修真世界 World of Cultivation Chapter Five Hundred and Thirty Nine “Support”

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Chapter Five Hundred and Thirty Nine – Support

“Do either of you know Shattered Stone Jie?” Lil’ Miss asked directly.

“Shattered Stone Jie?” Ye Ling and Shi Dong exchanged a look and shook their heads.

“Haven’t heard of it.” “Never heard of it.”

Lil’ Miss couldn’t help but show disappointment.

Daren, is Shattered Stone Jie part of the mo territories?” Ye Ling who was attentive asked. Shi Dong also looked at Lil’ Miss.

Speaking of this, Ye Ling and Shi Dong’s attitudes towards Zuo Mo and Lil’ Miss were completely different from each other. Ye Ling was completely loyal and followed Zuo Mo faithfully as he felt that Zuo Mo could possibly become the true king. His respect towards Lil’ Miss was more the kind of respect towards a commanding officer. On the other hand, Shi Dong felt doubt about Ye Ling’s idea that Zuo Mo could become king but he was truly respectful towards Lil’ Miss who had defeated him.

“En, go ask around, who knows where Shattered Stone Jie is?” Lil’ Miss said after thinking.

The two accepted the order and left.

They quickly came back to report.

Daren, this subordinate has found it. There is a small jie called Shattered Stone Jie but it is very remote, it does not produce any special products. It is supposedly the territory of someone called Ceng Yi,” Ye Ling carefully reported. He was curiously. Why was Lil’ Miss Daren interested in Shattered Stone Jie?

Did that poor and remote little jie have something of value?

When Ye Ling and Shi Dong privately talked, they both thought that their king’s great work should first start from Little Savage Jie.

Little Savage Jie was the jie they had lived in before. With the chaos rift, they could quickly enter Little Savage Jie. More importantly, Little Savage Jie was completely unprepared at this time. It would not be hard to take down the local powers with Turtle Island’s strength.

They had seen Vermillion Bird Camp’s terrifying combat capabilities, and according to their observations, the power of Vermillion Bird Camp members was still improving at a terrifying rate. This was something that amazed the two of them. High rates of growth were extremely scary for battalions that had reached that certain level of strength, like Vermillion Bird Camp.

Grey Camp was also progressing at the same rapid rate.

Being able to practice mo skills that they dreamed about made them feel like they were in a fantasy when they held it. Every mo in Grey Camp cultivated as though they were dying of thirst. They did not need to be pressured to train. Every mo was clear about the value of this mo skill.

Shi Dong’s brow also furrowed. When he found out where Shattered Stone Jie was, he though that attacking Shattered Stone Jie was not a good choice.

Daren, Shattered Stone Jie is of no value to us.” Shi Dong was extremely proud and a pure battle general. He stated his thoughts bluntly and directly. This was also one of the important reasons that he had never been promoted.

Ye Ling knew that Shi Dong’s action was not good. Just as he was going to speak to help Shi Dong out, he heard Lil’ Miss speak.

“Value? Oh, I do not want Shattered Stone Jie.” Lil Miss shook his head, “But I need to you go get someone.”

Get a person?

Shi Dong had a confused expression but Ye Ling’s heart jumped.

Ye Ling thought of King who had not shown himself recently!

Was it … …

Noticing the shock in Ye Ling’s eyes, Lil’ Miss smiled slightly. “Your king is in Shattered Stone Jie right now. Out of safety, I feel that we need to send some people over.”

“King is in Shattered Stone Jie!” Shi Dong’s eyes were wide in shock. He could not imagine how King had suddenly ran over to Shattered Stone Jie.

“Does King not have any guards?” Ye Ling was frightened.

“Only Miss A Gui.” Lil’ Miss spread his hands.

Ye Ling jumped like a cat whose tail was stepped on. “No guards! Heavens! How can there not be any guards! No guards, he’s the king! How can we let the King enter such a dangerous place alone … …”

Looking at Ye Ling that was shouting as he waved his hands about, Lil’ Miss was astounded.

Up until now, they had never had similar thoughts unless it was to fight on the battlefield. In the eyes of Lil’ Miss and the others, Zuo Mo was like a cockroach and possessed great and strong vitality. With his cunning and slippery personality and endless bag of tricks, even if he could not win, escaping wasn’t a problem.

Unless it was a special circumstance, people would rarely worry about Zuo Mo’s safety.

“Not alone,” Lil’ Miss added weakly, “there is also A Gui.”

“Miss A Gui?” Ye Ling was so furious his eyes were popping out. “Miss A Gui is so gentle and fragile … …”

A Gui was gentle and fragile … … Lil’ Miss sweated slightly. Looking at Ye Ling that appeared to almost go into a rage, he interrupted, “So, so, I have decided to sent you. I believe you can fulfill this mission perfectly!”

“I, Ye Ling, will use my life to guard my King’s glory!”

Ye Ling shouted his oath!

Lil’ Miss weakly swallowed. Fanatics were really scary!

Shi Dong suddenly inserted, “Lil’ Miss Daren!”

Lil’ Miss Daren … …

The corner of Lil’ Miss’ eyes twitched and he narrowed his eyes. He smiled bashfully and appeared harmless.

No one had ever dared to call this “nickname” in front of him … … never! This damned guy … …

The pitiful Shi Dong who thought that Lil’ Miss’ actual name was Lil’ Miss because Ma Fan and the others always used that name, had unwittingly stepped on a mine in a very natural fashion.

