn’t have the time to grieve over his Five Element Fog Shield. No matter how good the talisman was, if it was gone, he could forge another one, but if he lost his little life, then he wouldn’t have anything!

He only needed a span of five breaths and he could escape!

He had a transportation seal which connected to the transportation formation in his residence. If he used it, he could return to his residence. As a seal xiu, transportation seals were something that they used as life-savers, how could he forget one?

Yet the other didn’t even give him a time of five breaths. He used all his moves, feints, swindling, conning to try to drag out the time. But the other didn’t reply to his words, only charging and killing as though the other held a great grievance against him.

Gu Ming Gong wanted to cry. The one that lost his talisman was clearly himself,the one disheveled was clearly him, but why did the other still look so furious? But how could he know that as Zuo Mo fought, he recalled the two hundred ling beasts he lost. The pain Zuo Mo felt was naturally blamed on Gu Ming Gong.

If Gu Ming Gong’s cultivation wasn’t so much stronger than his opponent, he would not have managed to survive until now!

This person was young but he was experienced, as sly as a fox!

His life would end here today!

His ling power fading, Gu Ming Gong’s thoughts ended. At this time, a hand gripped his throat.

Translator Ramblings: Ge wants his money back. Also, Ning Yi, did you want unlucky number thirteen so badly that you didn’t keep a bone as backup?



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