修真世界 World of Cultivation Chapter Five Hundred and Thirty Six “Sudden Change!”

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Chapter Five Hundred and Thirty Six – Sudden Change!

All of the shen power in his body pushed into his palm, and a layer of faint golden light appeared on Zuo Mo’s hand.

In this instant, Zuo Mo had a feeling that he could  destroy anything. However, this feeling came quickly and left even quicker.

The awesome power of Ding Zhen came at him without any finesse. The air solidified, and terror gripped Zuo Mo as he strangled and seemed to be suffocated. Time seemed to freeze at this moment. There were dense black lines etched across Ding Zhen’s face like spiderwebs, and a vicious and bloodthirsty smile was extremely clear. Zuo Mo’s mind was completely blank as he furiously slapped his hands forward!


Zuo Mo felt as though he was hit by an rampaging rhinoceros. His vision darkened and he lost consciousness.

His body was powerfully deflected and instantly disappeared into the thick ice mist.

“Die! You will all die!” Ding Zhen was crazy. A golden palm print was visible on the front of his chest. He did not seem to detect it, the presence he exuded shrouded the entire battlefield. The mad Ding Zhen had let his power run berserk while in his death throes!

Everyone watched as Zuo Mo’s figure disappeared into the ice mist but they were unable to move their bodies. Silly bird’s claws were tightly pierced into the ground, all the feathers on her body standing up as she trembled to resist the pressure of Ding Zhen. She looked unblinkingly in the direction that Zuo Mo had disappeared with bloodshot eyes!

The most powerful of the Little Ones, Silly Bird, had a hard time resisting this pressure and the rest were worse off.

–Except for A Gui.

The moment Zuo Mo disappeared, a purple energy suddenly flashed through A Gui’s eyes as she leapt at Zuo Mo!

“Die!” Ding Zhen shouted viciously as he struck out at A Gui’s back.

A Gui did not seem to detect him.


Ding Zhen’s hand struck A Gui’s back. A Gui’s figure shook but she used this force to increase her speed!

Like an arrow shooting from a bow, she entered the ice mist.

Ding Zhen did not chase her. He roared with insane laughter! Suddenly, a bolt of bright light was released from inside Ding Zhen’s body. It was like a sharp gold sword that cut through his body!

Ding Zhen’s body froze!

Countless golden lights shot out of his body like he was a hedgehog.


An enormous golden ball of light illuminated the entire cloud sea like the rising sun!

Everyone found their visions turned had white and were unable to see anything. The powerful wave rampaged in all directions. The explosion of a yuanying surpassed the power of any talisman.

Every person present was like a fallen leaf that was swept up in the storm. They were unable to steady their bodies and were scattered around.

When the dust settled and the light dissipated, their visions recovered, what they saw was an enormous and deep hole that was over twenty li in diameter. It showed them just how powerful the explosion had been!

The first thing Wei Sheng and the others did after recovering was search for Zuo Mo and A Gui.

The other mist people quickly recovered. It was fortunate that Bing Yao had told the other mist people to retreat at the start. The injuries they received was much less compared to those in the fight, and they now flew within the ice mist to search for Zuo Mo and A Gui.




The Buddhist beads on Bie Han’s wrist suddenly lit u,. expressionlessly fiddled with the beads as a voice entered his ears.

“In the Dhyana Tower, Ding Zhen’s candle flame has extinguished.”

The messenger’s voice was extremely aloof and without any emotion. After hearing this, there was only silence. Bie Han seemed to only have heard some news unrelated to him and his expression did not change at all.

At his feet, several Xuan Kong Temple outer sect disciples were lying in puddles of blood.

The light of the transportation formation continuously flashed and was eerily reflected by the blood covering the ground.

A short time later, a brawny figure came out of the transportation formation.

When the incomer saw Bie Han, his expression was excited as he dashed forward. “Your Highness!”

If Zuo Mo saw this scene, he would be shocked and recognize this person—Fu Feng! A mysterious person that suddenly appeared in Sky Moon Jie and of unknown origins.

“This subordinate heard that Stars in Daytime had occurred in Sky Moon Jie and assumed it was Your Highness. This subordinate had not expected Your Highness to be at Xuan Kong Temple!” Fu Feng tried to keep his tone calm but it was possible to hear the excitement within!

“It caused great trouble for you.” The excitement flashed through Bie Han’s eyes and disappeared. He quickly recovered his usual calmness.

“This one cannot accept it … … this one cannot accept it … …” Fu Feng who was such a big person didn’t know where to put his hands and feet.

“Do not come too near to me. There are jinzhi on my body,” Bie Han said indifferently. “We need to return as soon as possible. They will receive notice about my escape soon.”

