修真世界 World of Cultivation Chapter Five Hundred and Forty Four “Dong Zi’s Choice”

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Chapter Five Hundred and Forty Four – Dong Zi’s Choice

Jiang Zhe sighed lightly and an expression of conflict appeared on his face.

On the battlefield below him, the mo were fighting a losing battle. There were mo who continuously fearlessly charged in suicide attacks but in facing a completed battle formation, they were like moths charging into a fire.

Jiang Zhe hadn’t expected the fighting to be so violent. Even if he was used to great spectacles, he was still shocked at this sight. He couldn’t help but feel a thread of respect towards those crazed mo. Without any doubt, this was an outstanding battalion!

The respect did not cause Jiang Zhe to be soft-hearted. He spoke softly as he commanded, “Central formation, feign a withdraw. Flanks, charge forward in a cross.”

The mo discovered that the enemy in front of them had suddenly retreated. They were instantly overjoyed. Was the other unable to withstand their charge any longer? At this time, a battalion suddenly charged in front of the right flank with lightning speed!

The mo who had just relaxed mentally were stunned by the fierce charge. Like a knife through butter, this battalion charged through their ranks.

The formation of the mo was cleaved apart!

The morale that had just rose up instantly sank. What no one noticed was that another battalion had snuck behind their rear.

The panicked mo were almost pierced through in an instant by the second charge.

From the sky, the two battalions cut a perfect cross through the mo.

“They are finished.” The woman next to Jiang Zhe stretched lazily as her voluptuous and mature body drew out an attractive curve with this motion. Several of the personal guards around them swallowed. Facing such a person, even dhyana xiu would not be unaffected.

Jiang Zhe was silent, his long and snowy-white hair blown into the air by the wind. His brow was slender and warm, his body tall, and upright like jade, standing in the air above the fighting. He would always unconsciously attract everyone’s gaze, especially his  calm and deep eyes, clear without any impurity. Any person that met his stare would be unconsciously attracted.

As one of the most accomplished representatives of Xuan Kong Temple’s present generation , no matter where he went, he would attract stares. In Xuan Kong Realm, his reputation and fame surpassed even those great dhyana xiu that had been famed for many years. In the minds of young dhyana xiu, the name Jiang Zhe seemed to hold a magical power.

In Xuan Kong Realm, there was only one person that could rival him, his Shixiong, Nangong Qing Lian.

Unlike Jiang Zhe who was a battle general, Nangong Qin Lian was a pure dhyana xiu. One literary and one martial, but both were outstanding.

“Is there any news of Bie Han?” Jiang Zhe stared off into the distance, his thoughts unknown.

“Not yet. What is it? You miss him?” The female raised an eyebrow with a teasing expression on her face. This beautiful and moving woman was Jiang Zhe’s Shijie, Feng Yue, and also his second-in-command.

There was a mole at the corner of Feng Yue’s mouth. It did not detract from her beauty and against the contrast of her bright red lips, it was extremely seductive.

“I’m thinking if it is Bie Han leading the other side … …” Jiang Zhe was not affected by Feng Yue at all and said lightly.

“You can’t do it? Or you are worried you would lose?” Feng Yue said heartlessly, “Did you guys in the past, en-hm, have some special feelings?”

Feng Yue specially emphasized “special.”

Jiang Zhe was used to Feng Yue Shixiong’s teasing style since a long time ago. He wasn’t angry and then he smiled slightly. “Now that you say this, I’m feeling anticipation about fighting against him.”

“I just don’t know why the sect leader had taken him in. I didn’t like him, since the first time I met him. His eyes are too vicious, like a wild beast.”

“What about Cloud Sea Jie?” Jiang Zhe deflected the topic.

“Ha, Ding Zhen Shishu’s status in the temple isn’t high enough, he died for nothing. Hmph, if those other shishu died, would the temple be as indifferent to the situation as they are now?” Feng Yue’s brow scrunched as an angry expression rose on her face and her tone became less courteous.

Jiang Zhe coughed lightly. “Originally, Bie Han had been sent to deal with it, but now that Bie Han has betrayed us, and the situation is so chaotic, the temple … …”

“You don’t have to defend those old people. Let’s put the ugly stuff first. If you are going to become like them in the future, this sis will go play by herself then.” Feng Yue raised an eyebrow, her tone filled with nonchalance.

Jiang Zhe gave a grimace. He didn’t know what to do with Feng Yue Shijie.

“After your defensive line stabilizes, I will go take revenge for Ding Zheng Shishu! If you won’t go, I will!” Feng Yue suddenly said.

Jiang Zhe who had appeared calm until now suddenly had a dark expression. “Nonsense!”

“Ding Zhen Shishu had mentored me in the past. I have to repay him,” Feng Yue said serenely.

Jiang Zhe sighed as well and became silent.




Ka Zhuo looked with intoxication at the matrix awakening needle in his hand. He continuously caressed it and couldn’t stop touching it.

The new matrix awakening needle was completely black and the blood red mo matrix spread over its surface like a spider-web and glimmered eerily.

“Alright, alright, stop looking.” Zuo Mo understood Ka Zhuo’s feelings but after Ka Zhuo had laughed dumbly like this for a whole morning, he finally could not bear it any longer.

“Yes yes yes, Teacher.” Ka Zhuo seemed to wake up and carefully put away the matrix awakening needle.

