修真世界 World of Cultivation Chapter Five Hundred and Forty Three “Ka Zhuo”

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Chapter Five Hundred and Forty Three – Ka Zhuo

Zuo Mo gritted his teeth, and bore the pain caused by the powers bouncing around his body as he tried to recover and reorganize his flesh. His wrist slowly turned, so slow as though it was unmoving. Fortunately, Zuo Mo had enough patience. As he bantered with A Gui, he tried to exercise his pitifully small amount of muscle.

The powers that were rampaging through his body were increasing at an astounding rate. Zuo Mo suspected that if he could not find a solution soon, what waited for his body was an explosion of just like Ka Zhuo’s silver needle. Even the strongest mo physique had an upper limit of power that it could withstand.

All the strange signs were ones that Pu Yao and Wei had never seen and did not have a solution for.

Yet the techniques that Zuo Mo secretly learned from Uncle An Ya were very effective. Even though he only move one wrist minutely at this time, but gave him hope.

Ka Zhuo was sitting in a daze to his side in deep thought. He had maintained this posture for a whole night. After Zuo Mo had asked his a pile of questions last night, there were many problems that he had never considered before and he sank into contemplation.

Zuo Mo didn’t care about what he had caused. He was more willing to talk to A Gui.

“A Gui, when I completely recover, I will definitely be very powerful, uh-huh, at that time, I”ll carry you!”

“Gongsun Shidi has sent a message. He said that Big Brother Bing Yao and the others have found the water cloud embryos. When we return, we can use it directly. Right now, Turtle Island and the mist people are building transportation formations so it won’t be long.”

“Shi Dong is very strong, and has taken over half of Little Savage Jie. Haha, ge stood up and the aura of dominance rose, woosh, and it attracted such a powerful battle general. Even Gongsun Shidi said he is not bad. Not bad!”

“I just don’t know if Little Savage Jie has jingshi mines, it would be great if they did … …”


The bones in Zuo Mo’s wrist suddenly made a sound.

A feeling of smoothness that had been lost for a long time had returned. Zuo Mo stilled and then he was overjoyed. He tried to move his wrist. Nimbleness and smoothness that he had not experienced since so long ago made Zuo Mo want to howl to the sky!

Zuo Mo greedily rotated his wrist. Only after loss would he know the value.

It seemed he hadn’t endured his pains for nothing. Even though only one of his hands had recovered, he could now do many things.

This didn’t mean that the terrible situation inside his body was changing, but that he could once again control a portion of the power.

“A Gui, look, my hand can move!” Zuo Mo rotated his wrist like he was showing off a treasure.

A Gui didn’t react at all.

Zuo Mo was not demotivated. In a good mood, he instantly started to plan. He had never thought of this trip he and A Gui had come on was a vacation. This was the mo realm, an extremely unfamiliar and dangerous place. Even though Shattered Stone Town seemed so calm and peaceful to him, he still did not lose his wariness. He and A Gui currently lacked the power to protect themselves. If they encountered a situation, that would be terrible. Shu Long and the others were still very far from Shattered Stone Jie and could not be depended on in the short term.

What was most important now was recovering some ability to protect himself and then thinking of ways to resolve the problem of the powers running amok through his body.

The recovery of his hand meant that his method was, at least in part, correct. As long as he persisted, the problem of movement would be solved. However, the amount of power in the muscles he could control was limited. This was just the power that he had not detected and did not use. Even if Zuo Mo used all of that power, he would not be a match for Uncle An Ya.

He had to think of another method.

Zuo Mo’s eyes gradually became clear. He turned around and looked at Ka Zhuo who was deep in thought. He called, “Mister Ka Zhuo, Mister Ka Zhuo!”

“Aah!” Ka Zhuo blankly turned his head. Moments later, his dazed expression became normal again.

“Mister Ka Zhuo, let’s discuss the silver needle,” Zuo Mo’s words were full of temptation.

“Silver needle? Ah, silver needle!” Ka Zhuo first paused and then he had a nervous expression. “Speak, speak!”

The silver needle was of the utmost importance to Ka Zhuo but Zuo Mo had ruined it. Even though Zuo Mo had kept on saying he would repay with another one, Ka Zhuo didn’t really believe him. However, he didn’t dare to offend Zuo Mo. Now that Zuo Mo was raising the topic again, Ka Zhuo’s heart was up in the air.

“There are two methods.” Zuo Mo’s tone was smiling.

“The first, I will repay you with one that is exactly the same.”

Ka Zhuo instantly had a joyous expression.

“However, you need to wait. You can see that I’m in a bit of trouble right now. I need to first resolve this so you need to have patience.”

The joy on Ka Zhuo’s face retreated. He recovered his calm and asked, “Then the second choice?”

“The second choice is more complex.” A hint of admiration flashed across Zuo Mo’s eyes as his tone turned. “I believe that you have replacement materials, may you take them out and let me see. Maybe we can make a completely new silver needle.”

Ka Zhuo shook his head. “Making a matrix awakening needle is not so easy.”

“Oh, so they are called matrix awakening needles.” Zuo Mo’s tone was as usual. “Maybe it is possible but maybe not. I’m only providing a plan, and Mister Ka Zhuo will have to make it himself. I believe that Mister Ka Zhuo will be able to judge if the plan is plausible or not.”

