修真世界 World of Cultivation Chapter Four Hundred and Seventy “Lil’ Miss’ Order”

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Chapter Four Hundred and Seventy – Lil’ Miss’ Order

“Feng Shixiong is well-informed, do you recognize this formation?” Li Shu looked from a distance at Turtle Island and said quietly.

Beside him was a middle-aged person named Feng Bao. Astonishment showed on his face. “It seems a bit like the Meridional Azure Aether Formation of Azure Sky Sect, is Turtle Island owned by a disciple of Azure Sky Sect?”

“Azure Sky Sect?”

“En, Azure Sky Sky is a powerful seal cultivator sect that is very powerful in Black Night Jie. They do not have many disciples, but they are most skilled in forging and seal-creating so the sect is extremely rich. What is most wondrous about Azure Sky Sect is the sect-protecting formation, called the Meridional Azure Aether Formation. It is extremely powerful,” Feng Bai explained.

“Black Night Jie?” Li Shu was slightly shocked, “So far away?”

“En, very very far.” Feng Bai nodded.

“Why did they run to Cloud Sea JIe?” LI Shu’s brow creased.

“I do not know that.” Feng Bai smiled and said, “What is Shidi worried about? According to what I know, the disciples of Azure Sky Sect are skilled in forging and seals, but they are peaceful and rarely enter conflicts against others.”

“Then it’s strange,” Li Shu said as he shook his head. “Shixiong may not know this, while these people from Turtle Island do not cause conflicts, they are not peaceful people. Their moves are vicious and decisive and the battalion they have are clearly veterans that have been on the battlefield. They would be hard to deal with.”

“There’s something like that?” Feng Bao said in wonder, “Then I wouldn’t know. Azure Sky Sect is too distant from us. It would require several years to go and investigate. I had only seen accounts of this formation by coincidence.”

Li Shu seemed to be pondering something and did not speak.

Sounds of violent explosions came from Turtle Island occasionally, the lights of all kinds of spells illuminating the sky. The Tian Family’s explosive barrage of attacks was still continuing.

Suddenly, Feng Bao made a light sound. “En, the formation has been penetrated?”

Li Shu woke up with shock and looked over. The Tian Family battalions that had been packed in the sky above Turtle Island were flowing furiously towards Turtle Island.

Had the formation of Turtle Island fallen?




“What?” Ma Fan thought that he had heard it wrong. Beside him, Lei Peng, Nian Lu and the others were frozen on their spots.

“Didn’t hear clearly? I said you can solve this problem yourselves.” Gongsun Cha showed a harmless smile, “You have the ability to solve a battle of this level by yourselves.”

Finishing, he shrugged, spread his hands, and looked away at ease.

Ma Fan instantly became frantic. His first response was —Damn it, which dumbass had offended Lil’ Miss? Dragging everyone down to feel the pain!

It wasn’t the first time something like this occurred. Once someone caused Lil’ Miss to show this demonic smile, what would follow would cause the Vermillion Bird Camp to be tormented together. When it was serious, even Guard Camp was unable to avoid the calamity.

Daren! This is not possible!” Ma Fan lowed his voice and said fawningly, “Without you, we are blind! You are the bright light in the middle of the great sea, our helmsman, only on your hands can we express our greatest power! You are our spine, we can lack anyone but how can we lack you? Even Boss has said you are a Gold Battle General!”

Lil’ Miss smiled slightly bashfully as though he was embarrassed at hearing Ma Fan’s undisguised flattery yet Ma Fan and the others instantly had a foreboding feeling.

“Your flattery is slightly sickening but mostly truth.” Lil’ Miss smiled bashfully.

“Yes yes yes!” The foreboding feeling increased but Ma Fan and the others hurriedly nodded in agreement.

“But I am a Gold Battle General, that Tian Family, at most it is a Silver Battle General, it is worth of my attention.” Lil’ Miss smiled brightly, his face like a flower and showed two rows of white teeth. “You have stayed with me for this long, if you can’t even kill a Silver Battle General, then you might as well cut your own necks.”

Lil’ Miss smiled prettily again and everyone felt their backs dampen with cold sweat.

“I’m not joking.”

So Lil’ Miss really wasn’t joking!

Stumbling and crawling out of Lil’ Miss’ place, everyone huddled together and started to discuss.

“No way, Lil’ Miss wants to play us to death?” Someone wailed.

“Don’t cry, think of a solution! If we really can’t kill the Tian Family, ha, wait for it, if we don’t cut our own necks, Lil’ Miss will hand us the blade. Or he might just snap it, that is also possible!” Hei Zi motioned.

Everyone shuddered in unison. Even a fearless person like Lei Peng was slightly white.

Especially when the scene of Lil’ Miss holding a blade as he smiled shyly appeared in their minds. Uncontrollably, they all shook again!

“Brothers! If the Tian Family doesn’t die, then we will die!” A brother’s face was full of grief and excitement.

“Kill the Tian Family!”

“Kill’em!” “Kill’em!”

Everyone’s eyes were red as their voices almost blew off the roof of the building.

When the noise quieted, Lei Peng’s voice rumbled, “Old Fan, A Ran, you two have the most ideas, quick, think of something.’

