修真世界 World of Cultivation Chapter Five Hundred and Seven “First Make Up”

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Chapter Five Hundred and Seven First Make Up

When Zuo Mo just returned to Turtle Island from the Greenwood Secret Realm, the Sun Shen Temple collapsed like rotten wood. It created a giant cloud of dust. Yet before the dust settled, burning flames erupted out of the depths of the earth and swallowed the entire shen temple.

The people watching exclaimed in shock.

Shen Wu Hai felt his hand hurt and instantly woke.

Fire? His vision was filled with red. A sea of fire? Why was he in a sea of fire?

He flew into the air clueless. He instinctively escape this sea of fire. He channeled his ling power and flew into the sky.

Midair, he felt his body cool which caused his mind to clear up.

His body felt cool … … it was a very strange feeling … …

At this time, woosh, woosh, woosh, figures shot out of the shen temple debris. A dozen shadows appeared next to him.

These people all swayed and their expressions were slightly bewildered.

Shen Wu Hai was stunned where he stood. His expression became strange. Everywhere he looked, he saw white naked flesh. These people were not clothed, not even an inch of cloth.

Wait, that cool feeling … …

Shen Wu Hai’s face turned ashen as he looked down. What entered his field of view was a patch of smooth white skin. His naked body was completely exposed in the air.

His head rang.

The crowd of spectators were deathly silent. Shen Wu Hai swept across them out of the corner of his eyes and could clearly see the shock on their faces.

Countless gazes gathered on his bare-naked body … … it felt cool … ..

Laughter came like a tide.


A mouthful of blood burst out of his throat. His figure wavered and he dropped down towards the sea of fire.


Li Shu’s weak voice came from afar and became blurry in Shen Wu Hai’s consciousness.




Zuo Mo was inspecting his spoils of war.

The richness of the harvest this time surpassed his expectations. His grin almost reached his ears. Now that the shen temple was swallowed by fire, it had erased all the traces leading to him. No one would know that the masked person was him.

But before this, there was much work to be done.

Like the mountain of talismans piled up in front of him inside a formation.

Among these talismans, many had imprints left behind. Zuo Mo had made a special formation to block the imprint. If he could not erase the imprints, then these talismans had to be hidden. Otherwise, he would just be waiting for the other people to come find him.

Zuo Mo knew very well just how powerful the people he had offended this time were.

But clearing out the imprint was not a difficult task for Zuo Mo. He had the Great Day Banded Flame, the Greenvine Mystical Water, shen power, these could all erase the imprints.

What he was struggling with was another problem—how to prevent others from finding him.

Supposedly, Tian Huan had many xiuzhe skilled in divination. These people could peek at fate. Tian Huan definitely would not swallow their anger at having such a major loss. Tian Huan would even take revenge more cruelly to tell other people what the outcome of being enemies with Tian Huan was.

Zuo Mo didn’t want to be the chicken that was killed to scare the monkeys. He needed to hide his tracks to prevent any future problems.

Fortunately, he had Pu Yao.

“Disrupt divination?” Pu Yao rubbed his chin. The eye that was exposed slightly narrowed. The lips that were as thin as blades slowly curved like the gleam of a blade.

Zuo Mo nodded. “Yes, yes.”

Pu Yao suddenly turned to ask Wei, “What methods do you have?”

Wei glanced at Zuo Mo. “Sacrificial offerings, but it needs at least yuanying level souls.”

This wasn’t a field Wei was skilled in.

Yuanying level souls?” Zuo Mo asked hesitantly. He was suspicious that there was a problem with his ears.

“Yes,” Wei replied seriously, “I only know this one method.”

Zuo Mo unhesitatingly turned to look at Pu Yao. Was he joking, yuanying level souls, even ten of him could not kill a yuanying.

Pu Yao smiled. Zuo Mo suddenly had a bad feeling.

“Very good, I like business deals that only has one supplier. I want a good price.” Pu Yao’s evil and sharp smile caused Zuo Mo to shudder.

A good price … …

Zuo Mo said tragically, “State your price!”

“You got pretty good things this time, oh, those bones, pity … …” Pu Yao was full of regret in his words.