Ka Zhuo had a doubtful expression. Could this youth in front of him really design a matrix awakening needle? He suddenly recalled Zuo Mo’s series of profound and difficult questions. In his eyes, Zuo Mo instantly became much more mysterious.

“Alright,” Ka Zhuo managed. He then took out the materials he had collected.

Chicken-blood stone, Forest Rotten Wood, insect droppings … …

Zuo Mo recognized the majority of the items but there were some that Zuo Mo did not recognize. After his gaze swept across all of the materials, he already had formed a plan.

He asked Ka Zhuo for pen and paper. Using his right hand that had recovered, he started to draw.

As the lines lengthened under Zuo Mo’s pen, shock and joy grew on Ka Zhuo’s face. He started tightly at the tip of Zuo Mo’s pen and stopped breathing as though he was afraid his breathing would disturb Zuo Mo.

The room instantly became quiet and there was only the sound of the pen brushing against the paper.

Moments later, Zuo Mo stopped. He made a close examination to make sure there were no mistakes before he threw down the pen.

“Alright, it is yours now. This mo matrix is the mo matrix for the Nether Jellyfish. It belongs to the same type as the matrix awakening needle you had before. I think that this should not be a hard task for you. The primary materials to make this are the Forest Rotten Wood, and then to be soaked in the chicken-blood stone and the insect droppings.”

Zuo Mo’s voice was slightly tired. The mo matrix for the Nether Jellyfish was not complex but compared to Zuo Mo’s pitiful endurance at present, it was not easy.

Ka Zhuo’s hand trembled as he held the paper. An abnormal red flush appeared on his face. His gaze was excited and heated as though he was holding a peerless treasure in his hands!

To Ka Zhou, this was truly a treasure!

The content on this paper alone was worth ten matrix awakening needles.

The mo matrix for the Nether Jellyfish was a true colonel level mo matrix! The Blackwater Leech mo matrix in his past needle had just been a captain level mo matrix. The two appeared to only be separated by one level, but the difference was drastic.

Also, his eyes were skilled and he could see that the Nether Jellyfish mo matrix was complete.

If he had doubts about Zuo Mo’s identity before this, then he was certain now that this youth, who was unable to move, definitely came from a high birth. Such a complete colonel level mo matrix was something only those high level mo families with noble blood could possess.

If Ka Zhuo went and sold this mo matrix, he could fetch a great price.

Also, the other was able to choose a mo matrix and even the method to making it based on the materials he had on hand, the other’s skill in mo matrices … …

“Ka Zhou was blind and has offended Sire. Sire, please forgive!” Ka Zhuo suddenly made a big bow and said with a sincere expression.

Zuo Mo stilled and then said, “I was wrong first, Mister Ka Zhuo does not have to be like this.”

Ka Zhou was unaffected and continued, “Sire’s knowledge far surpasses Ka Zhou! Ka Zhuo laughably thought lowly of you, Ka Zhou should die!”

Zuo Mo didn’t know if he wanted to laugh or cry. “What do you want to say?”

“Sire, please take Ka Zhuo as an apprentice!” Ka Zhou said loudly.

“Take you as an apprentice?” Zuo Mo looked at Ka Zhuo that was much older than him and felt strange. He hurriedly said, “No way, no way!”

Nan Yue, Cang Ze and the others were about the same age as Zuo Mo and he had no problems fooling them. But if Ka Zhuo, who was much older than himself, became his student then it would be really strange.

“Please, Daren, accept Ka Zhuo as an apprentice!” Ka Zhuo was not verbally skilled and he only repeated this sentence again.

Zuo Mo had felt that Ka Zhuo was weak and easy to bully before but when an obedient person became stubborn, they were even scarier.

After facing off for a while, Zuo Mo almost went crazy.

“Alright, first make this matrix awakening needle,” Zuo Mo said weakly. His endurance was almost at the end, and Ka Zhuo had gone crazy so he was not able to sustain himself.

Ka Zhuo excitedly stood. “Yes, Teacher!”

Hearing this, Zuo Mo grimaced inside. He had accepted someone who could be the age of his uncle to be a student.

The mo were crazy, as expected!

However, when Zuo Mo calmed down and pondered it, he felt that accepting such a student was not a bad thing.

Ka Zhou was a true mo and had gone to many places. He was experienced and the identity of a matrix awakening master could be protection and disguise for him. According to Zuo Mo’s knowledge, the status of a matrix awakening master was high among low level mo. Almost no one would oppose a matrix awakening mo. Even mo with power wouldn’t offend a matrix awakening master because they were extremely knowledgeable and often skilled in things like healing and poisons.

This way, his and A Gui’s safety would increase.

From this perspective, Zuo Mo felt this wasn’t bad.

It seemed that he needed to study the mo matrices. It would not be good if he slipped up and lost this protection.

Since he couldn’t take anything else out of his ring, studying mo matrices was a good choice.

Also, he had plenty of mo matrices. They were all ones that Pu Yao had collected over the past few millennia and they now benefited him.

Translator Ramblings: Zuo Mo, you have no credit score in the mo world, no property, no assets unless you rely on your two antiques. But it is good your study of matrices is still paying dividends to you.

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