修真世界 World of Cultivation Chapter Five Hundred and Twenty Two “Beak Island”

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Chapter Five Hundred and Twenty Two – Beak Island

When Nan Yue and the others saw Zuo Mo, their expressions were spectacular. Even though they knew that Daren was young, the shock when they saw him with their own eyes far surpassed what they felt in the Ten Finger Prison.

What shocked them even more was that Daren was in the xiuzhe territories! They finally understood why Daren had them change their appearances to look like xiuzhe when they came through the transportation formation.

However, just like Ye Ling, Nan Yue and the others did not have any doubts about Zuo Mo’s identity as a yao despite their shock of where they were. A guy that knew all kinds of lost yao arts, successfully completed a prison-breaking battle, and defeated Corps Commander Yu Heng, other than a yao, what could he be?

Xiuzhe? That joke would be so bad … …

On this point, their thoughts were also the same as Ye Ling. They felt that Daren was definitely a genius from a noble family that was lost in the xiuzhe conquered territories. No wonder no one in the yao world had found Daren!

They finally realized. Daren wasn’t in the yao world at all.

Right now, Zuo Mo was truly the master of Clouds Sea Jie in name and power. There were many cloud islands in Cloud Sea Jie and he picked a calm cloud island to settle the Grey Family.

The first day that Nan Yue and the others arrived, Pu Yao immediately started arranging a new training regime for them.

Pu Yao was full of ambition. As one of the top battle generals of the yao world, someone that had once dominated the world, he decided to made Nan Yue and the others in to the best battle generals of the yao world!

He decided to let Wei realize the truth—why Little Wei could only be a gravestone armor, and I, Pu, had been the best battle general once!

The pitiful Nan Yue and others didn’t even have the chance to breathe before Pu Yao kicked them into insane training routines. There was a boundary of jinzhi set up around the cloud island. It was a natural demonic training ground.

After Zuo Mo recruited the other powers, Cloud Sea Jie quickly settled down. The ones selected were those with good reputations in Cloud Sea Jie. The only two yuanying that Cloud Sea Jie had seemed to have disappeared from the world after streaking naked in front of the public at the Sun Shen Temple. They hadn’t shown up at all when the mo army had invaded this time.

Many people speculated that they had left Cloud Sea Jie long ago. They really had been greatly embarrassed this time. What face did they have to stay in Cloud Sea JIe?

After arranging everything, Zuo Mo decided to enter the Cloud Sea to search for water cloud embryo.

This time, he did not take many people along. The Cloud Sea depths were not suited for large scale battles.

Their group was made up of a guide, Zuo Mo, Wei Sheng, Zong Ru, A Gui, and the Little Ones. They looked more like a tourist group.

Even though they were few in number, their combat capabilities were amongst the top in Cloud Sea Jie! Zuo Mo, Wei Sheng, and Zong Ru working together might hold up against a yuanying. Zuo Mo had not planned to take A Gui along but Pu Yao told him that it was most effective to consume the water cloud embryo when it was caught so Zuo Mo decided to take A Gui along.

Silly Bird stalked imperiously and proudly beside A Gui and ignored Zuo Mo. Lil’ Pagoda and Lil’ Fire were cuddled up in A Gui’s embrace. Lil’ Black held onto A Gui’s hair in a death grip. Tenth Grade and Sunshine appeared to be bodyguards and flew around A Gui.

Zuo Mo felt great exasperation.

In terms of shamelessness and wretchedness, the Little Ones that Zuo Mo taught truly learned it all.

Zuo Mo didn’t have a solution. In any case, taking one or taking all of them along was the same. He changed his way of thinking, they were pretty good fighters.

Nothing needed to be said of Silly Bird, she was the strongest of the Little Ones. Even Zuo Mo didn’t have a good measure of her abilities. The next strongest was Tenth Grade. He had made trouble for the insects frequently, and his skill had completely changed. Lil’ Pagoda was Zuo Mo’s soul-tethered talisman. It played everyday and never did anything productive. It could probably only be used when setting up formations. Zuo Mo had not seen Sunshine fight before. Lil’ Black’s combat abilities were zero but he was a good helper when finding treasure. Lil’ Fire could be used to relieve boredom on the road.

Zuo Mo brought along his group and departed.

The guide was called Kang De. He made a living by hunting water cloud embryos and was very familiar with the depths of the Cloud Sea.

According to Kang De’s plans, they first needed to fly to a place called Beak Island and then descend into the Cloud Sea from there. Beak Island was a very famous Cloud Sea port in Cloud Sea Jie. The depths of the Cloud Sea were filled with all kinds of dangers. If one tried entering from a random spot, they frequently did not return.

Beak Island had been used as an entrance to the Cloud Sea for a very long time. That part of the Cloud Sea was very safe and there were no strong beings.

The distance between Turtle Island and Beak Island was extremely far and there were many parts of the trip that did not have transportation formations. Fully prepared, Zuo Mo had taken along the Black Turtle which saved them the pain of having to flying long distances.

Wei Sheng, and Zong Ru were in seclusion everyday. Zuo Mo played with the Little Ones every day and when he had the spare time, he would slowly study the golden leaf he obtained from the Sun Shen Tribe.

