修真世界 World of Cultivation Chapter Four Hundred and Seventy Six “Soul Setting Divine Light”

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Chapter Four Hundred and Seventy Six – Soul Setting Divine Light

Zuo Mo stared at Gu Ming Gong silently.

The pressure brought by the silence almost caused Gu Ming Gong to suffocate. Endless terror spread through his heart. He felt the other’s gaze seemed to be looking at something dead, or a lamb waiting for slaughter!

I don’t want to die … …

What he did not know was that Zuo Mo’s silence was not on purpose to pressure him but because he was in heated discussion with Pu Yao and Wei.




“I want him to work for me.” In the sea of consciousness, Zuo Mo shrugged with a matter-of-fact expression. “But he is a jindan and has a higher cultivation than I do. He’s also skilled in formations so it is very dangerous. What suggestions do you have?”

Pu Yao said unconcernedly, “If you only want the forging knowledge in his mind, you can just  draw out his soul.”

“Draw his soul?” This phrase caused Zuo Mo to shudder uncontrollably.

“Even though it is slightly cruel, it is very effective. If you can draw out his soul, you can quickly possess the knowledge that belongs to him. How about it? Are you moved?” Pu Yao’s eerie red pupil narrowed and the slight smile on the corner of his mouth carried a coldness that was unique to him. He continued, “Of course, there is nothing that is perfect in the world. You will receive his memories and comprehensions but it will also affect your mind.”

Zuo Mo’s hairs rose up when hearing this but he couldn’t stop himself from asking, “What are the effects?”

“Usually a personality split, a change in personality, etcetera, who knows? Everyone’s played about with the soul for so many years, but no one truly understands,” Pu Yao said irresponsibly.

Zuo Mo almost immediately blocked Pu Yao’s method. He turned his face. “Wei, do you have any methods?”

Wei thought for a moment and slowly opened, “We can only look in the direction of jinzhi.”

Jinzhi?” Zuo Mo’s eyes lit up but then his brow creased. “His cultivation is higher than mine, so I cannot put jinzhi in him. He’s also skilled in formations so it might not be able to restrain him.”

“I know a type of ancient jinzhi that might work.” Wei was very conservative in his words.

Zuo Mo’s eyes lit up, “What jinzhi? Tell me!”

Pu Yao also had curiosity on his face. Wei’s existence was more ancient than his and he was also curious what kind of strange and wondrous jinzhi Wei could produce.

“I feel we must first discuss payment,” Wei said smilingly.

In this moment, Zuo Mo felt Wei’s expression was almost the exact same as Pu Yao. His expression instantly crumbled. Pu Yao was a calamity. Whomever stayed with him would be affected. Even this guy’s heart was black!

“Seriously!” Zuo Mo wailed.

Wei was not affected and smiled at Zuo Mo.

Zuo Mo quickly surrendered. “Alright, what payment do you want?”

“Guard Camp cultivates mo skills, it is not suited for Pu, give it to me,” Wei said with the same smile.

Pu Yao’s eyes instantly narrowed and became as long and cold as a blade, his entire body exuding an extremely dangerous presence.

Wei was not affected by this as though he did not detect the change, “My previous master was a mo, and I understand more about how to cultivate mo skills than Pu. I can get them to grow more quickly. Also, to date Guard Camp hasn’t produced even one battle general, this is enough to show that Pu Yao is not suited to teaching Guard Camp.”

Pu Yao’s expression was unfriendly. His entire person was like a cold blade that was unsheathed, the black robes he was wearing flapping despite the lack of wind as though he would leap and consume his enemy.

For Pu Yao, Guard Camp was something he was used to wile away his time. He didn’t find it so important but that did not mean he would allow someone to take it away from him! How could the proud Pu Yao tolerate such a matter happening to him?

The black fire in the sea of consciousness seemed to solidify.

Zuo Mo felt his scalp turn numb. Both of these were people he could not afford to offend!

How had he been pulled into the battle between them?

This was dangerous! Too dangerous for his life!

He didn’t dare to make a sound. He suspected that if he showed even the slightest bit of agreement, Pu Yao would tear him to pieces on the spot.

Pu Yao’s voice was bone-chillingly cold. “Jinzhi? Who doesn’t know jinzhi? Just one type of jinzhi and you want Guard Camp? You are delusional! A certain fake gentleman won’t teach, I’ll teach you! This jinzhi is called Purple Netherworld Curse … …”

Wei’s faint voice interrupted, “Purple Netherworld Curse can only be cast by Rahula Yao, if there isn’t not enough spiritual power, it would backlash on the user.”

Pu Yao stilled and his expression became uglier. “Hmph, other than Purple Netherworld Curse, there is the Needle Ghost Curse.”

“The Needle Ghost Curse needs thirteen yin bone needles, those aren’t easy to find!”

Pu Yao’s face became increasingly dark. He suddenly smiled coldly. “Oh, then I want to see what your jinzhi is.”

“So you have agreed?” Wei looked fearlessly at Pu Yao.

Pu Yao said proudly, “With this guy’s power, a skill that can be realized at the spot, without any side-effect. If you can do it, so what if I give you Guard Camp!”

Zuo Mo wanted to say weakly, “Big Brothers, Guard Camp is actually mine … …”

But intelligence caused him to keep his mouth closed. He couldn’t offend any of these two big bosses!

Suddenly, his mind became alert. Fight! Keep fighting! The more you fight, the more benefits ge gets! How did the phrase go, the crane and the clam fights, while the fisherman gets the rice … …[i]

He closed his mouth tightly and didn’t say a word.