Uncle An Ya was unable to believe that Zup Mo had suddenly became Ka Zhuo’s teacher but after listening to Zuo Mo’s speech about geniuses Uncle An Ya had been mentally spun round and round, he managed to believe it.

However, the side effect of this was that Dong Zi and the others did not dare to treat Zuo Mo like they used to. In front of Zuo Mo, they became constrained and careful. They had to maintain their respect towards the matrix awakening masters. Every youth had been told this repeatedly.

And no one else laughed at A Gui carrying Zuo Mo in a princess carry. People suddenly realized, no wonder A Zuo was so strong, he wasn’t a normal mo.

In order to make his matrix awakening master identity more plausible, Zuo Mo started to study the topic of matrix awakening masters seriously. Zuo Mo was skilled in mo matrixes, forging, and seal formations. He managed to understand the craft without expending great effort.

Awakening matrixes was not content of a profound level, and for Zuo Mo, a freak who had seen many high level mo matrixes, if he understood, his understanding of matrix awakening far surpassed the great majority of matrix awakening masters.

Ka Zhuo was filled with respect. The more he was in contact with Teacher, the more he discovered just how vast his Teacher’s knowledge was.

This caused Ka Zhuo to faithfully do whatever Zuo Mo instructed.

Having a matrix awakening needle again, Ka Zhuo could awaken Dong Zi’s matrix.

Dong Zi who had waited for a long time was very excited and ran over instantly. The matrix awakening had attracted large numbers of Shattered Stone Town residents. Dong Zi was the most talented youth in this group and most people hoped that Shattered Stone Town could produce a true expert.

Ka Zhuo made a detailed examination of Dong Zi. Everyone stopped breathing in fear of disturbing Ka Zhuo.

Zuo Mo was lying in A Gui’s arms and saw the entire process. He understood.

Ka Zhuo was going to start awakening the matrix when Zuo Mo suddenly spoke, “Wait.”

Ka Zhuo instantly stopped moving and respectfully came next to Zuo Mo to ask, “Teacher, what orders do you have?”

The mo that were watching in the surroundings shifted slightly.

Even though they had accepted the reality that Zuo Mo had become Ka Zhuo’s teacher, when Ka Zhuo called him this in public, it was still caused a strong reaction. Zuo Mo’s age was about the same as Dong Zi and the other’s, yet this youth had become Ka Zhuo’s teacher. Ka Zhou did not reside in Shattered Stone Town but he was famed in Shattered Stone Town.

Dong Zi’s talent was really pretty good. According to Wei’s observations, Dong Zi should have Alpine Gorilla Blood. Pure Alpine Gorillas were natural warriors with great strength, speed, and bravery.

Zuo Mo had watched Ka Zhou’s inspection. He had confirmed that there were remnants of Alpine Gorilla matrix on Dong Zi’s body and Wei’s guess was proven.

When Zuo Mo had been studying the profession of a matrix awakening master, he found in the last few days that matrix awakening was similar to the matrixes that he had engraved on Lei Peng and the others. However, the mo were skilled in physical power so they used mo matrixes while xiuzhe used ling power so they used seal formations.

After confirming that Dong Zi had remnants of an Alpine Gorilla matrix on his body, Zuo Mo had a daring idea—could he complete Dong Zi’s Alpine Gorilla matrix?

Matrix awakening masters could awaken the mo matrix but that was only bringing out the hidden mo matrix. It was only a minor adjustment and did not repair the mo matrix.

However, to Zuo Mo who had engraved formations before, this idea was daring but was rational.

Zuo Mo was not completely confident and he decided to let Dong Zi make the final decision.

Calling Dong Zi, his parents, Uncle An Ya into the room, Zuo Mo told them his thoughts.

Everyone was stunned. When they heard that Dong Zi had the bloodline of the Alpine Gorilla mo, their faces became disbelieving. Zuo Mo noticed that Dong Zi’s gaze showed yearning and excitement.

Ka Zhuo felt that his mind could not fully grasp the concept. Repair the mo matrix? Ka Zhuo gaped. A long time later, he recovered and his expression suddenly became excited. Having been a matrix awakening master for a long time, Ka Zhuo knew what it mean if this daring idea could be realized.

“A Zuo, you cannot joke about this,” Uncle An Ya’s tone was grave, “how confident are you?”

“Three tenths,” Zuo Mo replied with a conservative guess. After having told them this, he realized the risk and felt regret. He hoped that no harm would befall Dong Zi. In this period of time, Dong Zi had been very good to him.

Dong Zi and his parents started discussing in low voices. They quickly made the decision.

Dong Zi inhaled deeply. “A Zuo, I am willing to try this!”

“It is very dangerous, your chance of death is very high,” Zuo Mo who now deeply regretted bring this up had started to urge him to reconsider.

“I’m not afraid!” Dong Zi said boldly, “I want to become more powerful, this way, we won’t be bullied.”

At this time, Dong Zi’s father also spoke. He said respectfully, “Mister Zuo, please give Dong Zi this chance! Our family, our Shattered Stone Town needs this chance.”

Uncle An Ya sighed deeply and then suddenly looked much older.

Zuo Mo knew that there probably was something going on. He saw that they were extremely resolute and even Uncle An Ya didn’t object so after some thought, he agreed, “Alright! But I need several days to prepare.”

Including Zuo Mo, no one had considered what kind of legend their decision would create!


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