“Those damned thieving baldies!” Murderousness filled Fu Feng’s eyes. He then said deferentially to Bie Han. “Your Highness, do not worry, everything has been arranged! We will quickly return home. There is nothing big about the jinzhi of Xuan Kong Temple!”

Fu Feng’s tone was filled with pride.

Bie Han turned his head to look at Sin Battalion behind him.

“Your Highness, this is … …” Fu Feng was slightly puzzled.

“Sin Battalion,” Bie Han said indifferently.

Fu Feng’s eyes were wide as he looked in disbelief at this silent battalion.

“I’m taking you home,” Bie Han said lightly to this silent battalion.




“Bie Han took Sin Battalion and disappeared?” A deep voice came from behind the cloth. Even the stupidest person could hear the thick anger in Sect Leader’s voice.

The disciple that was reporting was nervous but he still faithfully narrated the events.

He spoke of how the outer sect disciples guarding of the transportation formations were killed, how they were unable to contact Bie Han through any method, and could not find any trace of Bie Han.

The sect leader behind the cloth sank into silence.

This was a deathly silence. The air inside the hall seemed to become solid and suffocating to this disciple.

The sect leader suddenly spoke, “What about the jinzhi? Didn’t he have jinzhi on his body?”

“There was no response from the jinzhi.” The disciple was kowtowing on the ground.

“I understand, you can leave.” The sect leader’s tone became normal again, and the heavy air in the room lightened back to normal.

The disciple released a breath and hurriedly bowed in farewell. When he retreated out of the hall, he found that his back was completely soaked in sweat.

Inside the hall.

“Investigate Bie Han’s identity,” the sect leader suddenly said.

“Yes!” a voice answered.




Wei Sheng and the others had terrible complexions.

They had not found Zuo Mo and A Gui after ten days of searching. All of the mist people tribe had been sent out to search every inch of the ground but there was no discovery. Zuo Mo and A Gui seemed to have disappeared into thin air.

Bing Yao’s expression was not good. He had not yet recovered from the fight against Ding Zhen.

Looking at Bing Yao, Wei Sheng asked through his teeth, “Is there any news?” Zong Ru and the Little Ones all raised their heads. They had also not healed from their wounds and additionally they could not move as easily as the mist people through the ice mist.

Bing Yao gave a grimace and shook his head. After a moment of silence, he suddenly said, “My clansmen have searched the area within a thousand li and still haven’t found anything. I suspect … …”

“Suspect what?” Wei Sheng’s gave focused.

“Suspect they have entered the restricted lands!” Bing Yao gritted out. “They definitely should not have flown out far. There is only one place within a thousand li that has not been searched, the restricted lands!”

Wei Sheng and Zong Ru’s heart sank. They recalled how Bing Yao had been willing to sacrifice his life to prevent people from entering the restricted lands.

The two sides became silent at the obvious rise in tensions.

At this time, a disturbance suddenly came from the door.

A mist person lead an unfamiliar man about thirty-years old into the room. “Clan Leader, he says he is Mister Zuo’s messenger.”

Wei Sheng and Zong Ru suddenly stood up. Wei Sheng’s gaze was sharp as he said gravely, “Who are you? Why do I not know you?”

Wei Sheng’s presence was as sharp as a sword. Even though his wounds had not healed, the presence clearly was outside the limits of what the other could endure. Seeing the other’s ashen face, Wei Sheng realized that he was too impatient and hurriedly dampened his presence.

The expression of the incomer recovered slightly but his voice was still trembling. “This one … … this one is a good friend of Kang De. A few … … few days ago, I received a message from him. He begged me to come here … … to send a message!”

Then he tremblingly took out a jade scroll and respectfully presented it.

Kang De? Hadn’t he gone back already?

Wei Sheng took the jade scroll and started to read it. His expression became dazed and then he handed the jade scroll to Zong Ru with a weird expression. When Zong Ru’s consciousness entered the jade scroll, his expression also became strange.

“You do this, your illusory spells are better than mine,” Wei Sheng said to Zong Ru with a grimace.

Zong Ru’s hands flipped and the message appeared in front of everyone.

The one speaking was Lil’ Miss. Lil’ Miss said they received a message from Zuo Mo saying that he and A Gui were fine but they were unable to come back in the short term etc etc, telling Wei Sheng and Zong Ru to not worry and first go back to Turtle Island to heal.

Everyone exhaled in relief.

Noticing Bing Yao’s expression of release, Wei Sheng bowed towards him and said apologetically, “I was very offensive towards Clan Leader just now, Clan Leader, please have tolerance!”

They had seen all the people from the mist people tribe going out and search these past days, and were grateful yet just now, they had almost started a conflict with Bing Yao over the restricted lands.

Bing Yao said guiltily, “The one who should say sorry is me. I’m am ashamed not have to have taken better care of Brother Zuo!”

