修真世界 World of Cultivation Chapter Five Hundred and Twenty “The Master of Cloud Sea”

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Chapter Five Hundred and Twenty – The Master of Cloud Sea

No one had  expected that the battle ended in this kind of manner.

When Lil’ Miss received Zuo Mo’s paper crane, he did not have any hesitation and led his troops directly towards the Cloud Sea Jie’s jie river. No one knew that Turtle Island had achieved victory over the mo army. There were large numbers of xiuzhe gathered at the jie river and were preparing to flee Cloud Sea Jie.

When Lil’ Miss appeared with the troops, he instantly caused panic in these xiuzhe. Even the xiuzhe that occupied the gathering points on the jie river assumed that Turtle Island had been defeated. In panic, they instantly abandoned their bases to flee Cloud Sea Jie.

Lil’ Miss easily took over the bases on the jie river. There wasn’t any conflict involved.

Those xiuzhe that had been running away quickly reacted when they saw Lil’ Miss take over the gathering places.

Turtle Island had defeated the mo !

As expected, the news of their victory was quickly proven. Everyone was overjoyed!

At this time, control of Cloud Sea Jie landed completely in Zuo Mo’s hands.

They had become the true masters of Cloud Sea Jie.

The xiuzhe that had been planning to escape returned to their homes. Without the mo army threat, who was willing to leave their homeland?

Turtle Island’s strength astounded everyone!

At this time, which faction did not know of Zuo Mo’s ambitions? But the situation had formed and they could not do a thing. Fight? The other could defeat the mo army. Wouldn’t killing them be as easy as waving their hand?

The factions that were not willing to be subordinate to Turtle Island left Cloud Sea Jie. However, many families that had deep local roots decided to stay in Cloud Sea Jie.

Unexpected to Zuo Mo and Lil’ Miss, the great majority of people decided to stay.

Zuo Mo later learned that most of the people in Cloud Sea Jie did not care who ruled them. Turtle Island’s strength was also enough to protect them and for them to feel safe.

With the Sky-Splitting Calamity, war was spreading everywhere. These days, the sound tablet continuously broadcasted areas that had become battlefields, which areas had been turned into a patch of scorched earth, or was filled with mountains of corpses. It seemed that within the span of one night, the xiuzhe world really entered a troubled era!

In a troubled era, preserving their lives was enough to satisfy most people.

But for Zuo Mo, this was just the beginning. He was extremely busy every day.

The enormous Cloud Sea Jie was the largest piece of territory he had ever controlled. The responsibilities as master of a jie were novel and puzzling for Zuo Mo, an ignorant country bumpkin with unorthodox origins. The complex matters were piled up like mountains and caused him a headache. He did not know where to start.

Out of helplessness, he could only ask Pu Yao and Wei.

“Hm, now you see, I guessed this would happen long ago.” Pu Yao did not reserve his disdain as a scornful smile hung on his face. “This guy is just a country bumpkin. He can manage some business that doesn’t require long term investment. But to be a small time landlord, ha, he doesn’t have the skill!”

Wei did not pay attention to Pu Yao’s disdain. He had a warm and friendly smile on his face. “Did you encounter some trouble?”

Neither of these two were good people!

In all of this, Zuo Mo was clear on this one point. Nothing more needed to be said about Pu Yao. He was an ungenerous person but Wei wasn’t much better. He might look harmless and friendly, but his level of danger wasn’t any lower than Pu Yao.

He did not respond to Wei.

He had to cause conflict between these two … …

Zuo Mo’s eyes turned and he suddenly asked, “Pu Yao, how is your yao army?”

Pu Yao’s expression instantly darkened. The anger in his bloody pupil roiled. Those damned talentless trash, idiots, garbage! Even when he used all his methods, the foundations of these people were too weak and they could not satisfy Pu Yao even now.

Yao army?” Wei gave an interested smile. No wonder Pu Yao had been absent in this past while. So he had been working on a yao army.

