修真世界 World of Cultivation Chapter Five Hundred and Thirty Two “Bie Han”

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Chapter Five Hundred and Thirty Two – Bie Han

Xuan Kong Temple.

In the hall, Bie Han was prostrated on the ground. He was not of tall height, his figure thin with hallow cheeks and an ordinary appearance.

“Bie Han, how many years have you been in the temple?” A warm and thick voice came from behind the thick cloth curtains.

“Seventeen years,” Bie Han answered after a long moment of silence.

“Seventeen years, time has passed so quickly,” the sect leader sighed emotionally. “You are good, I have seen your improvement in these years and is very comforted.”

Bie Han was silent.

“In the younger generation, other than Little Zhe, only you are able to become a gold battle general.” Heard from behind the cloth, the sect leader’s voice seemed to have a strange power and was so warm it permeated the heart.

“Little Zhe has done well in Bloody Sky Metropolis Jie. I know you can also do well.”

Bie Han was silent.

“Your killing energy is too heavy, I am worried about you.” The sect leader’s words were full of concern. “Having you chant sutras every day was in the hopes that your violent energies can be dissipated. I had always hoped that you would not be required to go into battle, and hadn’t expected … …”

The sect leader sighed.

A moment later, he said serenely.

“Go, your Ding Zhen Shishu will encounter danger in Cloud Sea Jie. Take the battalion to reinforce him. Ask Ding Guang for information. You may leave.”

Bie Han was silent. After kowtowing three times, he turned and left.

The large doors of the hall closed without any wind. The hall was pitch black.

A voice suddenly sounded, “Sect Leader, do we really need to send Bie Han? He is a dangerous person!”

“This matter is very important, we cannot be careless.”

“Cloud Sea Jie might be an intermediate jie, I’ve never heard of any powerful factions … …”

“Tian Huan was just tripped up there. Shen Wu Hai is not among the top powers of of Tian Huan but he had yuanying cultivation.”

“But Bie Han … …”

“He is a knife, a vicious knife. We have to be careful his tendencies do not harm our people, but now that troubled times have come, it is time to use this knife!” the sect leader said peacefully.




The middle-aged mist person noticed that Zuo Mo was interested in the white grass carpet. He introduced, “These are cloud carpets woven from cloud silk grass. Cloud silk grass mostly grown in the deep of the cloud sea and it takes great effort to harvest. But the most difficult step is processing it. It takes several months of effort to process each strand of cloud silk grass.”

The trio gaped.

Just now on the road, Zuo Mo finally learned the name of the middle-aged mist person. He was Bing Yao, the clan leader of the mist people. The female mist person who had first encountered Zuo Mo was Bing Yao’s daughter, Bing Yue.

Finished speaking, he waved his hand. The cloud carpet instantly shrank to the size of his hand and flew into his palm. He handed the cloud carpet to Zuo Mo and said vigorously, “I was  troubled over what gift to give to Little Zuo. Since Little Zuo likes this, then this cloud carpet is Little Zuo’s!”

Zuo Mo jumped in fright and waved his hand to refuse it. “No no no ! This one is already grateful that your clan is helping us search for water cloud embryos … …”

Zuo Mo had just learned the value of this cloud carpet from Bing Yao’s description. If one strand of cloud silk grass needed that much effort to process. Zuo Mo didn’t dare to accept such a valuable gift.

Pu Yao suddenly shouted urgently from the sea of consciousness, “This is very good, accept it!”

“I know it is good,” Zuo Mo responded unconcernedly.

“You know my ass!” Pu Yao couldn’t stop himself from cursing. “This can be used to pass tribulations!”


Zuo Mo’s mind shifted but before he could inquire further, he heard Bing Yao say with a smile, “Brother Zuo, do not refuse. This cloud carpet can calm the mind and remove mental barriers. We mist people are born with cold minds, and this is useless to use. Processing the cloud silk grass are what our younger ones use to cultivate Ice Mist. We feel that it is a pity to throw it away so we have woven it into carpets. Also, Brother Zuo has returned Lan back to us, and A Yue has offended you just now, it really is … …”

Bing Yao’s speech caused Bing Yue to blush from behind him.

“This cloud carpet is just a token. No matter what, Brother Zuo has to accept it!” Bing Yao’s expression was serious.

Seeing this, Zuo Mo knew that he could not refuse and accepted it. Xiao Mo Ge was usually shamelessly greedy but that was against outsiders. If the other really thought of him as a friend, he couldn’t do things so shamelessly.

He was not black-hearted enough … …

Zuo Mo mockingly self-reflected as he took out the copper mask from the ring. He handed it to Bing Yao. “I found this mask beside Lan. I do not know if this is also something belonging to Big Brother Bing’s clan.”

Bing Yao took the copper mask and examined it closely for a while. He shook his head and said, “The style does not look like an object of my clan. We will have to ask Lan for sure. If it is of my clan, I will have a thick face and accept it. If it is not, Lan will definitely know its origins and I will return it to Brother Zuo at that time.”

Zuo Mo said with a smile, “No matter if it is or not, this is given to Big Brother Bing.”

Bing Yao smiled slightly and put away the mask.

Right after, Bing Yao started inquiring to the outside world. They knew some, but what they knew was very general. Zuo Mo spoke of the wars between xiuzhe and yaomo, and then the Sky-Splitting Calamity, and also the fact that he had taken over Cloud Sea Jie.

Bing Yao listened with wide eyes and a gaping mouth. He had never expected the change in the outside world would be so drastic!

However, when he learned that Zuo Mo was the master of Cloud Sea Jie, he had a happy expression. With this, they, the mist people, were in much better circumstances.

