修真世界 World of Cultivation Chapter Four Hundred and Seventy Eight “Divine Light”

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Chapter Four Hundred and Seventy Eight – Divine Light

The deep of the cave was a patch of blackness as sparks shot into the air, it was as though the sparks traced the outlines of trees.

The sharp hissing of the insects were piercing to the eardrums, and came in waves like the tide. But this shocking insect wave seemed to be stopped by an invisible barrier when it had reached a certain part of the rock and could not go any further.

Xiuzhe with good eyes would be able to see this invisible barrier was actually a streak of black shadow.

The black shadow was extremely fast and almost hard to catch with the naked eye.

Tenth Grade’s little face was covered with sweat.

His figure did not slow down as he forcibly pushed back the insect wave. As his ling power was used up, the suppressed insect wave gradually pushed near the entrance to the cave. Every time this happened, Tenth Grade would gather his energy and push the insect wave back.

The two sides seemed to be playing tug-of-war.

After this continued for four hours, Tenth Grade showed weariness on face.

The corpses of insects had accumulated and packed on the ground. Threads of black energy rose from the bodies of the insects and burrowed into Tenth Grade’s body.

Every time this happened, Tenth Grade would become refreshed and his attacks would become stronger.

At an area extremely close to the mouth of the cave, Lil’ Black was timidly laying on a piece of rock. Its pair of antennae waved occasionally. If there was the slightest movement, it would rapidly crawl outside the cave entrance.

The Little Ones had gotten the patten. These insects definitely would not take one step outside the cave. In the beginning few days, the little ones would accompany Tenth Grade into the cave but Lil’ Pagoda and Li’ Fire quickly got bored and left to play outside. Only Lil’ Black was left to stand guard as though he was very loyal.

Of course, loyalty aside, if the situation seemed to be going in a bad direction, Lil’ Black would turn and run, not caring for Tenth Grade at all.

Just like this, Tenth Grade made trouble day and night for the insects in the cave.




Xu Ling City seemed to resume its peace. The restless businesspeople could finally rest their hearts.

Everything seemed just like before but everyone understood the sky above Xu Ling City had changed!

The battle between the Tian Family and Turtle Island hadn’t just shook Xu Ling City, all of Cloud Sea Jie had been rattled!

When the other factions discovered an unfamiliar battalion had suddenly charged into the ranks of the top fifty, and take the thirty second position, the first thought that occurred in their minds was, who were these people?

The Xu Ling Battalion, the number one battalion of Xu Ling Sect was ranked in the eighties, and the two positions were not on the same level at all.

Even though Xu Ling Sect and Turtle Island had not had any conflict, but the silence of Xu Ling City in this incident became the synonym of retreat in many people’s eyes. In the eyes of the local powers of Xu Ling City, the comparison of strength between the two was clear to see at a glance. At the very least, they did not believe that Xu Ling sect could destroy the Tian Family so easily.

The larger powers of Cloud Sea Jie maintained great caution towards this Turtle Island that had risen up.

Looking from the intelligence reports they had gathered, Turtle Island’s battalion was outfitted extremely well, with things like the Blue Soul Cold Light Armor. Their equipment was completely of fourth-grade talismans and caused many battalions to drool.

Cloud Sea Jie was not a rich place. But a fourth-grade outfit like this would not be extraordinary and there were many that could buy it If it was thousands of sets, then only the most powerful factions could afford it.

What really caused jealousy were the unknown golden swords in their hands. Those were talismans above fourth-grade!

Talismans above fourth-grade? Wasn’t that fifth-grade?

When did fifth-grade talismans become a part of regular equipment? When they saw this, many people’s first response was one of disbelief but the following reports all provided the truthfulness of this information. This instantly caused a great furor.

Fifth-grade talisman!

Fifth-grade talisman was almost another term for jindan. Those that had the purchasing power and could forge fifth-grade talismans were basically all jindan.

There were no ningmai that would go and buy fifth-grade talismans. Even if they could, they would definitely not bring it out unless they were at death’s door. Wealth was a crime. Any person with experience understood this.

Fifth-grade talismans were enough to motivate people to kill and steal!

They had never heard of a battalion where every person possessed a fifth-grade talisman!

When the news of the fifth-grade talismans spread, there were many battalions that had devious thoughts but the ranking of thirty-two for Turtle island Battalion made them wary.

Any battalion that entered the top fifty were not to be easily to provoked.

But undoubtedly, many more people started to notice this strange faction with an unknown name.

However, none of them would ever expect that an enormous alligator had made its way into this remote little pond that was Cloud Sea Jie without a sound.




The divine light was like hell!

All kinds of rays of light swept to and fro on his body. He switched between euphoria and misery. He switched between befuddlement and clarity, and tasted all the experiences of life!

Pu Yao and Wei did not dare to breathe as they stared at Zuo Mo, who was shrouded in the light, with nervous expressions.

Wei might have spoken with openness and bravado, but when it came to his own survival, it would be false to say he was not nervous. Ten whole hours passed, and nothing about Zuo Mo changed. Wei felt slight regret. The divine light was hard to comprehend, no one from the Sky Pool Tribe had been able to comprehend it which was why the imprint had been passed onto him.

