修真世界 World of Cultivation Chapter Five Hundred and Twenty One “Follower”

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Chapter Five Hundred and Twenty One – Followers

Having solved his problems, Zuo Mo could finally release a breath. He  began thinking about finding a water cloud embryo for A Gui.

A Gui’s recovery was going well. Even though she was still very wooden, she had more reactions.

“In a few days, we can go to search for water cloud embryo. By that time, you will completely recover!” Zuo Mo was very happy. If they found a water cloud embryo, he could heal A Gui.

Zuo Mo didn’t feel any distaste for A Gui’s ugly appearance. A slight smile was on his face.

His hand felt a coldness. A cold little hand grabbed his hand.

A Gui was improving by the day. Every time she found Zuo Mo nearby, she would immediately appear next to Zuo Mo. The thing she liked to do the most was hold Zuo Mo’s hand.

Zuo Mo allowed her to grip his hand, his other hand rubbing her head. He said with a smile, “When you have healed, Silly Bird and the others will be very happy.”

In the corner, the fat Silly Bird was napping with her eyes closed. She didn’t respond.

Looking at the bird nest she created out of A Gui’s hair, Zuo Mo couldn’t help but roar with laughter.

A Gui still stood silently next to Zuo Mo motionlessly.


“Why are you sitting here? Do you have something on your mind?”

Ming Jue Zi’s voice came from behind Nan Yue. He walked next to Nan Yue and sat down. In this recent while, everyone was training together. The hellish training and shared hardship had caused their friendships to strengthen.

Just now when cultivating in the Ten Finger Prison, Pu Yao had viciously scolded Nan Yue. When Nan Yue left the Ten Finger Prison, she had ran out alone. Everyone was worried and sent Ming Jue Zi, who was most skilled in communication, to comfort Nan Yue.

“Am I too dumb?” Nan Yue’s tone was melancholic. The rims of her eyes were red and her expression was sad. “I’m always unable to met Pu Daren’s expectations.”

Even the persistent Nan Yue had been scolded to such a state. Ming Yue Zi was even more afraid of Pu Yao.

“None of us can met Pu Daren’s expectations,” Ming Jue Zi comforted. “It is not that you are not working hard, it is that Pu Daren’s requirements are too high! Really, not even the elites in the top yao art houses can reach what Pu Daren is demanding! It is extremely good that you can do what you have done! Out of all of us, you have improved the quickest!”

Nan Yue’s lips were tightly pressed together and she did not speak.

“Pu Daren might be stern but it is for our sake. Look at our present strength. Compared to before, which one of us hasn’t multiplied in strength?”

As he spoke, Ming Jue Zi compared his past and present strength and found to his shock that he had improved so much without noticing it!

“I miss Daren.” Nan Yue’s voice held a sob. “Daren is never like this.”

Thinking about the time that Zuo Mo had spent teaching her, Nan Yue missed it.

“Yes, I wonder what Daren is busy with?” Ming Jue Zi sighed as well. He gazed into the distance. “However, doesn’t Pu Daren also work with Daren? Everyone is speculating. Pu Daren might be an elder of Daren’s clan. I don’t know what Daren’s lineage is. But for his clan possess such a powerful elder, it might be one of the legendary great families.”

“No matter what Daren’s identity is, I am Daren’s follower! I will forever follow Daren!” Nan Yue’s tone was determined.

“En, same with me.” Ming Jue Zi retracted his cheer and showed a serious expression.

Nan Yue suddenly stood up. Her eyes were still red, but her expression became determined again.

“What is it?” Ming Jue Zi was slightly puzzled.

“I am going to cultivate!” Nan Yue said without turning her head.

“I am Daren’s follower!”

The figure disappeared with the wind as she threw down the strong oath.


Gu Ming Gong’s eyes were swollen like two ripe peaches. He had not rested for ten days and nights. Even a jindan could not tolerate working conditions like this! Anyone who saw his figure right now would not be able to recognize him as the grandmaster of forging and sealing, Gu Ming Gong.

He stared at the sun seed in front of him.

The first time he saw the sun seed, Gu Ming Gong had been so excited his body had been trembling. Treasure! Peerless treasure! When he learned that this was the seed produced by the Sun Shen Tree, a pleasure like that of an orgasm had risen in his body.

Oh, heavens!

Sun Shen Tree, the legendary Sun Shen Tree, hadn’t it gone extinct a long time ago?

When he learned he would be able to get a few seeds to study, he felt so happy he almost fainted. There was nothing as tempting as legendary materials to a seal xiu skilled in forging.

Then he learned the other person’s intentions. They just wanted him to engrave a transportation formation inside the sun seed.

He almost went crazy!

Transportation formation! What he said was a transportation formation! This kind of priceless treasure was being used to make a transportation formation? He almost threw the other out!

He could not tolerate such frightening waste!

However, the other quickly taught him what the outcome of being uncooperative was.

The great Boss personally ran over to persuade him and motivated him in a meaningful tone before leaving. The pitiful Gu Ming Gong was frightened out of his wits. Even though Boss had not mentioned one word of the Soul Setting Divine Light, and did not say what would happen if he did not cooperate, but Gu Ming Gong sank into unprecedented terror.

He didn’t dare to slack off in the slightest. So what if it was a waste, he was just the worker … …

He quickly found that this guy in black clothing, floated around like a ghost all day, was the strictest and most terrifying supervisor in the world.

