修真世界 World of Cultivation Chapter Five Hundred and Thirty Five “Sneak Attack”

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Chapter Five Hundred and Thirty Five – Sneak Attack

The sutra characters were like leaves floating in the wind that scattered into every corner.

These beautiful gold leaves carried the calm presence unique to dhyana xiu and made people unconsciously intoxicated. Zong Ru’s expression suddenly changed and he stepped forward. Threads of wish power wrapped onto the Crossed Prayer Wheel and the talisman lit up!

A circle of sutra characters suddenly lit up on the prayer wheel. The faint gold light covered Zuo Mo and Wei Sheng behind him.


The sounds of dhyana chanting echoed!

All of the sutra characters suddenly exploded. They turned to slender golden lines that swept through every part of the space!

The ice crystals that had been floating in the air were struck by the gold lights. With crisp sounds, they turned to ice shards! In this time, the space became filled with ice shards. The candle flames that had been sealed in ice suddenly exploded in size. Each of them were the size of a fist and wavered as they floated in the air.

The light shield that Zong Ru had released was unusually fragile in front of these minuscule golden lights!

The two were not on the same level of power. Innate differences were completely revealed now.

The shield of light shattered instantly. Zong Ru gave a muffled grunt and stumbled back multiple steps.

Wei Sheng’s expression changed slightly. He held the black sword across his body. A hole suddenly seemed to open in the space in front of him. The golden lights were instantly consumed by this hole!

A imperceptible sound came from Ding Zhen.

He glanced at Wei Sheng with slight surprise. He had a high opinion of Wei Sheng before but he had never thought that this youth that looked outrageously young had already reached the border of [Domain]!

Such a genious!

Which sect did he come from … … how did they end up together with the mist people?

Did this sect dare to publicly break the rules of the Four Realms?

Ding Zhen’s praise and puzzlement swept past. In his eyes, Wei Sheng’s [Domain] was crude and weak. Ding Zhen did not hold any real power in the sect, but due to this, he could focus more on cultivation.

Twenty years ago, he had stepped into the doorway of [Domain] and created his Lantern Fire Buddhist Domain. His exploration and perfecting during these twenty years had caused his Lantern Fire Buddhist Domain to grow significantly.

The sect leader of Xuan Kong Temple was one of the rare few that knew Ding Zhen’s true power so even when he knew that Tian Huan’s Sheng Wu Hai had been defeated and retreated from Cloud Sea Jie, the sect leader had stilled believed that Ding Zhen had the power to complete this mission.

The air vibrated as though there was an invisible hand that gathered all the golden hairs of light. It formed an enormous whirlpool that suddenly appeared in front of Wei Sheng.

The hair thin lines entered the hole in front of Wei Sheng.

The hole suddenly shook!

Wei Sheng’s expression suddenly changed. Before he could react, the hole exploded with an enormous bang! Wei Sheng’s body shook but he did not retreat even one step. A trace of blood dripped out the corner of his mouth. Injured, Wei Sheng did not give up. His burning gaze was locked onto Ding Zhen!

Of determined personality, such a good talent … …

Ding Zhen couldn’t help but praise inside, it was a pity … …

A thread of sharp light flashed through Ding Zhen’s sharp and gentle eyes!

Bing Yao’s expression was very ugly. The other’s strength clearly surpassed his. The mist people that had lost their totem had struggled to survive for tens of thousands of years in the depths of the cloud sea. Without realizing it, their strength had degraded!

This kind of degradation was made clearer when they faced a top sect like Xuan Kong Temple.

No matter what, they could not let him escape!

Bing Yao knew that if the other escaped, what was waiting for the mist people was gradual extermination. Compared to Xuan Kong Temple, the present mist people tribe was as fragile as a baby.

But we found Lan!

Bing Yao believed the mist people tribe that had found Lan again would become strong just like they were tens of thousands of years ago!

But that required time … … they definitely could not let this person leave alive!

Bing Yao had never felt such a deep belief before. His pupils became even more transparent and blue as though all impurities had been eliminated. They reflected the burning sea of candlelights.

A faint blue and glacial presence rose from Bing Yao’s feet.

Bing Yao closed his eyes, and raised his arms up high. The ten blue threads of light burrowed into the darkness like roots.

Ding Zhen’s expression changed slightly. He had not expected the other to go all out so quickly! Bing Yao’s resolve caused Ding Zhen’s dhyana heart to waver for the first time.

This thread of wavering and hesitation was an extremely fatal weakness!

Bing Yao opened his eyes. A blue light flashed through his pupils. Without any warning the blue threads of light shattered and scattered!

Everywhere the eye looked there were broken fragments of the blue threads of light. They were like rootless willow branches that slowly fell.

Ding Zhen’s eyes became extremely wary. His ling power furiously flooded into the wooden hammer in his hand.

Dong dong dong!

With every strike against the wooden fish, the candle lights floating in the air would jump and the flames would grow a fraction bigger.

“Karmic fire!” Zong Ru’s face was ashen. He has already been wounded in the previous attack and his voice was hoarse.

Zuo Mo had originally been thinking of how to dodge but Zong Ru and Wei Sheng’s injuries caused him to throw his thought of dodging away. New and old grievances gathered. He stared hatefully at Ding Zhe and searched for a chance to attack the other!

When he saw the Karmic Fire pulsing, he smiled darkly.

Playing with fire! Who was more skilled than he was?

