修真世界 World of Cultivation Chapter Four Hundred and Eighty Three “Elder Shen!”

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Chapter Four Hundred and Eighty Three – Elder Shen!

When Tenth Grade pulled a little person clad in white, who was about the same size as himself, in front of Zuo Mo, Zuo Mo’s chin almost dropped to the ground.

“Please, Master, bestow a name!” Tenth Grade said gravely.

Zuo Mo curiously looked at the little person in white. The little person in white seemed slightly embarrassed and hid behind Tenth Grade with a timid gaze. The little person in white was the same size as Tenth Grade, the face as handsome and exquisite but the person in white had softer features than Tenth Grade. Tenth Grade’s features were much harsher This caused the two to have completely different presences, the little person in white gave off the feeling of being sunny while Tenth Grade presence was cold.

After staring for a while, Zuo Mo still could not figure out if the little person in white was male or female.

Zuo Mo pointed at the little person in white and turned to look at Tenth Grade, “He is your … …”

“Brother!” Tenth Grade’s expression was stern and serious.

Oh, so it was a male, such a pity … … oh, why do I find it a pity … …

“Then he is named Sunshine.” Zuo Mo’s poor imagination meant he really could not think of a better name.

“Sunshine … …”Tenth Grade tilted his head, his little face serious. He felt this name was pretty good, “Many thanks for the name, Master!”

Sunshine gave a sunny smile.

The two quickly flew off and disappeared to play somewhere else.

Zuo Mo shook his head and continued his plan of getting rich.




In the cave, Gu Ming Gong looked at the insect corpses on the ground and his entire person seemed to be struck by lightning.

Da … … Daren … …” The trembling in his voice was clear, his tongue seemed to be tied as he stammered out a question, “Who … … killed all of these?”

“Oh, my ling beasts,” Zuo Mo said. He then asked enthusiastically, “Can these insect corpses be used to forge black wave leaf armor?”

Gu Ming Gong was stunned. Killed by ling beasts? Heavens, those were powerful ling beasts!

Deep granite leaf insects were fifth-grade ling beasts! Their hard armor was unable to be damaged by flying swords below fifth-grade! Deep granite leaf insects basically had no weakness. They were not afraid of poison, fire, or cold and they lived in groups which made them extremely difficult to deal with.

He picked up an insect corpse from the ground. This deep granite leaf insect had died long ago, and there wasn’t a single mark on the outer shell. But when he opened the outer shell, there seemed to be a sword wound that went through the entire body of flesh.

Such a powerful sword essence!

Such a powerful ling beast!

Gu Ming Gong recovered from his shock. “Yes, it can be forged! It can be forged! This subordinate has never seen so many deep granite leaf insects before, Daren, you may laugh but this subordinate has really had a fright.”

Hearing that the black wave leaf armor could be made, the rock in Zuo Mo’s heart landed and his face was joyful.

This could be used for many black wave leaf armors! Maybe each person could get one!

Daren, have you explored the cave?” Gu Ming Gong suddenly asked.

Hearing this, Zuo Mo thought, was there something else in the cave. He hurriedly asked, “No, what is it?”

Gu Ming Gong explained, “Daren may not know that the deep granite leaf insect has a special characteristic, they like to consume earth metals to help them strengthen their armor. So deep granite leaf insects usually reside on top of mines. Daren may want to inspect the area. If this mine could be found, it would be of great benefit.”

Hearing this, Zuo Mo’s heart was moved.

For any power, mines were extremely important as it meant they had a steady income. No matter how rich a power was, if it did not have a steady income, this power would not be able to survive for long. Turtle Island had very good conditions, no matter if it was the ling fields, the cold silkworm cave, those were all very constant incomes.

If they could have a mine, that would be the icing on the cake.

Zuo Mo decided to explore the cave, and this incident also reminded him that there were many unexplored caves on the island. There were probably many secrets that he had not found. After he finished exploring this cave, he would definitely explore the entire island.

The cold silkworm cave had not been completely explored, the inside was bone-achingly cold , which made it hard to travel in.

Out of consideration for safety, Zuo Mo did not enter the deeper parts of the deep granite leaf insect cave alone and pulled everyone along to explore it. As expected, they found a vein of rock grain steel.

Rock grain steel was fourth-grade material and widely used in making all kinds of talismans so it was highly expensive.

Rock grain steel vein, tens of thousands of mu of ling fields, cold silkworm cave, Turtle Island was far wealthier than any other sect in Xu Ling City.

But only the few that explored with Zuo Mo knew about the vein. There were many people on the island now and the situation outside was unstable. If the news of this vein was leaked, people would likely immediately attack.

It was better to be low-key in this time.




Xu Ling Sect was disturbed everyday by xiuzhe that furiously inquired to the location of the Sun Shen Hall. Lu Zhen and the others could not escape.

“Ah, when will the top send people!” Huang Jie groaned, his face in a grimace. If it wasn’t that the others were wary of the power behind the two of them, the xiuzhe would have torn the two of them to pieces!

“Soon.” Lu Zhen pretended to be calm.

At this time, the oil lamp on the table suddenly exploded with light, and an authoritative voice sounded inside the room.

“Come forth to welcome!”

Lu Zhen and Huang Jie paused and then both showed overjoyed expressions. They flew out together. Lu Zhen took out a little jade chime and lightly tapped it twice.

The long chime sounded in the entire Xu Ling Sect.

