修真世界 World of Cultivation Chapter Four Hundred and Eighty Nine “Ambush”

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Chapter Four Hundred and Eighty Nine – Ambush

A blinding light appeared beside his feet without any warning!

His vision turned completely white and he was unable to see a thing. A dangerous and trembling presence was aimed straight at his brow and his heart jumped. Shocked, his body had almost unconsciously retreated!


Someone was ambushing him!

Damn it! He had not even detected the other’s existence!

The shock he felt was indescribable. Zuo Mo had been through hundreds of the fights but this was the first time someone managed to ambush him from right in front!

The Light Void Wings were activated to their maximum power, time seemed to stretch out at this moment, and everything seemed so slow. That thread of intimidating killing energy was like glue. No matter how Zuo Mo dodged or tried to escape, it was tightly following him!

The sharp and bone-chilling killing presence, the strong pressure that seemed to aim straight between his brow caused Zuo Mo’s nerves to be tensed to their limits.The Light Void Wings were furiously flapping at a remarkable rate, the air was howling in his ears and carried the exclamations of shock from Wei Sheng and the others, but Zuo Mo did not hear any of this. All of his attention was focused on that point of killing essence that was seemingly tangible!

His ten fingers seemed to be strumming the pipa as a string of blinding lights continuously expanded in front of him!

Little yao arts!

At this crucial moment, what Zuo Mo could choose was only little yao arts!

Simple and instantaneous, this most basic yao arts became Zuo Mo’s only choice at the moment.

Bam bam bam!

The sound of breaking was like a drumbeat. That thread of intimidating murderousness was not affected at all! In front of it, the little yao arts were like layers of paper mache, and the dot of black within the sky full of fragmented energies did not change at all.

The dark and cold killing essence made him feel as though he was in a glacier and the blood inside his body seemed frozen.

Terror was like a great poison that spread to every corner of Zuo Mo’s body. The god of death was so close to him, the rotten breath of the death gold almost breathing onto his face!

Was he going to die?

This thought uncontrollably appeared in his mind.

Time seemed to stop at this moment, everything in the surroundings became silent.

His chaotic consciousness became normal again.

The killing essence was still bone-penetrating, but the terror inside had disappeared. Zuo Mo entered a very strange state. In this moment, his mind was as clear as the water in a lake, the impulse that had accumulated due to the yao arts suddenly erupted like a volcano!

His fingers swiped through the motions as though they were out of his control. Strange paths, strange ling power vibrations, strange feeling, but everything was so natural as though it was water flowing.

Ten dots of light were like ten spinning stars drawing out ten serene blue lights!

Complex yao arts flowed past his mind. The serene blue light that his fingers were producing grew brighter. Zuo Mo’s mind was abnormally calm!

The slender yet bright serene blue lights seemed to grow like bean sprouts and climbed onto Zuo Mo’s hands.

His hands seemed to be covered in serene blue gloves of light.

When these two hands met in the air, a light that was as blinding as sword energies suddenly exploded from in front of Zuo Mo’s chest.


A howl of beast suddenly swept past with an ancient presence.

As though there was a wasteland beast looking down authoritatively under a full moon!

Archaic Wasteland Sacrificial Art!

The ambusher made a light sound. His body was like an earthworm that twisted strangely. The sky full of light suddenly retreated and it turned into a sword light that suddenly increased in speed and shot at Zuo Mo.!

Wei Sheng’s heart sank down. His sword strike that had flipped day and night looked easy but in reality, it was his masterpiece. It didn’t just contain his recent comprehensions, it had also consumed the greater half of his ling power.

The strength of the ambusher far surpassed his imagination!

Even if his ling power was not used up, he may not be a match for the other if they faced each other in true combat, much less an ambush. This ambusher’s sword light was grand but the sword essence was cunning and poisonous. It was not similar to any sword essence he had seen before. The other had comprehension of sword essence that was even higher than Wei Sheng’s.

Where had such a powerful enemy come from?

But at this time, he could not attend to anything else. Wei Sheng’s black sword pointed at the other, the ling power in his body boiling as it furiously flooded into the black sword!

The ambusher suddenly twisted and bounced away strangely. A dark sword energy had suddenly appeared where he just had been standing as though a cut had been made on the sky.

The ambusher seemed to have detected it a long time ago, and turned his head back with ease to stare at Wei Sheng.

Wei Sheng saw a pale white mask, ugly and unmoving, tightly worn on the enemy’s face. The pair of eyes within the eye slits were full of dark murderousness!

The other suddenly grinned and the pale white mask was pulled into a strange smile that caused anyone who looked to feel a chill.

Wei Sheng’s eyes blurred and he lost track of the other.

But his pupils suddenly contracted. At this time the sword light viciously stabbed into the light in front of Zuo Mo’s chest!

A beast’s howl that carried an ancient presence suddenly spread outwards with Zuo Mo as the center.

The dust and smoke dissipated, leaving behind a shadow that was like a little mountain, an ancient colossal beast that appeared in everyone’s vision. The two lantern-sized eyes were full of dignity.