Zuo Mo’s heart suddenly jumped. He knew that Pu Yao was speaking of the bones he found in the Burning Shen Realm. He secretly noted it down. So these bones were the best things out of what he got this time! Did this guy want the ink jade bones? Zuo Mo’s heart was insecure but when he heard Pu Yao say “pity,” his heart eased slightly.

However, Pu Yao did not continue after “pity.” His tone changed, “All of the Sun Fruits, and one hundred Sun Seeds.”

Pu Yao looked smilingly at Zuo Mo.

His heart just relaxing, Zuo Mo inhaled sharply and his heart jerked. Pu Yao’s cut was really deep this time! It was fine for the Sun Fruits, but those one hundred Sun Seeds were extraordinary in value. Zuo Mo had gotten a good number of Sun Seeds but after this one hundred was paid, then the total amount would shrink greatly.

But Zuo Mo knew that he could not give Pu Yao a chance to give another price, otherwise … …

Zuo Mo gritted his teeth and nodded heard, “Agreed!”

“Refreshing!” Pu Yao stood but no emotion could be seen on his handsome face. He threw a ball of light at Zuo Mo. “Take it.”

Zuo Mo took the ball of light, and countless unfamiliar methods flowed  into his mind.

He hurriedly left the sea of consciousness and started to study it. At this time, he didn’t dare to waste one moment. This was a race against time. The earlier he finished his defenses, the earlier he would escape the danger. If he was late, then no rescue efforts would help.

In the sea of consciousness, Wei suddenly smiled warmly. “Your negotiation was done well. It seems that I need to learn from you.”

“You are right.” Pu Yao blinked his bloody pupil with an open expression. There wasn’t any evilness on his face.

The two exchanged a look and then disappeared separately.




Wasteland Beast Chessboard.

Nan Yue was furiously cultivating. Her eyes were tightly closed, her expression focused i her hands were placed together as though she was holding an invisible bow. Her [South Sky Arrow Art] had progressed quickly. Her rate of improvement was akin to travelling a thousand li in a day.

The scenery around her constantly changed, and her hands changed positions as well. However, there seemed to be a faint connection between her hands throughout.

Her consciousness was extremely unique and was like invisible water ripples. When the water ripples encountered enemies, they would quickly return with information about the other.

The surrounding scenery that changed was both real and fake.

Nan Yue needed to find the true target hidden among these real and fake yao arts.

It was not the first time she had trained like this. In reality, she was trapped in this illusion almost every day.

Ever since they had been introduced to Teacher Pu for instruction, they would encounter all kinds of strange training. Many people complained. Teacher Pu’s training was ever changing but what made people complain was that each type of training was extremely difficult. Teacher Pu’s temper was also fickle. If they did not complete the training, their outcome would be very bad. Many people couldn’t help but feel anger.

But Nan Yue did not feel any rage.

Teacher Pu was far stronger than any expert she had ever seen. Compared to Teacher Wei, the teachers at the yao art houses were thousands of miles behind. Every cultivation illusion here had been created by Teacher Pu with a wave of the hand. The uncanny yao arts caused everyone to gape in shock.

With this kind of famed teacher guiding them, what else could they hope for?

Nan Yue did not slack off and became even more diligent. She knew just how rare this chance was!

She wasn’t the only one. Ming Jue Zi, Cang Ze, and the others all knew this and buried their heads in cultivation in fear of missing this chance. The elders of the Grey Clan also strictly supervised the members of the Grey Clan. Those that did not work hard on their cultivation were disciplined with the clan law.

Selecting at the Wasteland Beast Chessboard as the cultivation area was done out of helplessness. Thankfully, the Wasteland Beast Chessboard was endless. No one noticed the corner they occupied. The number of people that could see through Pu Yao’s illusory arts were pitifully few and they would not appear in the Wasteland Beast Chessboard.

Just like usual, Pu Yao appeared in the Wasteland Beast Chessboard.

“Such terrible skill!” He looked down at the yao that were cultivating. His brow furrowed and he was dissatisfied.