Even if the other was an old yuanying monster, he wasn’t afraid! His road to prosperity had almost started through playing with fire.

Karmic Fire was an extremely poisonous fire of the dhyana xiu. If one was touched, even their souls would burn to dust. Even yuanying xiuzhe feared it!

But Zuo Mo was not afraid!

The Karmic Fire was powerful but it was a sixth-grade flame, the same level as the Great Day Banded Flame. Even more, he also had the wondrous treasure of the Sun Crystal Seed!

The power difference between himself and the other was great. Even if Zuo Mo was more skilled in controlling fire, he would not have any chance of victory if he directly faced Ding Zhen.

But Zuo Mo was such a dark and cunning person, would he face Ding Zhen openly?

Eldest Shixiong’s speculation allowed Zuo Mo to understand the difference in power. Zong Ru and Wei Sheng’s wounds after their attacks allowed Zuo Mo to gain a deep understanding of this difference. There was no chance if he charged from the front. He forced down the battle spirit inside and patiently waited for a chance!

He was like a poisonous snake hiding in the dark waiting for the chance to deliver a fatal strike!

When he saw the candle fire that grew explosively reach towards the thread of light, he did not hesitate to act!

His hands spread apart and the Great Day Banded Flame was released without any restraint. The layers of banded flame flowered angrily!

In the darkness, Zuo Mo was instantly swallowed by the Great Day Banded Flame. He seemed to be made from flame with layers of bright flame around him and was extremely eye-catching!

The karmic fire strangely paused for a brief moment!

The karmic fire was an extremely yin fire but the Great Day Banded Flame was an extremely yang flame. When the Great Day Banded Flame was released, the Karmic Fire in the sky was affected!

This was the most basic conflict of yin and yang in the world!

Ding Zhen’s Lantern Fire Buddhist Domain had Karmic Fire incorporated in it but that was not its primary focus. He had not spent much time on processing Karmic Fire. Dhyana xiu usually disliked the maliciousness of Karmic Fire, a preference which gave Zuo Mo this opportunity.

The pause was extremely short. But in this extremely brief moment, those blue strands of light slipped past and landed on the ground!

Ding Zhen’s expression suddenly changed!

How was this possible!

That guy … … he hadn’t detected any abnormality at all!

Ding Zhen almost didn’t believe his eyes. He had met Zuo Mo’s group a few times, but every time, his gaze was drawn to Wei Sheng and Zong Ru. He had never spared Zuo Mo a thought. In his eyes, Zuo Mo was so average Ding Zhen wouldn’t be able to discover him in the crowd.

But this youth that looked extremely average had suddenly given him a fatal blow!

Such a poisonous personality! He was able to hide for so long. A wave of coldness rose in Ding Zhen’s mind but at this time, he did not have the time to look at Zuo Mo. Those fragile-looking blue strands of silk gave him a dangerous feeling!

Such a strong feeling of danger had not appeared for over two decades!

The moment the blue strands landed on the ground, they burrowed underground. Patches of blue sprouts quickly rose out of the ground!

The feeling of danger increased, so strong that Ding Zhen felt as though he was standing at the edge of a cliff. If he wasn’t careful, he would fall into an abyss. Ding Zhen started to sweat and his face was pale.

He could clearly feel the blue sprouts breaking through his Lantern Fire Buddhist Domain easily like they were passing through soil!

What … … what was this?

Innumerable threads entered the ground and grew into blue sprouts! In almost an instant, his Lantern Fire Buddhist Domain was riddled full of holes!

It had been defeated like this … …

In this moment, Ding Zhen’s expression was dazed. Twenty years ago, he comprehended his own [Domain] and named it Lantern Fire Buddhist Domain. Over the next twenty years, he spent almost all of his time perfecting it.

It became stronger and more complete. He believed that xiuzhe in yuanying could not defeat his Lantern Fire Buddhist Domain!

The Lantern Fire Buddhist Domain that was now full of holes continuously trembled, the candle flames wavering. A thought suddenly appeared in Ding Zhen’s mind, a candle flame flickering in the wind!

He instantly aged, his smooth skin quickly overtaken by wrinkles!

His heart was dead.

The darkness dissipated, the candle flames extinguished, the changing faded. The wooden hammer in Ding Zhen’s hand cracked, the wooden fish shattering into dozens of pieces and falling to the ground.

Ding Zhen’s gaze suddenly locked onto Zuo Mo.

His gaze suddenly became vicious. A black line that squiggled like an earthworm climbed onto his face and was alarming to see!

It was him! It was him that ruined the Lantern Fire Buddhist Domain!

Zong Ru’s face suddenly changed. “Not good! He has gone insane!”

As the warning was spoken, Ding Zhen disappeared from his spot!

After Bing Yao’s attack, his expression was tired. Seeing this, his expression changed but he wasn’t even able to move a finger!

Zuo Mo reacted quickly. Before Zong Ru finished speaking, he detected danger. He instinctively prepared to dodge but he suddenly thought about the two behind him … …

Wei Sheng and Zong Ru were unable to fight. After A Gui had acted against the mist person, she had sank back into silence, and the Little Ones … …

Blood flooded Zuo Mo’s head. He moved forward rather than back!

There was no time to turn shen power into the three powers. He could not worry about such things. Channeling his shen power, his body moved towards Ding Zhen in a strange posture!


Translator Ramblings: Zuo Mo finally gets to show off his fire manipulation skills again.

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