“If that’s the case, then I will be disrespectful.” Wei smiled warmly but his words hide needles among the cotton that caused Pu Yao’s face to become a fraction uglier.

“There is nothing in verbal battle. I’m still waiting for you wondrous jinzhi to broaden my visions,” Pu Yao said ambiguously.

Wei finally said lightly, “This jinzhi is called Soul Setting Divine Light.”

Hearing this name, Pu Yao’s expression suddenly changed. His abruptly opening pupil was full of disbelief. “Soul Setting Divine Light! You actually comprehend Soul Setting Divine Light!”

It was the first time Zuo Mo had seen such an expression on Pu Yao’s face. There was a shock of terror within the amazement and deep disbelief.

Soul Setting Divine Light? What was that?

Zuo Mo’s mind was full of puzzlement. If it could cause Pu Yao to lose his composure, then it must be very powerful.

Wei still had that same gentle smile but at the time, it was full of immeasurability. “I tried to learn it incidentally but I didn’t learn it.”

“Who are you really?” Pu Yao looked hard at Wei. If it wasn’t that they would live and die together and coexist together, he would have not been able to stop himself from attacking!

He suddenly found that he knew pitifully little about Wei’s origins. Other than knowing Wei was once the gravestone armor of the former corps commander, he knew mothering else.

“I am Wei.[ii]” Wei smiled as usual, the smile warm as the sunlight of the dawn.

Zuo Mo saw the two’s tense face-off and instantly became nervous. Big Brothers, this is an’s sea of consciousness, he instantly threw the idea of the fisherman getting the rice to the back of his head and tried to make peace, “Let’s talk peacefully, let’s talk peacefully. What is this Soul Setting Divine Light? Is it very powerful?”

Wei smiled at him.

Pu Yao said coldly, “If even you didn’t learn it, how can you teach him?”

Wei smiled, “My talent is not good, it is normal that I could not learn it.”

Pu Yao seemed to hear a joke. “You feel this boy is talented? Even though he is my student, but his talents, hmph hmph, very normal!”

Zuo Mo didn’t accept that, and his face suddenly became black!

What? Ge’s talents were not good?

Ge’s talents are not good?” Zuo Mo shot back. “How was it that was crying and shouting to take ge as a student? Tsk tsk, burning the bridge after crossing it, eating and wiping clean then saying ge’s talent isn’t good?”

Pu Yao’s old face turned red as he coughed violently.

Wei had a wry smile on his face, “Yes, you can’t be that kind of yao. How about you give this student to me?”

“Don’t push it.” Pu Yao recovered his cold smirk, “I’m not a little child who doesn’t know anything! Soul Setting Divine Light is one of the ancient Great Nine Divine Lights, is it easy to cultivate? If he really can learn it, you also have the qualifications to be his teacher. Otherwise, go find a cold place and stay there.”

“Alright.” Wei nodded without hesitation. He then reached out with his right hand after speaking. Black mist came out of his right hand and quickly gathered into a black ball. It was possible to see dots of light within the black ball that made it even more mysterious.

Wei smiled at Zuo Mo and the black ball flew towards Zuo Mo and entered his body.

Zuo Mo’s mind blank as he froze where he stood.

In this instant, he felt an enormous and heterogeneous flood of mental thoughts swallowing him like an avalanche.

Zuo Mo seemed to be situated in a world of strange light. Everywhere was color. Zuo Mo had never seen such a variety and richness of color before. He thought that the colors in the entire world must be in here.


These rich colors were all kinds of light!

Some were dim, some were bright, some were vivid in color, others as black as ink … …

They  twisted, changed, were destroyed and created again!

They lived and died in a cycle, changed constantly and were so vast that Zuo Mo could not see the borders.

This was an ocean of light!

There seemed to be a voice above Zuo Mo’s head, but no matter how hard he tried to hear, he could not hear it clearly. But if he decided to ignore it, the voice would burrow into his ears again.

There was only him alone in this rainbow world.




In Zuo Mo’s sea of consciousness, Pu Yao’s face showed shock again. “Imprint! The imprint of the Soul Setting Divine Light!”

Wei smiled slightly. “It is fortunate it has not dissipated. Otherwise it would be a pity.”

Pu Yao remained silent. He was thinking hard in his mind. If it was said that he had been very shocked that Wei understood how to cultivate the Soul Setting Divine Light, then Wei possessing the imprint of the Soul Setting Divine Light made him even more confident of the guess he had.

The Soul Setting Divine Light was one of the ancient Great Nine Divine Lights. The number of people who had ever succeeded in cultivating it could be counted on the fingers. In the present day, most cultivators wouldn’t have even heard of it.

This great skill was famous in the ancient era and definitely had its outstanding aspects.

Since Wei possessed the imprint of the Soul Setting Divine Light, then he should have a direct connection to the great ones that had created this great skill.

Soul Setting Divine Light … … Soul Setting Divine Light … …

A bolt of lightning flashed in Pu Yao’s mind, and his pupil suddenly widened.


[i] The original idiom roughly translates to the crane and the clam fight, the fisherman benefits. It describes a case when two sides fight and is both wounded so that the third side benefits.

[ii] 卫 (Wei) means to guard, or Guardian. Wei’s words have a double meaning.


Translator Ramblings: Fang Xiang probably hinted this from the start but it probably got lost in the translation somewhat that Wei’s name is actually the character for Guard Camp. I could have probably named it Wei Camp but that would have given away the plot too early.

Zuo Mo mangles all idioms, you have to excuse him.

Who wrote the new summary on novelupdates? It is hilarious. May I copy it for the WOC summary page?

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