Receiving a message from Turtle Island, Wei Sheng and Zong Ru’s hearts were at rest. The information was definitely true. Kang De had never seen the mist people. If Zuo Mo didn’t give him any directions, how could the messenger find this place?

Even though the words inside the jade scroll were general and vague, Wei Sheng and Zong Ru did not think deeply about it. They were very used to anything related to Zuo Mo to be out of the norm.

Since Zuo Mo could pass on this news, it was enough to show that he was in no mortal danger at this time.

This was the news that made them the happiest.




If Wei Sheng and Zong Ru knew Zuo Mo’s present situation, they definitely would be worried.

Zuo Mo’s skeleton had almost came apart. Every time A Gui took a step, he felt a wave of enormous pain but he did not make a sound. He had spent ten whole days on A Gui’s back.

A Gui’s situation was very terrible. The vitality in her eyes had disappeared. No matter what Zuo Mo said to her, she did not react at all.

Only when they encountered danger would the purple light in her eyes flare up again.

A Gui stopped walking, put Zuo Mo down and then silently sat down.

“A Gui, do you know what place this is?” Zuo Mo said to himself. He knew that A Gui would not respond but he still asked her.

He wasn’t the only one ignorant. Pu Yao didn’t know, Wei also did not know. He only knew A Gui had saved him. According to Pu Yao, A Gui had been hit by Ding Zhen in order to save him.

Strangely, Ding Zhen’s strike had worsened A Gui’s health but had also stimulated the purple energy in her body. It seemed to become even more powerful but Zuo Mo didn’t want it to be so powerful. Thinking about the feelings of coldness and death from the purple energy, Zuo Mo did not feel good.

Compared to A Gui, Zuo Mo’s state was much worse.

His shen power had dissipated, his ling power, spiritual consciousness, and mo skill tangled together. He was unable to use any power, and even worse, he wasn’t even able to move a finger. The only thing he could do was talk. Any time  the streams of power inside his body collided against itself, it would cause enormous pain.

Pu Yao and Wei did not have a solution. It was the first time they saw such a strange state.

“Ah, I wonder if Eldest Shixiong and Zong Ru received my message,” Zuo Mo said to himself. Then he asked, “Hey Pu Yao, did you really send the message?”

“Stop being bothersome, you asked twenty times already!” Pu Yao’s impatient voice echoed in his sea of consciousness.

Done with his harassment, Zuo Mo threw Pu Yao to the side and said to A Gui. “A Gui, your power seems to have recovered. It is so strange, getting injured causes a recovery in your power. A Gui, if we find a water cloud embryo, would you remember the past?”

A Gui was like a wooden puppet and did not react at all.

Zuo Mo continued to chitchat to himself. “What relationship do you think we had? You have helped me so much, your relationship definitely is not a shallow one!”

Zuo Mo spoke to himself as A Gui remained motionless like a statue.

Four hours later, A Gui put Zuo Mo back on her back and continued to walk forward.

“A Gui, why don’t you fly? Did you forget how?” On her back, Zuo Mo started to speak again. “That stupid purple energy. When I cultivate my Sun Shen power to a high level, I will eliminate it!”

A Gui did not respond as she walked forward.

This was a land of death with only rocks and crags spreading out without end. There was no trace of life. They would frequently encounter sand storms. When the sand and stones in the wind hit their bodies, it was enormously painful.

But no matter how strong the wind storm, A Gui would not change her direction or stop walking.

Her small body carried Zuo Mo who was a size larger than her as she walked against the sand storm. She did not seem to know exhaustion and did not speak. Only when she had walked for a day and night would she stop and rest for four hours.

Zuo Mo was pressed against A Gui’s neck as he was carried on her back. The enormous pain in his body did not seem to be so painful. No matter how excruciating the pain was, Zuo Mo did not speak. For some reason, he did not want A Gui to hear it, even if he knew that A Gui could not hear it.

Even the stupidest person would know that he and A Gui had more than a passing acquaintance. She was probably someone really close to him.

When she did not use the purple energy, A Gui’s strength was the same as the average person.

Her steps were very heavy. For her, it was slightly difficult to move Zuo Mo’s weight.

“A Gui, I’m going to tell you a joke, a very funny joke … …”

Zuo Mo patiently talked to A Gui. She could not hear but for some reason, but still Zuo Mo wanted to talk.

Translator Ramblings: I mistranslated Fu Feng as Bo Feng way back in the beginning. I haven’t corrected those chapters yet but just so you guys will remember. It also seemed like Fang Xiang was a very generous person and didn’t leave on a cliff hanger. This would have been the perfect place for one.
Editor’s note: Did you forget about Fu Feng? Go visit the cast page! *epic win kid*





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