The other people looked at Ma Fan and Wei Ran. In the eyes of everyone, these two were the best at strategizing in Vermillion Bird Camp. Ma Fan had been the core before and with his personality preferred to use his cunning rather than his blade. Wei Ran was not as smart as Ma Fan, but he was a reliable person that was widely trusted.

The first to speak was Wei Ran. He said in a low voice, “It is not enough to complete this with just our Vermillion Bird Camp. Defeating them is easy, but Lil’ Miss wants is to kill them. This is slightly difficult. Most importantly, we cannot let any of them escape.”

Ma Fan’s eyes lit up, “Why don’t we use a ‘bolt the door to beat the dog’ tactic!”

“Bolt the door to beat the dog?”

“We’ll let them in and then close the formation of the island. This way, they cannot escape!” Ma Fan’s eyes were bright.

“This idea is good!” Wei Ran clapped his hands in excitement.

The other people also showed excitement. All of them had lots of battle experience, but none of them had experienced being in charge before.

Someone quickly added, “Then we have to be careful, if the defeated battle xiu of the Tian Family damages the ling fields of the island…”

“Yes, yes! Lil’ Miss is not good to offend, and we can’t touch Boss! If Boss comes back and sees serious damage, then we won’t have a good outcome either!”

“En en, we need to have enough manpower. It seems that we really have to ask Guard Camp for help.”

“Let’s do this … …”




Shu Long caressed the great black halberd in his hand. This great black halberd was even larger than the one he had formed from killing essence, and its shape was simpler. There was only a single spike that was shaped like a bird’s head and a dark red blade seemed to been dyed in fresh blood.

What was most eerie was the design, a blue-grey eye on the head of the halberd. From a distance, it looked like a black crow standing on top of a black stick.

An intoxicated smile floated onto Shu Long’s face as he gripped it in his hands. A feeling of intimacy came from the body of the halberd and made him feel as though it was his flesh and blood.

All of the mo weapons in the black pond had used totem fragments. Each mo weapon seemed to be alive and caused each of them to have an unique presence.

But the presence of the mo weapons were not like the intelligent presences of the talismans and flying swords, but were vicious and dark. It was possible to see their viciousness at a glance.

The presence of the black halberd in Shu Long’s hands was the most unique. There was no viciousness, just a barely discernable desolate presence.

It may be due to fate that that A Wen received a mo weapon that was identical to the one he had formed from killing essence, it was a dark green spear. The body of the spear was streamlined and etched with complex patterns which made it feel comfortable in the hand. The shape of the green spear was unique. The spear was shaped like a ruler-straight green snake, and the head of the spear reached out of the snake’s jaw. The eyes of the snake were eerily open.

All three hundred mo weapons had chosen their masters.

The remaining people could only wait for a future round of forging. At the beginning, people were uncaring because no one had seen mo weapons before but after the mo weapons came out, everyone had jealous eyes!

Each mo weapon was like a piece of art, simple or exquisite, they all caused people’s hearts to move!

Shu Long raised his head. He saw every person that received a mo weapon were caressing their mo weapons in intoxication.

Hmm? He smiled imperceptibly and then he hid away his smile under a serious expression.

Just now, Ma Fan had sent a message explaining the situation outside and also describing their plan.

Shu Long did not know why Lil’ Miss Daren did not act, but he knew that since Lil’ Miss Daren sent down the order, it could not be changed. Lil’ Miss Daren rarely directed Guard Camp directly but that did not lessen his authority or legitimacy of his orders.

He did not learn battle tactics from Lil’ Miss Daren, and was instead taught by that mysterious person.

He did not have any objections to Ma Fan’s plan. This plan was actually very good.

“Okay, clean up and prepare to go! Let them see the power of our Guard Camp!” Shu Long’s voice spread into the entire mountain cave.

His voice was full of bravado. Receiving the mo weapons, Guard Camp were like tigers that had wings!




The large formation in front of them had suddenly opened, the fertile Turtle Island was like an inviting female, with legs spread in front of them.

Tian Heng Bo was full of joy. His already bloodshot eyes murderous as he shouted, “Kill!”

The six jindan changed out at the front!

The two battalions behind them seemed full of adrenaline as they furiously howled and charged with vicious expressions. They feared being slower than the others!

The Tian Family was like a flood bursting the dam, unable to be stopped!

Ling fields appeared in the everyone’s vision as though they were able to reach out and touch them. Everyone couldn’t help but become excited! These ling fields were going to belong to the Tian Family! Possessing Turtle Island, the Tian Family would become even stronger! And the service they provided in this battle would allow them to receive enough benefits!

No one could stop them!

In reality, their breakthrough was unusually smooth. They did not encounter any resistance along the way, no, they did not encounter one person.


The corner of Tian Heng Bo’s eyes jumped and his expression changed slightly!

They didn’t encounter one person? Where were the people?

At this moment, he seemed saw something out of the corner of his eye. He stilled slightly and hurriedly turned around his face. In this moment, his pupils suddenly contracted and the blood drained from his face!


Translator Ramblings: I’m pretty sure that one-on-one, Gongsun Cha isn’t a match for anyone in Vermillion Bird Camp and Guard Camp … … maybe Golden Crow Camp as well but everyone is still so scared.

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