It seemed this guy still held a grudge over him stealing away Guard Camp!

Zuo Mo disregarded Pu Yao’s dark expression and said to himself, “No matter how powerful Ten Finger Prison is, it is only the Ten Finger Prison. It cannot solve all training problems.”

“Useless words!” Pu Yao’s voice was glacial and his expression was unfriendly. He knew that Zuo Mo was right. Ten Finger Prison was very effective but it also had its limitations. It could not replace true combat. At the beginning, Nan Yue and the others had improved quickly, but recently the effects of lacking combat training had started to show. Their rate of advancement had slowed down.

But damn it, was the great Pu Yao Daren someone this boy could laugh at?

It seemed that it had been too long since the boy was straightened out. This guy was becoming outrageous!

Pu Yao was irritated. Just as he was going to punish Zuo Mo, Zuo Mo suddenly spoke, “I have a good solution.”

“Haha!” Pu Yao seemed to have heard a great joke and roared with laughter. He did not disguise his look full of disdain. “You, the country bumpkin, has a solution! This is too funny!”

Immune to Pu Yao’s disdain since long ago, Zuo Mo’s expression was unconcerned. “You can listen first and then laugh.”

Pu Yao’s laughter suddenly stopped. He stared hard at Zuo Mo and a moment later, he squeezed out between his teeth, “You better have a solution. Otherwise, hee hee!”

Zuo Mo said solemnly, “Many chaos rifts have appeared in the Sky-Splitting Calamity. These chaos rifts have connected the worlds of yaomo and xiuzhe. It is correct for me to say so.”

“Don’t waste words!” Pu Yao said coldly.

There was a faint smile on Wei’s face. He sat motionlessly and listened carefully.

“The yaomo and xiuzhe territories can be connected through the chaos rifts rather than travelling through Bloody Sky Metropolis Jie like in the past. The distance between the two sides has shortened!”

Just as Pu Yao was running out of patience, Zuo Mo suddenly said, “Maybe we can create a transportation formation and transport Nan Yue and the others over here!”

“Transportation formation?” Pu Yao paused and then had a thoughtful expression. A moment later, he shook his head. “Impossible! We cannot determine their location!”

“You know that some transportation formations are composed of a yin and a yang component. What if we get Nan Yue and the others to set up the yin formation?” Zuo Mo asked in response.

Pu Yao’s eyes suddenly lit up. He was an extremely smart person and instantly understood what Zuo Mo was thinking.

These transportation formations were divided up into yin and yang formations with the two situated in different places. This way, the two formations could still connect and so there would be a passage. If Nan Yue and the others could set up a yin formation in the yao world, a yang formation set up here, that meant … …

The chaos rifts formed from the Sky-Splitting Calamity were actually natural transportation formations.

Pu Yao quickly thought of the difficulty involved. He shook his head and said, “The transportation formations are too complex. None of the others understand formations.”

“We have sun seeds,” Zuo Mo said proudly. “The sun seeds can enter the Ten Finger Prison and be taken out. We can engrave the transportation formation onto the sun seed and use the Ten Finger Prison to pass it to Nan Yue. Wouldn’t that work?”

“Hm, this idea is interesting!” Pu Yao stilled and then had a pondering expression. A beat later, he said, “We need to try and find out.”

Zuo Mo’s idea was very daring.

“I can supply sun seeds to you. You can find Gu Ming Gong for the transportation formation. That guy is very clever,” Zuo Mo said generously.

“Hmph!” Pu Yao snorted, he did not respond to Zuo Mo. “You only have to assign the daily affairs of Cloud Sea Jie to those local powers and get them to take care of it. If they do it well, reward them. If they don’t, they get punished. Gather their powerful xiuzhe and make a battalion with your people as the leaders. Adding on your own battalions, who can rebel?”

Zuo Mo slapped his head and understood.

