修真世界 World of Cultivation Chapter Four Hundred and Eighty “Winds and Clouds Move”

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Chapter Four Hundred and Eighty – Wind and Clouds Move

Qinghua Xue had been secretly monitoring Xiao Mo Ge’s movements after their battle . But after the war chess match Xiao Mo Ge seemed to have evaporated from the yao world and his location was unknown. Many factions that were interested in Xiao Mo Ge and put in great effort into their search but could not find even a trace.

Who was Xiao Mo Ge?

No one knew. This genius youth that appeared out of nowhere was as dazzling as a meteor and just as mysterious. No one knew where he came from, no one knew who he really was, no one knew where he had learned those high level yao arts that seemed extremely ancient.

He was like an unfathomable riddle.

Among the younger generation of yao, his power was definitely not ranked in the top. Every yao youth could come up with a pile of names that were more powerful than he was. Up to now, he only had a prison-breaking battle, a battle arena, and a war chess matches. Compared to those great geniuses that had gone through hundreds of fights at such a young age, his accomplishments were much dimmer.

But with these three battles, the name of Xiao Mo Ge seemed to have a strange attraction that enchanted many people.

Qinghua Xue who had actually fought against him felt this more than the great majority of people.

She had been secretly paying attention to Xiao Mo Ge. The branch she was part of was a cadet branch of the Blue Flower Family but the power that she could use was not something a normal family could rival. Everyone also knew about the conflict between Xiao Mo Ge and the Blue Flower Family. The attention she paid Xiao Mo Ge did not attract any curiosity in the clan. When Qinghua Zang Shui had any news of Xiao Mo Ge, he would take it to his sister.

But as Xiao Mo Ge’s disappearance increased in length, many people gradually lost their patience, for example Ji Li Yu.

Qinghua Xue was very patient and she did not need to attend to countless matters like Ji Li Yu. She was just the most average young person in the family. No one knew she possessed astounding strength. Only her brother, Qinghua Zang Shui, had guessed a part of it.

She patiently waited for her target to appear.

Her wait was finally repaid. Nan Yue who had a connection to Xiao Mo Ge led her clan to leave! This instantly attracted her attention. She immediately found an excuse to leave the family and secretly followed Nan Yue.

Several accidents in the journey attracted her attention. Nan Yue seemed to have almost detected her a few times. This caused great shock in her. The power that Nan Yue displayed along the journey, especially that powerful yao art, caused Qinghua Xue even greater shock.

It was long an open secret that Xiao Mo Ge possessed great amounts of high-level yao arts. This was also why many speculated that he had a great birth.

She was amazed at the power of the [South Sky Arrow Art] but she did not have the thought to steal it. Her own [Blue Flower] was not lacking compared to the other’s yao art.

She secretly arrived with Nan Yue to the base of the Grey Clan. Not long after, Ming Jue Zi’s clan also arrived. All the signs caused Qinghua Xue to feel excitement. Xiao Mo Ge must be planning something. Otherwise, why would the three clans gather together?

Time slipped away. The three resided as neighbors and there was not any action.

Qinghua Xue idly waited without any impatience. She found a residence located near the place the three clans were residing. The residents nearby were filled with good will towards this warm and quiet little girl. Some generous aunts would come visit occasionally to help and she felt even happier than she did at home.

This day, she woke up early just like normal.

The residence was by the border of a forest with the building’s doorway facing a river. The land of the three clans was on the other side of the river. She could see the other side without even leaving her door.

On the other side of the river, a large group of people were gathered on the empty space beside the river.

Qinghua Xue clearly saw that the leaders were Nan Yue’s trio. They seemed to be practicing some kind of battle formation.

Qinghua Xue’s eyes lit up. Were they creating a battalion?

Thinking about Xiao Mo Ge’s golden battle general status, she didn’t find it strange. However, she had watched the three clans for a long time and knew their situation. Of the three clans, the Grey Clan was the strongest but they were just a little clan. Nan Yue’s clan only had eleven people while Ming Jue Zi’s clan was also a little clan.

It was impossible to make a battalion with these few people but Nan Yue’s group were clearly practicing battle formations!

Qinghua Xue didn’t know much about battle formations but she could still see the power in it. A daring thought suddenly charged into her mind

—Xiao Mo Ge had returned!

For some reason, excitement suddenly appeared in her usually calm heart!




Zuo Mo did not think much of Pu Yao’s great plan. He felt that this was Pu Yao acting out of embarrassment in hopes that he could wash away the shame of Wei taking Guard Camp away from him.

A battalion?

How many people did Nan Yue and the others have? What battalion could they make! Just nonsense!

He could only feel sympathy for Nan Yue and the others. Pu Yao’s great anger would probably vent on this little pitiful group of friends but he didn’t plan on stopping this. If Pu Yao’s anger moved to him, he couldn’t deal with it either! If Pu Yao started to fight Wei again, the person harmed would be him!

If the tenants fought, the property damaged would still be the landlord’s!

So Zuo Mo wisely closed his mouth, did not speak and did not oppose.

Nan Yue, wait for ge to get rich, ge will make it up to you guys … …

So Zuo Mo threw himself back to his cultivation with a mind at peace.