Bing Yao patted his chest and said, “If Brother Zuo needs the mist people in the future, do not be courteous!”

Zuo Mo felt very good about this open and generous mist clan leader. He said with a smile, “I only hope that Big Brother Bing does not find me troublesome in the future.”

Bing Yao roared with laughter. “I think that Lan would not forgive me.”

The two sides chatted for awhile more before Bing Yao bid his leave for Zuo Mo and the others to rest.

Shidi, what you are cultivating is shen power?” Wei Sheng suddenly asked.

Zuo Mo knew that he could not conceal this any longer and nodded. “En, it is called Sun shen power, an inheritance from the ancient Sun Tribe.”

“So you were the one behind the Sun Shen Temple matter!” Wei Sheng was not stupid and instantly understood. He then asked curiously, “Come, let me try your shen power, I have never seen shen power before.”

Zong Ru’s face was also turned over. He clearly was also extremely curious as well.

Zuo Mo suddenly moved into a strange posture, his two hands crossing and twisted together, his body leaning slightly towards the right as the tip of his right foot was just touching the ground. An extremely hard and yang power suddenly spread in all directions with him as the epicenter.

Wei Sheng’s pupils suddenly contracted. Threads of black energy suddenly floated out of the black sword in his hand as he swung the sword repeatedly in the air. Pia pia pia, explosions occurred at the tip of his sword.

Zong Ru’s expression changed and he spun the Crossed Prayer Wheel. The sutra characters that were shrouded in wish power shielded him from the front.

Bam bam bam!

Three sutra characters exploded before they managed to stop this wave of shen power.

Resting his sword, Wei Sheng thought back and said after a moment, “Such a strange power! As expected, it is different than anything else.”

Zong Ru was also savouring it. He followed, “Normal spells would have a difficult time stopping it.”

Zuo Mo thought and then stated his conclusion. “Shen power can be seen as the product of combining three powers together.”

“Three powers?” Wei Sheng’s expression changed.

“En, ling power, spiritual consciousness, mo skills.” Zuo Mo’s words flowed. Wei Sheng Shixiong was a genius. Zong Ru was low-key, but in order to have cultivated wish power, he also did not lack talent. These things might be of great use to him. He used even more care and energy to explain and spoke of everything he had felt and concluded regarding Shen power. He also told them the basic methods to cultivate shen power.

As to how much inspiration they would get, that depended on their individual luck.

Wei Sheng and Zong Ru both sank into deep thought.

The two had already found the edge of power. To them, shen power was akin to opening a window to another world.

There was too much content they needed to digest. Like two wooden puppets, they sat motionlessly and entered a meditative state.

Seeing this, Zuo Mo did not disturb them. He took A Gui and the little ones to sit at the side.

Taking up A Gui’s hand, Zuo Mo hurriedly inspected A Gui. Since he knew it was shen power, Zuo Mo’s inspection was even more detailed and focused. Even though his understanding of shen power was still very shallow, he still made discoveries.

What he was first sure of was that the purple energy inside A Gui’s body was a kind of shen power.

It was a very strange shen power!

Zuo Mo felt that if it was shen power, it definitely would not be normal, but even so, the shen power inside A Gui’s body shocked him.

Dark, cold, strange, and able to consume any life!

The moment the Sun shen power came into contact with A Gui’s shen power, Zuo Mo felt as though he was suddenly pulled into a deathly silent void. There was no sound, no light, no heat!

It was a void that created hopelessness!

Zuo Mo’s mind in that instant was like a candle’s flame wavering in the wind and was almost extinguished!

Fortunately, his shen power was much stronger than A Gui’s shen power. The Sun shen power was innately extremely hard and yang so this difference had saved Zuo Mo’s life.

His shen power was carefully withdrawn from A Gui’s body, Zuo Mo looked at A Gui’s ugly and wooden face. For some unknown reason, Zuo Mo was in a low mood.

His eyes were full of deep worry.

As his understanding of shen power deepened by the day, Zuo Mo was clear how great the effects of shen power was on people. It wasn’t just shen power, the three powers also had effects. Xiuzhe that cultivated fire spells usually had fiery tempers, those that cultivated ice type spells were usually cold and unaffected by emotion.

Such a strange and dark shen power, and the terrifying seal of all six senses, A Gui … …

Thinking about the manner in which A Gui had used shen power before she had been wounded, Zuo Mo’s worries increased.

Zuo Mo had found a long time ago that A Gui’s body was in a terrible state. If it was not for this strange power, it probably would not have survived until now. But only today did he understand the terrifying nature of this shen power!

The scene of A Gui shielding him appeared suddenly in his mind.

That hopeless and deathly void, even just one moment in it caused him to shudder. The shen power had also been in A Gui’s body all this time … …

There seemed to be something weighing on Zuo Mo’s heart and he felt unspeakably uncomfortable!

Water Cloud Embryo!

If they could find a water cloud embryo, he could definitely heal A Gui. Then he would find a way to heal A Gui’s wounds and eliminate this terrifying shen power from A Gui’s body!

It was the first time Zuo Mo felt that time was passing by so slowly.

Each day was like a year.


Translator Ramblings: One man’s … … carpet … … is another man’s treasure. I like how the Sun Shen temple stuff just slipped from his mind and he didn’t tell his friends. They also accept it so easily and it is oh … … Boss/Shidi did something crazy in addition to almost exploding the island. Good, let’s get stronger.

Also, Zuo Mo is trying to be nice. He is also controlling the jie that the Mist People live in, so he can stop most of them from leaving and protect them.

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