The situation was also more complex than he had imagined. The sun seed was extremely rare. He had never seen one before, and even the forging records had never mentioned the qualities of the sun seed.

Gu Ming Gong had to start from the beginning.

The sun seed was filled with the domineering sun shenpower. The sun shen power had formed as the Sun Shen Tree grew, and was extremely domineering. Ling power would be consumed by the sun shen power when it was added and it was impossible to carve a formation inside.

He ran to explain to Pu Yao and was verbally slapped and rebuked by Pu Yao.

Pu Yao’s viciousness told him that he only needed a result etc etc.

The pitiful Gu Ming Gong had the desire to ram his head into the wall and commit suicide! It was a pity that when one landed in the hands of a demon, one was even unable to seek death.

Gu Ming Gong that was slapped and could only study even more ferociously and try everything he could think of.

“Hahahahahaha! I did it! I did it!”

The insane laughter echoed in the room. Woosh, Pu Yao appeared like a ghost. Without a word, he picked up the sun seed with great carefulness.

To Pu Yao, the sun shen power inside the sun seed was akin to a powerful poison.

Unable to linger, Pu Yao’s consciousness retreated. Pu Yao showed joy and then disappeared soundlessly.


The fighting in the Grey Clan’s council meeting had not stopped since the meeting started.

Cang Ze was silent in the corner. He didn’t have any right to speak in this place. A hint of impatience flashed indiscernibly through his eyes at the elder’s fighting.

He felt those noisy elders had gone senile with age.

Without Daren, would there be the Grey Clan of the present? In the future? In these trouble times, how many of the small clans like the Grey Clan could survive?

Did they still think that this was the safe rear that the fires of war could not reach? Right now, was there still a rear?

Clans without combat capabilities were like a piece of fat meat. No one would hesitate to leap and take a bite.

Pu Daren had been helping everyone train the battalion. The Grey Clan that only thought about protecting themselves were too stupid!

He was Daren’s follower!

Cang Ze’s spine was straight as he listened expressionlessly to the discussions of the elders.

The Chief Elder noticed Cang Ze’s discontentment. His mind shifted and he suddenly spoke, “A Ze, what do you think about moving the clan?”

An elder said discontentedly, “Chief Elder, A Ze is so young, what does he understand … …”

A cold light flashed through Chief Elder’s eyes and he interrupted in a grave voice. “Shut your mouth! A Ze is the future clan leader. When you speak, use your mind!”

The elder retreated with a red face.

Chief Elder was extremely authoritative and influential. Cang Ze was the appointed successor to the Grey Clan so everyone’s gaze instantly landed on Cang Ze.

Cang Ze did not shrink back. He did not look at the elders and said directly, “I am Daren’s follower. No matter where Daren goes, I will follow!”

Everyone stilled. They finally recalled the matter that A Ze was Xiao Mo Ge’s follower.

In the yao world, they put great importance on the oath of a follower. Becoming the follower of someone strong was the dream of many people. Not many would easily go back on their word.

Chief Elder also knew the displeasure A Ze was feeling. He said with a smile, “A Ze, continue.”

Cang Ze suddenly swept tall of the elders with his gaze and said gravely, “Elders, are we safe? Is the world safe? Are we strong? Strong enough that no matter what comes, we can protect ourselves?”

The room was silent.

“We do not have a battalion, we do not have battle generals, even with the [Grey Scar Art] we have no ability to protect ourselves. And then? We will be swallowed by other people, our Grey Clan’s greatest secret, the [Grey Scar Art] will land in the hands of others. Our enemies would not surrender such a good chance!”

Cang Ze stated this cruel reality without any courtesy.

“Will Daren swallow us? Will Daren need our [Grey Scar Art]? Elders, did you forget where this [Grey Scar Art] came from?”

“What is safer than being under the command of a peerless battle general that could defeat Corps Commander Yu Heng?”

“This is an honor!”

Heat flashed through Cang Ze’s eyes.

All of the elders shifted.

After a moment of silence, the Chief Elder did not disguise the praise on his face and said, “I hadn’t expected that our group of old people do not see as clearly as the  young one, A Ze.”

Those elders that had been objecting to moving the clan all had shamed expressions.

“Sky-Splitting Calamity … … The Sky-Splitting Calamity!” Chief Elder’s heavy sigh echoed in the room. “I don’t know how much blood will flow because of this! Everyone, do not dream and be foolishness, troubled times have come!”

Everyone had grave expressions. They digested what Chief Elder was saying.

Chief Elder suddenly stood up. With a serious expression, he said loudly, “In such troubled times, if our Grey Clan is to survive, we need a stronger leader. Due to this, I recommend A Ze as the new clan leader!”

Cang Ze shouted in shock.

Moments later.

“I second this!”


“I agree!”

A new era had arrived.

Translator Ramblings: About the Sky-Splitting Calamity vs the chaos rifts, you can think of it as movement of continents vs an earthquake that suddenly jerks the entire continent. Chaos rifts are rare and so most people do not know much about them. However, the phenomenon that is occurring now means that there is an overabundance of chaos rifts opening in places they were not in before. So if there was one rift per one hundred jie before, maybe there is now one jie in every twenty. Also, these rifts have opened simultaneously. You can imagine the problems that occur now that a lot of people have access to other people’s territory and the consequences make this a calamity. Personally, I think of it as a natural disaster that has occurred before, which is why they have a name for it, and records of what had happened in the past.

Also, complete recap of what has happened among the yao.

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