He had enough qualifications to give this judgment. When he thought about this, he couldn’t help but think of Guard Camp and his mood worsened. Guard Camp wasn’t highly skilled in his eyes, but compared to these greenhorns, they were much better.

Right now, Guard Camp was in Wei’s hand. Having been tricked, Pu Yao naturally could not accept this so he put his ideas onto Nan Yue and the others. Wei could not enter the Ten Finger Prison so he could not see whatever Pu Yao did here.

Thinking like this, Pu Yao’s mood instantly became slightly better.

But when he saw these clumsily people practicing, what were extremely basic yao arts in his eyes, his good mood instantly evaporated.

Pu Yao had been planning to use these guys to form another camp so he had initially trained them in battle formations. However, he quickly found that these people were extremely lacking in skills. With such terrible strength, no matter how much they trained battle formations, they could not catch up to Guard Camp.

So he could only personally teach them yao arts.

Even though the improvement of Nan Yue and the others was considerable, to Pu Yao who lacked patience, this kind of progression was not enough.

He hadn’t expected Zuo Mo to be able to enter the Sun Shen Temple and to obtain so many treasures. He instantly locked on.

Zuo Mo coincidentally came to ask for help so he had gotten his hands on a lot of Sun Fruits and Sun Seeds.

The first moment he saw the Sun Fruits and Sun Seeds, Pu Yao’s heart had moved. He recognized these two treasures. They were like the golden souls, and could be taken into the Ten Finger Prison.

“It is really a waste to use them on you lot.”

Pu Yao murmured to himself as the Sun Fruits and Sun Seeds in his hand flashed with an enchanting light.


Translator Ramblings: The power of a monopoly, even the Scalping (Stripping) Zombie must bow before the forces of the market.

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61 thoughts on “修真世界 World of Cultivation Chapter Five Hundred and Seven “First Make Up””

      1. Actually Pu was not that greedy or Fang Xiang just sucks at maths since the tree produces around 10 fruits at a time and it takes 50 years to produce a fruit. Then even if it has been 10000 years he should still have gotten 2000 seeds so Pu only taking 100 leaves many for Zou Mo and probably has double since it is hinted that the downfall of the sun tribe happened 20000-25000 years ago. Though my guess is the author is just bad with numbers and didn’t calculate it well enough to be painful for Zou Mo to be honest Pu Yao could have asked for 1000 seeds and it still leaves Zou Mo with a few times that number.

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        On a side note, Meng Hao became uninteresting when he became a inconsistent Mary Sue.

      3. All I was saying is that you haven’t given any explanation for why you hate him other then “he’s an asshole” which is vague and you yourself admit isn’t an explanation.

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      2. raizin, Pu Yao is at least at the peak of yuanyin (or the yao equivalent). He’s probably a whole tier above that. On top of that he’s legendary for his encyclopaedic knowledge of techniques – which is the one thing that isn’t diminished by being a ghost. Not even Zuo Mo’s plot armour could protect him if he picked a fight over some mere 6th grade materials.

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    3. This is just their normal dealings now that Zuo Mo is strong enough to not be completely walked over.

      Zuo Mo could threaten mutually assured destruction, sure, but why do that when you can just maintain a good relationship?
      By having an exchange agreement he can continue to get things, even if they cost a lot.
      If he forces the matter they could very well just say no, and then he’d be up shit creek without a paddle. He’s not strong enough to force information from them in any reasonable timeframe, and it’s likely that if it came down to that Pu or Wei could shatter his mind and die anyway.

      Having a relationship based on good things is way superior at this point in time (and I think, in general).

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        Demanding a large portion of items you had no hand in getting; to trade for something that will also save your neck, doesn’t sound like maintaining a good relationship. I don’t see anything wrong with him getting the items, it just didn’t make any sense how he did it. The sun items are rare and valuable and Pu demands a large portion with no explanation. Zuo Mo may not be strong enough to force information, but he does have the things I mentioned as leverage now. I didn’t like how the author just has Zuo Mo cave becaue “Ge’s like is important”. There’s no way Pu let him get into serious danger so why did he think he couldn’t get a better deal?

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