Pu Yao just used a few words and smoothed everything out, pointing straight at the crux of the matter!

Zuo Mo wasn’t stupid. He had been bewilderment because he never had experience dealing with these matters before. After being guided today, he instantly understood!

He left the sea of consciousness with excitement.

From beginning to end, there was a faint smile on Wei’s face. It was unknown what he was thinking.




Shi Dong looked coldly at Ye Ling.

Ye Ling was unaffected. “Does Shi Dong Daren have any questions?”

“What you say is true?” Shi Dong coldly spat out, his hand on the mantis blade at his waist.

“Completely true!” Ye Ling said sincerely. “All of my subordinates saw Daren’s Great Day mo physique. If Shi Dong Daren has any questions, you can ask any one of them.”

Shi Dong’s expression did not change. “His subordinates are xiuzhe!”

“There are xiuzhe!” Ye Ling corrected the mistake in Shi Dong’s words, “Guard Camp, which is the camp that my superior, Shu Long Daren commands, cultivates mo skills. Shi Dong Daren might have heard of the skill, [Hardship Guard]!

“[Hardship Guard!]” Shi Dong’s pupils suddenly contracted. Of course he had heard of this name. This mo skill was something usually cultivated by the guards of mo generals and had an extremely high in reputation.

“Yes, it is the [Hardship Guard] that most mo general’s guards cultivate,” Ye Ling said with a grave expression. “But the [Hardship Guard] that Shu Long Daren and his group cultivate has been modified by a very powerful daren and is based on the Great Day mo physique. It is called [Great Day Hardship Guard]!”

Shi Dong could not stop himself from showing shock.

“A daren that can use the Great Day mo physique to modify [Hardship Guard], could they possibly be xiuzhe?” Ye Ling asked in response.

Shi Dong was silent.

He knew that Ye Ling was correct. Someone that had the ability to use the Great Day mo physique to modify [Hardship Guard] was a powerful elder who definitely had a profound understanding of mo skills. This kind of powerful person would not likely be a xiuzhe. This didn’t just mean they couldn’t be xiuzhe, they also could not be yao. There was only one possibility, it was a powerful mo, and an unusually powerful mo!

“Cultivates the Great Day mo physique, has created a mo army, and has a mo elder of immeasurable power, I cannot think of an identity for Daren other than mo.” Ye Ling was calm and wise.

Shi Dong was silent for a moment before he asked, “What about those xiuzhe?”

“This is the xiuzhe world! Shi Dong Daren!” Ye Ling reminded Shi Dong. “A purely mo troop cannot survive here. Daren needs xiuzhe!”

Shi Dong gave a bitter smile. He was persuaded.

He sat down dejectedly.

Ye Long looked understandingly at Shi Dong. He said gently, “I know what Shi Dong Daren is feeling. For you, surrendering is hard to accept, but if you look at it from the opposite angle, Shi Dong Daren, isn’t this a great opportunity?”

He looked hard at Shi Dong and asked, emphasizing each word, “Shi Dong Daren, how many years has it been since there was a king arose from our Little Savage Jie?”

Shi Dong’s body shook. He raised his head, his gaze as sharp as a knife. “You think he can become king?”

“Maybe, maybe not.” Ye Ling’s tone was indifferent. “But Daren is the mo with the greatest potential to become king that I have ever seen!”

“So you gambled everything?” Shi Dong asked. His tone was filled with disdain.

Ye Ling was unaffected and smiled as usual. “What else do we have? Shi Dong Daren?”

Shi Dong became silent again.


Translator Ramblings: Some days are just not worth getting up for if you knew what was going to happen. Why do people have such a high estimation of their own skills and then not admit their mistakes?

In other news, more comedic banter between Pu Yao and Wei. Zuo Mo has now become a small landlord. Just one jie, not even one percent of the world!


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    Zuo Mo can’t die now or there’ll be some terrible consequences….

    Thanks for the chapter!🍀

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