Zuo Mo wasn’t one from the Sky Pool Tribe … …

But it was too late to say anything now. He could only pray that Zuo Mo could comprehend the divine light. Otherwise, none of them could escape the divine light.

Suddenly, the lights around Zuo Mo became dim.

In about ten breaths, all light disappeared, and his surroundings quickly became black and a void at a rate visible to the naked eye.

Joy came onto Wei’s face but he feared disturbing Zuo Mo and did not dare to breath, the nervousness on his face increasing.

The space one zhang around Zuo Mo completely turned to a void, a bottomless black void.

Within the black void, Zuo Mo suddenly opened his eyes.


A vast and authoritative presence swept furiously like a gale!

Pu Yao and Wei made muffled grunts in unison. Their faces were white as they stared in shock at Zuo Mo’s eyes.

Zuo Mo’s eyes flashed with an abnormal light and were like stars in the black void. This pair of eyes did not hold one thread of emotion, like a high up deity looking down at the mortals.

Pu Yao snorted coldly, the light in his bloody eye rising as he moved to retaliate.

At the side, the shock that was on Wei’s face was flushed away by excitement and ecstasy.

At this moment, the light in Zuo Mo’s eyes disappeared completely and showed their original appearance.




Zuo Mo felt he had had a very long dream. The rays of light in the dream had been so real but when he thought about it, he could not remember them. There was no soreness or pain in his body which was as good as when he started.

“What happened?” he asked with puzzlement.

“Congratulations,” Wei said excitedly.

Zuo Mo turned around and couldn’t help but pause when he saw Wei. It was the first time he had seen Wei so excited. For some reason, his mood also became better.

“Congratulate me on what?” Zuo Mo couldn’t help asking. He furrowed his brow and said puzzled, “I just had a very scary dream.”

Even though he couldn’t recall it, but the thought of “scary’ was deeply rooted in his mind. Thinking about it now, he couldn’t help but shudder.

“Right, wasn’t I comprehending that Soul Setting Divine Light?” Zuo Mo recalled what happened before and his eyes suddenly widened. He exclaimed, “Was I just … …”

“Yes,” Wei couldn’t disguise the joy on his face, “so congratulations!”

Zuo Mo stilled and asked in response, “I succeeded?”

“You completed the most difficult step!” Wei’s tone was excited. “In the past, I had speculated only someone like the ancient ones, with the three powers merged, could comprehend the divine light. I had not expected it to be so!”

Under Wei’s guidance, Zuo Mo found the ray of divine light in his body as expected.

But when he found the divine light, he was greatly disappointed. This divine light was as thin as a hair, grey and had none of the dazzling light of a divine light.

Zuo Mo couldn’t help but frown. “This is the divine light?”

Wei saw Zuo Mo’s expression and knew what this guy was thinking. He wasn’t angry and said with a smile, “This is the Soul Setting Divine Light. Don’t judge it by its appearance, if you can comprehend its true meaning, its appearance will change. Feel it well, all the wonders of the Soul Setting Divine Light is within it. I cannot teach you the remainder, you need to comprehend on your own.”

Zuo Mo was very discontent at Wei’s irresponsible attitude. “What about jinzhi? Didn’t you say that the Soul Setting Divine Light can make jinzhi? I was aiming for the jinzhi! Wei, it is wrong for you to trick me so, you’re making it a habit!”

Wei didn’t know to laugh or cry. “Try to recall it, the wonder will naturally occur.”

“Hm! There it really is!” Zuo Mo’s mind moved and several unfamiliar spells appeared in his mind. He was slightly shocked and carefully inspected these spells. He said, “Good, you didn’t con me! Wei, I’m telling you, don’t copy Pu and make a habit of tricking me, becoming a villain!”

At the side Pu Yao’s face became green.

Wei roared with laughter and his heart felt light. This divine light imprint had been a sickness in Wei’s heart. In the past, there had been high hopes for him, the tribe had thought that he would be the person most likely to comprehend the Soul Setting Divine Light in the tribe, so this imprint had been passed onto him. Yet no matter what, he could not comprehend the divine light. When the danger had come, he had sacrificed himself, turning himself into the spirit of the artifact. He was forged into the gravestone armor though a secret method to help the people protect the tribe.

Yet the tribe still was destroyed later on. Personally seeing the last clansmen die, Wei’s heart ached.

The gravestone armor had passed through the hands of many strong people. His owners had all being very powerful people but he had never revealed the greatest secret, Soul Setting Divine Light!

Because he knew they could not cultivate it.

But this imprint was like a chain of fate binding his heart. He only felt relieved of the burden today and was unspeakably happy.

The Soul Setting Divine Light that intimidated all of the primitive era once again saw the light of day!

Suddenly, he was full of anticipation towards the future.


Translator Ramblings: The Soul Setting Divine Light is not something that will be completely understood immediately, it takes time. Zuo Mo only needs it to put in jinzhi which is not something that is extremely “high-level” relative to the light itself.

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