There was a bright sword energy held in its mouth.

Zuo Mo panted heavily, his hands covered in light one position forward and one back as though he was trying hard to grab onto something. Sweat snaked down his forehead. His eyes were glaring, his hands trembling slightly as though he was using great strength.

That bright sword energy was like a little snake that constantly struggled!

The sword energy gradually dimmed until it disappeared.

The wasteland beast that was like a little mountain crumbled soundlessly and also disappeared.

Seeing Zuo Mo was fine, everyone released a breath. Then they all looked warily at the surroundings to stop that strange sword xiu from making an ambush again.

After a while, there was no movement and Zuo Mo sat down on his behind, only able to pant.

From the moment he was ambushed until now, it was just the span of a blink of an eye, but the danger he experienced was something only Zuo Mo, who had been targeted on by the sword light, experienced.

The line between life and death!

He was just a hair’s width away from death!

Thinking about it now, he still felt fear. A group of xiuzhe suddenly flew up from below and encircled Zuo Mo in the middle. Gongsun Cha had given the order after seeing Zuo Mo ambushed.

Recovered, Zuo Mo forced a smile and said, “Such a powerful sword xiu! We have really met an expert now!”

His smile was even uglier than crying.

Without an exception, everyone else had terrible expressions. If something had happened to Daren just now, they would be unpardonable! But thinking about the sword xiu that wore the pale white mask, everyone’s hearts shook!

How he had sneaked in front of Zuo Mo, how he had released that sword energy, how he had left, no one knew! Even Wei Sheng only managed a brief glimpse before the figure  blurred and he had lost the other’s trace.

From beginning to end, the other had been at great ease.

“Let’s return to the island.”

Zuo Mo’s group instantly returned to Turtle Island and opened the formation as soon as they were back.

Fortunately, the formation had the ability to function as an alarm. If a person did not have a jade disk, they would be unable to enter the island. Otherwise, Zuo Mo would have to worry the assassin would be mixed among the crowd and wormed his way onto the island. Then it would be great trouble!

In the cloud sea about ten li from the island, a figure slowly rose from the cloud sea soundlessly.

A pale white mask looked back at Turtle Island and then slowly sank into the cloud sea.




“Have you found him?” Zuo Mo asked.

Thoughts of the terrifying sword xiu that ambushed him circled Zuo Mo’s mind like a nightmare. He did not know why the other had not continued his ambush. The greater majority of being able to escape alive this time was due to his luck. If he encountered this guy again, Zuo Mo didn’t dare to guarantee that his luck would be this good.

The other was far more powerful than they were. Even Wei Sheng honestly said his strength could not rival the other.

Someone this powerful definitely could not be unknown. Having such a powerful assassin target him, Zuo Mo felt that he wouldn’t be even to get a steady sleep so he decided to get to the bottom of this matter.

Therefore, when Zuo Mo returned to the island, he immediately sent out all his forces to investigate this person. He had paper crane messages with Liao Qi Chang but he had not expected Liao Qi Chang to run to the island in person.

Liao Qi Chang’s expression was very strange. “This guy isn’t not from Cloud Sea Jie!”

“Not from Cloud Sea Jie?” Zuo Mo was slightly astonished.

When Liao Qi Chang received the news that Zuo Mo had been ambushed, he had been greatly shocked. His connection with Turtle Island was relatively intimate and knew much more than regular people. Even Ning Yi and the others had not fared well on their hands, yet there was a person that was able to kill Zuo Mo. How could he not be shocked?

His first thought was, this guy should not be from Cloud Sea Jie.

His thought was quickly proven .The other was not from Cloud Sea Jie as he expected! But when he discovered the other’s origins, he was even more shocked. He felt this was not an ordinary matter and made a trip specifically to Turtle Island.

“According to your narration, this person should be the famous Masked Assassin. This person is unusually strange and skilled in assassination, he is a very famous assassin. He’s not famous in Cloud Sea Jie, but famous in the entire Four Realms!” Liao Qi Chang’s tone was slightly nervous.

“This powerful?” Zuo Mo jumped in fright.

“Even more powerful than this!” Liao Qi Chang licked his lips, “He may be a jindan, but what made him famous was that he had successfully assassinated a yuanying, Long Hong, five years ago. This caused him to rank in the top ten of jindan assassins, top ten among all Four Realms jindan assassins! He is seventh now, and he has never failed against a jindan target, including large sect disicples such as from your Kun Lun. You are the first.”

Speaking of this, Liao Qi Chang was slightly excited. He did not pay attention to the gaping mouth of Zuo Mo and continued, “You are going to be famous now, even the Masked Assassin was unable to kill you, it would be difficult for you to not become famous! Ning Yi isn’t anything, isn’t even worthy of holding the other’s shoes!”

There was no pride on Zuo Mo’s face, and his face was extremely ugly.

Had successfully assassinated a yuanying! My Heavens!

How had he provoked such a great personage!

An assassin ranked seventh in all of Four Realms jindan assassins… …

Zuo Mo’s face was ashen.


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