The matters of the island were going smoothly and there was nothing he needed to worry about. He could finally cultivate with a peaceful heart. This was extremely difficult for him.

After the three powers became one, his three powers could change among themselves but there were weak and strong powers. Without a doubt, his mo physique was the most powerful, followed by his consciousness, and his ling power was ranked last.

By now, he finally tasted the trouble that his shortcoming of ling power brought him. The three powers were like a bucket of water made from three plants of wood. How much water this bucket could hold was not decided by the longest plank, but by the shortest.

His pitiful ling power was undoubtedly the shortest wood plank.

If he could not repair this shortest plank, then no matter how much he added to the other two planks, there was no use.

In reality, his mo physique and consciousness had almost stopped growing. Zuo Mo knew that the culprit that had created this situation was his ling power.

The pitiful Zuo Mo held the Black Processing Meditation mat in his right hand, a handful of jingshi in his left as he cultivated ling power day and night in the hopes that he could increase his ling power as soon as possible.




Xu Ling Sect.

“What?” Lu Zhen’s expression changed dramatically. His voice became hoarse. “How did the news leak?”

Huang Jie’s face was ashen, his eyes terrified as he said in a trembling tone, “I don’t know! We’ve been very good at keeping it a secret! The people below never had the chance to interact with the outside … …”

“Then how did it leak?” Lu Zhen furiously interrupted him. His forehead was filled with beads of sweat, his tendons showing.

“Don’t know … … don’t know … …” Huang Jie’s face was as white as paper as he mumbled soullessly.

At this time, a disciple stumbled in.

“Bad news! Bad news! Sect leader! Li San has been killed … …”


Huang Jie’s legs weakened and he sat down on the ground with a hopeless face.

At this moment, Lu Zhen recovered a thread of calm. He knew what was most important at this time was not to make any measures to resolve this but to report to the top immediately!




Zong Ru walked with bare feet and closed eyes on the streets of Xu Ling City like a normal dhyana xiu. The people that recognized him along the way all showed respectful expressions, and silently bowed towards him.

In a short time, Turtle Island had become the faction most respected by low-level xiuzhe in Xu Ling City.

Compared to Xu Ling Sect that ignored everything else, the other factions that tried to oppress them, the friendliness that Turtle Island showed low-level xiuzhe was something they had never seen before.

Of the many Turtle Island Cultivation Classes, Zong Ru was the most diligent.

Dhyana xiu were a very special group among xiuzhe. Their obsession with spreading their dhyana path far surpassed other xiuzhe. Sword xiu only sought the sword and many did not have a successor during their entire lives. They would only leave behind their knowledge to those who were fortunate. Seal xiu were always immersed in the formations and seals, and did not have any interest in taking disciples either. Roaming xiu mostly passed their skills from father to son keeping their skills a family secret.

What dhyana xiu wanted was to spread their skills to everyone. They were more willing to pass what they know.

The [Sky Wave Fist Scripture] that Zong Ru first cultivated had been passed onto him for free from an old dhyana xiu. Even though the cultivation classes required paying fees, but the number of people that came to each class to learn far surpassed the number that were registered.

He never sent them away and only serenely taught.

That serene and calm aura was something even Yi Zheng who came from a famed sect couldn’t help but admire.

Even now, Yi Zheng could not understand why this dhyana xiu that did not have orthodox origins was even more powerful than the shixiong from the temple! It wasn’t that he was stronger in strength but in the presence of a dhyana xiu!

Zong Ru’s lectures were extremely long, and usually spanned multiple days.

The number of dhyana xiu that came to listen increased over time, and many came from other cities to listen.

After class, Zong Ru liked to stroll along the streets. For some reason, whenever he walked among this bustling tide of people, he could feel a strange movement in his heart. This strange feeling attacked his mind as though it wanted to tell him something, so he would do it often.

Strolling quickly became one of his practices.

But today … …

Zong Ru stopped in his steps.

At the opposite street corner, a group of people with treasure lights laughed and talked heedlessly.

“Ho, this Xu Ling City is pretty prosperous!” The one that spoke was a male dressed in red robes. He looked around furtively and then his eyes suddenly lit up, “That girl isn’t bad!”

“Where?” “Where?”

The other people instantly became excited and crowded over.

“There, that one, do you see, the one in blue armor! Those bones … …” The red-robed male drooled.

The other people also looked with bright eyes.

“Alright! Don’t make trouble!”

The people that had been drooling instantly withered.

The one that spoke was a middle-aged person. His tone was cold as his gaze slowly swept the surroundings.

What was strange was that his gaze seemed like the black ice at the bottom of the earth. It carried astounding coldness. Everywhere it passed, the temperature dropped and the ice was bone-achingly cold. A puddle rapidly turned to ice.

All the passerby in the surroundings were shocked and scattered in panic.

The middle-aged man’s gaze landed on Zong Ru’s body.

Without any sound, a layer of white frost appeared on Zong Ru’s body, especially his eyebrows that were covered in frost.

His brows suddenly trembled, and the frost fell. Zong Ru slowly opened his eyes.


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