A beat later, countless Xu Ling Sect disciples flew off the mountain with dignified expressions and in organized lines.

The jindan xiuzhe that were all impatiently waiting opened their eyes wide to see what Xu Ling sect was doing. Those that were smarter shifted their expression and thought of the sect supporting Xu Ling Sect. Was the power behind Xu Ling Sect about to show itself?

Countless disciples lined up from Xu Ling Sect all the way to the outside of Xu Ling City. They respectfully stood in two rows soundlessly. The ceremony was so heavy that all the jindan in Xu Ling City became grave.

Lu Zhen and Huang Jie appeared at the very front of the line.

Just as everyone was raising their heads in wait, a line of fire suddenly appeared on the horizon. This line of fire was not evident at the beginning, but in a blink of an eye, it magnified and covered the sun to burn the sky.

The sky that had been blue lost all of its color!

The burning fire swallowed the sky!

The green grass on the ground withered at a visible rate and turned black. The rivers floating on the ground seemed to boil! Streams that were slightly smaller completely dried up.

It seemed like the end of the world!

All the jindan that saw this scene showed shocked expressions, those less brave felt their knees knocking together.

There was only one word in their mind


Only a yuanying could possess such a presence!

The sky-covering flames seemed to find a vent and rapidly flooded towards Lu Zhen and Huang Jie. When it neared them, it manifested into two people. The one leading was an old person dressed on red robes and a youth was standing beside him.

The sky that had been fiery red became blue again without any smoke.

“Disciple Lu Zhen, greets Elder Shen!”

“Disciple Huang Jie greets Elder Shen!”

Lu Zhen and Huang Jie respectfully knelt on the ground and kowtowed three times. Behind them, all the disciples of Xu Ling Sect knelt on the ground. The spectacle was extremely grand.

Elder Shen’s complexion was rosy and had a mole on his forehead. His gaze was sharp and fiery, and seeing such a scene, he showed a complimentary expression. “Not bad, you have done well. Even though accidents happened this time, but your service is greater than your offense. After this matter, you can return to the sect.”

Lu Zhen and Huang Jie was overjoyed. This had been what they were worried about the most but hearing Elder Sheng’s words, it seemed that the top would not pursue their mistakes this time and allowed them to return to the sect. What they had wished for so long was being fulfilled, the two couldn’t help but cry tears, and bowed again, “Thank Elder for your beneficence!”

“Alright, stand up,” Elder Shen said faintly.

“Yes!” The two finally stood up.

At this time, the young person next to Elder Shen stepped forward and raised his hands in congratulations, “Congratulations, Shidi.”

The two didn’t dare to slack off and hurriedly returned the greeting. “Greetings to Li Shixiong!”

If Ning Yi was here, he would definitely recognize this was the Li Shu who had plotted against Turtle Island with him. In name, Li Shu was the shixiong of Huang Jie and Lu Zhen but his authority was much greater. Once the two returned to the sect, there were many places that they needed to rely on Li Shu so it was naturally they did not dare to offend him.

From beginning to end, none of them even looked at the other xiuzhe in the surroundings, not even out of the corner of their eyes.

Those arrogant and wild jindan were completely silent.

Yuanying xiuzhe definitely could walk wherever they wanted in Cloud Sea Jie!

Those xiuzhe that had ran to Xu Ling Sect to pressure Lu Zhen all had ashen faces. If the other wanted to settle the score, no one would be able to escape. In front of yuanying xiuzhe, they had no power to resist.

Jindan xiuzhe could be defeated by being overwhelmed by a large number of people. On the battlefield, the death rate of jindan xiuzhe was not low which was enough to show their vulnerability.

But against yuanying, this tactic was not effective! If there was a little bit of error, just the slightest opening, it was enough for a yuanying xiuzhe to escape.

Due to this, the fatality rate of yuanying xiuzhe was extremely low on the battlefield.

Only yuanying xiuzhe could kill yuanying!

Thinking about the other’s overwhelmingly destructive presence, no one could gather any courage.

There had been great speculation about Xu Ling Sect before but no one had expected the person to come was a yuanying! Those people also noticed what Lu Zhen had called this person. Had the power that send this person have other yuanying xiuzhe?

Sects that possessed yuanying xiuzhe were ones people needed to look up to!

What kind of sect could have more than one yuanying?

The chaotic situation stabilized rapidly on the arrival of a yuanying xiuzhe! There were no people fighting on the streets and everyone seemed to become harmonious and polite in an instant.

Xiuzhe started to leave. They felt the hope was small and left.

But many jindan still stayed. They had been chasing shadows before, but as the yuanying came, it only seemed to confirm the truth of the rumor.

If it was not real, why would a yuanying come in person?


Translator Ramblings: Both Sunshine and Tenth Grade are male. If one of them has to be female, it would be  Tenth Grade and not Sunshine. Tenth Grade is actually the passive and feminine force if we go by coloring alone.

We finally get to see someone of the yuanying stage. Also, more jingshi!

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    1. Stage Title Expected Lifetime
      1 Lianqi (Forging Energy) Normal
      2 Zhuji (Establishing Foundation) Normal
      3 Ningmai (Congealing Channels) Normal
      4 Jindan (Gold Core) Three hundred years
      5 Yuanying (Nascent Soul) Five hundred years
      6 Fanxu (Return to Nothingness) Seven hundred years
      7 Dasheng (Great Vehicle) One thousand years

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