Even someone as clever as Ye Ling did not detect anything in front of Lil’ Miss’ gentle smile. How could Shi Dong who had a one-track mind react in time?

He said directly, “If this is the case, this subordinate suggests to first take Little Savage Jie!”

“Little Savage Jie?” Lil’ Miss stilled.

“This is the jie we originally lived in, it is a little jie and does not have any strong powers.” Shi Dong’s words flowed. “Only by taking over Little Savage Jie can we guarantee that our avenue of retreat is not blocked off.”

Shixiong knows transportation formations,” Lil’ Miss said.

Daren may not know.” This time, it was Ye Ling that spoke. He had been the quartermaster and knew more about this area. “The requirements for these kind of extreme long-distance transportation formations are very stringent and the risk during use is very high. Its greatest weakness is that it will produce extremely strong power vibrations and attract the attention of the jie’s strong people.”

Lil’ Miss’ brow furrowed. “Nan Yue and Cang Ze came through the transportation formation.”

“That only means that their jie does not have anyone strong to interfere.” Calmed down, Ye Ling was a completely different person. “Daren, the mo have a strong sense of territory. Any action that can intrude onto their territory is the same as a provocation to war. These strong people will only need to create a small amount of interference when the transportation formation is at work and the target of the transportation would shift. With a transportation of such an extreme distance, the slightest change would be the difference between life and death. Xiuzhe and yaomo have fought for so many years and never dared to used such a move before.”

“So that is why.” Lil’ Miss finally understood.

He had an unorthodox education and did not know many things that were common knowledge. Before the Sky-Splitting Calamity, everyone had been fighting at Bloody Sky Metropolis Jie. This must have been the reason.

Lil’ Miss became silent. If this was the case, taking over Little Savage Jie became extremely important. The chaos rift was the passage into the mo territories and he would only feel assured if it was in their hands.

“We only need Grey Camp and we can sweep Little Savage Jie!” Shi Dong said proudly. He raised his head and looked at Lil’ Miss’s gaze directly, full of fighting spirit!

The present Grey Camp was multiple times as strong as it was in the past! Shi Dong had been the top battle general in Little Savage Jie before but his battalion had not been one of the top. He had always had to take the most difficult and dangerous missions. All of his subordinates were old soldiers that were experienced but were limited by their talent and their skill, they had reached a peak and could not improve.

The appearance of [Great Day Hardship Guard] was like a key to these people with great experience and took them into a completely new world.

All of them had breakthroughs!

It was due to this that Shi Dong dared to promise such a thing.

Lil’ Miss made a decision after a moment of silence. “Good! Shi Dong will go to fight Little Savage Jie and Black Turtle Camp will take over guarding the chaos rift. Ye Ling and Shu Long will pick a small group from Guard Camp and go to Shattered Stone Jie. En, Nan Yue and the others will also go.”

The Grey Camp were all mo and there would not be considered outsiders if they suddenly counter-attacked. If it was Vermillion Bird Camp, all of Little Savage Jie would unite together and the matter would become much more troublesome.

Ye Ling and Shi Dong took their orders.

Lil’ Miss’ orders were passed down at the fastest possible speed.

All of Turtle Island started to move like enormous cogs in a machine.

Shi Dong was proud but he was not stupid. He knew since he spoke in front of Lil Miss, he had to complete the mission and do well.

What could be called well?


The faster the better!

The major powers of Little Savage Jie did not know someone was targeting them.

In secret, the guard on the chaos rift changed. Ma Fan wanted to go to the front lines but they didn’t dare to disobey Lil’ Miss’ orders.

The first to leave was not Shi Dong, but Ye Ling and Shu Long’s group. They would first enter Little Savage Jie before it became chaotic and depart for Shattered Stone Jie.

There were not many people in Shu Long’s group, only about one hundred people. Under Ye Ling’s suggestion, they disguised themselves as a merchant convoy.

Even though they were only one hundred people, but they were the elite. Nan Yue, Cang Ze, Ming Jue Zi were among them, and all the experts of Guard Camp were included. A Wen was present and also five flower yao.

Ye Ling was mo, Nan Yue and the others were yao, Shu Long and A Wen cultivated mo skills, the flower yao also cultivated yao arts.

This group was extremely plausible. The relationship between yao and mo was good and they were in a kind of alliance. The interactions among the common people were even more frequent and it was possible to frequently see yao in the territories of mo.

Guard Camp’s mo skill, and the flower slave’s yao arts were extremely profound. There wasn’t any hint of a xiuzhe presence on them, and they seemed to be true-blooded yaomo.

Ye Ling had relationships and connections with all levels of society and they passed smoothly into Little Savage Jie

Even now, Little Savage Jie did not know that Shi Dong and Ye Ling had betrayed them. At the beginning, they sent the two in order to test the waters and did not pay much attention. After they defected, Grey Camp had continued to guard the chaos rift so, naturally, no one suspected them.

Looking at the scenery that was completely different than the xiuzhe world, Shu Long and the others were astounded.

Out of worry for Zuo Mo’s safety, all of them were burning with impatience and headed towards Shattered Stone Jie at top speed.

But Shattered Stone Jie was too far away, they needed time.


Translator Ramblings: Outside POV. Gongsun Cha is Zuo Mo’s second in command and I can just imagine his frustrations if he wasn’t so obsessed with fighting and victory. My leader decided to go off exploring again … … and again … … and get in trouble I need to rescue him out of.

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