He didn’t know what secret method had been used to make this golden leaf. The content on it was extremely rich but because it was from the ancient era, there were many areas that were very hard to understand. Zuo Mo’s attitude was very good. He was not impatient and only studied it occasionally. Other than the methods to cultivate shen power, he was also interested in the ancient secrets.

For example, he found out from the golden leaf that in the ancient era Cloud Sea Jie had been barren and there were no other tribes living here. This was probably the reason that this shen temple had managed to survive.

What stirred Zuo Mo’s interest was that the golden leaf hinted that the shen temple had been searching for something constantly in Cloud Sea Jie but never found it. Zuo Mo finally understood and some of his own questions were resolved.

Big Brother Qin Ling had once said that the level of this shen temple was not ranked low within the Sun Tribe. Shouldn’t such a high-ranking shen temple be constructed in a large and populated area? Why did they build it in the remote and barren Cloud Sea Jie?

But the golden leaf did not mention what they were searching for. However, it was certain that they did not find it because the tone of the records was slightly regretful

Zuo Mo never stopped cultivating his shen power but his progress was extremely slow. It was much harder to cultivate shen power compared to the three powers. Fortunately, Zuo Mo was not in a hurry. The only thing that made him slightly dejected was that after the three powers equalized and his ling power had increased, but he was still a thread away from jindan.

If he could break through to jindan, his power would multiple in the span of one night!

His shen power would increase as well, and enter a new realm!

However, Zuo Mo was very content at this time. Shen power, Soul Setting Divine Light, Great Day mo physique, and the Archaic Wasteland Sacrificial Art, which of these was not powerful and unique? He was able to learn all these, what could he be discontent about?

A person could not be so greedy. Zuo Mo was idle and satisfied.

Half a month later, they finally reached Beak Island.

Zuo Mo looked at the large numbers of xiuzhe on Beak Island and was slightly shocked. “So many people?”

Kang De explained, “This is the best time to search for water cloud embryos and is also when Beak Island is most popular. Whether the yearly harvest is good or not depends on your luck during this time.

“These people are all searching for water cloud embryos?” Zuo Mo was so shocked his chin was almost on the ground.

“The great majority are. The Cloud Sea has other products but this period of time it is most profitable to hunt water cloud embryo.” Kang De was clearly very familiar with the present situation.

“High demand, low supply, wouldn’t it be difficult for us?” Zuo Mo frowned slightly.

Kang De shook his head. “How can it be so easy to capture a water cloud embryo? Island Master, do not worry. You see many people, but the number that will gain something will be very small. They are also not very strong and cannot go deep into the Cloud Sea. The best quality water cloud embryos are deep in the Cloud Sea.”

Zuo Mo’s heart was slightly reassured.

Zuo Mo’s group had changed their appearances so no one recognized them. But Lil’ Pagoda and the others attracted the attention of these xiuzhe. The heat and greed in their eyes caused Zuo Mo to frown slightly.

“Brother, are you selling this fire ling beast? We can negotiate the price!” An eagle-nosed man came over. From nearby, his compatriots looked over.

Lil’ Fire jumped in fright and burrowed into A Gui’s arms.

Lil’ Fire’s intelligent response caused this eagle-nosed male’s gaze to heat up.

“No.” Zuo Mo’s face darkened as he walked ahead.

“Hey, don’t go.” The eagle-nosed male blocked Zuo Mo and said with a smile, “This little brother really wants it and is definitely sincere. Brother, give a price, we can negotiate!”

Kang De suddenly spoke, “He Family Brothers, my daren has said we are not selling, do not keep bothering us.”

The eagle-nosed male’s eyes narrowed slightly and flashed, “Someone that can identify of this one’s origins should be someone familiar. I, He Wei’s eyes are stupid. Sir, who are you?”

Kang De smirked coldly, “Don’t bother trying to find out my identity. Let me advise you, be good. Otherwise, humph, none of your brothers will be able to escape.”

This was slightly troublesome.

He Wei’s heart shook. Someone that could identify  his origins was definitely someone familiar! The other’s tone was so harsh he clearly had a powerful background and didn’t need to consider him.

He Wei was experienced and knew when to bow. He smiled and said, “Brother, what are you saying, this little brother came up to ask, and does not have malicious intentions.”

He perceptively stepped out of the way.

He watched as Zuo Mo’s group left and thought hard, who was this?

His brothers quickly came over. “How is it? Are they not selling?”

“No,” He Wei’s expression was solemn, “and one of them recognizes us. It definitely is someone familiar but they have changed their appearance.

“Who cares, just steal it. That fire ling beast is definitely very high grade. If we can get it, Second Brother, your strength will multiply!” one of the people said nonchalantly.

“This group’s origins are not simple, if they are not rich, they are powerful!” He Wei thought back to the meeting and felt the other was calm and clearly did not think highly of them. He shook his head and said, “This group might be from a large faction. Let’s not cause trouble.”

The other people all had unconcerned expressions.

The geography of Beak Island was extremely unique. It appeared as though a bird was opening its mouth facing the sky. The entrance to the Cloud Sea was where the mouth was open.

There was almost no cloud mist at the entrance. Looking down, it was possible to see an endless path that disappeared into the Cloud Sea.

Beak Island was actually a mountain peak that had a section above the Cloud Sea.

Daren, let’s go down.”

Kang De said respectfully.


Translator Ramblings: And they finally make progress in finding water cloud embryo.

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